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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I came to the US on K1, we've gotten married and I'd like to add a middle name to my name since I have none. My wife will use my last name (that's another story) and I'd like to use her original last name as my middle name - meaning going from <first name> (no middle name) <last name> to <first name> <wife's last name> <family name>. I can not find any legal instructions / obligations of what to do. Can I just file for SSN and AOS with my "new" middle name in the forms? Do I have to report it anywhere? Marriage certificate has our "original names" without any changes and the state we are in is PA. Thanks.
  2. Hi, My spouse and I got married last week. We wanted to start a new lineage with a completely different last name. That was not possible here in California so I took his last name and kept mine as my middle name. My question is, when can we change both our last names? Will it interfere with my adjustment of status (I am filing in late February)? Will it confuse immigration if I file with my current married name and while the package is processed, I go ahead and start the court process to change our names. Thanks.
  3. Hello guys, I just received my 10 year green card and noticed what may cause some trouble: Example : In passport Given name -Jane Surname - Smith Doe In 2 year green card (expired): Given name -Jane Surname - Smith Doe In 10 year green card: Give name - Jane S Surname - Doe Does anyone have this same problem? I saw that to correct it I have to send it back...which sounds like a terrible idea... Please let me know of your experiences. Thank you!
  4. Hello! I'm Ukrainian and we're using Cyrillic alphabet here. In my travel doc, my first name is spelled as Anastasiya and it's really bothering me for no reason, want to remove theY at the end to make it Anastasia. I know it may sound ridiculous but guys, anybody had to make these changes when getting the green card or marriage certificate? How hard is it? Thank you!
  5. This may be a bit of a weird one, but I am at a loss as to where to go. I am a UK citizen and when I was between 5 - 8 years old my parents changed my name by deed poll. I have misplaced the original 80's document and need to get a replacement but the UK does not have a central database of name changes!!! So I am not sure where to go to get a legally binding copy of the certificate, for my K1 interview at the Embassy in London. Has anyone else ever had to show a childhood name change? What paperwork was required? All my documentation is in my current name, apart from my original birth certificate which has my mothers maiden name on. Anyone had a similar experience?
  6. Hello all! I'm in need of some advice and please forgive me if I say the wrong name for something. I am about to file for K-1 visa for my future wife. She's a Ukraine citizen living in Russia and very recently had to send her passport over to Ukraine to be able to stay in Russia legally until we can get her K-1 Visa. The problem is, since shes sending it from Russia to Ukraine, its going to take quite a few months and the last time she had this Passport they changed her name from Ekaterina to Katerina, we are wondering if this possible name change will cause an issue. As we are trying to kill two birds with one stone, we wanna be together and dont want to wait the months until she gets her passport back. I thought about sending two packets with both names??? It's not like shes changing her name herself and its a variation of the same name. She does intend to go to Ukraine for the interview as Russia will take too long as well. Any advice folks? thanks again
  7. Hello and thank you to anyone that takes the time to read my message. I got engaged to my long distance boyfriend not too long ago, and we're now looking more seriously into the process of getting him moved over here with the K-1 Fiance visa. My fiance and I have been collecting evidence over the past week, and began filling out the I-129f. One thing I haven't found a clear answer to is how to write my fiances name. He is German and has an umlaut in his last name (ö). Do I spell it out as "oe" everywhere and then under the beneficiary's name in native alphabet part spell it with the ö ? Or do I use the umlauted name everywhere?
  8. Hey guys, I am currently working on the I-130 to petition for my wife and i know i will have to send tax returns with my W-2s in the future for i-864. However, I have a nick name. I don't want to put my real name on here so.. i'll give an example: My legal name: Jayeshkumar Bharatbhai Shah. My Nick Name: Jayesh Bharat Shah My Legal name is all of my legal documents: Passport, Social Security, Citizen certificate etc.. however one of my W-2 has my nick name on it, but the corresponding tax return has my Legal name on it. So my Question is.. Would guys put down the nick name and include a letter with the I-130 explaining that it is only a nick name and not a legal name change and hence i do not have any proof of name change? Also What problems could i run into with the name being different on the W-2 vs. the tax return? The social security number is the same on the Tax Return and the W-2.
  9. Hello, I am about to send my AOS packet next week, although I have a doubt.. Is that really necessary change my family name now that I am married? I've heard that it could be a problem for USCIS if I don't change my name but I spoke with people who didn't had any problem, so I really don't know what to do. Can you give me some advice? Please! Thank you!!!
  10. Hi! I am basically a Filipino national. I have an english name which is what I use and is indicated in all documents related to me including my Philippine passport. I have a HK permanent residency card but it includes my chinese name along with my english name. That being said, it appears that my chinese name in chinese character is my "other name" however the DS-160 form only accepts non-alphabet characters on the "Full name in native alphabet" field. And as I understood that "Full name in native alphabet" should have my full name in english since thats what I really use. Placing my chinese name there will be more confusing. Has anyone been into the same situation as me? Any advice? Some people told me just not to include my chinese name. I'm probably overthinking. LOL
  11. My fiance is Ukrainian. In Ukraine their Ukraine documents include a "Patronymic" name but the Patronymic name is not included on their passport. When completing my documents for a k-1 visa (I-129 and G-325) do I include the patronymic name as a middle name, first name or not at all?
  12. Potentially complicated question. I'm in the process of the N400 application (filing online) and it asks me what my legal given name is as one of the very first questions. This has been a tricky one throughout my journey to become a permanent resident as my name has a foreign character in it. The form's explanation specifically says "as it appears on your birth certificate" but that is not possible as it contains a foreign character. The correct international equivalent is "oe" but USCIS has rejected this in the past, forcing my name on my GC to be with an o, as, according to the director of the USCIS office that I appealed to "we cannot put something that isn't explicitly on your birth certificate." To make it more complicated, my SS card has the spelling with "oe" because according to them, they *must* use the correct letter/symbol no matter what language it comes from, as they have to match your birth certificate exactly. So now my question is, do I put "oe" and potentially run the risk of them being confused that it doesn't match my GC (since the GC is also supposed to match your birth certificate) or do I put a simple "o" as is reflective of my green card, but which might cause them to accuse me of lying if they match it up with my birth certificate and don't realize that this has already been settled by the USCIS once before? Also, apologies if there is a similar topic like this, but after searching I wasn't able to find one that was close enough.
  13. After a troubling process, (all that k1 visa stuff.) my now Wife and I are just waiting for her corrected social security card to come back in the mail. Problem here is, we applied for correction that on October 27th (We were married on Oct. 24th) and here we are on November 21st and still nothing in the mail. We went to the office and applied in person (we had no choice, per our county's rules) both times; to get the card upon arrival and to correct it after marriage. It didn't take too long to get the first card; why is it taking a bit longer for just a Corrected card? Also, can we apply for AOS if we already got married and informed the social security office, but not yet received the corrected social security card? Thanks.
  14. Yeah, you! Either forumn member or visitor. Are you pulling your hair, freaking out because you accidentally put "USCIS" or "US Citizenship and Immigration Service" in your money order that was supposed to be payable/pay to "US Department of Homeland Security"? I got you good news, they do take your money order with no issues with that incorrect name. You can now sit and relax! I can confirm as we accidentally did the same and other members as well. This thread is just to save you the research. HOWEVER, I am NOT encouraging you to file with the incorrect name again either, this is purely to let you know that they will take the MO in case you already did. If you're about to file, take this as a reminder and put the correct name. In our case, we knew this before hand, and read in the instructions many times but still managed to accidentally put the incorrect name.
  15. I am a US citizen. I was born in Colombia, but I was adopted when I was a few weeks old. Upon my birth I was given a Colombian name but the name was changed when I was brought to the US. I am now filling out form i-129 and I am wondering if I need to list the Colombian name that was used for the first few weeks of my life. I know my situation may be very unique but I am wondering if anyone has any idea about what I should do. Thanks
  16. I have some answers that many have been asked already, but not all in one spot, so if they have been, just provide links as necessary. With that said here are my questions: 1: I have a fiance that lives in Abu Dhabi on a work visa while her home country is the Philipines. How is this going to work, where is the packet needing to go as in living address, and where will the interview be held? 2: On the payments to be made, I know i need to make one for starting the application, but do I pay the fee for the interview up front or later on (she is saying she will pay for that)? 3: On the case of name change, she will be entering with her maiden name, but upon marriage, she will take my name. How will this work for adjustment of status and SS forms? 4: And what all necessary information will I need to for a co-sponsor? I will just have graduated from college and going from minimum wage job pay to 7x that, so I will have to have a co-sponsor to help me get through the financial check due to financial history. Thank you for the help, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have more questions along the way.
  17. Hello everyone. My husband and I got married in Brazil, last July. I'm a Green Card holder (permanent resident). As soon as I got back to the U.S., I applied for his immigration petition. He already has a receipt number, as well as priority date. We just bought his flight ticket to the U.S. in order to visit me in december, so that we can spend Christmas together. He changed his surname position on his birth certificate just before our marriage (because I want it to be our family name): He placed his middle name at the end of it, being now his last name (e.g.: "John Smith Mclane" changed to "John Mclane Smith"). Our marriage certificate applied for the petition is accordingly with it (his new name). However, his passport and tourist Visa contains his previous surname's order. Both names were informed in the Forms (I-130, I-130a), as maiden name and married name.We filled his flight ticket according to his passport and tourist Visa (maiden name). Since I will already have started his immigration petition under his new name, we don't want it to be an issue for him when passing through the immigration to visit me. Does he have to change his surname on his passport - updating it - before he comes in December? Or it will be enough if he just carry our marriage certificate, in case of an issue? His passport and tourist visa only expire in 2021. Thank you so much in advance, for any and all responses.