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Found 2 results

  1. Starting the thread for February 2018 filers. Good luck to all of us! N-400: February 2018 Applicants ================================ USCIS Phoenix, Arizona Lockbox ================================ UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== USCIS Chicago, Illinois Lockbox ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|?????????????.|... ================================== USCIS Online Filing ================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office......|NBC/IOE Hicks81..........|02/25/15|02/01|02/01|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York City, NY.|... =========================================================================== USCIS Lincoln, Nebraska Lockbox (Filing Under 319b, 328, or 329 of the INA) =========================================================================== UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intview..|Oath.....|Field Office..|NBC/IOE .................|--/--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|???????????...|... Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 3. Click "Quote" on this new template or most recent/updated version of this template. 4. Copy the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select the entire template, then select Command + C) 5. Remove the "Quote Coding" located at the top of this template. 6. Paste the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select Command + V) 7. Now make whatever updates/changes you would like, then hit Submit Reply 8. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] 9. Red Font = "I'm A United States Citizen" Legend: GC-Date: The 'Resident Since' Date located on your first green card Sent: Date N-400 was mailed to USCIS Cashd: Date your check was cashed / credit card was charged by USCIS NOA: Receipt Notice Date Printed on your official I-797 notification Fprints: Date assigned for fingerprinting (Bio-metrics) In Line: Date you received e-notification about the start of your interview shceduling Int Ltr: Date you received the official letter in the mail regarding interview Interview: Date of your interview Oath: Date Oath taken Field Office: Your local USCIS office where you will have the N-400 interview
  2. Good Morning and Happy New Year! If this is in the wrong area, please feel free to move it. My husband will be applying for citizenship next month based on our continued marriage of at least 3 years. We have been waiting for an interview for his ROC since September 2019. The way things are looking with the Atlanta field office, I don't think we'll receive an interview date prior to his eligibility date. He became a legal permanent resident on 5/1/17, so based on the USCIS early calculator he would be eligible to file on 2/1/2020. He is going to apply on 2/2/2020 to make sure there are no issues with early filing. For those who have filed or are thinking of filing, what do you think of the below evidence? I appreciate any suggestions or advice. We included what was required per the instructions and a little extra just in case. Thank you so much! Form G-1450 Authorization for Credit Card Transactions in the amount of $725. My completed form N-400. A photocopy of both sides of my Permanent Resident Card A copy of the inside front cover and signature page of my wife’s current US passport and my current Mexican passport. A copy of my wife’s US birth certificate. My marriage application (indicating my name change) and marriage certificate). My current driver’s license and my wife’s current driver’s license My Selective Service Information Letter and additional supporting documentation relating to my failure to register. 2016,2017, and 2018 joint tax account and tax returns. A screenshot of our lease information indicating our move in date was 9/14/15 and lease renewal documents from 2018 to 2020. Copy of Bank loan application with Me as “Borrower 1” and My wife as “Borrower 2” signed on June 30, 2017. Screenshot of payments from joint loan from July 2017 to June 2018. Bank statements from our joint account from June 2018-December 2019. Retirement statements from our joint account from December 2017-December 2019. Joint financial plan from our financial planner Mrs. H Documents from our joint purchase of the Truck from July 2019. Joint AAA insurance from June 2017-June 2020. Joint medical, dental, and vision benefits confirmation form from Wife’s employer along with a copy of our joint medical cards. Joint AAA membership card since 2016 and joint Sams Club membership since September 2015. Flight and hotel confirmation along with an itinerary from our trip to California in December 2019. Photos from the start our relationship in 2010 to present. Original certified copy of court disposition from August 31, 2010 in City, State when I received a Driver’s License Violation citation. Original certified copy of court disposition from April 2012 in City, State when I received a No Driver’s License and No Brake Lights License violation. Original certified copy of court disposition from City, State in April 2017 for No Driver’s License and Improper Lane Change. Copy of Judicial Correction Services, Inc receipt showing my probation fees paid and that my probation has been successfully terminated. Copy of Proof of Incarceration in May 2017 which satisfied probation requirements.
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