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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, sorry I'm sure there are threads already asking this question but I was unable to find any pertaining to Morocco specifically. Is anyone with a spouse from Morocco able to tell me if they were able to submit all documents online during the NVC stage, even the I-864? Did you have to mail anything to NVC? I can't seem to find a clear answer on this. I'm still waiting for a case number so I can start paying the fees. Thank you.
  2. Hi all! I have a probably silly question but couldn't seem to find the answer by searching. Me and my partner will hopefully be applying for the K1 Visa this year but I was wondering if the fact we met online would affect our case at all? And what is the best way to provide evidence for this? Or at which point in the process does this matter to them? Thanks in advance! Ash
  3. Hi all! I just wanted to share a great option I found to help fill the time between entering on a K1 and EAD, particularly for those with interest int he health/counselling fields! So I took some time looking for online volunteer opportunities and they were few and far between, or didn't seem legitimate. However, I eventually found the Crisis Text Line. There's a short application, and they need a SSN for a background check, but it was a straight forward process. You complete an online training course first over 3 or 6 weeks (you choose). This in itself was so good for me. It gave me something to do while my husband was at work! Then after that you book shifts in 2 hour slots to reply to texters, and you don't even have to leave your home! Great for those in states where it's harder to get a driver's licence! It's a super rewarding thing to do, I feel much better just knowing I'm doing something with a positive effect on others. Happy to answer any questions that people might have!
  4. Hi everyone! I passed my n400 interview last Tuesday and the IO told me to expect an oath letter this week. My question is that, should I expect an online notification/status update on my account when the oath letter is mailed to me? Right now, my current status says (we scheduled your interview). thanks!
  5. Hello I have been trying to sign and finish my N 400 application online , and I keep getting a 500 error that the page doesn't exist or it's unavailable??? This is crazy, I tried different browsers, clear all cookies and nothing, please help!!!! I don't know what to do. I called them and they say that I already did what they were going to tell me, 😐, anyone having this problem, helppppp Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have uploaded everything I need for my IV packet on CEAC. The problem is that it shows a section where I need to upload photographs. I am assuming these are passport photos? But my understanding was that passport photos were only required for the interview, not the NVC stage. Anyway, it is not letting me submit the IV packet with anything "missing" - including these photographs. Should I get some passport photos and upload them? Thanks in advance. Bethany
  7. I just filed N400 online. And I noticed that I filled out my country of birth and country of citizenship(same country), but when I review the application in the summary page, it shows the name for the country of birth but only "-" for the country of citizenship. And in the draft case PDF(basically the electronic N400 form) that USCIS web put together for me based on the info I provided, it shows country names for both of country of birth and country of citizenship. Did any of you guys run into the same situation or know why it shows "-" for my country of citizenship in the summary page even though I filled out that field? Thank you
  8. i can't find info folks,what is current eta for pivot case until nvc reviews your docs you submited online and approves it for next step ( interview)?
  9. Hi everyone, A week ago I received a strange update and did not think of it much but now I am concerned. my interview was already scheduled weeks ago. However a few days ago, I got the “we took action on your account” notification. When I checked nothing was new there. A day later however it showed (again) that my interview got scheduled. When I clicked on the documents tap, It showed another letter, but when opening it, nothing was new, same date, place, time. They just had let me known once more for unknown reasons. Questions: 1.HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THE SAME AT ALL ? 2.What does it mean ? They must have done something on my account, could it be they updated some other information that I can not see ? Or is it just a glitch ? thank you all :-)
  10. For those who are planning to apply or renew their Philippine passport, the DFA would accept online appointments only until June 30, 2018.
  11. Hello All, Hoping for guidance from the community. I had my N-400 Citizenship interview today and after the interview, the officer notified that she will not be able to make a decision at this time because I needed to submit a Police Report along with the Cancellation of Warrant from the court that I had submitted for a traffic violation (failure to appear for summons). Very frustrating and nerve wracking. I can see that the RFE was posted on the USCIS status website but the document is not visible yet. With a little bit of digging in the forums, I found out that it'll only be available for viewing pleasure tomorrow, after I guess the server gets updated, taking its sweet time. But I can see that there is a way to respond to the RFE and to upload documents! Very exciting. Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone uploaded RFE related documents before and had success. Should I wait for this RFE to arrive via snail mail, bite the bullet and respond through physical means? Because I would love to just upload, and pray that the upload triggers a red blinker upon the IO's desk to adjudicate this urgently. Much ... much ... appreciate your sharing any experience with this.
  12. I just filed the N-400 online for my spouse. She has a son who is 30 years old. I put all his information in the correct place. When I got to the "suggested documents to bring/upload", it asked for his birth certificate. He is not immigrating with her. He has not lived with her since he graduated from high school. We don't even HAVE a copy of his birth certificate. Is this something that we need to get in hand before my spouse's interview? Or is it a "bug" in the online application? Thanks for any input. Sukie in NY
  13. September 2017 filer, AOS through marriage from an F1. We've completed biometrics, received an RFE and also received my combo card (Dec 22 2017). In all this time, my USCIS status online has only updated once; to say that they've received my case. My lawyer says this is normal and not to worry, but it's now Feb and we've had no news of an interview notice, and no sign of one either. We're in SLC, UT, which is usually pretty quick. Anyone else had this happen? It seems like the case is processing, as we received the EAD/AP card within 90 days. since then, radio silence... Thanks so much for your help!
  14. Hello everyone. I tried doing research on this issue, but couldn't get a definite answer. We recently got our NOA 2 and our NVC case number. We started our DS 160. While filling out the DS-160, it appears you have to enter work history and education history. However, we can only submit information on one job and there is no page for submission of education. What should we do? I can't seem to find a generic PDF to fill out and upload either. Several threads suggested using a different browsers, tried and failed. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  15. I really need an outside opinion. I recently met a morrocan man online through Facebook. I wanted to give myself tickets to somewhere exotic my 30th birthday and recently liked a bunch of morrocan pages. I got a friend request the next couple of days from a man I did not know. Thinking he was someone I might work with since I worked for a big company I messaged him and asked if I knew him. He responded no and introduced himself, said Facebook suggested me as a friend so he requested me. Other the next couple of weeks we have talked though messenger, had a couple of calls and a video chat. He immediately wanted to be in a relationship and I told him no, he's told me he loves me and I have told him back. He's already told me theirs no jobs in morroco, he lives with his parents, hangs out at the coffee shops and gym. We talk about many many things so these are some things he's mentioned. I tell him how can u love someone u don't know and he gives me the same reasons other men having been telling me all my life, like I'm thinking at least he picks up on stuff lol. A couple of months I went out of town and got my cards and palm read by a fortune teller, she described a big move, said the next man I meet will be the one and said all the love and goodness I've given out will finally come back to me. I can't help but think she was talking about this man from Morrocco. Also, our horoscopes are perfect matches, both my ex's are his same sign including my son's father. I'm not with my sons father cus of the age difference he was 10yrs older than me. I'm 29 and the man from Morrocco is 27. I don't know what else to do but stay away from the fortune tellers. Please give me advice, I feel like I'm crazy for feeling this way.