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Found 9 results

  1. Hi i just got my nvc case number last week via phone. I also checked the status at ceac.com and its “at nvc”. What is the time frame to recieve the email from the nvc?and im just worried if by any chance do the nvc can still send my papers back to the uscis even we already got the case number?thanks alot.Godbless
  2. Hello every one, I am currently submitting civil documents on NVC. one of the document is police certificate.My fellow Bengali people who already finished this step, this question is for you. Can I submit police certificate application on NVC and bring real copy on interview or any best advice for me.
  3. My case status online before today was: Your case was approved on April 13, 2016. Now my online status has changed to the following: On April 21, 2016, we sent your case to the Department of State for visa processing. Please visit our website for general information on Consular Processing. What does this mean and what are the next steps for me?
  4. yesuba1


    IR2 Child under 18 and will become a citizenship once in the US since mother is naturalized. The question is, on the the first page of i864W, question #10 states "U.S. Social Security Number (Required)" Child does not have a US SSN and I cannot put N/A since it says required, what do I do? This is the most up to date form on the USCIS website. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864w
  5. Hi guys, I just want to ask which comes first? medical or scheduling of an interview? I’ve read a lot of threads saying once I receive my case number I can already schedule for an interview. But I am quite lost now.. Here’s the thing, under ceac my case is “IN TRANSIT”. Do I need to wait for it to be “READY” before going to the next step or not? How will the flow be? #1. medical exam - MRV payment - schedule of interview - actual interview or is it #2. MRV payment - schedule interview - medical exam - actual interview thank you in advance.
  6. Hi! NVC confirmed that received my case 28 days ago. My case wasn’t put into the system yet. Is that taking that long nowadays? 4 weeks and counting... How long does it usually take to get the case number? After that, how long should I expect to have my interview scheduled considering that I don’t get a checklist?
  7. Hello! So a little backstory to show where we are at.. My Fiance, Katie (beneficiary) and myself (petitioner) submitted the I-129F in early December 2017 and received the electronic notice a few short days later along with NOA1. In the meantime we collected required documentation for her Visa Interview (Affidavit of support and supporting documents, photos, copies of her birth certificate, passport etc) On June 8th 2018 our application was officially approved! She then completed her DS-160 online and finished gathering required documents for her interview via http://www.ustraveldocs.com/au/au-niv-appointmentschedule.asp and https://au.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/81/K-Required-Documents.pdf She also managed to schedule her medical exam with an embassy approved physician scheduled for July 6th. They said they will hold her results until a case number was submitted (which now that we have a case number we can forward that to them) After two weeks I contacted the NVC to check if they had received my application to no avail. One week later (today) I called and they supplied me with my case and invoice number! Now another hurdle.. Now that we have the case number and invoice number we want to get ahead. Now I KNOW they send the application to the embassy in Sydney and send out a packet to my fiance and myself with specific instructions on what to do next but it seems like we are at a small road block. I've skimmed through all the forums, FAQs and it seems like I'm the only one at this point with this situation and no one has definitive answers. So in summary this is what is going on and what we want to do. WHAT IS GOING ON: fiance has filled, submitted and printed confirmation page of DS-160 fiance has scheduled medical exam with approved physician fiance has gathered all documentation required for Visa Interview NVC has supplied us with case number and invoice number but is showing as "at NVC" when searching for case status WHAT WE WANT TO DO/QUESTIONS WANT: Instead of waiting for Packets in the mail via NVC we would like to get a jump start Q: Do we need to submit a (Select address and agent) DS-261/DS-260? If so why cant I access that when log in to ceac.state.gov ? Only tells me that a DS-160 must be completed, but she already submitted that? WANT: Submit payment for MRV Fee WANT: Submit documents to NVC To say the least we are a bit lost on what to expect from this portion since this forum is not very specific on where we need to go (links, websites), what steps to take (DS-160>DS-261>MRV Payment>submit NVC docs>make appointment etc) during this part of the process and what we need to complete this without having to wait for a packet for WEEKS. Really hoping ANYONE can lead us in the right direction. Seems like when I read about visa applications once it gets to DS-160 part it seems to magically fast forward to interview date with no details in between. I NEED THOSE DETAILS! Thank you!!
  8. Hello, Can anyone help us on how to request for expediting your case at NVC stage? Also do we need to wait until we have our case number, and invoice ID number in order to be able to request expediting our case? We are currently waiting for our case, and invoice ID number. NVC received our case March the 12th. Because of an USCIS error ( they had lost our case when sending it to NVC Beginning of January ) We have lost over 13+ weeks because of that error, as well as we have a reception planned in October this year for the American side of the family, because a lot of people couldn't be here in Belgium for our wedding. And as a lot of people know a lot of family members live across the United States, so they need to know at least 5 months ahead of time to book their flights... Unfortunately because we lost all this time because of USCIS we are not sure anymore that I'll ( Beneficiary) be making it in time to be there for our reception . As well as my spouse (petitioner) is a full time student in university, working full-time as well, just lost their job, and it would be really helpful for our family, to have our family together as soon as possible so that I ( beneficiary ) can work and my spouse could finally focus on the last year of university and for financial stability. We are CR1. NOA1 - July the 7th 2017. NOA2 - December the 28th 2017. Case was lost because of USCIC. NVC received our case on March the 12th. Currently waiting for case, and invoice ID number. Priority date is July the 3rd. Potomac center. Thank you
  9. I married my husband 10/12/13 in sudan, received approval of I-130 10/2014, my husband interview was july 2015, but his visa was denied Nov 2016 because they said his birth certificate was fake. My husband was born in a refugge camp in sudan but returned to our country Eritrea after the war ended. His nationality is Eritrean. When he went to get birth certificate from Sudan government, they denied him because he is not a sudan citizen. They someone in the office told him they would help him if he paid them. So with no other choice he did. The Us embassy said the birth certificate is not real and asked him to get another one. My husband got his birth certificate from eritrea which stated he was born in Sudan, and got the cetificate authenticate, but Nov 2016 the US embassy denied my husbands visa because they said he committed fraud and needs to get birth certificate from Sudan because he was born in Sudan. My case was sent to USCIS 4/31/17 for review. I file a 1-601 waiver accepted 9/17. And yesterday I received a update i will receive a letter of intent to revoke my I-130. My husband and I are so sad and tired over all of this. My lawyer said they will fight it but does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas of what me and my husband can do. I just want him here with me so we can start our family, as soon as possible. I am at an age were my window for child bearing is get late. And i want to have a baby asap with my husband. But I want us to be together when it happens.