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  1. Hello. I have an upcoming interview for I-485 and I-485A on 2/25/19. Approved I-130 (USC Mother). Family preference FB1, unmarried, son 21+. Mother will also be with me at the interview as well as my Lawyer. Do I bring all originals and 1 color photo copy of each document? List: (They were already submitted to USCIS). I received 1 RFIE for BC with EC (USCIS accepted the document). I-94 Card. Updated I-693. Mother’s Passport (My entry stamp is on it as my own passport did not exist then). My 3 Passports (First 2 are expired). My Birth Certificate with English Translation. I-864 - Joint Sponsor is my USC Brother 100%, 2017 all tax returns and W2 with December and January pay stubs. RD is 10/4/17. Employment letter? My mother had no financial info but we still had to submit it. Brother’s Certificate of Naturalization? His BC? ETA-750 Part A & B with CA DOL receiving my Labor Certification on or before 4/30/01. Biggest issue is that I never received any acknowledgment receipt. It just has the date (on or before 4/30/01) and their staff initials listed on it with job code. Also it states EWI (no idea why). Proof of physical presence on 12/21/00. Initial EAD (C09). Parents Marriage Certificate. Mother’s BC? Her Certificate of Naturalization? Anything else I should bring?
  2. Im a US citizen. Im trying to bring my parents to USA. I filed 2 forms i-130. It got approved and Im waiting for NVC to respond and in the meantime Im filling out the affidavit of Support I-864. Here are my questions. 1. Like I-130, do i need to file 2 forms for I-864, each for my father & my mother. 2. On PART 3 Item 2 I mentioned my mother as family member #1. Does this mean I don't need another I864 ?
  3. I mailed this application on May 9th and received the NOA1 on May 17. Today when I woke up I already had this email in my inbox saying the petition has been approved, so it only took a few weeks. Does anyone know what will happen next? How does the process go from here? I didn't expect things to move this quickly so I'm not entirely ready, what should I begin preparing at this point? And how do I get the case number for the $88 payment? Thanks!
  4. I have an approved I-130 (USC Mother petitioner, Beneficiary Son Unmarried 21+ years, PD: 6/9/11, Approved on 5/20/14). I also have a pending I-130 (USC Brother petitioner, PD: 6/9/11). 10/4/17 RD: I-485 Supplement A and I-765. 11/6/17 Biometrics completed. 4/30/'18: RFIE for Birth Certificate with English Translation. 7/19/18: RFIE response received. What are the chances I will receive another RFIE/RFE for a different document again? 7/31/18: Case is ready to be scheduled for interview. When should I expect to get a letter for Interview in the mail? Does this mean my back ground check was cleared? I-693 Medical was done in June of 2017 and it was been over a year so I am assuming I will have to re-do the Medical exam again and pay full fees? Do I have also have to re-do the TB skin test? I-765: Both Case Tracker still says 10/4/17 Case was received and I still not received my EAD. Any advice? Does the petitioner have to be present at the interview; Does the petitioner have to be alive at least till the day of interview for the application to process further? What are the must bring documents to the interview? Does the passport have to valid or can it be expired? What are the questions generally asked at the interview? Do they ask every single question from the AOS application or is it random?
  5. Hello, I am a citizen and do not have a job, can I request my mother to come to USA?
  6. My wife is petitioning for her mother. Her income is not enough in the i-864. Should I fill another i-864 as joint sponsor or a i-864A as co-sponsor?
  7. Hello, I just received a letter indicating I am missing a few items for the household member's (which is me) I-864a. In the first line, what is this "[x] Hidden line."? Do they need the household member's passport or birth certificate even though I am a US citizen that is born here? In the original packet, I had submitted my wife's birth certificate, marriage certificate, and US passport. I was not aware they needed my US passport as well. Please make the below corrections to your Form I-864A or gather the requested financial evidence: [x] Hidden line. <-- [x] Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member [x] We found one or more sections that were either incomplete or contained incorrect information. Please correct the items listed below and complete a new Form I-864A. [x] In Part 5. Sponsor's Promise, please correct the following... [x] The sponsor (not the household member) must type or print his or her name in the space provided. [x] You must submit the following financial evidence: [x] Proof of U.S. citizenship, nationality, or Lawful Permanent Resident status (examples: a copy of your birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, consular report of birth abroad to citizen parents, or the biographic data page of your U.S. passport.) <--
  8. Hello, My wife is sponsoring her mother and father to come to the US. One of the IR5/ I-864 requirements was valid unexpired passport of the parents. Do they need all the pages or just the main page with the name, birthday, etc.?
  9. I, the husband, already filled out the I-864a since I am my wife's spouse and the sponsor. Now, on the I-864 that my wife fills out, which of these does she check off? She currently is just the petitioner and has no job/ income.
  10. Hello, If my wife's mother is listed in Part 2 - Principal Immigrant of the I-864, does the mother need to be listed again in Part 3 Family Member as Family Member 1 and her husband as Family Member 2?
  11. Hi. I'm a US citizen originally from Morocco and I'm trying to apply for a tourist visa for my mother to come visit. I'm aware of all the steps and requirements but I have a couple of questions I hope somebody can help with. What kinda documents can I send with her to the interview to show I'll be responsible for all her expenses while she's here and that she will be staying at my house?The reason I ask is my mother doesn't have a job and doesn't have much assets to show ties to Morocco other than the fact she's still married to my dad and live together .
  12. Hello everyone Just thought I'd start a thread for those who filed their petition in September. Here's our timeline so far: September 08, 2017: I-130 received by USCIS September 12th, 2017: NOA 1 Anyone out there who also filed in September? Nothing left to do but wait..
  13. I didn't see one so I figured I'd start one. I'm new to this place. Here's my story. Been in the US since I was 13 (2004). Served in the Army for six years after high school. Was given my citizenship in the Army in 2011. Sent out i130 for my mom on the 9th of June 2017 Received Acceptance email on the 19th of June 2017. Case routed to Potomac. Anyone know anything about these guys? I wrote a very elaborate cover letter. My mom is severely ill with diabetes and needs treatment, and also, my sister just had a baby in May of this year and we need my mom here. Additionally, I explained my anxiety and depression and how it's affected me since I've been separated from my mother. It affects my ability to focus on anything and I'm so sad and anxious all the time and I suffer from dis-associative disorder. I lost a new job today (literally 4 hours ago) because of this. I'm disassociated because I just want to be home with my mom and brother. My mind isn't here anymore and I don't want to be here. I just want my mom. I'm 26, have never dated, never really done anything...Just waiting for my mother, and waiting. My father screwed things up a lot and has strung us along and hasn't even done anything.
  14. Hello all, wondering if anyone has experience with a similar issue. I am a USC petitioning for my mother from Yemen, a country which does not have reliable birth certificates. So we have received a RFE for more evidence such as affidavits of birth, school/church records, photos from childhood etc. Other option is to submit a DNA test. Pictures from childhood are not available; the most recent pictures of petitioner and beneficiary together are from about 2010. School records or religious records are not available. The petitioner has a marriage certificate from 2010 with the mother's name on it as the mother of the groom. We already did affidavits of birth from 2 family members but it was apparently not enough since they asked for more evidence. So my question is what are the chances that existing photos and marriage certificate (which is fairly recent) be enough to approve the case? Or should we rather opt for the genetic testing instead?
  15. Hi there. I have a question. Next May 2018, I will graduate from my master's degree program and it is the time when I will be likely to have become a naturalized citizen. I would like my mother to move to the US and live with me. However, since I will not be working in May (i.e. unemployed), would my petition for IR5 be rejected? Thank you very much.
  16. Hi All, I just became a US Citizen and would to start the process of petition of my Mother. My mother is living in Cuba and with the recent events in the US Embassy I m concern on how to properly fill out the Form i130 as well as to where she could go for the interview. Cuban citizens are not allowed to visit foreign countries in an easy way. They are very restricted on the VISA requests to any country that may be providing the new visas for the Cuban citizens. Below I ave detailed my questions/concerns and will really appreciate your responses in this matter. Thank you PART 2: Information about you (Petitioner) Q: Should I put my Alien Registration Number if I already became an US Citizen, or should I leave it in blank as it may be confusing? (US Citizen or Green Card Holder?) PART 2: Information about your parents Q: My father is deceased, should I put under Country of Residence - N/A deceased? PART 4: Information about the Beneficiary 10. Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary (Yes or No or Unknown) Q: Should I mark it as YES if I actually submitted a form DS160 in 2012 because I wanted her to visit me but her VISA was denied? Or should I say NO? Beneficiary's Marital Information Q: My mother is the widowed of my father, she has only been married one time (with my father); Should I fill out the section where it says Place of Beneficiary's Current Marriage? or should I live it in blank? Q: if I leave it in blank, should I provide my father's info under the section of Spouse 1 and enter the date of his deceased in the field that says Date Marriage Ended (mm/dd/yyyy)? Information about the Beneficiary's family Q: Should I put deceased next to section 26. Relationship ? e.i. Husband - Deceased? Beneficiary's Entry Information Q: My mother has never been in the US, but is asking me for her passport number (question 47.) under the section of "Beneficiary's Entry Information". Should I put her passport number or leave it in blank? Q: if Questions 58 and 59 are not applicable because either her name does use roman letters and I am not filing for my spouse but for my mother, should I then fill those fields as Not Applicable? or leave them in blank? 62. The beneficiary will not apply for adjustment of status in the US, but he or she will apply for an immigrant visa abroad at the US Embassy or US Consulate in: Q: I really need help on this question as I don't know what to put because the US Embassy in Cuba is closed and they are not longer processing any VISAs. What should I do? Suggestions please... thanks. Could I go to her interview on her behalf to any other US Embassy in the world? PART 5: Other information 1. Have you ever previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien? Q: Should I answer YES? I did submit an invitation letter (DS160) for my mother to visit me in the US (back in 2012) but she was denied. How should I response to this section? Q: Is the date filed the date I signed the application or the date they scheduled her interview in Cuba? PART 7: Interpreter's Contact Information Q: If I didn't use any interpreter, should I fill those cells as Not Applicable? Q: Same question for PART 8: Person preparing the Information other than the petitioner? should I fill those cells as Not Applicable? Thanks and regards, I really appreciate your time in advance