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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everyone, My fiance and I applied for our K-1visa on August 27th 2020. We still have not received our NOA2. We also have not received any RFE. I have planned the move to the United States from Canada for the end of July. We thought that we had given ourselves a good buffer but with Coronavirus everything is delayed. In April we requested a follow-up on our case and 2 weeks later sent us an email basically saying "I know this is frustrating but we're working on it.". We just submitted another request and are supposed to get a response June 30th, but I'm worried were just going to get the same thing. We are anxious to start living together but I can't make any plans until we know this has been approved at the minimum. I have a few questions: Should we just switch to a K-3 Visa, or will that delay things even further? If this response has no information again, how to we contact the USCIS more directly (phone)? Has anyone ever been denied after such a long wait time? Has anyone been requested an RFE after such a long wait time? Thank you, A
  2. Hey guys. I copied Greenbaums intro to create a group for NOA2 for March 2021. Here you go: This thread was created for those who are waiting for their NOA2 K-1 case assignment from NVC and then tracking your case on wards to your Embassy. Contained in the PDF below are many tips, tricks and hacks to help you along the way. These are items that everyone asks for, so I thought I just post a PDF of them here for you to refer to when it's necessary. If you are new to this thread please read as these are most asked questions multiple times. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nfin98c33IEpB0T0FlURERriblYmlm5O/view?usp=sharing
  3. So December 10th we received our NOA2. I have emailed NVC a few times and received our case # and invoice #. My fiancé has filled out the ds-160. Attempting to login to the ceas website it shows the same thing over & over that we need to fill out the ds-160. Is the only thing we can do is to wait for our “welcome letter” in order to have a account to submit forms and pay the fees?
  4. Hello everyone I apologise if this question has been asked hundreds of times before, I have tried scrolling through forums to get the answers or suggestions I am after. My husband applied online for our i130 and we received our NOA1 a few days after submitting, we received this in May 2020. It is now February 2021 and we have not heard back from USCIS at all, is it normal to wait this long for an NOA2 or should we try and get into contact with someone in USCIS? I am getting worried about our application potentially expiring. Thank you!
  5. We received our approval for i130 on Thursday at around 2pm. It showed as such online and on our account. However unlike NOA1, when we received an email notice immediately after we submitted, we haven’t received NOA2 notice by email yet. We need this email notice to apply for Singapore COC (Police Clearance). That takes about 70 to 90 days to obtain when outside the country, and so I want to get on it ASAP. How Long does it typically take to get the NOA2 notice by email after approval. Is there anyway to hurry it?
  6. Hello! So I just received our NOA2 - super exciting! But I just had a few questions on it, as well as about going forward. First, I know the timeline is that now it gets forwarded to the NVC. But on the NOA2 it just says it is being forwarded to the listed consulate. So, is it still being sent to the NVC? It just feels weird that they wouldn't put that on there, but I also don't know why they wouldn't send it to the NVC. Or is the NVC a consulate? I'm not entirely sure of the difference between an embassy and a consulate, so I suppose that is another question. Second, also kinda having to do with the thing above. It says it is being sent to the "listed consulate", but for the life of me I cannot find anything "listed" on the NOA2. Is it just talking about the consulate/embassy (if they are the same) that I listed on the petition? Thirdly, from here, is it just more waiting? On the timeline flow chart thing it states that you can contact the NVC after 2 weeks to see if they've gotten the petition, but on the NVC website It lists a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be done? Like creating an account, paying some fees, etc. I just would like to know the exact next few steps. And lastly, not really a question, but If anyone else is doing a fiancé visa from the UK to the US, I would love to hear how the process is/was for you.
  7. Please direct me to a Thread for People Waiting on Green Card after Arrival. Thanks
  8. Hi, my fiance applied for my K1 visa and in June 2020, he received the NOA1. I am still waiting for my NOA2. Has anybody received their NOA2 yet, if applied in June this year? Please let me know.
  9. At this point in the K-1 Visa process, I have received the NOA2 since April 16, 2020. That means it has been over 4 months that I've been waiting for a Welcome Letter. I've called the NVC and they've already given me the case number and the invoice number. However, everytime I check their website it shows that my application is still stuck at their center. The embassy that I want my documents to reach is in Moscow, Russia. When will my documents be examined in Moscow Embassy, and when will I receive instructions to prepare for the interview?
  10. Hi, Is this enough Time Spent together? CR1 Waiting on Interview. Please Tell me what you think? 1st Visit: 10 Days (Petitioner Country) 2nd Visit: 7 Days (Married) Beneficiary Country 3rd Visit: 10 Days (Beneficiary Country) 4th Visit: 22 Days (Petitioner Country) 5th Visit: 3 Days For 1st Anniversary (Petitioner Country) Booked Flight for one Month Vacation with Petitioner Cancelled due to COVID-19.
  11. Immigrants: When Jobs and Schools ask you for a High School Diploma or GED, What Do you use as an immigrant or Greencard Holder at 30 years old I'm planning to start Nursing School After arriving and Settling.
  12. I received my noa2 approval two days ago. According to the letter the petition is now being sent to NVC. What is the next step ? Do I need to gather anymore documents ? Will I receive something in the mail within 2-4 weeks ? Thank you
  13. Hello. Today its been 90 days since our i130 approval and our case was not sent to nvc yet. My husband called a tier 2 a month ago and he said in 15 days we should hear from nvc but its been 30 days and they still didnt send our case. The notice of approval has an error too, it says we re approved for adjustment of status ehich we didnt applied for cause im not in the states. We told uscis about that too a few times. Now we re gonna send a letter to the congressman hopefully it will be fixed soon. Anyone else in this situation?
  14. So my fiance and I had got our petition approved in February of 2019, and we both ended up having monetary issues and his mother got sick. This led to a rocky year with some fights, and to be honest, we weren't sure if we were going to make it. I was told that we had to continue forward with the application within a year or my fiance would get a message stating how to proceed as it would expire. Frankly, February came, we didn't get anything, didn't contact them like we should have and right when we were ready to commit 100% COVID hit and everything froze in April. So...I guess I'm just wondering what we should do now. Should we anticipate applying again soon? We're ready to ASAP and have visited each other a couple times since we were approved and can provide updated pictures, tickets, etc. We've been in our long distance relationship for nearly 7 years and we really think it's time for this to officially come to a close. I'm able to continue on without a co-signer (which was an issue we were facing) and am doing relatively well financially as of now. Also, I know we have a ton of information so there's no way anyone could deny our relationship is real and has developed over the years. I guess I'm just scared that our late arrival to the party coupled with COVID will make it impossible for us to be approved again. Or am I overthinking it?
  15. We just received a notification that on June 4th our case was approved by USCIS! We're beyond excited and going to wait until the NOA2 arrives in the mail. But does anyone else, who recently got theirs approved (this year during pandemic) know what to expect next?
  16. Hello, i got the approval notice on may 4th, its the form i-797 and it says the case its approved. On this notice it doesnt mention that they forwarded it to nvc or anything about nvc.. is that a problem?
  17. I have seen 2 people that got their NoA2 approvals today and both of them have been using the "Lawfully App" as it could predict the date of approval! I've just downloaded it and just wanna know if any of you are using this app! thank you!! PS: my case was received on Feb28,2020 the app's prediction for the approval : May28-June26,2020
  18. My apologies, if this has been answered else here. I can't seem to find the information. I noticed that the dates on my Actual Notice of Action and what is on the USCIS website are different. Which date should I use on my timeline? For instance, on the uscis website it says my case was approved on 3/17/20 but Notice date on the physical letter says 3/13/20. What is the difference between those dates? I also filled out a G-1145 but I never got an email notification for my NOA2, However, I did get an email for NOA1(the dates were different as well). Is this normal? Thank you for your help.
  19. Hi all, I just wanted to post to see if anyone is going through a similar problem with receiving information regarding their case. We filed back in Feb 23, 2019 and received the NOA 1 on March 18th. After 3 years of being together, we were extremely happy that we at least we go the process rolling. After a year of continuous waiting we found out on Feb 10, 2020 we were transferred to Vermont and so we thought that we would surely be receiving the NOA2 the following month. Fast forward to today, we have yet to receive any type of notification on our status as we see many other applicants receive their notifications before us. This has led to obviously some sadness as well as doubts between us on this whole process. We just wanted to know if there are any other applicants going through this same issue. I look forward to hearing some of your answers.
  20. Hello VJ members! I'm debating (not really a debate though) on when and who I should reach out too in regards to our K-1 visa process. Our case has left the NVC and when we tracked the case it said 'Ready' which I assumed meant the Embassy will be sending us the packets with further information including an interview date. However, due to COVOD-19 the embassy is closed and is postponing visa interview appointments. Though my fiance and I were not given one yet I'm trying to figure out what steps should I take. Because I know the moment the embassy opens again the interviews will be backed up and we still need to finish some paperwork such as DS-160 because we weren't given the packets yet. The issus is the NOA2 has an expiration date and my fiance still has school to finish. I'm worried 4 months might not be enough and the NOA2 can only extended once. Does anyone know or who (USCIS, or Embassy) should I contact in regards to what steps to take. I feel like everyone in the K-1 process that is at the same stage as our case should be given some sort of accommodation? All cases I feel, that are either at the interview point or near NOA2 expiration should be given accommodation since most, maybe all embassies will be backed up. How long should I wait before I reach out? A month before the NOA2 expires? I'm worried to ask for an extension and this COVID-19 epidemic still hasn't settled and I don't wanna risk losing everything and having the fear of having to start alll over..... Any advice would be help.
  21. My NOA2 it’s coming up on one year April 26 and I’m still in administrative processing. Anyone know what happens after a year?
  22. Hello all! I noticed that the official notice for our case approval, the NOA2 has a time limit. It expires within a few a months of the case being approved. Since the NOA2 notice needs to be taken to the interview is it fair to say or think that the interview will be within the time frame of the NOA2 still being valid? Or it won't make a big deal. I am worried the interview will be after the NOA2....(expires). Will that be an issue? Any feedback will be great! Thank You!
  23. Hi, During the K1 visa waiting period after sending off the I-129F application (in October), my fiance visited me in the UK in November. To get ahead and be prepared for the next steps, I printed out the Affidavit of Support and Letter of Intent so he could sign it whilst he was here (rather than have him sign it in the US and post it to me). He had signed and dated it for that day in November, we've just received our NOA2 and are preparing the documents for the interview (not booked yet) and looking deeper found this page (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html). Can I still use the originally signed and dated form or is it best my fiance signs and dates to the most recent date and scans and sends that over to me instead? Is there a limit to how far back it can be dated? How about the Letter of Intent? Is this was also dated from November.
  24. Approval Notice Valid from 8/23/2019 to 12/22/2019 Actual Received Date in Mail: 9/3/2019 Case Type: I129F - Petition for Fiance(e) Petitioner: Citizen from U.S. Beneficiary: Santiago, Chile Hello, My fiance and I have received our NOA2 (I-797), after 4 weeks he called NVC like the letter stated in case we didn't hear anything back. My fiance called the NVC to ask about the case number, but they said to wait 6 weeks instead in hope of some mail/email. After 6 weeks have passed he called once again and they still didn't have my receipt number on file. This time they told him to email nvcresearch@state.gov and the response time is for an undetermined amount of time. He sent the NVC Research team an email with my receipt number in the title and attached our NOA2 letter that we received from USCIS. My questions are as follows: -Should he receive an email reply from the NVC regarding his research team email just to indicate they have received it? -Can he contact the USCIS to send a copy of the approval to NVC if possible? -Is there a way to call the NVC Research team directly in regards to finding my case? -I’m worried about the approval valid time period I have left considering the research team could take months and we only have until 12/22/2019. Is this date a deadline to schedule an interview or to complete the interview? Best regards, Claudina R.
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