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Found 12 results

  1. My husband file a I-90 instead of the I-751 within the 90 days in March 2017 in order replace ny green card on a CR1 visa entry. I did the Biometrics in May and in November USCIS asked for a copy of the green card. Every month later we received an email stating USCIS is still reviewing our case. It is only by the USCIS Denial letter of December, 2018 that we realized that I was supposed to submit Form I-751 for the Replacement. Preparing to file the I-751 as soon as possible with an explanation letter of my 17 month expired green card but as I see it, a mistake like this is not consider a "good cause". We have a 10 year old child (IR2 10 year visa) that joined us 3 years ago from Vietnam from my previous marriage. Any advice? Thank you H.
  2. I went to my US embassy Manila Interview last Aug 8 and passed the k1 visa interview. Today my status is under Adminstrative Processing. However, I just checked a copy of my DS160 that i provided the consul and my Passport number missed a number on it. Would that affect my visa? Even tho they have my passport in hand? Thanks for whoever can answer my question 😢
  3. My application has already been sent in to the USCIS and I noticed that there was a mistake in the gender column, the attorney was supposed to check “female,” but rather, “male” was checked instead. Will this cause a delay in my fiancé’s process?
  4. I’m married with is citizen on form i485 part.2 , 1a (family based )we are mark second answer (other relatives of us) I know is wrong answer becouse first answer(immediate relative of us citizen,i130) but we are mark wrong answer ...i485 is now on fingerprint fees was received Status and how I can now change answer part 2 , 1a? Can i485 now Denied about this mistake? Thanks for answer
  5. Our I-129 petition was approved and my interview date is May 18. While looking through the petition, I noticed that I put his wrong birth city (I filled out the petition with him). What do I do? They will have his birth certificate with the actual birthplace. Will I be denied for my mistake?
  6. Can you change your address again? I am asking this question because I made a mistake when I filled out the Alien's Change of Address Card. What can I do to change it? Please HELP
  7. Hello! Sorry to bother everyone, I couldn't find a simple answer by googling or searching here right away, so I figured I should ask here! I believe I made 2 mistakes, and I would like to correct them as soon as possible but I'm not sure how.. 1. We included passport photos for myself and my Beneficiary with the initial petition, as requested on the I-129f instructions. However, my Beneficiary's hair was not tucked behind her ears (I have heard this is a rule) and also she may have had 1 earring showing. Is this a big issue? If so, it won't be any problem to have her retake them, as I visit her again at the end of next month. 2. The 2nd mistake, is that when I input the way we met, I guess I misunderstood and input about her traveling here. I put that she flew to Colorado, what dates she came here, and what we did, but never how me first met. We initially met on a language exchange app (HelloTalk) and then became friends from there. So I need to correct that on the I-129f form. Is there any way to update those 2 things and submit them before an RFE is sent to us? As in is there somewhere I could mail the updated info to? Or would I have to wait for an RFE for those and then send the information (Just trying to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Thank you all and have a good one!
  8. I'm the sponsor petitioning for my wife, we're now at the stage of filling out form DS260 and we realized I put the wrong dates for her time of residency at previous addresses on the i130a (off by a couple months). We're wondering if we should just put the correct dates on the ds260 and send it in, or do we need to email nvc and try to get it corrected on the i130a... Also if we have to email nvc would we need to wait for the correction to be accepted before proceeding, thus delaying the process? Edit: She also entered the address slightly differently on the ds260 than the i130a, but it's the same address. It's just a bit difficult to input the address in English because it's a Chinese address so she's not sure if it should be translated to english or written in pinyin. Any insight is much appreciated.
  9. Is there any chance to corrections employment history. Like someone was doing 2 job in same time.. he put one employment history.. becuse Pdf file didn't allow put 2 employment history in same date. After biometric fingerprints is there any chance to corrections employment history in interview??
  10. I currently live in the US and work for a company here under OPT with F-1, and I applied for STEM OPT Extension. I already mailed the packet to USCIS and they received it, but then I realized I had an error on the I-765 form. For "Place of Birth", there are 3 boxes: "City or Town", "State/Province", and "Country". I entered Town, Province, and Country of my hometown address, but I yesterday realized I should have entered the address of the hospital where I was born. It turned out from my birth certificate thingy in my country that the province and country of my hometown address are the same as those of my hospital address, but the towns are different. About 6-7 years ago, I applied for J-1 visa when I came to the US as an exchange student, and on my DS-2019 from then, it correctly uses the town of my hospital address. This time on my I-765 form, I mistakenly used the town of my hometown address. Is this going to be a problem or the cause of rejection? I am freaking out, and is there anything I need to do? It seems like some people say as long as the country and province are correct, it is not a big deal but I am worried. Can someone please give me advice. P.S. I still haven't received the receipt notice I-797, but I am sure it is on its way.
  11. Hi, I hope someone can answer this question. My friend submitted her documents to nvc but then she realized afterwards that for the "annual income" she put $78,999 by accident instead of $78,995. The 78,999 is reflected on her employment letter. Would it better for her just to make this correction now and reset the nvc 11 week clock or wait to see if this would it trigger a checklist? Her income exceeds the poverty guidelines by either amount, so she is more than able to sponsor her son. I hope for a speedy response because she's freaking out. Thanks much!
  12. Hi all First I would like to thank you all as you really helped me during my GC journey. Now, here is where I currently stand and was wondering if anyone faced the same or have any advice that can help me. I came to the US with K1 visa and got married then filed all papers accordingly (I485 ... etc) that was during the first week of March 2017, I recently received the approval notice on my I485 on the 7th of Sep. 2017, but it had a typo in my first name, I contacted USCIS right away (as the approval notice requested me to check for any error in information and contact them if needed), the USCIS open a ticket and confirmed me that all will be sorted. after three weeks (on 09.21), I noticed my case was updated and shows that "Name was updated" then I received a notice by Mail which confirms that change was completed. on 10.05.2017, I received another approval notice with the same old typo !!! then I contacted them once again the day after to ask them to fix it. USCIS raised another ticket but this one was closed after one day. Today I received in the mail that I would need to schedule an appointment with the USCIS office to solve this issue. BUT I also received today the GC with the same error!! Now what do you recommend me to do in here, I am currently looking at the following options: 1- Schedule appointment with the USCIS and try to get my passport stamped with the GC (i551 stamp). 2- Contact the USCIS Ombudsman to tell them about my case. I have been in this process since August last year, I am sure you share the same feeling and pressure like me (if not worse). I just want to finish this topic and move on. Thank you for your help