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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, Its been 2 weeks since the Mumbai consulate has received case from NVC and the status shows Ready. My fiancee has not received a notification or packet 4 from the Consulate. I reached out to Ustraveldocs support email and US phone number but they insist on me providing a UID, email address of the Profile that I created. The problem is that creation of the profile is only relevant when I need to submit the DS-160 and book an appointment. Can anyone who has reached out to the mumbai consulate when they did not receive a packet or notification, guide me on what I need to do? Thanks!
  2. Dee & Will

    Any idea about Mumbai consulate?

    Hello guys, my fiancé and I met 10 months ago on OkCupid. When he visited me for the 2nd time we went to Thailand together where he proposed to me. A month later we filed our application. We do not have an age gap. But we are an interracial couple. I was wondering how Mumbai consulate treats interracial couples who met online like us. We do have substantial proof of relationship. And I know everything about him. I just want to know what to expect. thank you!
  3. Hello, does any one know why there is no date available on the ustraveldocs site for booking the interview? Three weeks ago when I was preparing all the documentations I could see there were several available dates showing on their website on the left side of the page - Now nothing shows - all you can see is OFC dates, but when you go for the next it says no dates available at this time. I have called the UStraveldocs people and all they say is consulate releases that dates and it is on first come first serve basis. Any one has any advice?
  4. Hello Frnds, My fiance is 12 years older than me, she's 43 and i'm 31 and I have an interview scheduled this month at mumbai consulate. The best thing is that we are co-workers and before getting into relationship and engaged we were friend's for an year. I have been to US 4 times where last 2 times stayed at her places for almost 3 weeks each time. Now i'm little scared what if the age gap would be an question. I have all proofs from chat to skype to pictures taken together on several outings. Also skype snapshot of us talking with my friends. I'm not sure what else to include, though i know everything about my fiance from the time she was born till date. If anyone can help me whether I should be worried about this age gap thing? Thanks for your help!
  5. Our case was complete at NVC on June 26th. The email from nvc states that our case was approved for expedite and is now in Mumbai (ours is online CEAC app) . It said that Mumbai consulate will schedule our interview. Reading online visajourney I read that you must schedule your own interview in such a case. I wanted clarification so I emailed MUMBAI consulate helpdesk. They informed me that they dispatched packet 4 with instructions for beneficiary to postal address with instructions on what to do next for Mumbai to process his case. I am assuming this indicates that our interview will have to be scheduled by us. As CEAC is down for maintenance I am unable to log in and see if an interview was already assigned. All I can do now is wait to get the instructions via postal mail. Has anyone had experience scheduling their own interview through ustraveldocs? How was that experience? I was lookinh at available dates and it keeps giving me error message that there is no available dates. Help!
  6. Category: F4 INDIA (US citizen brother filed for his sister in INDIA) Priority Date: 27-09-2004 Approval Date: 22-03-2010 Welcome letter received on: 26-04-2018 AOS fees paid on: 01-05-2018 Case Completed on: 15-06-2018 I am a son (derivative beneficiary) of principal applicant (my mother) in this case. My Date of birth: 09-09-1994 Current age: 23 years 9 months Petition pending duration: 5 years 5 months 24 days TIME LINE TILL NOW: After receiving welcome letter, on the CEAC website we were able to pay IV fees for my mother (principal applicant) and father only, my name (Son’s name) was there but I was unable to pay the IV fees as no invoice was generated for me. So we dropped an email to NVC explaining them applicability of CSPA to this case and to generate IV fee invoice for me(Son) and we got following reply from NVC to that email - “We reviewed this petition for eligibility under the CSPA and we determined that applicant does not benefit under CSPA”. After that we paid AOS fees and IV fees for my parents (mother and father) and completed IV application (DS-260) of mother and father. While filing that form; on particular question of WHETHER I AM IMMIGRATING WITH MY PARENTS, we filled YES in both the forms. Following that we mailed NVC all the requested documents of petitioner and applicant (mother and father). We also mailed them my documents along with all other documents. Then we send one more email to NVC insisting them for adjudication with a consular officer then NVC’s preliminary CSPA age assessment for applicability of CSPA to this case. To that email we again got same reply: “We reviewed this petition for eligibility under the CSPA and we determined the applicant is not eligible”. After that we got case completion letter on 15-06-2018. But now when I open CEAC website my name is completely missing from Applicant information and IV application processing fees sections (Name was visible in both the sections before) only the names of my mother and father are there. So my question is “what should we do next for applicability of CSPA? Should we wait until priority date becomes current OR is there anything else we can do? Can any one tell me exact procedure for CSPA with exact timing to do it? What about missing name from CEAC website? Should we hire an attorney?THANKS.
  7. mcromer

    Passport return delay?

    Hi friends! Just wondered if anyone has had experience with this: it is day 9 of working days since his interview, which he passed with no other information needed. Embassy told him he would have his passport back a week ago- online, there’s still no updates. Neither CEAC not the ustraveldocs site even recognises his passport, it says “no updates available”. What’s going on? Did he get stuck in AP for some reason?
  8. Hey all So I am just putting this out there to see if this has happened to anyone else. My CR1 petition was approved by USCIS on Jan4th. It was forwarded to NVC on Feb1 and NVC initially received it on Feb 9th (or so they said until March 12). They told me the usual, wait for two weeks and all. On Feb 23rd it got escalated to a supervisor and they took down my info and everything. Then I call on March 12 and this guy tells me that he sees that my case has been created in the "new database" and to hang up and call back and pick option 5 (for EP/Pivot cases). I am a little skeptical at this point because as far as I know Abu Dhabi Embassy that I applied for is not PIVOT and I wanted to ask for a transfer in Embassy to mumbai anyway and the whole month of Feb they told me I had to wait for a Case number to ask for a transfer of embassy. Anywho, the pivot dept tells me that NVC received my case on March 12. I tried to explain to them that it was received on Feb 9th but apparently that doesn't show up in their system. And since my case is NOT pivot, it shouldn't be there anyway! They told me to email asknvc@state.gov with all of this info and also to ask for a change in embassy. I did all that last week and I still don't have an answer to any of the problems above and now I have to wait for 8 weeks from March 12? even though my case is not pivot! Idk whats going on...any help is appreciated
  9. I am 23 and my fiance is 25. We got engaged this January when she came to visit me for 15 days. We are now thinking of getting married and living together in India for more than 6 months and then applying for the CR1 visa through the DCF process. New Delhi has a USCIS which accepts DCF applications from what I read here on this website. Is it necessary to hand over the application in person or can it be mailed to them? Also my fiance will be arriving here on a traditional Indian tourist visa that is valid for 6 months. We have to extend it to an X-type Entry visa to let her stay beyond the 6 month limit after getting married. Looking for advice from people who have already done this. We will have our interview in the Mumbai consulate. Do they allow my fiance in with me during the interview? What kind of documents are we going to need during the initial application and the interview? I read that during the interview process people were having problems showing proof of domicile in the US. My fiance lives with her godmother and it looks like her adoptive father will be our joint sponsor. Fiance is a naturalized US Citizen. She was adopted from Russia when she was 6 years old. I myself was in Russia for a few years so I would need passport clearance certificate from the Russian Embassy. Any advice on how to move forward and get the necessary documents in order?
  10. So I need some input into what to do with our lives, because NVC and consulates and everything is literally messing up our lives. I filed for a cr1 petition and initially asked for the abu dhabi embassy since my husband lives and works in Dubai but then saw on VJ that Abu dhabi is having major delays scheduling interviews. I got my NOA 2 on Jan 4, 2018, it was sent to NVC on Feb 1 and received by NVC on Feb 9 and we still don't have a case number. Since my husband is an Indian national we were going to transfer the consulate to India but then just found out yesterday that New Delhi consulate won't be processing anymore CR1 visas so all the CR1 visas in India will now be processed in the Mumbai consulate. To put things in perspective, Abu Dhabi processed 5 CR1 visas in January, New Delhi processed 111, and Mumbai Processed 238. So we are definitely going ahead with the transfer (which takes upto two weeks to get a new case number but shouldnt affect the rest of the NVC process according to the agents I spoke to). Now I don't know how long Mumbai interviews will be delayed. Before it was an average of 2 months from case complete to interview in Mumbai. My husband needs to serve a 2 month notice period in Dubai so my real question is: WHEN SHOULD HE RESIGN SO THAT HE WONT BE WITHOUT A JOB FOR TOO LONG IN INDIA BUT STILL HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO COME TO INDIA AND DO THE MEDICAL AND BIOMETRICS AND EVERYTHING AND A COUPLE OF WEEKS THERE BEFORE THE INTERVIEW SO HE CAN COME HERE STRAIGHT AFTER THE INTERVIEW AND VISA APPROVAL? WHAT SHOULD WE DO?? I know this is long and confusing but if anyone could give me any suggestions/input, I would really appreciate it. This forum has been my support group throughout this process and I really appreciate everyone who takes their time out to post here! Thanks in advance
  11. I am a 23 year old Indian Male. I met my lady (25 Year old US Citizen) on OKCupid when I was in Russia where I was studying medicine. I dropped out due to various reasons. She was adopted from Russia by her American parents back in the 90s. I was at her hometown and OKCupid matched us because she had set her location as Yekaterinburg for some reason. I am glad she did! LOL. We are both glad we found each other. I had previously tried to apply for US Tourist Visa twice in quick succession in order to go see her and to take my mind off of university as well. I was denied twice. The reason being I did not have strong ties to my host country which I only realized the second time around. I was naive as to the reason why they denied me the first time as I am new to applying US Visas. i was still enrolled in my university although I was struggling when they denied my visas. Long story short we have been talking for a year and we are 100% invested in our relationship. We planned a trip to Italy so we can meet but that failed when her godmother got sick and she had to stay and take care of her. We have been discussing for a while and looking at options and she wants to come visit me in India now. The question is should we get married (If we decide to) and apply for the CR1 or should we apply for the K1 when she goes back to the US? What would be the best course of action in our situation? We have been looking at various cases of K1 visas being denied. She can be present with me during my K1 interview but will that 100% ensure that our visa gets approved? Or should we get married and apply for the CR1? She can be present with me during CR1 interview as well. I have talked to her parents, her bother who is in the navy and her sister through skype on numerous occations and her parents support her decision in coming to see me. However my mother hates the idea of me marrying a white person. I brought up my ex who was a Russian a few years ago to my mom and she blew up over it. So obviously we won't have approval on my mom's side and I know US embassies in India value parental approval greatly when deciding to give out visas. Also when I was being interviewed by the Consular Office for my tourist visa I said my purpose of visit was tourism and that I didn't have any friends or relatives in the US. Will this be considered as lying during my CR1 or K1 interview? What is the best course of action for us?