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  1. Hi! My interview is scheduled for February 2019 but I have this issue regarding the return of my passport, which I can't seem to resolve. I even called the embassy and they were no help! I have received an e-mail which requires me to register the interview appointment and to choose a courier service for the return of my passport, and I chose Naples. However, my concern is that I do not live in Italy (I currently reside in Malta) and I am afraid that I will have to travel back to Malta on the next day after the interview. Is there any other way that I can pick up my passport other than being delivered at the courier service in case it takes longer than one day to arrive at the DHL Express Naples location? I also asked them if I could pay an extra fee so they can send it to me to my residence in Malta, however, they said that they are unable to do so since they offer that service only to location in Italy. Did anyone get their passports back on the same day of the interview? Thanks!
  2. Hello there, fellow Italian applicants! I am the beneficiary of a K1 Visa submitted by my future husband, who is American. I am Italian-Canadian, born and raised in Italy. On March 14th, 2018 my Visa was finally approved. I now understand the full meaning the name of this website carries, it is indeed a journey. Throughout the process I decided to document my entire experience with the intention of posting it once it would be over, hoping that it might be useful to all those people who will be interviewed at Consulate in Napoli (or Naples). Perhaps most of the information will sound redundant or obvious, just keep in mind that I wrote every step in detail as it was happening, wishing to have a similar report to quiet my most trivial doubts (SPOILER: there will be MANY trivial doubts, just never feel stupid to ask). This website has been our most used guide. However, I suggest you always follow the instructions you are given as a primary source. There is nothing hidden, everything is pretty straightforward. I hope that sharing my experience could help you and serve you as a general reference, nothing more than that. Every case is different. Anyway, here’s what happened: We decided to get married in May 2017. After doing our research, we decided to go through the K1 Visa process without the assistance of a lawyer. I-129 F PACKAGE We filed our I-129F form and sent the package at the end of June 2017. Our I-129F package contained: - e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, which you can use to keep track of the status of your application. I highly recommend anyone to file it, they will send you a Receipt Number and your Case Status will be easily kept under control. - Completed Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) - Declaration of How We Met, written and signed by my future husband, the petitioner, in which he stated the day we met and provided some additional details about our relationship, such as the days we met each other’s parents and relatives, the trips we took together, how we keep in touch when we are apart, etc. It is a very personal statement, so feel free to compose it according to you own experience. The declaration is an extended point from the I-129F form, part 2, item number 54, that we decided to expand in a separate paper to provide further details. On the form, my fiancé wrote “Please read attached declaration”. - Both Letters of intent to Marry within 90 days of entry; we wrote and signed one letter each. - Passport copies - The petitioner’s birth certificate - The beneficiary’s most recent I-94, to show all my past entrances in the United States. You can get it for free on the USCIS website, after submitting your passport number. I also included copies of expired passport pages with stamps. - EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP, for which I provided 8 photos of us in various situations (photos of just the two of us, photos with our families, etc); receipts of airplane tickets we took together; receipts of hotel stays and various tickets. I would suggest you to gather as much evidence as possible, and it’s totally up to you to evaluate how much material to send to USCIS. We felt we wanted to be safe, and we submitted anything official that had both our names. In the package I also decided to include a personal statement in which I informed USCIS about my dual citizenship. I am Italian and Canadian. I was born in Italy and I’ve always resided there, so I applied to the K1 Visa as an Italian citizen, but I’ve always used my Canadian passport to travel and I felt it was safer and nicer to explain it, in case anything would come up. I included copies of both my passports. I’m informing you about this just to suggest you to provide all the information you can about yourself from the very first step, to avoid delays in the process. As a matter of fact, it did come up during the interview, but did not constitute any setback. The package that we sent was a regular folder that we organized in sections. We also put a list on the first page to recap all the documents that we were submitting. MAKE A COPY OF THE WHOLE I-129F PACKAGE BEFORE SENDING IT AND KEEP IT FOR ANY FUTURE REFERENCE. Actually, what I did was updating the original folder as we moved on with the procedure, adding a new section each time there was progress. On the interview date I arrived at the Consulate with this massive (but very organized ) creation that contained every single page, notification, document submitted. It helped me to keep everything under control, as you will often need to check, double check, triple check. NOA1 - July 5th 2017 We received our NOA1 on June 5th 2017, about a week after sending our petition. We received one copy in the mail and we also got a notification by email. I made a copy of the NOA1 and placed it in a new section the folder. Visiting your SO during the wait: After receiving our NOA1, the longest wait of our life started. I visited my fiancé in the United States for a few months and we did most of the wait together, so I can’t really complain about the distance, but not a day went by without checking our status. If you wish to visit your SO during the wait and travel with your Italian passport, make sure you have a valid ESTA before you start the I-129F. It is indeed possible to visit, but remember that there is always the chance of being denied by a POE officer. As for my experience, I had the possibility to travel with my Canadian passport, which allows a 6 months B2 Visitor Visa. I spent 5 months in the United States, from the end of September 2017 to February 2018, because I was a non working student and I had the chance to go. I took the time I had to write my final thesis and be with my man. We were together when we received our NOA2 and my return ticket was shortly after that. During the interview I was legitimately asked questions about my frequent long stays, but because I have always been meticulous with my dates and in good faith about my travels, it didn’t raise any red flags. The website to track the status of your petition is: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do You will need to enter the Receipt Number written on your NOA1. NOA2 - 18 Jan 2018 Our I-129F petition was approved in 197 days, with no RFEs. On January 18th 2018, we finally received our NOA2 in the mail. It was a moment of great joy, and things definitely moved super fast for us after that. I made a copy of the NOA2 and put it in the folder. At this point, you could start gathering the documents of Packet3, if you plan to schedule your interview as soon as possible. Do not start gathering documents before you receive your NOA2, as most of them have an expiration date of 6 months. NVC NOTICE - Case sent to Naples, Italy - 06 Feb 2018 On February 6th, 2018, my fiancé received NOTICE FROM NVC, which includes your CASE NUMBER that you will need to use when filing the DS-160. The notice also informed us that our case had been sent to the Consulate in Naples. PACKET3 - 08 Feb 2018 On February 8th 2018, my fiancé received an email from IVNAPLES@STATE.GOV, notifying us that they had received our petition. In the same email they attached the Packet3, containing all the instructions for the interview and the medical examination. I immediately started to prepare and gather all the documentation required for the day of the interview. You won’t have to send anything to the Consulate, you just collect everything and present it on the day of the interview. The instructions also tell you how to book your interview once you have everything in hand, and pay the $265 fee. The medical fee is €220, and the visit will be automatically scheduled by the Consulate for the day before your interview date. REMEMBER TO GATHER EVERYTHING IN DOUBLE COPY. On the interview day, you will be asked to provide everything in duplicate evidence, and at the end they will give you back either the original or the copy of each document. This is what I had to do and what applied to my case, but there may be additional requirements if you need to present divorce certificates, if you were in the military, if you were adopted, if you lived in other countries than Italy for more than 6 months, etc. I happen to have never been married before, have never lived in other countries for more than 6 months, have no children, have never been in the military, was never arrested or have never had problems with the law, thus: - I completed the DS-160 ONLINE NONIMMIGRATION FORM, and printed the confirmation receipt. You will need the CASE NUMBER provided in the NVC notice, and after submitting the form you will be able to track the status of your case on the CEAC platform (https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx). NB: When you check your status, remember to select “IMMIGRATION VISA (IV)” from the list of the Visa Application Type. Although the K1 Visa is a “non-immigrant” type, the tracking will only work if you select IV. I guess this depends on the fact that your nonimmigrant status will be extremely temporary, just the 90 days window to get married. - I requested my CERTIFICATO DI NASCITA at my Comune di residenza, and made an authenticated copy of it. I was also requested to gather the birth certificate of my fiancé again. - I requested my CERTIFICATO DEI CARICHI PENDENTI and CERTIFICATO GENERALE DEL CASELLARIO GIUDIZIALE at the Tribunale of my city. They need a stamp (marca da bollo) of €19,84 each, and I made an authenticated copy for both. I made authenticated copies at my Comune di residenza, and paid €2,5 each. - I re-printed a new I-94, because I travelled to the United Stated during the process - I took 6 American passport photos for the interview - My fiancé completed the I-134 Affidavit of Support Form and provided evidence of support, such as a letter from his employer, two pay stubs, his W2, a statement from his bank. Remember to verify if you need a co-sponsor by checking the income guidelines. - I printed my fiancé’s passport copy again - EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP: I gathered 26 new photos and submitted other additional evidence, including new airplane ticket receipts and anything else we had. Then I had to verify that I had all the vaccinations required. I went to the Italian ASL and requested a new LIBRETTO DELLE VACCINAZIONI and CERTIFICATO DELLE VACCINAZIONI. I also had two shots that I had missing for free. I would recommend to do the same to any Italian applicant, because otherwise you will have to pay for them on the day of the medical exam and the fees are not exactly cheap. One of the vaccinations required is the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (the Italian TRIVALENTE). Since I had mine done privately during the ‘90s (it wasn’t mandatory in Italy back then), I had no proof of my immunization, so my medico di base suggested me to get IGG blood tests, which will tell you if you need to get the shot again. I was able to obtain all these documents in 10-12 days. On February 26th, 2018 I scheduled my interview for March 14th, 2018 and paid the $265 fee on the website indicated on Packet3, (https://ais.usvisa-info.com/). You will need to access the platform through “IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICANT”. You won’t be able to complete this step unless your case is marked as “Ready” on the CEAC platform, so if you have any problems just wait a couple of days. I was actually able to book the interview only two days after my case was marked as “Ready”. I guess there was some processing from the Consulate in the middle of the way. I paid an additional fee of €30 for a DHL courier service that will deliver my passport at my residence. There are several options for the delivery/pick-up of the passport once the Visa is issued. You could either pick it up at the Embassy, at a selected DHL facility, or have it sent to you. The website only accepts payment with debit cards, Visa and Mastercard. MEDICAL VISIT Istituto Diagnostico Varelli - March 13th 2018 The Varelli medical clinic is located quite far from the city center, although it doesn’t take long to reach by car. The instructions of the Consulate suggest you to get there by 8AM. I arrived there at 7AM and I already had 5 people in front of me, already waiting. I highly recommend to get there early as well, as you will have to re-do the same line each time for each part of the visit (blood test, urine test, X-rays, vaccine examination, general visit) I took a ticket number from the C (Consulate) button of the machine and waited in line. A woman at front desk called my number and took my passport. They will keep your passport until the end of the whole procedure. I signed a document and they sent me to a new waiting room, where shortly after I was called for blood and urine test. They need these tests to check you don’t have gonorrhea and syphilis. After that, I was sent to another floor, where I waited in line in a very narrow space, to talk about my immunization records and provide personal information. Two people were sitting behind desks taking care of this step. They were talking without any discretion. I could hear what the missing vaccines of other people were, where they were going to live in the United States, and all of the personal information asked. I didn’t like that. When my turn came, I provided my Italian address, my future American address, email, phone number and I had to give them my vaccination certificate and 4 photographs. I came prepared and I had every vaccine needed for immigration purposes. I gave them Italian style document photos and they accepted them, but warned me that the Consulate would only accept American style ones. I paid €220 and I was sent back upstairs, where I started a new line to get the X-rays done. After that, I was sent downstairs again, started a new line, and waited for the final medical visit, where they registered my weight and height, measured my blood pressure, checked my lungs and sight, made me complete a questionnaire of my medical history. After that, I was free to leave. They informed me that the Consulate would give me my results. Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the experience. The structure could improve its organization, but everyone was kind and informative. I personally feel that €220 is an overpriced fee for what you get. INTERVIEW - March 14th, 2018 - Approved! I arrived at the Consulate half an hour early, and passed the airport style security. I had to leave my phone and was given a number and a visitor pass. Once upstairs, two young ladies at a welcome desk made sure I had all the documents, took the originals and the copies, put them in their own order and gave them back to me. They were kind and informative. I sat and waited in a spacious room. There are booths where you will interact with consuls and functionaries though a glass window, standing. My interview took place in two steps. Step 1: my number was called from one of the booths. I walked there and I talked to an Italian woman, who took all my documents, examined them, and asked me a few questions about my fiancé and I. The documents were: passport, DS-160 receipt, interview and payment receipt, my birth certificate, my fiancé’s birth certificate, my fiancé’s passport copy, my police certificate, Affidavit of Support with the supporting evidence (letter from employer, pay stubs, tax documents, statement from bank), 2 American passport photos. The questions were about where my fiancé is from, what he does for a living, what I do for a living, if we had already made plans for the wedding, and confirmed our future home address. She organized all my documents in an open hardcopy file with our names, where they have the approved I-129F and all the previous documents submitted, took my fingerprints, gave me an envelope containing the results of my medical visit, and sent me back to the waiting area, informing me that I would shortly be called for the final phase of the interview. You will need to take the medical exam results with you when you will travel to the US with your new Visa. Step 2: my number was called again from a different booth, where the consul was waiting for the final interview. Upon arriving, I was asked if I preferred to speak in English or Italian, swore to tell the truth, and the interview began. The questions were different this time, more specific and detailed, asked in rapid fire. I guess each experience varies according to your own case and situation. What is important is to provide all the information truthfully and clearly, they are legitimately serious about your immigration petition and need to make sure you are too. Although it was a nerve-racking experience, I cannot write this review without expressing my appreciation for the way it is conducted. The CO who interviewed me was very formal. She listened carefully to my answers, insisting on various points when she needed more information. I was asked about 20-25 questions about my background, my family background, my fiancé’s family background, where, when and how we met, how old he is, where he was at the time of the interview, when was the last time we had heard from each other, how often we hear from each other, how we are going to arrange our wedding, what our respective families think of each other, requested quite detailed information about my fiancé’s family members, about how many times I had been to the United States, and since each time I went I did long stays, she wanted to know exactly my dates of entry and exits. I said that I had provided a I-94 to further document my travels and asked if she’d like to see it, and she replied that she preferred to hear it from me. After the interrogation, she concluded telling me that she was going to approve my K1 Visa and reminded me about the 90 days. I asked if I needed any proof of approval and she replied that I just have to wait for my passport to be delivered at home with the sealed Visa package which you must not open. My evidence of relationship wasn’t requested at all, let alone looked at. MY BEST ADVICE: Most of the interviews that take place at the Naples Consulate are generally reviewed to be shorter than mine has been, with less and more generic questions. I didn’t know what to expect and I was prepared to any possibility. I am happy about how it went. Do not take the questions I was asked as a reference. Actually, do not take any question of any review as a reference, or at least not to the point where you use them to prepare for the interview. They will have questions for you, and you will have answers for them. It could be about things you expect more, or things you expect less. To each their own. Just make the exchange worth all the sacrifices you’ve done to get to this final step, and everything will end smoothly. After all, you want to be there to prove you agree to play by the rules and to confirm the consistency of all the information you have submitted. Obvious tips that never get old enough: - Be confident. The interview can indeed get arduous, but as long as you are there in bona fide and with all the documents in the right place, there is no need to feel intimidated. They will understand you being nervous, so just worry about the accuracy of your answers and ignore that vocal tremor of yours. - Arrive early. - Smile! It’s the final step of your long awaited process. You will be married soon! AFTER THE INTERVIEW After the approval on March 14th, my CEAC case changed to “Administrative Processing”, and switched to “Issued” on March 16th. That’s when I knew my Visa was finally being printed and sent to me. Do not panic when you read that the Administrative Processing may take up to several weeks. If you were told your case was approved, it just means they are doing their final reviews and printing the super cool Visa on your passport. Here’s a recap of the fees: I-129F fee: $535 Embassy fee: $265 DHL fee: €30 (optional) Medical fee: €220 Marca da Bollo for “Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti” e “Certificato Generale del Casellario Giudiziale”: €39.68 That’s all, FOR NOW! Good luck to you all!
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences using co-sponsors in the Naples Consulate. From post I've read here, the CO denied visas because of income requirements even though they had co-sponsors that qualified. I'm particularly worried because I'm a senior in college who will graduate this June but will have to wait 6 months before starting school again for my master's, that's another year before I have a (guaranteed) job. My parents (whom we will be living with) will co-sponsor and they make way over the required income for a 5 person household. However, I am deathly scared after reading these threads from people in similar positions but since they are so old I wonder if the experience/tendency has changed. Thank you for any information!
  4. My fiance and I have just completed the K1 Visa Process in Italy. This entire process was long and stressful, and I want to thank everyone on Visa Journey for providing information and support! I have documented the K1 Process to help anyone applying for the K1. Some of this document is specific to Italy or our relationship. We had a lawyer in the beginning, and many do not hire one. However a lot of this information may be useful to K1 applicants, so I'm sharing our experience. We did not receive an RFE, and my fiance received his visa 2 days after his interview. See the pdf below. Best of luck! Kelsey NOA1: October 2, 2017 NOA2: March 29, 2018 Interview: June 5, 2018 Visa Received: June 7, 2018 K1 Visa Process Step by Step.pdf
  5. Hello all! I am just at the beginning of the k1 process but I need some guidance. This past year I was at graduate school and graduated in November. It has taken me a few months to get a job, but now I have one and will be making well over the poverty line requirements. By the time we would be interviewing I would already have a w2 issued showing that I made more money than was required. I also have an employer that is more than willing to write a letter to show stability in my employment. However, because I do not have last years tax returns showing any income I believe it is still important that I have a co sponsor. My mom has agreed and makes significantly more than the poverty line requirements. I am worried because I have read that the Naples consulate doesnt like co sponsors. Has anyone had recent experience or suggestions? Is my w2 and co sponsorship enough?
  6. I'm trying to reach out to anyone who has information on how to get vaccinations done in Milan, Italy. My fiance lives in this region and we've received his NOA2, we're waiting to receive a case number from the NVC. He's been trying so hard to get an appointment for his vaccinations, so that he doesn't have to pay for them at the medical exam in Naples. Friends from Italy and in the forums have told us to go to the local ASL (this does not exist anymore in Milan). We've also been told to go to the ULSS, but this is a regional office and also is not found in Milan. He has called the ATS and ASST and the soonest they can see him is June 8th, which is 2 months from now. They haven't been any help to us, and he's called 3 times. Has anyone from Italy or Milan specifically done this another way? Any information is helpful! If he has to get them done at the medical, will they give him multiple shots in one day? We realize they're not required until the Adjustment of Status, but it will be cheaper for him to do them in Italy. We'd like to avoid getting them at the medical, and have that go smoothly. Thank you! Kelsey
  7. Hi to everyone! I've scheduled the interview for the next month We will fly there the day before the medical visit and we will be there without te car. Now the queston is: did someone know a good place close to the Medical center where we can stay? We already have a good one really close to the Consulate. Or, is it easy to reach the Medical center with pubblic transport in the early morning? Thanks for all your experiences Vale&Andy
  8. Hello all, first of all, thank you for all the content provided on this platform. We would have needed a lawyer if it wasn't for this. We are in the middle of the K1 Visa process, and we are at a step where I'm quite confused about what documents to gather, and when. This morning my fiancé, the petitioner, received an email from NVC with an attachment addressed to me, the beneficiary, communicating that NVC received the approved I-129F petition and that it will now forward it to the US Embassy in Naples, Italy. The notification also provides the Case Number and the USCIS receipt number. Following the instructions on http://nvc.state.gov/K1, I will soon start gathering the following documentation: - FORM DS-160 - The police certificates related to my country (Italy), which are two, the Certificato carichi pendenti and Casellario giudiziale - Vaccination records - Evidence of relationship (photos, emails, travel tickets, various receipts, conversation screenshots and whatnot) - Passport and 2x2 photographs - My fiancé is completing the Affidavit of Support, Form I-134, and he's also gathering statements from his bank, his employer, and tax documents Now, my question is: how do I know if that's all I need or if there's more? Will the Naples Embassy get in touch with me and give me time to provide everything I need? Will I receive more detailed information or will I just be notified about the interview date? I checked on the Naples Embassy page through the "Review Additional U.S. Embassy/Consulate-Specific Instructions" link provided by the travel.state.gov page, but the page doesn't seem to provide any specifics. I apologize if my questions sound trivial, I just want to make sure we're doing everything right. Thank you very much.
  9. My husband and I began the entire process in February 7, 2017 and by the end of March 2017 we were approved for the CR 1 Visa. I wanted to share the process with the hope that I can be of use and help to those filing in Italy! We began by putting together our I-130. We included everything in our checklist. I called the U.S. Embassy in Milan about 5 times just to ask questions and to clarify anything I was not sure about on the checklist. In example, I had read that you needed to be a resident of Italy for at least 6 months before being apply to apply, but when I called, they told me that it didn't matter, just as long as I had my "permesso di soggiorno." Though, I did have a temporary permesso by June 2016 and received my permanent one until January 2017. I included copies of both in my packet. Things I included to prove bonafide marriage: 1. Italian healthcare booklet copies that showed my husband and I shared the same family doctor and address. 2. Copy of a notarized affidavit written by my mother stating her knowledge of the relationship between my husband and I 3. Copy of our joint bank account cards 4. Letter written by myself explaining our relationship and our story 5. Copies of the stamped pages of my passport to show when I came to visit husband, vacations, and roadtrip through East Europe we took to visit his birth place 6. Copies of first part of our instagram pages where you can see posts of us together 7. In timeline order: Printed pages of few texts before and after marriage Mail sent by family and friends to our address in Italy for me which also usually included a note for husband photos of us before and after marriage of us when were dating, vacationing, with family and friends, honeymoon, and the wedding. Wedding receipts Copies of gift receipts Copies of hotel receipts Our I-130 packet was approved in about 1.5 weeks after it was sent. We did not find out until 3 weeks later though because I called to ask the embassy since I had not heard anything. Our letter of approval arrived a few days later even though I had filled out the form for electronic notification. Our case was received on March 15, 2017 which was when we received our case number and information packet on everything we needed to have and do for the interview. It was received through email. We redid our evidence of bonafide marriage, gathered his police certificates (2), birth certificate (just for the beneficiary, not petitioner), I-864 packet for me and my joint sponsor since I had not worked in over a year, copy of his passport, marriage certificate, 6 passport style photos and the rest which I can't remember at the moment. When we had gathered everything we made an appointment online for the next week in Naples. We booked our room at Palazzo Mirelli which was a great place to stay. Our window faced the U.S. Embassy. We had the medical the day before our appointment. We arrived at about 7:40 or so. You get a ticket from the electronic machine in the front and sit and wait for your turn. They first did Chest X Rays,then they took some blood, then a talk with the doctor about where we would stay and what vaccinations husband had had so they took a look at his medical record/Vaccine history, then we found out he needed two vaccines so we went to do that and done. IMPORTANT: you should bring cash. we only had our debit card and had to pay up front, but there was no one there anymore (that dealt w/ the visa people) so we had to wait about 30 minutes so someone could come and let us pay and it was a hassle. The whole process took a little less than two hours. The day of our appointment we got in line at about 7:35ish and we were the second ones in line. We were let in and waited in the waiting room for a few minutes. We then got called in to a more private window and a very nice Italian officer took our documents. You should have copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and possibly police certificates (?) because they will ask for the copies of those. The only documents he didnt ask for were the proof of marriage. we were then told to sit down and wait for the interview. We waited about 20-30 minutes. The interview was very short. The American officer asked my husband when and where we met and when did the relationship become serious. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: As the beneficiary I did not expect to be asked questions, but I was. I had included in my I-864 my intent to reestablish domicile in the U.S., but the officer still asked me what were my plans when I got back and how could I prove that I was not planning on live 6 months here and there, etc. and whether I had a plane ticket. I could only tell her I had not made such concrete moves yet bc I was waiting to see if my husband was approved for the visa. I also did not have a lease or a job or really anything in Italy so i had nothing to close or quit. She told me i could write a letter stating my intent and plans in America. I still had an open bank account, my american phone number, we were moving in with my mother temporarily so I also wrote that, and I still had my car in America. I was also looking for work. She accepted it all and said we had been approved. My husband received his visa in the mail about 3 days later Long post but if anyone has questions, please ask :]
  10. I think it would be helpful to tell my experience to those people who still have lot of doubts or questions about the interview in Naples, Italy (K1 VISA). FIRST DAY: I arrived to the ISTITUTO DIAGNOSTICO VARELLI for the medical exam around 7:40 am and I had already 8 people in front of me waiting, so I suggest to arrive probably around 7:30 and not at 8:00 like the Consulate suggested. I had the blood tests, urine, the chest X-ray and all the vaccines required. At the end they asked me questions like: "do you smoke?" "did you ever had surgery?" "do you have kids?", basically they just wanna know something about you, it was really smooth. I spent 271 Euros for the visit (and not 220), because I forgot the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella). (They will ask you the pictures 5x5 so don't forget to bring them with you at the visit and of course, the passport). SECOND DAY: My appointment was at 9:30 am, I arrived at 9:00 but I had to wait in line for awhile ( I guess they don't let you in if you arrive too early). I was really nervous but I was trying to appeare normal so I went inside. Two girls asked me if I had all the documents required, such as the DS 160, birth certificate, criminal records, affidavit of support and the pictures (5x5), after checked all the documents they asked me to sit and wait my number. After a few minutes it was my turn and the woman (she was italian) asked me the copy of the payment of the request fee (225 Euros), the DS 160, birth certificate, criminal records, the pictures (5x5), my fiance's tax return and Affidavit of Support. Unfortunately my fiancèe didn't have enough income so she asked if I had a JOINT SPONSOR and lucky for me I was prepared for this. We asked to my fiancèe's dad to help us so I brought with me all his documents and she accepted them. She asked me to sit and wait for the interview with the console. The lady who interviewed me was really, really nice. She was speaking in italian but she had the american accent. I spoke in english the whole time but I guess you can choose. She asked me: - How did you met your fiancèe? - How many times you visit him? - You ever met his family? Does he ever met yours? - What's his job? What's yours? - Why you want to get married in the US? - How did he propose? - Have you ever been married before? - Can you show me some photos? I brought 45 pictures of us, so she was satisfied. Of course I had other proves like chat logs, screenshots, tickets, cards but she didn't care. The photos were enough. I think these are the usual questions for a K1 Visa. But at the end of the conversation she said "YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES". I was so happy that I wanted to cry! Well, THAT WAS REEEEALLY EASY. The only advice I can give you is: don't be nervous. I know its hard not to be but if you have all the documents everything's gonna be alright. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE COPIES OF ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS. Good luck guys!
  11. Hello all, I'm starting to list all the documents that I will need to prepare prior the interview, while my case is being transferred from the NVC to the Embassy of Naples, Italy. There appears to be some confusion surrounding DS-160 and DS-260 forms, I don't know if I will need both, or just the DS-160. Some pages of the Embassy websites mention it, some don't. Why is that? So far I've been completing each step thoroughly and I had never read anything about Form DS-260 until now. Could someone help me clarify this atrocious doubt? Getting in touch with the Embassy is quite difficult and they're not willing to give out information by phone. Thank you
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding point 62 of Form I-129F. My boyfriend, the petitioner, mailed the application today to request a K-1 Visa for me. I am Italian, so when he filed point 62 "U.S Embassy or U.S Consulate Requested", he wrote "Rome", which is the location of the US Embassy in Italy. Doing some research, I found out that the Interview process takes place at the Consulate in Naples. Should my boyfriend have stated "Naples" instead of "Rome" in point 62, or will USCIS redirect the application there? Will this affect the validity of our application or is it just a minor detail? Thank you very much
  13. So I logged on to the online application by using the case number given. When get to the application list screen, it only shows the IV application to complete. I can't find the ds-261 chops an agent application. Does this mean I don't have to do it and continue and send the main application? Also the fee part says "not applicable"; does that mean I don't have to pay it??
  14. Hello my visa got issued yesterday 🎉 My status on ceac says: issued. Your visa has been printed etc etc I got my interview in Naples, Italy. now my question is: do I have to receive a tracking number or something? DHL will deliver straight to my house. On usvisa-info my status is still on "send documents" from when I had to send my passport to the embassy last week. I'm kinda worried because I haven't seen any update on usvisa-info and haven't received any shipment info. thank you!
  15. Hi! My interview in Naples is approaching so I'd like to have your opinion. Do you see any red flag in our relationship? This is our relationship: My husband (USC) was previously married twice. Both times to USCs and he never petitioned for anyone before. His last divorce was finalized in October 2013. I never got married before and nobody petitioned for me before. He is in the army and got sent to Italy in 2014. We met at a Halloween party in 2014. Right after we met he deployed for a short period of time so we kept in touch via FB, Skype, emails. And I sent him care packages. He finally came back inMarch 2015. His mom and grandma flew here to visit him and meet me in April 2015. We got married in August 2015 and lived together ever since. We don't have kids yet. Last year we went to Colorado to visit his family and friends for Thanksgiving. We applied for the green card because we got military orders to our new duty station. He is 34 and I am 30. Our interview is right after our second year anniversary. USCIS approved the petition without RFE. What do you guys think? thank you
  16. Can you fill out the DS 160 with your case number while your info is still at the NVC? K1VisaInterviewChecklist_www.mrspresson.com_.pdf