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Found 7 results

  1. Going by the monthly threads it seems like there is a slowdown in progress. Not to say no movement for recent month for Mt laurel and Newark New Jersey It was running at about 3-7 months to now but no movement so far. Im a September filer and was hopeful that I'd be done by year end or the early start of 2018 but I'm starting to doubt that. Anyone else from Newark/ Mt laurel New Jersey feeling frustrated or have any positive stories other that what I'm seeing here? I If you guys don’t mind adding your time line Here is mine Moxa1989.........|12/05/12|09/20|09/28|10/02/17|10/16/17|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Newark, NJ..........|NBC
  2. Hi. May I know the average processing time of AOS in New Jersey. Also, if I receive my 2yr green card, can i file re-entry permit to finish my nursing school in the Philippines? I have 3 semesters left and due to the change of curriculum I might stay for another semester. I need some advice. I’d rather go back to the Ph than getting in debt with student loans here in the US.
  3. I am writing this to help anybody else out that entered to get a license that entered the USA on a K-1 Visa. It matters very much which office you go to. I am leaving out all the details however I had SEVEN visits to the MVC/DMV and about EIGHT phone calls to the main MVC office. First is more of a rant but see the bottom of this post for relevant info if you want to get your DL. 1) DO NOT GO TO RAHWAY NJ office We went in here, they do not know how to handle K-1 immigrants. · Incorrectly told her she can drive immediately using her foreign license. Dangerous! · Would not issue permit for taking test. WRONG · After obtaining permit from other MVC office and passing test they said she is not eligible for license until green card arrives. I explained the absurdity of this and escalated it all the way to the top of the chain (management and coordinator) to no avail. 2) GO TO Bakers Basin (Lawrenceville NJ) · Provide permit to allow for knowledge test with I-94 and SS# as parts of support · Provided license after the passed test · Screwed up translator appointment but was helpful otherwise 3) Do not trust phone center in Trenton NJ · 50% of the time they were helpful · I was called and yelled at that my wife did not study because they had mixed up her record with someone else who was using a translator repeatedly (5 times) at the cost of the MVC. After I went ballistic they figured out they mixed up her record and apologized profusely. · I told them Rahway office does not understand the immigration and I was told it is up Rahway, no set way to handle immigrants across different locations · I told them I am confident I can go to another location and receive the license, instead of rectifying the issue it was recommended I try the other MVC. (I did and we did get license) How it worked for us in New Jersey at Bakers Basin MVC (May vary by STATE!): A) You need to first get your SS#. B) With your SS# & I-94 you can get a permit to take the knowledge test and after passing get a license issued for the period ended the date of I-94. (We did not do this, skipped to D below) Bring everything with you (passport, visa, DL from home country, marriage certificate, I-94) Get bank statement jointly right away Add fiance to any lease right away Get fiance a credit card right away (no SS# needed) Get fiance on driving insurance (no SS# needed with progressive) C) You can get a translator for the test if you fail it once without a translator. Challenge for some is studying the material which is in English. She had a bad translator who was not able to translate all of the words (did a combo English/khmer) so was not helpful She passed with no translator by practice of questions and looking up words herself, and I helped as well. For reference, she has a fair level of English not an expert level D) After you get married and submit your AOS paperwork you can use the NOA 1 (form 797) that you receive for the AOS to get a 6 month license (this is what she received) E) Once you receive permission to work (EAD) or the green card you will be able to get a longer license. We will expect EAD is received by this time and use it for next driving license extension.
  4. My husband is scheduled to take his oath at the Camden District Court at 401 Market Street, Camden NJ. We tried to Google it and figure out where to park, etc., and the location shows up as a bankruptcy court with no hits at all on Google about oath ceremonies there. There are hits on Google about oath ceremonies at the nearby Hall Of Justice, and the Battleship New Jersey. Has anyone’s taken their oath at the Camden District Court? Anything you can tell us about the location? Like where to park, if they allow cell phones, and when they open. We’re nervous about getting there the day of and being in the wrong place.
  5. Hello, I got a dui in 2007 in new jersey. my drivers license got suspended for 7 months. i am planning to file for my US citizenship soon. has anyone of you faced similar situation and applied for us citizenship in new jersey? can you please share your experience? thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm newbie here so I wanna apologize if my given information isn't clear. So my PD for I-130 is 05/22/17 (still pending) however I've heard good news that there a quite a few people are getting approved for May 2017, CSC and from my country. I filed for AOS with I-765, I-131 06/25/18. I expedited my I-765 and got it early September but until now I have heard nothing about my I-131 even tho I've tried to call them 4+ times to expedite/investigate. Still nothing. Anyways, I got RFE for I-485 last October and I already sent out the package to respond November but it seemed that they lost my package and they claimed they never received. We tried to call 5 times and they told us to wait till they respond but no respond so far, investigation was opened but no reply, tier 1 said tier 2 would call, NO CALL. NOTHING. Until we freaked out and re-sent the package once again in 02/01 (friday). 02/04 I got the status changed " respond ... received". Okay, great this time they got it. Fast forward I got the status changed "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 02/12/19, which was yesterday. My field office is Mt. Laurel NJ. I've read a lot of people had to wait for 7 months + for the status to change from "ready to schedule" to ..."interview was scheduled". However, since I already sent out the i-485 last year, would it count the pending time as waiting time? Or I would have to expect the date to reset from the time they received my RFE respond? Any odd chance that I will have my interview before my I-130 is approved? I know I won't get a GC if my i-130 approved, but I just wanna make sure I understand everything clearly. Looking forward to any helpful inputs/experience. Thank you so much!
  7. Hey all, I arrived in NJ from the UK back in September 2018 on a K1 visa and have since got married and sent off the relivent paperwork to the USCIS. I have got a NOA for the green card and for the work permit advising that all has been received and is currently being worked on. Back in November 2018 I went to Philadelphia to get my biometrics done. I am trying to obtain a driver's licence. I have been driving for 12 years on a full UK licence. The NJ policy is that when applying for a licence the individual has to provide 6 points of ID. I believed that I had them. Infact the documents that I presented equated to 9 points. But when I was going through the process the individual checking my ID said that my I-94 has expired. Which it had back in December 2018. I explained that it shows my last entry into the US and that I am currently applying to be a green card holder. I showed my NOA's for my work permit and Adjustment of Status and Biometrics. But apparently that wasn't adequate. She said that I need to get another document from the USCIS. I couldn't understand what document she was after. Can someone please advise? Thank you in advance for your help.
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