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  1. Hello, i got the approval notice on may 4th, its the form i-797 and it says the case its approved. On this notice it doesnt mention that they forwarded it to nvc or anything about nvc.. is that a problem?
  2. I have seen 2 people that got their NoA2 approvals today and both of them have been using the "Lawfully App" as it could predict the date of approval! I've just downloaded it and just wanna know if any of you are using this app! thank you!! PS: my case was received on Feb28,2020 the app's prediction for the approval : May28-June26,2020
  3. My apologies, if this has been answered else here. I can't seem to find the information. I noticed that the dates on my Actual Notice of Action and what is on the USCIS website are different. Which date should I use on my timeline? For instance, on the uscis website it says my case was approved on 3/17/20 but Notice date on the physical letter says 3/13/20. What is the difference between those dates? I also filled out a G-1145 but I never got an email notification for my NOA2, However, I did get an email for NOA1(the dates were different as well). Is this normal? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to post to see if anyone is going through a similar problem with receiving information regarding their case. We filed back in Feb 23, 2019 and received the NOA 1 on March 18th. After 3 years of being together, we were extremely happy that we at least we go the process rolling. After a year of continuous waiting we found out on Feb 10, 2020 we were transferred to Vermont and so we thought that we would surely be receiving the NOA2 the following month. Fast forward to today, we have yet to receive any type of notification on our status as we see many other applicants receive their notifications before us. This has led to obviously some sadness as well as doubts between us on this whole process. We just wanted to know if there are any other applicants going through this same issue. I look forward to hearing some of your answers.
  5. Hello VJ members! I'm debating (not really a debate though) on when and who I should reach out too in regards to our K-1 visa process. Our case has left the NVC and when we tracked the case it said 'Ready' which I assumed meant the Embassy will be sending us the packets with further information including an interview date. However, due to COVOD-19 the embassy is closed and is postponing visa interview appointments. Though my fiance and I were not given one yet I'm trying to figure out what steps should I take. Because I know the moment the embassy opens again the interviews will be backed up and we still need to finish some paperwork such as DS-160 because we weren't given the packets yet. The issus is the NOA2 has an expiration date and my fiance still has school to finish. I'm worried 4 months might not be enough and the NOA2 can only extended once. Does anyone know or who (USCIS, or Embassy) should I contact in regards to what steps to take. I feel like everyone in the K-1 process that is at the same stage as our case should be given some sort of accommodation? All cases I feel, that are either at the interview point or near NOA2 expiration should be given accommodation since most, maybe all embassies will be backed up. How long should I wait before I reach out? A month before the NOA2 expires? I'm worried to ask for an extension and this COVID-19 epidemic still hasn't settled and I don't wanna risk losing everything and having the fear of having to start alll over..... Any advice would be help.
  6. My NOA2 it’s coming up on one year April 26 and I’m still in administrative processing. Anyone know what happens after a year?
  7. Hello all! I noticed that the official notice for our case approval, the NOA2 has a time limit. It expires within a few a months of the case being approved. Since the NOA2 notice needs to be taken to the interview is it fair to say or think that the interview will be within the time frame of the NOA2 still being valid? Or it won't make a big deal. I am worried the interview will be after the NOA2....(expires). Will that be an issue? Any feedback will be great! Thank You!
  8. Hi, During the K1 visa waiting period after sending off the I-129F application (in October), my fiance visited me in the UK in November. To get ahead and be prepared for the next steps, I printed out the Affidavit of Support and Letter of Intent so he could sign it whilst he was here (rather than have him sign it in the US and post it to me). He had signed and dated it for that day in November, we've just received our NOA2 and are preparing the documents for the interview (not booked yet) and looking deeper found this page (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html). Can I still use the originally signed and dated form or is it best my fiance signs and dates to the most recent date and scans and sends that over to me instead? Is there a limit to how far back it can be dated? How about the Letter of Intent? Is this was also dated from November.
  9. Approval Notice Valid from 8/23/2019 to 12/22/2019 Actual Received Date in Mail: 9/3/2019 Case Type: I129F - Petition for Fiance(e) Petitioner: Citizen from U.S. Beneficiary: Santiago, Chile Hello, My fiance and I have received our NOA2 (I-797), after 4 weeks he called NVC like the letter stated in case we didn't hear anything back. My fiance called the NVC to ask about the case number, but they said to wait 6 weeks instead in hope of some mail/email. After 6 weeks have passed he called once again and they still didn't have my receipt number on file. This time they told him to email nvcresearch@state.gov and the response time is for an undetermined amount of time. He sent the NVC Research team an email with my receipt number in the title and attached our NOA2 letter that we received from USCIS. My questions are as follows: -Should he receive an email reply from the NVC regarding his research team email just to indicate they have received it? -Can he contact the USCIS to send a copy of the approval to NVC if possible? -Is there a way to call the NVC Research team directly in regards to finding my case? -I’m worried about the approval valid time period I have left considering the research team could take months and we only have until 12/22/2019. Is this date a deadline to schedule an interview or to complete the interview? Best regards, Claudina R.
  10. HelloAll, My NOA2 is dated 4/26/2019. I have been in AP since following our interview on September 8th. Issued a 221g and sent the documents and they received it on November 5, 2019. I'm getting nervous here as I know the Embassy can extend my NOA2 for up to 1 year. So lets say my AP extends beyond 4/26/2020, does that disqualify us and our petition gets sent back to USCIS? If THATS the case what happens? We start it all from scratch? Cc @Shrouq615
  11. Hello! We just got the electronic notification that our peition has been approved! But now I'm confused about the next steps are! I know that we have to wait to get our paper copy of the NOA2, and in a few weeks to start calling the NVC for a case number, then once we get that we have to wait till they send our case in the U.S. Consulate in Montreal... but then after that I'm a little lost (for the record I've looked at the K-1 visa flowchart but I'm still confused). What paperwork do I need to fill out? What is packet 3? What is packet 4? Do I have to schedule my interview or will the Montreal consulate do that for me? How far in advance should I book my medical? Thank you in advance for your help!
  12. Hi, My I129-F application for my Fiancee has a NOA2 approval date of December 13th 2019, and this was purportedly sent to the National Visa Center. As at today 1/20/2020, I still haven't heard anything from NVC by way of confirmation or any thing of the sort. A check on the ceac website returns a "No record found" response. I kinda now think I don't know what is going on, and can't help wondering if anyone here can suggest any insight based on specific or general experience as to the delay. Shouldn't an online query on NVC return some form of match at the minimum even after all these time? I have attempted contacting NVC through askNVC. There is a general response from the website that responses to such inquiries as this could take up to 2 months. Given that USCIS approvals are normally for a period of 4 months, out of which 5 weeks is already gone now, shouldn't I be concerned? Some advice regarding this will be highly appreciated. The original filing location was Lewisville, TX which was then assigned to csc. Fiancee is based in Nigeria.
  13. Hi everyone, is there anyone from Hong Kong applying for K1 visa? We filed in the petition on 6/1/2019, and received NOA1 on 10/1/2019 and NOA2 on 11/4/2019. I have seen so many posts about people not receiving packet 3, I'm wondering how long would it normally take for packet 3 to arrive after getting NOA2? And during this time, is there any preparations I can do, e.g. apply for police clearance? Also I saw on VJ Us Consulate HK post: "Requirements for the I-134 Affidavit of Support: "A notarized I-134 enclosed with your employment letter, bank statements and latest tax return are required. When your fiancee has obtained all the documents on the checklist applicable to her case, please advise her to complete and return her completed visa forms to this office immediately so that proper action can be taken in her visa application : a) DS-230I, b) 2 copies of DS-156, c) DS-156K and d) FPU Preliminary Interview Form." Here is a link that should be included under the DCF heading" Are the forms 3 forms (a) DS-230I, b) 2 copies of DS-156, c) DS-156K and d) FPU Preliminary Interview Form) needed for the interview? can we download and fill in those forms before receiving packet 3? Any other advises for preparations for packet 3 & 4 and the interview with the ambassador? Thank you very much! Nora
  14. Hey guys, I’m going through some supposed delay on my NOA2. We’ve applied in September 2019, got our NOA1 on the 23rd and nothing till now. Is there anyone else going through the same? Is so nerve wrenching! please share your experiences! ❤️
  15. Happy New Year! I am a permanent resident filling for my husband who is in USA. I submitted I-130 on 11/16/2018 and we got the NOA2 on 12/19/2018. We still have to submit the following forms. When is a good time to do it: while waiting those 30 days, as they required in NOA2, or after receiving their next letter? Thank you!
  16. I'm still in between the NOA1 and NOA2. What I'd like is to see examples of what packets down the road will look like, so I can start to prepare in advance. I'm talking about a scanned copy of the actual letters/packet contents (obviously, with any personal information blacked out). I've searched throughout this website, but couldn't find any examples of this. Would anyone who's been through the process be willing to upload scanned copies of their NOA2, P3, and P4 for those of us still waiting for them to consult? Thanks
  17. Hello, We have received our NOA2 on 24 July 2019. However, NVC have not yet received it, and they are currently working with USCIS to figure out where it is. Would I need to request for an extension of the I-797, which is due to expire soon? And if so, how might I go about this? I sent an e-mail to the embassy in London, but I have also read somewhere that this may be done automatically. Should we need to worry too much, considering that they might have messed up somewhere and delayed it? We shouldn't have to be worried that our application be binned if they say that we didn't want to continue with this process, as during this time we have tried to find out what the status and progress have been. Thank you in advance for your help! Aaron and Claribel.
  18. Hi all, I've been out of the states for around 15 months, my last tax return was 2018-2019. I've been told on a facebook i130 page that i don't have a strong enough case to prove domicile, as when i return to the states I will be living with my mom & step dad, before moving into an apartment. I will be getting the next flight home once we receive noa2, and will have an immediate job with my cousin at our family shop, i can provide two affidavits of support, and after two months of being home i will have accomodation for me and my wife. My bank account shows both our names, and i have money going through that account regularly. I'm looking for your opinion and advice regarding my domicile, and whether intent to domicile is accepted anymore? thanks Mark.
  19. Hello all, I got NOA2 yesterday (mail) and it stated that they forward the case to NVC. I read some of the post here that NVC will not let me know about the case number or invoice ID without me calling them every single week? Here is the quote from NVC site: "You have come to this page because you received a letter or email from NVC directing you here after NVC received your approved petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)." So I am confused...will they or will not they let me know when they received the case, assign case number and invoice id? I really do not want to spent time to call them if they will eventually give me the case#...but if that is needed, then I guess I will do it Any helps will be greatful!
  20. This thread was created for those who are waiting from their NOA2 K-1 to the case assignment from NVC. These are items that everyone asks for, so I thought I just post them here for you to refer to when it's necessary. 1. How do I update my email address with NVC Once you receive your NOA2 approval then contact NVC via https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html to update your email address as well as your beneficiary's email address. This will give you an email alert when your file arrives at NVC, your case is assigned and when the file leaves for your Embassy. 2. Checking on your embassy case number from NVC: It will take 7 - 10 business days for NVC to receive your file from USCIS after you receive the NOA2, then another 2 - 5 business days for NVC to get your file in their system and produce your case number. Call 7:00 am eastern time for shorter wait times. 1-603-334-0700 or 603-334-0888. Operator assistance is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Eastern Time) 1 for English, then 7 (or 5, but I would go 7 as they would tell you if you should call 5 instead after they receive your case.) Best time to call: Right after they open which is around 7:00am US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri. Most have had luck getting the phone answered after the first ring if they called right at 7am. 3. How long to assign a Case # from NOA2 It's been taking about 2-3 weeks for NVC to assign the case number. Then it's taking another 2-4 weeks depending on the Embassy to receive your case. Your mileage may vary! 4. Follow Similar VJ members timelines. Use the tools here in VJ to answer "when I am going to get etc. etc." question. Near your picture there is a link for your timeline. Select it and once you're on the next page near your picture you will see "follow similar timelines" and it will populate 12 other couples who are near your dates. Scroll down and you will see a "spreadsheet" style page showing all the variables for measurement for when others from your Embassy are getting the same notice of approval or action. Try it. It really works! 5. Follow similar VJ members timelines from other countries. And if you want to follow those from other countries that have similar timelines as yours there are several tools available to you. Go up to Immigration Timelines on the blue ribbon above and select it. Once you are on the next page looked to your left and you will see a box that states, "find similar timelines" and select it. A list will populate with those who are processing close to your timeline. When they start to change you will soon be behind them. I followed those that were in my group to give me an idea where they were in processing, so I could judge if I was ahead or behind. It's accurate, maybe within a day or so. If you choose to follow those twelve members then you will get an email every time their status updates. 6. Be sure your profile is complete so that we can determine your Embassy. Many of our answers are predicated on the information you supply in your profile. When we look at the left column and can't determine your timeline or your Embassy it's hard for us to give you a factual answer. If you look at the profile of others here, they have a flag for their country, so it makes it easy for us to reply as we can quickly determine your Embassy. Our answers will sometimes be tailored to a specific Embassy hence the reason for you to complete your profile. So, if you could help yourself out and complete your profile that sure would help us out when we want to reply to your question with factual information. Go to the top right of this page select your name (it's on the upper right-hand corner)>my profile>[below your picture on the right column] edit my profile. Scroll to the bottom and fill in "Immigration Info". There now we can better serve you. Thanks 7. Timelines. Complete your timeline. In your profile to the left of the page you will see the word "timeline" toward the bottom. Select it and it will take you to the page that has the link for you to complete your timeline. This to can help us to answer some of your questions. 8. Tracking your case. As a K1, when checking your case online at CEAC.state.gov you have to select "immigrant visa" as it is treated as such even though it is a "non-immigrant visa". Technically the K-1 is a non-immigrant visa with intent to immigrate, but it is treated like an immigrant visa because of the AOS. It is kind of a ba$tard. Non-immigrant case treated like an immigrant case. The K-1 on its own is a single entry, with a short time limited visa that expires within 90 days after POE. That is why it is a non-immigrant visa treated like an immigrant visa.  USICS states If you have a pending I-129f, I-90, I-485, I-751 or N-400, we’ve recently changed the way we’re displaying processing times online to give you a more realistic date range. To check these times, visit https://t.co/ho3dfC5KCA 9. Tracking your case file that's in transit to your Embassy. Go to www.dhl.com click Express then Tracking, then Track by Shipper's Reference, and on this page you add your search information. You change the day and month to what you think your package might have left NVC or call NVC to get the date your package had left NVC in route to your Embassy then go to the DHL website and enter the following information: EXAMPLE: * Shipper´s Reference : EXP 24 MAR 2011A  (This is the date you think it left NVC, just substitute the date and leave everything else as is) * Date range for shipment - From: 23 - 03 - 2011 * Date range for shipment - To: 26 - 03 - 2011 Account Number - Leave this blank Shipment Destination: Manila (Works for any Country Just replace the city where the Embassy is located)   I hope these tips help you along your Journey. So, let’s share our experiences, our tips and ask questions.
  21. Hello everyone I'm doing my cr1 now and I got NOA1 since July,9 2019. Surprisingly,I got case number begins with IOE and the letter is from Nebraska. I've read about IOE case but not too much information.Someone said they got NOA2 in 3 months after that but their service center is different. I just would like to know that has anyone else got NOA1 case begins with IOE? and where is your service center? Has anyone got NOA2 already? Let's share your timeline and discussion together.🤗🤗
  22. Filipino living in HK. Interview will be in US Embassy in HK. NOA2 valid from 06/04/19 to 10/03/19. My fiancé (petitioner) recently lost his job. It's been 2 weeks and he still haven’t found a job yet. I have some questions: 1. Should we extend the NOA2 validity as a safety net 2. Can fiancé ask his parents for Affidavit of Support (form I-134) instead. If he hasn’t find a job yet About the supporting docs for I134 Form: 1. Should it be original (Statement from bank, Statement from employer, previous W-2) Thank you much!
  23. Hello, I have a quick question. My spouse just received the NOA2 last week, so being excited we spoke to our immigration attorney about the next steps - who consequently shot our excitement down saying it will take around 8 months from now. Anyhow my dilemma is 8 months from now I’m out of country for work for 3 weeks. So if the interview at my local embassy (London) is scheduled around April 2020 is it set in stone? Do I HAVE to attend the interview at that time or can it be schedule for say in May or something? I’m not sure how the process works from this point onwards. Thank you!
  24. Thread for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, Mumbai Consulate. Please share your Priority Dates and any other questions.
  25. HI, my fiance is in waiting for the interview this coming next week. I Have a case where my NOA2 didn't come in the mail yet, but its already approved. She got a notice way back on the 9th of July , of her own indicating that my I-129F petition is approved and is sent to NVC and so on and so on got approved now it's at the emebassy. She did here medical already now we just put in our appointment. We're worried because where wondering if NOA2 is required for the interview. but like why would it be required if everything is approved already, and NOA2 is just a Notice for me saying that my petition got approved..
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