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Found 23 results

  1. Any 2017 divorce waiver filers have approval yet? Let’s track status and current updates on the case . I filed a joint petition in Nov 2017 at CSC and in Nov 2018 I converted it to a divorce waiver. Haven’t got any updates on my case yet.
  2. So we filed our I-129F back in April and got our NOA1 on May 2nd, 2018. I’m feeling anxious like we should get a response about the NOA2 any day now. We’re with the California center (CSC) However this website site says that the current cases being processed at the CSC are for May 11th, 2018?! I’ve watched each day as that day increases past May 2nd and it’s making me panic. Did they skip over our application? When we called the USCIS a week ago; a woman politely told us any RFE’s would’ve happened months ago if any. If there’s anyone able to help me based on the information on this website, I would really appreciate that. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, We just received the letter from the embassy saying that "the IV Unit received the Immigrant visa petition filed on your behalf. " Now we need to make the apt with the doctor and then subsequently with the embassy. We would ideally like to delay the interview with the embassy for a few more months to give us a little bit more time to prepare our exit. Our I-797 NOA has a valid date that expires on 1/13/2018. Does this mean we need to have everything done before this? Can we get some sort of extension so we could ideally plan for the interview in March or April? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  4. Hi friends, Today, I got my I-765 and I-131 approval notice. But when I bring it out from the mail box, I found out both of them already been opened! I have no idea who did this. I check the envelopes, I-765 has 2 pages NOA in it and I-131 has 1 page NOA in it. Here come the questions : 1. Is there any other document come with I-765 or I-131 NOA in the same envelope? Does I-765 NOA come with Social Security Card in the same envelope? 2. NOA has sensitive information like A-number and my full name on it, should I call USCIS to notify them the envelope has been open by somebody else? Thanks!
  5. My GC was expired on 07/28/2017, but I had received NOA which is an extension letter for 1 more year. Is it mean that I'm good until 07/28/2018 for traveling. I'm planning to fly back to Vietnam on 07/05/2018 and come back on 07/27/2018. The day I come back is 07/27/2018 before the letter is expired in 1 more day. 1. Would it be ok to re-entry the border? Is there any a problem between me and officers? 2. Should I schedule the infopass appointment to get the I-551 stamp? Would they issue the stamp on the same day with my appointment? If not how long does it take for them to send me the stamp?
  6. My husband and I are planning on traveling few months from now, which will be few weeks after the expiration of our one-year extension. Based on what we’ve read on other posts, we are going on schedule an Infopass appointment to get a I-551 stamp. My question is do officers give stamps in such circumstances as a matter of routine, or it depends on an individual officer and there is a risk of begin declined? If there is such a risk, we need to try to change our travel plans for earlier, which we really don’t want to do but will if have to. Would greatly appreciate any feedback, including from people who have personal experience with these appointments to get the stamp. Thank You!
  7. Hi All Package mailed 14-May, tracked as received 16-May at Laguna CA service center. I'm starting to worry they lost my package. It's been 22 days. Anyone else have timings to share? Thx.
  8. Hi, My husband came to the US on a K1 in March 19 and we were married April 21. We got together all the AOS documents and information and sent it off via FedEx, with an arrival date of May 10. It is now May 20, and the money has not been taken out of my checking account yet. I'm a little concerned because everywhere I see that the money is taken out usually with 2-3 days after receipt, and the NOA is sent via email/text shortly after. I know that it can technically take a couple of weeks, but this is what happened when we sent our K1 application. A month after it arrived at the lockbox, it was returned to me saying my check was not made out for the right amount. The thing was, the check was made for the right amount. I had sent a check from my business checking account, since I don't have checks anymore for my personal account. I asked the people on the phone at USCIS customer service if that was why, and they said no, that it was probably because the price had recently gone up and whoever handled it had forgotten. Because at that point I was living out of the country, I had my dad reship it all with one of his checks and it was accepted with no problem. I took USCIS's word for it that having a business account check wouldn't be an issue, and used one again this time (partly because I wanted to just send it ASAP and not wait for checks to arrive in the mail to do this), and now it seems we're headed down the same road... Is there any way that sending a business check (which is slightly longer than a personal check) would be a problem? Is it normal to not see the money disappear from my account for a couple of weeks or get a text/email/snail mail NOA? I'm afraid if my payment method is a problem we'll be tight with my husband falling out of status (his K1 expires 6/19). Thank you !
  9. Hi all, thank you so much in advance for this perplexing issue I'm facing. I'm the petitioner of a K1 visa and when I initially submitted the application in early 2016, I mistakenly filled out the G325a form saying that my mom's ex husband was my ex husband. Rookie move, I know, but I really thought it was asking for my parents' marital status, not mine. I've NEVER been engaged until now, much less married. After our second app was approved this month, I received an Intent to Deny (I-797E NOA) stating that since I claimed to be previously married on my first app and now am claiming to have never been married on the second app that I must show a divorce certificate or a certificate of death. How can I prove I've never been married and that the initial app was a mistake? I only have 30 days to reply and I'm freaking out. I'm tearing up as I write this because the approval came as such a pleasant surprise and then the intent to deny really crushed my heart and I need to find any way to fix it. I really need to be with my fiance soon because we've been separated for 2 years now and I miss him extremely. I can always move there if I need to, but I would rather we live here because it's safer. Thank you!
  10. Captain Ewok

    AOS NOA I-765

  11. Captain Ewok

    AOS NOA I-485

  12. We sent in our RFE which USCIS received on November 9th of 2017. What else is there to expect? Is the next NOA the approval? If so how long should we expect to wait for a response? Is there anything i should prepare in advance to make everything run along as smoothly and as quickly as possible?
  13. Has anyone renewed their drivers license in Atlanta with Expired GC and NOA? My GC expires on April 27th, so does my drivers license. I read on GA DDS website (here: https://dds.georgia.gov/information-non-us-citizens?con=1741471757&ty=dl) that they will only issue a one-time 120-day extension on current drivers license, but ..well it apparently takes at least a year now to get ROC approved.. And does DMV staff really know about this piece of info? I guess I just wanna to hear about more people's experience on this matter. Thanks
  14. Hi guys, I am curious if the extension granted by NOA is still valid if we filed I-751 late. I searched the forum and it seems some people believe the NOA extension does not apply if one filed I-751 late, while other people have been able to successfully use the NOA from a late filed I-751 to get a I-551, which I think extends the permanent resident status for another year with no condition attached (regardless if one filed I-751 on time or late). Also if one is able to use I-551 for re-entry, can I assume it can also be used for employment? Additional thoughts and clarification around these would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi Guys, Hope you all are good and doing fine. Last week I've applied for lifting conditions on my green card (I-751 application). My current green card will expire on next Month, 24 March, 2018 and on the same date my VA drivers license also getting expired. I've read upon receiving application, USCIS send a notice of action letter which states the acknowledgment of application received and one year extension of current green card. My question is, Am I able to extend/renew my VA drivers license on this notice of action letter ? Please guide me through, though I tried to look this information on DMV Virginia website but I'm not able to dig any information. Thanks
  16. Hi all, My husband received his NOA Extension Letter for i751 ROC this week. His GC expires in April. Logistically, what is the best thing to do with with the extension letter once his GC expires? It is two very thick sheets of paper, which would be impossible to keep in his wallet along with his GC. Would it be okay to scan the letter into a PDF and keep on his phone and maybe also keep a photocopy in the car? And if for some reason he was asked for it explain thats a scan or photocopy and the original is in our firesafe? I know if we plan to travel he needs the original for reentry, but I just don't want that letter to get destroyed being folded up in his wallet or something. Any ideas are welcome!
  17. I dont have it in hand yet, but per the digital scan of the outside provided by USPS, my NOA should be arriving today. So thats great news. But from the scan I noticed the NOA is addressed to my wife via her MAIDEN name? Is that cause of concern? Do I need an infopass appt?? I checked the scan of our submission and cover letter et al and its correct with her present name as we referenced the maiden name appropriately.? Everything since initial AOS submission has always been address to her current married name (w/ my last name)...including the last NOA which was the 120 day reminder to file Roc?
  18. So, I received a letter from USCIS it was an I-797 Notice of actions approval notice, what does this mean does it mean I'm a permanent resident? I thought there was an interview I would have had to go through? I feel so happy, I won't lie, I had a cry of joy. But I still feel so confused. It says; the above application has been approved. prior to receiving your permanent resident card you may be required to report for biometric processing ( i already did that back in may) Please do not take any action at this time if you are required to report for this processing you will receive another notice advising you of the date, time and location to appear If you have not received your permanent resident card or the above notice to appear for biometric processing within 90 days, please call this office at the number listed below.
  19. So i tried to apply for a new driver license today with my NOA and got denied lol. I'm an out of status F-1 with a social and a state ID already, but i currently have an aos petition pending. The DPS website actually says i should be able to get one with my i-797, but the computer wouldn't let the lady process and verify lawful presence because the 797c doesn't have an expiration date and most likely bc i was out of status on my F-1 too. The lady was actually really nice, and even though she had obviously never had to deal with someone in my case before, she still tried her best to help me figure it out lol. Heck, she made me repeat the eye test like a million times (which means i should probably get glasses or contacts now) haha. Anyway, i have resigned to just try again when i get my EAD. If anyone has any information, or if i was supposed to do things differently, please share. Thanks.
  20. Dear VJ Users -- I'm scheduled for my AOS interview on 11 December 2017. I know I have more than 4 weeks but I always think better to prepare ahead of time. Can anyone share what does the AOS (K1 to Green Card) notice letter from USCIS said to prepare? I remember the email from US Embassy had a very specific list of documents to prepare for my K1 Interview, does the Notice for my Green Card interview will have a similar list of documents? Please advise. Best, J/G.