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Found 15 results

  1. So me and my fiancée are at the point of setting up a interview... I think. Does one set the interview date first to set a medical appointment or do you set the medical before date before you can set the interview? So trying to set up a interview date and it says none are available at the Moscow embassy. How often do trey post interview dates? my fiancées login was locked out for 72 hours and we cannot even check anymore. What did we do that caused them to lock it out? We don’t want to do that twice
  2. Please advise the whatsapp groups in Russia that monitor the dates for embassy interview?
  3. Can anybody explain this? Showed up after I put in the receipt number of the payment. Schedule your appointment date and time Applicants who selected "Submission of applications without interview to Pony Express office" on Step 3 are required to bring documents to any Pony Express office listed on the web-site ustraveldocs.com only on a scheduled date. If on Step 3 you selected any of "Appointment only" categories, you are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Please, schedule date and time. Your request to schedule an appointment has been received and will be reviewed. You will receive an email once your request is approved
  4. Hello everybody. Can somebody who is from Russia applying for k1 tell is it ok that NVC sent the case to that address, Consular Section 21 Novinskiy Bulvar 123242 Moscow, while the address for the interview is Bolshoy Devyatinsky pereulok, 8?  And what is the address for the interview?
  5. When I try to fill in personal data on the ustraveldocs.com for k1 visa it asks me for the priority date right after DS 160 confirmation number. Please avise what to write there. What is priority date? And please tell, what kind of address should I write to have passport delivered? Will it be ok if I write my home address or it does not work that way and I will need to write there Pony express office address instead?
  6. Please help. Our Case status has changed to Ready at the consulate in Moscow, Russia, but we have not received any Packet 3 yet. Can you please tell how long did it take for you? and what can be done about it? Is it possible to appoint the interview without waiting for it?
  7. Hello everybody. Can somebody who is from Russia applying for k1 tell me what is the exact address for the embassy interview in Moscow? On some websites it says, Consular Section 21 Novinskiy Bulvar 123242 Moscow, on other websites it says, Consular Section Bolshoy Devyatinskiy pereulok, 8. I am exteremy confused where to go.
  8. Hi all, As most posts seem to relate to K-1 visas, I am curious if anyone else out there is currently going through DCF process for CR-1 (or IR-1) Visa in Moscow? We submitted our petition to USCIS on Feb 22nd right before the local office closed in Moscow and had it approved the same day. We have been at the stage now for 6 weeks where we are gathering all the paperwork for the Visa Interview at the Embassy, but there hasn't been a single interview date available since we started looking at the beginning of March. We won't have all the paperwork ready until mid/end of May, but we were hoping to get the interview booked for end of May as soon as possible to just get that stress out of the way (especially knowing how hard it is to get appointments right now). In this time, the calendar seems to have opened for K-1 visas at least 2-3 times, but never for CR-1 visa appointments. Calling/emailing the Embassy is proving to be completely useless as they can't provide any information on when appointments will be available 1) Is anyone else going through the same process at the moment? 2) The appointment calendar has been opened for us already, but do we need to submit the DS-260 for the Embassy to actually open up interview slots for us? Nothing in the directions says this, but I am just wondering if there is something we are missing. 3) If you have been able to get an appointment, when did the calendar become available for you? 4) Any advice or more recent experiences anyone can share on the DCF process? (I already read a full description of the DCF process in Moscow, but it is from 2012, so seems like some things might have changed in the last 7 years ) thanks in advance!! Brooke
  9. Almost to the interview portion of this process. Late last year there was a lot of worry/discussion about difficulty in scheduling in Moscow. those of you who have recently been through this part of the process or are going through it...please, any insights? Tricks? We are hoping to grab an interview appointment as quickly as possible.
  10. Will it be too old? Do I need to re-do it? I sent it to him and it's dated June. I wanted to be pro-active because sometimes it takes months to get things to Siberia and things have been stolen before. We just now got the approval via text and are waiting on the mail to get our new case # to do the DS-160. So, will it be questioned at the interview because of the date? I thought of emailing him more recent bank statements to print off. I'm not sure what else would be good. The form expires 11/30/2018 but I also can't find a newer version even if I need to do another. The first time the affidavit of support took six weeks to reach him in Yakutsk.
  11. I met a Russian lady one year ago today in Odessa. She is from Russia and we fell in love. I file for the US petition in January 2018. We got our approval in early September. I received an official letter saying all our information would be forwarded to the Moscow embassy. Now we have waited 2 weeks to get an appointment. The letter says check the website daily. The site says the same thing as the Call Center - NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. I understand the staff is limited at the American Embassy due to "political reasons", but this is frustrating. I will call the embassy and see if I can get an answer. I would like to know if we have to wait weeks or months. Does anyone have any idea?
  12. I've been waiting for about 5 months for a B2 interview slot for my mother in law - seems like they will never have slots. Anyone else waiting on this? I've been using the gofortravel.ru website which has been really helpful as they check for slots every few minutes but it seems Moscow just isn't doing tourist visas anymore. I suppose the current politics is to blame. Ridiculous!
  13. Good afternoon! My husband and I are planning a trip to Moscow. I want to book tickets in advance. We’re going to stay in the center of the city, where we’ll meet our interpreter. Please, advise us, which airport to choose. Thank you!
  14. Hi all, My fiancee just completed her medical interview, and they are telling her to take her results in a sealed envelope to her visa interview. I was under the impression that the results would be forwarded by the clinic prior to the interview for review by the embassy. Has anyone else had any experience with this process recently? Thanks, Matt
  15. My fiancée works and lives currently in Finland, very close to Russia. I’m wondering if it’s better for her to apply at the Helsinki embassy instead of Moscow? Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. also how does the Helsinki embassy work as far as scheduling the interview? Do I schedule it myself after the NOA2? Does the recipient and beneficiary both get notified that they can schedule the interview? Any details are greatly appreciated!!!
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