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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to start a new thread for those of us who just sent in our i60a Wavier packet in 2018. I just received our receipt notice today 3/1 and our case is in the Nebraska Service Center. I have read on other threads that this is something new for 2018? I wish everyone luck and hopefully we can move on to the next part quickly!!!😉😀 Wavier received 2/12/18 Receipt received 3/6/18
  2. My !-751 (remove condition) was sent to California Service Center on Feb. 2017. It suppose to be completed around Aug.2019. Just now I received a transferred notice that my application was "as part of standard processing" transferred to Nebraska service center. Any one knew why it will be like that bad.. Because I checked the processing time for Nebraska service center, my application will be completed on end of 2019. It will delay about 3 to 4 month.
  3. Hi everyone.. we sent our package in late July so I am expecting our NOA1 sometime in Aug...
  4. We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time Has anyone gotten an email like this after they sent in an RFE? "WE ARE STILL REVIEWING YOUR CASE" ? I think it was lucky we got an update that they received our documents, and its been close to 20 something days since we sent it back with no response, but now we get this email? I'm grateful they took the time to send one at all but now i'm worried this means the approval will take long. If anyone else got an email like this while waiting for an IR1/CR1 approval please tell me how long after was your case reviewed/approved. Thank.you!
  5. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience to share regarding an expedite request for I-601 I recently found out I’m pregnany, and I have a doctors letter stating that it’s a high risk pregnancy. I’m also being laid off of my job in September. And I have a letter from HR confirming that. I submitted an expedite request on Friday July 27. On Monday July 30, I got an email stating: we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. Does anyone have anything to share regarding this email? Does it mean it’s actually being reviewed or is likely a denial? how long do they usually take to respond? also, has anyone had any luck getting a case expedited due to a high risk pregnancy? thank you
  6. Hi Everyone, Having seen that Nebraska is the slowest center out there and QUITE A FEW of you are getting your applications sent there (including myself), I was wondering who from the past have experienced their timeframe/process and if it was as it says... (soooo long). People who have just found out that their applications have been sent to Nebraska... Welcome Lets keep each other updated!
  7. anyone got approved for i-130 for spouse from nebraska office center ?
  8. Good Morning! Question on my situation, I sent out my I-130 about 2 weeks before my sister August 31, 2017 and she as already received her NOA 2 stating they have accepted her case about 2 weeks ago. Both of our husbands are from Dominican Republic. The only difference is she has a step son involved and that case was accepted as well. I am still waiting, should I be concerned? We are both at the Nebraska location. Thanks, Ashley
  9. All those members whose case number does not work, whether they are from the processing center, please, introduce yourself here. My own, P.D August 24, enrouted and placed in NSC, number doesn´t work not even case received, It shows Case Number not found! I´ve tried with apps, my wife tried directly in the USCIS page and nothing, this is what shows. Case # : LIN 179XXXXX66. Any other VJ members that are having this same issue, please, let´s report it here and see when are starting to work. Best Regards, Jhonny.
  10. I am an American - Pakistan and I got married about eight months back to a Pakistani. I have filed for his immigration from here and mailed out all the required documents, i-130, i-130A etc. I got an email as well as a postal mail that my case has been approved. My case has been accepted and routed to the USCIS Nebraska Service Center for processing. Does any one generally know how long it takes? Is the Nebraska Service Center faster? I heard that New York & California are relatively slow. What should I be expecting next?
  11. Hello Everyone! August 2017 fillers of I-130 to NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER. Kindly start your updating status here as we are near to starting approval. Stay updated. Thank you.
  12. What are all the fees needed to be paid after I-130 approval for child of U.S citizen mother under 21 (one boy is 14 and another is 17). I haven't been approved yet, but I want to prepare financially. I've only just started, application was sent to Potamac service center, although I'm not sure if that center is slow or not for IR-2 ; they received it on Feb 6th (don't have physical NOA1, but I did call and they gave me the receipt numbers that says received on feb 6th so that's probably my PD)
  13. What is the fastest service center for I-130 for U.S citizens. I know there are many factors that go into it, everyone's process is different but I'm wondering which service center is most efficient and fastest out of curiosity?
  14. New to this website! i find it quite confusing not going to lie ANYWAYS! Here's my "story" So i met my husband overseas, i tried to get a tourist visa but got it denied We're married now and im an italian/colombian citizen and came to Colombia to be closer to him since he got transferred to San Diego ..my husband is in the US navy and currently deployed since October '17..he filed a I-130 a couple of days before leaving and we have a lawyer helping us with the process and asked to expedite our case, with many months apart the least we would like is me being in port waiting for my husband. Now i obviously got the receipt 2 weeks after the forms were sent and my husband being so impatient constantly messages our lawyer if theres anything we can do to speed up the process. I'm a big traveller and know visas take a long time and work .. On the USICS processing time page i find it so confusing to understand whats going on..Our lawyer sent our application to Texas Service Center but the receipt is from Nebraska Service Center OCTOBER FILERS...do you have any idea when we could be hearing from immigration? also is there really any different treatment for military? This process is a roller coaster i just can't wait to get off
  15. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for Nebraska Service Center Filers
  16. Hello...i m bit confused..i m from india..my husband is us citizen..married since 2 years...he appiled form i 130 from me.. in october i received my noa1...we have to wait 10 more months to complete my case...in between i want to visit my husband once...i have decide to do b2(vistor) visa..i know chances are very less....if there is 1% chance i cant loose it...anyone know about these type of case..is there s a chance to approve....i asked so many ppl abt dis some said u can apply there is a chance..nd some one said no u cant apply it will be effect on your case nd u have to face problems in newyork aiport mean entry time...please help me out dis
  17. Hi there, Have any Jan filers got i130 approvals yet? We got a notice saying they receivrd our petition back in Jan 12 2017 and still haven't heard anything back. We know Nebraska's been behind but this is really behind. Anyone know any other news ?
  18. Anyone in the same situation? I sent my I-130 to Nebraska more than 8 months ago and I FINALLY received an answer. I got an RFE (which I'm pretty sure is because stupid me sent my marriage certificate in spanish with no translation) which is ok, I can fix that... BUT!!! I live in Ecuador and our mailing system is complete bogus!! I have ALWAYS had trouble with it! I have never received mail period. And once a friend sent me a package with a tracking number I was never informed, if it wasn't because my friend told me and I personally went with the tracking number and insisted they searched for the package I would have never received it. My mother recently received a package that wss sent in February (6.5 months later). You can imagine how I am freaking out because I know I have a time limit to send my evidence to USCIS and I KNOW I will NOt receive the letter. I have called twice and they still tell me I have to wait (in vain) 2 weeks to file an e- inquiry and then 2 weeks to get an answer. Who can I talk to to fix this. I want a new letter sent to a US address or if possible to have it sent via e-mail or fax. PLEASE HELP! I'm drowing in stress! After a more than 8 month wait just for NOA2, believe me I DO NOT want to wait another month or more unnecessarily