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Found 3 results

  1. I have a pending I751 since Nov 2019. Upon my return in the US on March 2021 after a trip abroad, I was questioned by CBP who searched through my electronic devices and concluded my marriage is not bona fide. I was issued a NTA with hearing date May 2024, they then sent me to ICE custody where I was bonded out after 15days. I was able to get the I-551 stamps (CR6 Category) since my release from custody and my current stamp is valid until July 2023 in my passport to be renewed next year. When I went to USCIS to get the latest stamp, I asked If I will be able to travel with it for a short trip abroad and they said yes because I am a LPR until Judge says otherwise, but also mentioned that just to be sure it will be best to go ask CBP in the next window next door in the same building. I went and asked a CBP officer and he said yes as long as I meet all the other residency requirements and no criminal record, which I don't, I should be fine upon my return. He then placed/stapled an additional I-94 Paroled Stamp card next to the original I551 Stamp for the same expiration date (July 2023) with "NTA" as the paroled purpose. He said when I go through secondary at the boarder showing the stamps, I should be fine. My Questions: 1) if I end up travelling and I am paroled during reentry, does it mean I lose my temporary LPR status if I am paroled in vs Admitted? 2) Would I still be able to get the I551 stamp next year while the removal case is still pending if USCIS sees I was paroled in? Anybody with a similar experience (under Removal proceedings and was able to travel using their stamp for reentry) please share any insight you may have. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi fellas! I’m facing a very very bad situation right now. filed for I-751 on June 2019. After waiting for 2 years and 2 months my interview was scheduled. Got the letter in mail, like 4 days before the interview I had symptoms of COVID but I was really sure it wasn’t and called to see if I can go anyways but they told me NO! You need to reschedule, they did it but I never received the second letter with the new appointment, instead I received a decline letter stating I didn’t go to the interview! Which of course I didn’t go because I didn’t receive the letter. Five days after the decline letter was received, I received an NTA with date for may 03 2022. I’m really pissed off since I waited to damn much just to be denied due a mistake of USCIS or even USPS. I’m very confident that the judge will give me the approval since my case was rock solid and never had any problem at all with it. Just “missed” the interview. The thing is I need to travel overseas URGENTLY since I need to make a major surgery on my face or I will be facing major health problems. My main doctor is not in the US and is the one who knows the cae very well, so doing it here in the US is not an option. I don’t know what to do at this point, any advice will be really appreciated.
  3. Hi VJ, I have been lurking on this forum for a long time, in hopes of finding answers to my questions. I’m in a very difficult situation, hope you guys could maybe shed some light in my situation, or give a reality check if needed. This is going to be long, please bear with me. I entered the US as F-1 student, fell out of status because my father fell ill and I could not continue my study anymore. By that time, I have already met my USC husband, so I made a mistake to stay here. During the time I’m out of status, we got into fights multiple times which resulted both of us being arrested for DV. I myself were arrested twice, but both cases was dismissed. I remember receiving NTA(s) following the arrest while I was being detained. But I have lost the copies. Never went to immigration court, because I was ignorant about immigration law and did not know what to do. We got married eventually. I filed FOIAs with multiple agency, by myself and with help of lawyer. But nothing comes back because I do not have an A number on hand. Best case scenario, I don’t have deportation order and I could file for green card through my husband. Worst case scenario I have been removed, twice maybe, and there is no chance for me to adjust my status. Consulted with multiple immigration lawyers, and they all give me different answers. One lawyer thinks I do not have deportation orders, so I could go ahead and file AOS. Adviced that I might need a 601 waiver. Another lawyer thinks I have a solid case for VAWA, so I should do that and adjust my status in court, if I have been administratively deported. If not, file with USCIS. But I believe I would have to deal with issue of overstaying F1 visa? The lawyer did not elaborate on that. What should I do if I cannot find info on my immigration case? I don’t even know if I have deportation order(s) or not. Filing AOS could just lend me in another removal proceeding. I understand that I need a very good reason to reopen deportation case because I did not attend the removal proceedings. If I file VAWA would there be a possibility to reopen/cancel the deportation? All of the lawyers I have consulted with sounded very promising, but then again they are for profit. I am willing to pay but what if those are just empty promises. I have been stuck in limbo for so long, depressed and anxious about my whole situation. Worse case scenario I have no hope in adjusting and I’ll just go home and cannot enter US for 10-20 years or more. I’m about to give up so maybe I should just do that. Thank you so much for reading this long article of mine. I appreciate all opinion and advice. Even if you do not have a solution to my case, I appreciate you for reading my rent. Hope that I did not stress you with my situation though. To everyone who is filing for immigration benefits, I wish you the best of luck. And to all the immigration experts on this forum, you guys have been amazing and super helpful in giving advice to people on here, thank you. MM
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