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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I hope you all are doing great in this nerve-wrecking visa process. What an adventure it is... I am seeking some advice, since I am really confused and struggling with an issue with my application: my O1-B visa application was recently approved by the USCIS, but now I am scheduling the corresponding interview at the consulate and I am struggling with the question "Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa?" This is my information: I applied for an O1-b visa from the United States while on OPT (and D/S on my i-94), but the application was denied on March 23. The denial said that I (or better said, my petitioner) had 33 days to fill an appeal, or, otherwise, the decision would be definitive. My petitioner and I seriously considered the appeal, but finally discard that option. Thus, I left the United States on April 24, which means 32 days after the denial, and one day before the period to fill the appeal expired. I thought that during those 32 days I was not accruing unlawful presence, but apparently I was wrong and yes, accruing it. I moved to my country and re-applied again from there (France, where I currently am) and my petition was approved on December 1. I am filling the DS-160, where I have to answer the question above mentioned about overstaying. So, even if my overstay came from the explained circumstances of evaluating the possibility of filling an appeal (and thus I think I had good reasons for my overstay), I am answering "yes". My questions come now: there is a section stating that I can explain my answer; what should I write there? Or simply said, is my argument, even real, convincing enough so that I pass the interview? Should I come up with a different angle to answer that? And also, do you think that my overstay of 32 days is going to ruin my chances of being approved by the consular officer? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my question, I much appreciate it. Best
  2. ChiUK

    O1 Visa (Approved)

    Hey everyone All in all i didn't get much help in my O visa journey from this site as most here are pursuing other types and thats ok. I had my interview and approval yesterday after a long non premium processed, RFE'd application From start to finish from filing it took about 7 months and I'm ecstatic and VERY exhausted That said. I will keep my account active and if any future "O-chasers" stumble upon this site like i did and have a questions feel free to send me a message To the rest of you on your journeys... Good luck!
  3. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice, I've see a few posts on various forums about this particular matter but have yet to see an answer or definitive outcome to this situation. Some context about my case - For nearly two years I have been working on my O1 visa case with my lawyers; Kate Raynor & Associates. I have two job offers in Los Angeles waiting for me as a musician; one to join a band and the other to be an on call session guitarist to one of LA's top song writer/producers. We submitted my case with USCIS in June 2017 to which I was asked for more evidence. I was annoyed but did as requested and gathered more evidence then re-submitted at the end of October 2017. I then received a positive outcome mid December 2017 stating my O1 visa had been approved. I booked an appointment for my interview and to send off my passport to get stamped at the US embassy in London on January 3rd 2018. The interview didn't go as expected as I was told they would need to review my case further, the next day I received an email from the embassy with a 'notification of revocation'. The decision will now go back to USCIS who will either agree with the London embassy's recommendation to revoke my visa, or they might still think I deserve the O1 (I would think they would side with the embassy though). The average response time from USCIS seems to be about 6-12 months, possibly longer. As anyone can understand this is pretty ridiculous as no job offer will realistically wait indefinitely for an answer, even if it is positive, especially in the music industry. I have been given no specific reason as to why they are trying to revoke my visa other than one short line in the email saying 'The request for revocation is based on further administrative review of the applicant’s qualifications conducted subsequent to your visa interview at Embassy London.' This seems incredibly unreasonable as the interview only lasted about 5 minutes, I was asked about 5--10 questions which were somewhat vague, so I was unable to talk about 90% of the evidence that granted me the initial approval. It also appeared the consular officer who interviewed me had no previous knowledge of my case, so was basing the entirety of his decision on my answers in that moment. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how to resolve this matter quickly, ideally with the visa ultimately being approved? (as it has been approved in principal in the US). This decision will have massive long term ramifications on my life as, from now on, if I travel to any other country and they ask if I have ever been denied a visa, I will have to say yes and explain why. This will obviously count against me and will potentially impact my ability to work as, being a musician, I'm often required to travel all over the world for gigs. So the embassy's decision to refuse a visa to work in the US will now risk my ability to work anywhere else. It will also affect the band and producer who have offered me jobs as they will now have to start looking for other guitarists to fill my spot until this matter can be resolved, which again will affect their ability to work and progress. Thanks for reading, I can give more info if needed, I didn't want to post too much straight away as that'll probably scare people off! Jake
  4. Sorry about my english, I'm in really bad condition right now... Here is what was happened, I first applied my O1B visa two month ago, prepare for almost 6 month, and I was confidence about my article, award experiences, the film I've been worked with all have pretty big award all over the world. After 7 days the USCIS received my case(premium) , I got the first RFE letter which need me to provide more information about my sponsor, like the FEIN number and contracts, so we gave them back right away. in the first RFE, they did not mention anything about myself, so we were thinking the case should be fine, all they need is some detail information. After they received the RFE, my lawyer got another RFE which is the a same RFE from the 1st time thru fax, we called USCIS and asked them if there has any issues. They replied me an 3rd RFE, and this RFE pretty much questioning everything I submitted is insignificant, the award is not strong enough, the labor union letter is not good, the shows I've been work with is not important. After two day of the 3rd RFE, they sent me another RFE, it is the same thing but only the deadline been pushed another week...... I don't even know how to response those RFE and I don't think a lot of people have this kind of experiences... what a bummer.
  5. Hey there! This is my first post on the forum and I am pumped to see so many of you working on getting your visas. It is inspiring to see others in similar situation. I would really appreciate if you can share stories / examples (links) to people who managed to get the O1 or even better EB1 visas. I currently hold the B1 / B2 visa that expires in 2 years and allows me to stay up to 6 months, also I am Polish nationality. From my research so far (2 days on the phone with embassy staff, gov websites, Q&A in Facebook groups, searching YouTube) I see 3 out of these categories should be met: art displayed in professional galleries, playing a critical role in a successful organization, membership in distinguished organizations, peer-reviewed articles, citations to published work, commercial successes in the performing arts, reference letters from experts in the field, judging the work of others individually or on a panel and some others. What I would love your help with is - specific examples of people who got O1 / EB1 visas meeting above requirements. I found so far 28 year old Russian girl Marina, CEO of LinguaTrip from linguamarina YouTube channel. She explained examples of documents provided in a YouTube video - if someone else is interested in this topic. I am currently 22 and building a business in film / video industry. My intention is for it to also help me with this green card goal. I realize this may take years but I want to reverse engineer the model to intentionally check as many requirements as possible. Thanks so much for feedback! Best wishes to all of you trying to get approved yourself, Anna
  6. Hello, I applied my O1b petition early June of 2018. Since I do not have a long history of records as an artist, my lawyer suggested I file the petition with regular processing. She says the premium processing will more likely to issue me an RFE. It has been over 5 weeks but I was told by my lawyer that her clients generally receive approvals within 3 weeks even with regular processing. Should I be concerned? I only have a receipt and no RFE yet. My itinerary was supposed to start this July. I also am doing a change of status from OPT, not consular processing. Maybe they are doing a background check? I have been in the US for a long time. Thank you.
  7. Hi All, I received notification from my lawyer that my I-129 petition was approved for my O1 visa application. The lawyer thinks I require the original I-797 notice to attend the interview, however the London embassy website notes I only need the petition receipt number and a copy of the I-797 notice for the interview. Does anyone have any experience with the London embassy who can advise it the receipt number + scanned copy will be sufficient documentation for the interview? Thanks
  8. Jmc1

    O1 visa UK medical bus

    My British colleague lives in US on an O1 visa. He has been advised by his lawyer that to get a green card, he will need to make a trip back to UK to get a medical done by the Knightsbridge London USCIS approved visa doctor, and then he will return a month or so later for his Green Card interview (so two return trips from US to UK, Knightsbridge had advised him to leave 2wks between the medical and interview, which is more than the 5 working days on their website). These two trips are necessary due to work commitments, as he will not be able to stay in UK for long enough to do both medical and interview in one go (although he could probably do just one trip if Knightsbridge were able to commit to sending the medical results within their usual 5x days). Our questions are… 1. He hasn’t had the required MMR vaccine, which from my experience I’ve flagged to him is done in two stages at least 28 days apart. He does not have time to have the first one now before having the second one during his medical in London. IF he has MMR 1/2 injection in London (therefore incomplete), will this cause any delay for getting his green card after the interview? Or does he need to figure out a new medical date to get MMR today in US and then have injection 2/2 during his medical in London? 2. He has lived in US for around 7 years, so will bring a letter from his US doctor stating he does not have any current medical issues. Does he also need to get a letter from his old UK doctor too (only this seems to be a new requirement for the UK medical, but I assume the wording of it being from your UK doctor is general as the majority of people attending this medical will be current UK residents)? Thank you very much!
  9. My O1-B visa was approved today but my extension of stay was denied. Reason: my status is F1, I took Computer Application Program at school for certificate program. USCIS thought this school is M1 school. I misclassify from F1. Now I'm out of status. I have 30 days grace period to leave US and to ask US embassy in My home country to get O1 visa stamp. My lawyer said that is hard. He suggest me to file Motion to reopen case. He said I have fair chance to do it. It's easy here to understand that is not my fault but school fault. My questions are. 1. If I file motion and I overstay in US (probably 3-4 months), after motion I get approval. Is out of status during over 30 days will be waive automatically. Will I get O1-B back? Is easy to get stamp from my home country? 2. If I file motion and I overstay in US, after motion I get deny. Can I still able to get O1 stamp from my home country? 3. I have my wife too, she is my dependent for F2 visa and she applies for O3 visa. Her case is still pending (Case was approved) Is she will be out of status too? 4. Right now. Do I still have to go to school to maintain my wife and my status during motion? Thanks for answer
  10. Hello all This morning i got my O1 petition approval notice via the MyUscis.gov website However the Egov.uscis site still shows its prior stage (rfe received) Can i go do my happy naked rain dance yet can i assume its only a matter of time before the other site "updates" aren't they all the same thing...why wouldn't they reflect the same info simultaneously thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently on the O1 visa and waiting on the processing for an adjustment of status to green card via marriage. I left my job 2 weeks ago, but my O1 sponsor company have since offered me independent contractor work. Is it possible to be employed as an independent contractor with the same O1 sponsor where I was previously an employee? My O1 visa is valid until the end of the year. Many thanks in advance for any help and advice. Best, Josh
  12. TiredOfThis1902

    O-1 job letters

    Hi there The majority of my O1 material is with my lawyer, but a friend of mine lost their job and is no longer able to write me a letter of intent. I now only have 2, which doesn’t seem like enough (I’m a writer btw). Anyone else here a writer/journo who did an O1? How many letters did you have? Also, did any anyone in my field obtain their green cards this way? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I've been in the US on and off the past 3 years on an O-1 visa which expires in Mar2018. I am a UK citizen. I've recently married and my last entry to the US was June 29, 160 days ago. I am currently filing the paperwork for an AOS. My wife and I had booked to travel to the UK for Christmas and return. We would be away 10 days, but now I'm hearing that if I leave the States and apply for my AOS upon my return, there may be issues with the application as it will be within 90 days of my last arrival to the States. This seems crazy to me that there would be an issue given that I've been in the States the majority of the 3 years of my visa. I can't wait 90 days upon my return to apply as then my O1 visa will have expired. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Either apply now and don't go away and lose the cost of the flights etc. or apply upon my return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I have always been told by many people that, if I have an unfulfilled 2-year home residency requirement due to a J1 (212(e)), I am not eligible to change my status to O1 within the US; I will have to travel out of the US and apply for a O1 visa stamp to re-enter (and activate my O1 status). The USCIS website seems to confirm this info: https://www.uscis.gov/visit-united-states/change-my-nonimmigrant-status-category/change-my-nonimmigrant-status (scroll to the bottom of the page). However, my situation is different. I was on J1 three years ago, which was subject to 212(e). I then left the US but not to my home country, so my 212(e) has not been fulfilled (i.e., I still have it). I returned to the US this year on another J1 with another sponsor, which is NOT subject to 212(e) (it's stated clearly on both my current DS2019 and my J1 visa that I am not subject). My O1 petition has been approved, and the approval notice states that my status will be automatically change to O1 effective on the first day of my new job. It doesn't mention anything about having to travel out of the US. So I contacted the attorney who filed my O1 petition, and he said that I was eligible to change my status within the US, that I didn't have to travel out to get my O1 visa stamp (unless I wanted to), and I needed not to worry. I'm still worried, to be honest, because many people have told me the opposite, and the USCIS website says the same thing. Is my attorney right? Can I change my status to O1 inside the US? Have you ever seen a case like mine? I just want to have assurance. Thanks!!!
  15. Hello, I'm on an O-1 visa and recently married. I'm about to begin the process of changing my status to being a permanent resident. However, I am due to shoot a movie in Tunisia mid November. I plan to apply for a I-131 to allow me to leave the States and return. From what I gather on here, processing time for this I-131 is 2-3 months i.e. I would not have the document in time for shooting the film and so if I go, my application would be cancelled. What are the chances of this form being expedited to enable me to go and any ideas on how to make that happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  16. Dear all, I am waiting for my O1 petition decision from the USCIS, for a tenure-track (TT) professor position with institution A (my O1 sponsor). As a norm, my TT position is only paid for 9 months per academic year. Essentially, during the summer, I am not paid and (sort of) unemployed on paper. Another institution B offers me an adjunct position in order to teach in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) of B on EdX, during the summer. As EdX has the option for learners to pay to obtain official certificates from B, the MOOC may have profits, a tiny portion of which will be paid to the teachers (me) as a standard EdX contract term. To be honest, I am not so much interested in EdX's money (probably not much anyway). I want to have the adjunct position with B (among top 5 universities in the US - a really big deal) and the opportunity to teach in the MOOC. They will significantly help my academic career. My question is: am I allowed to take the adjunct position at B to teach in its MOOC, when both B and EdX are not my O1 sponsor? Or can I only work for my O1 sponsor A, even during the summer when I am not paid? Thanks.