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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone. I have a question about creating a marriage certificate here in Nepal. I applied for my husband to come on a k1 visa before but he was denied because we had a traditional marriage. ( I did not know it was an issue for k1- was given bad advice...) We still didn't have a marriage certificate but now are registering it so I can petition a cr1 for him. My question is about what kind of marriage certificate we need to make and whether we should put the retrospective date we had our small wedding almost 3 years ago. There are two levels of government offices known as the vdc and cdo here. I need to go to the cdo of my husband's district now. The certificate is written such that the date of marriage is written separate from the registry date. My instinct is to put the date of our wedding 3 years ago while the registry date would be sometime this month. I am guessing that is the correct method but thought I would check here. I don't know if it is even possible to make a retrospective marriage certificate like that in other countries, but I assume it is understood by the US since many can and do immigrate from Nepal. And if so, does that make ours a cr1 or ir1 application? Does the marriage "count from our wedding date or the registered date? It seems quite important for the application since the K1 denial earlier this year was due to having had our small wedding, which I fully disclosed even in the USCIS stage. And of course the interview will be conducted at the same embassy in Kathmandu, where they are obviously aware of our K1 situation.
  2. Background: We both are originally from Nepal and I am currently permanent resident in USA. My wife is still in Nepal. I have applied i130 for her and is in process since march 2017 at California center. We have been in relationship since 2012 and officially married in 2017. We married under Hindu Marriage Act in India instead of Nepal and got our marriage certificate issued by Indian government. We submitted the same on our i130 application. Will the consular raise any issue about that as to why did I not go Nepal and married there instead of India? Will that be a red flag? The marriage was carried under Hindu act with witnessed signing the marriage certificate. We also had our parents and relatives. Pictures of wedding submitted. I would appreciate if anyone with similar situation could share their experience. Thank you...
  3. i am a us citizen. today my wife had my interview and she got passed on it. she received a card which says to make profile and choose pickup location. as long as i know we can pick up location on non-immigrant visa. i tried to make profile but goes to apply for non immigrant visa form. the card is here
  4. My fiance had his interview on February 15th, which was the morning in Nepal but the night of Valentine's Day here in the U.S. I was getting all romantic and optimistic, but there is no love in legislation, and the consular officer refused my fiance's visa. The reason? We included a photo of a Hindu ceremony which he believed meant we were married, and ineligible for the K1 visa. Now it's been about a month, and I have been all kinds of confused, thinking he was outright denied, to thinking it was AP, and there was a sliver of hope. The CEAC status has been administrative processing since the interview. At times I have felt a whole lot of hope for the K1, and other times feel resigned to make other plans and slowly but surely apply for the CR1. A little background: I am a US citizen but I have been in Nepal for several years. I met my fiance in 2015 and now we have a child together. We are young and only want to be in America for a few years to earn some money. I have never posted on VJ, but have manically studied the site since we began our petition. Of all the things I did read, somehow I never managed to find anything about a religious ceremony being grounds for denial with the K1. On the contrary, I had read some things that said it was okay, and was not a legal marriage. Well, now I know! The thing is, I purposefully never filed for marriage because I wanted my partner to apply for this visa. In retrospect, it would have been so much easier to just get married. I have been with my fiance for the vast majority of our relationship in Nepal, and have struggled with immigration there because I was trying to stay on a different visa than the much easier marriage visa. The 'ceremony' we did have was also before I was even the legal age for marriage in Nepal (20 years old), and it wasn't legal. Very informal, just the two of us and a Hindu priest, and truly for religious reasons. Anyways, now my fiance has been refused under 221g, and I am having trouble understanding what to do. I have worked with the embassy in the past, and since I knew someone at the consular personally, I was able to ask him to check on the application. All he was able to find was that it was refused because our unofficial ceremony was deemed to be a legal marriage. I have sent a few well thought-out, well-written letters, but I fear they are not even read. All I want to know is should I give up the K1 or not? Is this administrative processing going to bear any fruit, or is it really just over?? I was informed our case is being returned to USCIS - I don't really understand if this is normal for AP, or if it is a set up for the case to expire. I feel very distraught, because I am in the U.S. with our toddler alone now, and my fiance and I don't even want to live in the U.S. long term. But right now? We really want to be here, together, while I am working and finishing school. Another year for the CR1 and it would almost be pointless...
  5. Aloha My Fiance is a Vietnamese Citizen and I am a resident alien (green card holder) living in the USA. We met in Hanoi and we are wanting to get married within the next three to six months and we want to live in the USA together. I have heard stories of Vietnam citizens waiting for three to five years or more for a spousal visa , when married to a resident alien as it is treated as a low priority visa application and there is a huge waiting list for processing. A friend suggested that we become married in a country other than Vietnam (such as Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, or Cambodia) and that the whole process might be faster making the initial application for the US Spousal visa from one of those countries other than Vietnam. Getting married and then not seeing each other for three to five years time does not seem practical or doable and we are seeking a way to make things work as we want to live together. I think that I can't be out of the US for more than five months each year, in order to maintain my residence in the US, which means that being with her in another country until she receives her spousal visa is impossible, unless I only am with her for short periods of time with her spending 6.5 months living on her own each year for the next three to five years. Getting her a tourist visa for the US seems impossible as she has insufficient assets in Vietnam to prove that she would return to Vietnam after a tourist visit. Her getting a student visa would be good (as she currently is a college student) however that also might be impossible as she does not have sufficient assets or sufficient ties in Vietnam-- has her mom , her dad and her little brother and sister but little funds and the two homes of her mother are not documented by her mom. We are thinking of going to Singapore to get married and also making the spousal visa application from there. Though she doesn't live in Singapore so we are unsure if making the visa application from there would be okay. If any of you have had experiences that we can learn from of marrying a Vietnam citizen and getting her a spousal visa for the US, how long it actually takes and what are the best ways to get the visa sooner, and where it is best to make the application from, that would be really appreciated and would help us in this process!
  6. I've been on the Find Documents section of the NVC website attempting to understand what they've been telling me regarding our marriage certificate "not being what they wanted" and I'm absolutely lost. Our certificate was issued in Nepali by the CDO of my husband's local and permanent district where we were married. It was then translated into English and stamped by an official certified translator. What could we possibly be missing? The procedure to obtain the marriage certificate was already done (the affidavit of eligibility, etc.), they can't possibly want those documents? There is nothing that says they need them on the website! Only the marriage certificate and a translation if it was issued in Nepali. Has anyone else with a timeline in Nepal struggled with this same issue?
  7. For fellow KDU applicants/petitioners, my husband and I were wondering if anyone knows if it's possible for me to join him for his interview at the Kathmandu consulate or if it is something he must go alone? Thank you so much!
  8. After a long 3+ months of trying to get the NVC to explain why our marriage certificate was deemed unsatisfactory, our case was finally documented as complete and we were given our interview date scheduled for Oct 27! WHOO! Too many celebrations to be had, haha! Now one of our biggest questions in trying to plan things as accordingly and affordably as possible is how soon can someone come to the U.S. after a successful interview date? Is the time frame particularly different according to the consulate? Do any of my fellow Nepali visajourneymen know the set time or how long it took you to have all of the official things you required to leave?
  9. Hi All, I have a Nepalese passport. I came to Hyderabad, India in 2012, completed my postgraduate and have been working in a medical device company since last 3 years. My company is processing for B1 VISA for my training through US consulate in Hyderabad. Is it possible for me to get B1 visa through Hyderabad or should I go to Nepal? I feel going to Nepal more complicated as I have been resident of India for last 5 years, and my company is in Hyderabad. Also, I might have to process it myself in Nepal instead of company's travel agency. What should I do in this typical case. Kindly share your views Thanks in advance, Apurba
  10. My Baby

    I need some advice

    m new on this forum. m green card holder staying with my wife and baby. i am the only person who is earning now coz my baby is 14 month old.. i am thinking of bringing my mother and father from Nepal on a tourist visa. i have moderate earning 10.5/hr but not good bank balance. i am sending my bank statement, paycheck, my company letter, tax history. m applying from their side. they have some property on their name worth $ 20-25,000. and some bank balance worth $4-5000. is that enough? what else should i send them? what are the forms which i have to fill to show the property? Thanks in advance