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Found 7 results

  1. Hey. I saw there was a similar thread for 2016 and 2017 but I couldn't find one for 2018. Would you be interested in following the progress of other New York filers? I thought we could discuss our timelines, interview experiences with the local offices, and keep track of when EADs will start coming in. Anyone interested? @NYLondon @Michelle M @Penny&Lee @blenheim @Filip and Alix @AndreaPerkins Please tag any other NY filers you may know.
  2. Hello, USCIS received my AOS package on October 8th and they sent me the receipt notices and my P.D is also October 8th, however until now I have not received the biometrics appointment notice and it is almost two month? I did a service request since November 11th and haven't heard anything since then. Anyone with similar case or know what is going on? I am filling from Brooklyn New York and currently my case is in NBC since they received it. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. Hello! A response about my case has been continually delayed since July 2019. USCIS is always telling me that they (even the Tier 2 officer's supervisor) cannot do anything for me because the Brooklyn Field Office makes decisions about our case. And annoyingly, New York City does not have InfoPass. However, USCIS has never given me an email or phone number for the Brooklyn Field Office (a Tier 2 officer hung up on me as I was asking about this). I know it is a physical building (26 Federal Plaza) but I have no idea if I can just show up and ask to speak to someone. Has anyone ever tried? Did you manage to speak to someone who could help you? Any advice is much appreciated, thank you.
  4. Helo, I wrote on my I-131 from Expedite request and i attached a letter with evidence to that expedite request, I sent my package on October 8th, haven't done biometrics yet. Should i request another expedite request? Has anyone done that? if so, how to do it? Thanks a lot
  5. Hi guys! Does any of you got married in a state under the jurisdiction of (PCG) Philippine Consulate General of New York? Our trip here today to report our marriage and renew my passport at PCG-NY is a total disappointment. They didn’t accept the marriage certificate I have from Vermont. 😞 The one issued to me by the City Clerk. They said the one I have is a standard Vermont Marriage Certificate. And they needed the one with the “Confidential Information”. It’s the one that states how many marriages my husband and I have had prior to ours. And that I need to make a “special request” for that from VT Department of Health. ———(The pcg employee told me at first to request it to the city where I got married. And when I called the city clerk she told me that she cannot do that. So I asked her if she could talk to the pcg which she did. And from there, we got the information about Dept of Health. So, new knowledge for the pcg employee too). I was able to confirm that when I called the VT Dept of Health. Luckily, the staff was very informative and helpful. He helped me order it and told me I must also request for an “Apostille”. Anyway, I found out that other Philippine consulate around USA like LA and Washington, DC didn’t even require that. Sigh. I have a friend from Florida and she said her marriage certificate didn’t have what NY is looking for. I’m so sad and so frustrated. (We btw flew to NYC from upstate NY!) What a waste of money and time. And to be honest, I was actually 5th in line and the first 4 wasn’t so successful with their ROM either. So, I thought maybe it’s not just me or them, it could be PCG-NY themselves. Sigh. Lastly!! I couldn’t even believe that pcg employee for suggesting to me to just renew my passport today and stick with my Maiden Full Name! I told her why would I do that when USCIS even let me use PH naming on my GC. I told her it’s gonna mismatch all my documents and she even said it should be okay like “#######?” I just ignored her cuz I was already getting worked up. My husband handled it calmly and took me to Jolibee and told me that there’s really nothing we can do. And that we should just enjoy our stay here and come back next time. 🥺 Anyone had the same experience? I attached below the sample marriage certificate PCG-NY wanted. (Unfortunately, mine didn’t have the info encircled in red). So for all of you who got married in the state under NY jurisdiction, if your Marriage Certificate didn’t have that information, go ahead and give your Dept of Health a call.
  6. Hello everyone, I applied for citizenship in Feb 2019. Biometrics done in March and the estimate waiting time that I was given in March was 10 months. I checked in April, it was 9 months and again in May it was 8 months. I checked again last week to find the waiting time suddenly increased from 8 to 13! An addition of 5 months all of a sudden! Has anyone faced a similar situation? Do we have an explanation on why the number would increase all of a sudden? Are these numbers accurate or can it decrease again? Thank you!
  7. Hello Guys, I filed my N-400 on December 13, 2018, in Long Island field office, NY. I received Bio appt on December 15 and walked in on December 18, 2018. Since that, there was no progress. Nothing, absolute nothing. Very quiet, deadly silent. When did you get your interview scheduled? Is this a normal phenomenon? I am pretty cool with USCIS now. You know, like the zen type. I am trying to do meditation based on their poor performance and bad service. They successfully increase my tolerance in this bureaucratic attitude. I called them one time. They put me on hold for 35 minutes. Then, a customer representative told me that they were in a severe backlog and I was in the normal time frame. I think she probably asked me to patiently wait and shut up. How're your stories. Do you have any positive feedback? I want to get back my confidence in USCIS. I think they are just a bunch of good guys trying to work hard to earn money for living. No intention to spread out my bad feeling on my experience. Just curious about their workload and performance. What is actually happening in our immigration system?
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