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  1. We received our NOIR today. Those of you who have been through this before what are your thoughts of handling this on my own? I have all the evidence for each point and have already wrote up my rebuttal letter. 1. Point number one makes no sense to me. 2. This point is wrong. I was only married once before and that was not his response. He was asked why he was ok with me being married before but divorced her for talking to another man. His response was I let him know everything upfront. His ex hid a relationship from him. 3. We have all the evidence that the NADRA is updated and I am listed on it not his ex. 4. This is a complete lie as we front loaded side loaded and brought bags of evidence to which they all looked through. I will attach what I sent before in addition to new chats, pictures and visits we had. Any other advice/thoughts appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Dear VJ friends my interview was last year 19 july however my visa got denied the CO handed me 212g and , after an AP for 2 months i received an email from USCIS telling me they received my case from DOS and they reviewing it , so actually im waiting NOIR now, me and my wifey met on Nov 2012 and maried jan 2013 , she applied to me on mars 2014 , start her new work so she can support me financially , and visited me again for 3 month december 2016 and get back on 5th mar , now our next visit is May we only have a one way ticket so we gonna stay together for a loong period with my family we taired of this bieng apart thing do you guys think that's this is a good idea? Advice me im all ears actually i respect you guys alote ,for all the help you give ppl here for free its blow my mind and give us hop iknow we are not the only ones but its just pain imagin not taking a work vacation for 11 month and saving every penny so you can have a loong period and enough money to cover rent and all other stuff so u go be with the one you love overseas, ijust love and respect this women , , , anyways Here is Our red flags diffrent religion diffrent races first visit mariage age gap 2 years We have no kids yet any advices of what we should add and collect as evidence its gonna be really appreciated we have plenty of pictures together and family , rent reciept for cars and houses we stayed in, money transfer, rings reciept , reciepte for somme jewelry my mom bought to my wife , (idont know if thoes are useful) affidative from friends parents family, not notarized yet , i have my wife as a user on my bank card, somme gifts but (idont know if its usfull) passport stamps , store recpt , restaurant reciepte chats (WhatsApp skyp facebook ) please any advice is gonna be very usfull im all ears , all my respect
  3. Attention VJers, If your relative was handed a form 221(g) and your case has been put in Administrative Processing (AP), Please post your update here. Let's get some update and information from each other to know how fast the process is moving and what needs to be done and to help each other. Who did you petition? What country did you get denied (AP) at? What have you done so far? What update do you have so far on your case? You can create a timeline in your 'Signature'...Go to your account settings, click on signatures and type in your timeline. As we wait, I hope that you stay encouraged and focused! it is easy to get stressed out but you lose half of the battle when you give in to stress and depression. Please feel free to share what activities you do to not stay depressed. good luck to everyone.... *** If you are depressed right now, pm me your address for an encouragement card. You don't have to explain yourself, just say," I need encouragement card" and add your mailing address***
  4. hello beautiful VJ members i really appreciate all the help you guys give in this place i thank you guys verry much please ihave a question and i really need somm help from you guys me and my wify got married in 2013 how ever me and my wife in 2012 decided to not have a huge wedding because my family is a huge family and inviting a few ppl and leave the others will just be inappropriate so after alote of discussion between me and my wife and familly we decided to use our 3 months together and the financials of it to have a great honey moon as we dreamed we did take my parents permits and thats wht happen . my visa got refused on july 19 2017 and im waiting my NOIR and im sure thas the refusal reason . me and my wife stil have chat history when we decided thats , and my parents are ready to admit thats they give us permit to do as we want . we have alote of evidence thats show our mariage bult on love please advise me what to have more to support our love me and my wife tnk you im from morocco and thats the only red flag we have me and my wify actually i start collecting NOIR evidence but ineed help on this thanks beautiful ppl
  5. Hello everybody, Well, after 16 months waiting on an answer from the USCIS, that was reviewing my case after the CO in Madrid returned it to the US, my petitioner finally got it in the mail. Needless is to say that, thanks to my petitioner, I am aware of the situation. And boy, is this an important thing to have. See, for the FIRST time in this LONG process, the USCIS has the intention to revoke my case based on Misrepresentation of a factual fact related to qualifying work experience in the Labor Certification. Long story short, when I met the CO back in may 2016, I couldn't demonstrate that I worked for the employer that wrote me an employment letter back in 2005, in which it was stated that I worked for his organization from 2000 to 2005, 40 hours a week. The only proof he would accept are pay stubs or a contract officially registered with the Social Security Administration in Spain, both documents are impossible to obtain since the job I did for the organization was not paid (it is a non-profit organization with limited capability to hire) so it was voluntary work. Basically, I worked for the organization to gain experience, and for that I considered myself sufficiently paid at the time. Now, of course, I had to work on another job to get a decent salary to support myself. But even then, I could prove that my "oficial" job was teaching exactly what I was doing as a voluntary job for the organization afore mentioned. After several calls from the CO, not only to me, but to my direct supervisor at the time, the actual head of HR of the organization (with letters provided in letterhead and including the seal of the organization), and other members of the organization, the CO concluded that he had doubts regarding my ability to work two full time jobs at the same time. I overcame this issue (or that is what I thought) by demonstrating that only between February 2001 and august 2003 I was indeed working as a full time teacher, while the rest of the time, I was working part time, as a journalist and later as a teacher. More to say, I presented the CO with two documents, one of them being the Education Law in Spain, that states that a teacher has to work a maximum of 15 hours a week on a full time contract, and the other, an actual schedule from the School of Arts I worked with as a full time teacher, with the principal's signature and the seal of the school, stating that I did just work such 15 hours a week. This documents should've sufficed to make it clear that, not only I worked on the capacity and terms stated in the letters from the organization, but it was also possible to do so, under the light of such evidence. Now, without further notice or concerns from the CO, my case was sent for review and revocation, to the USCIS, on the grounds of "not being able to establish the required experience", which in my world doesn't mean that I "lied intentionally" (willful misrepresentation) but merely "not being able to prove to the CO's satisfaction", which is somewhat subjective and discretional, but still within his power of course. After 16 months the USCIS responds with a NOIR, but, in this case, throws in the mix the "misrepresentation of a material fact" accusation. I'm in the process to refute this accusation with further proof, but I'm really concern about this facts; 1.- The USCIS doesn't include in the NOIR key evidence sent to the CO regarding his "doubts", like the schedule and the piece of Education Law that refutes with hard evidence, his claim that a Spanish Citizen cannot work two full time jobs at the same time. Nor the fact that I was not working as a full time teacher during the whole period of time I claim to be working full time for the qualifying job, neither that the teaching position I held, also qualifies as experience on the field (although not exactly the same duties, but teaching them to others at post-secondary education level). 2.- I am currently in the US with an H1B visa obtain through another employer and recently applied for a renewal. I don't know if, the NOIR cannot be rebutted, not only will my Labor be revoked, but I will be either denied my H1B visa renewal or be removed from the US, or not let through the border in case I leave the country for a vacation period. I understand misrepresentation of a material fact can have serious consequences for life, so I am extremely anxious right now, as my future depends on my ability to demonstrate that, even though it was not a "regular" job, I did not lie about it, and there is hard objective and independent evidence to prove that. So if somebody can shed light about what are the possible consequences of this NOIR, they would be greatly appreciated.