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Found 8 results

  1. Sorry for the title gore, but we only recently found out that USCIS has never even received the paperwork we submitted. We ended up getting Married in September when she arrived, and we're worried she might have to go back to her home country since her visa states it expires November 11th. What should we do in this case? Is there an expedition process? Is there anything we should prepare for? We're about to send another batch of paperwork and money order with an overnight ( as well with all the same verification we used before ). Just a little shaken up and worried about what's to happen- we don't want to interfere with anything and we certainly don't want ICE banging down our door..
  2. Hello, I got my case and IV number in e-mail last week (yay ^o^) but the problem is... I do not see a form DS-261choice of Address and Agent ... Why? My case is electronic processing.
  3. Hello there fellow community members, I need some help and advice on my I-129F packet that was mailed in on the January 12th, 2017 and delivered on the 17th with missing documents. So my fiancée and I hired an immigration attorney to aid us on obtaining a J-1 visa waiver and the K-1 visa. The J-1 visa waiver was obtained sooner than expected. Took a little over a month to get the waiver approved, so we didn't think we would have any problems in the attorney during the K-1 visa process, but surely enough we are. What happened: My fiancée was just in Brazil with me, she got back on a Tuesday and then on a Wednesday the attorney sent her a draft of our packet as asked to check if all personal information was filled out correctly, so she did just that. But earlier this week I asked to see the draft and noticed that proof of her citizenship was missing, along with form I-94. We immediately called her office to check if she had forgotten to include it in the packet or just didn't put it in the draft, and she did in fact forget to include proof of citizenship, even though my fiancée has already send in all the necessary documents. What the attorney said: Regarding my fiancées proof of her citizenship: She said that it was human error and that the ''office'' had in fact forgot to include proof of her citizenship, that it was a mistake on their behalf, that it doesn't usually happen but it sometimes does, she asked for apologies and so on. Then she informed us that she will be sending in a supplemental packet as soon as we're assigned a case number and that they'll file everything together, that it's common to send in supplemental packets without causing delays in the process. Regarding form I-94: She said it isn't necessary since I have DS-2019s on their with stamped entry dates and what not. But nowhere on the I-129F instructions does it have a note saying that I would not need form I-94 in certain circumstances. But she said that she'll include it in the packet if I would like to so I said yes, of course. But that's the least of our worries because we'd be fine with an RFE asking for this form. What worries us: We're worried that USCIS might deny our petition altogether since we didn't include any proof of her citizenship in the packet. Now imagine us waiting several months just to get a notification that our petition was denied and then have to start a new petition all over again and wait even more? My fiancée and I have been together 4.5 years now and it's not getting any easier on us as time goes by. So it would be heartbreaking to not get this petition approved in the '' normal time frame''. What we'd like to know: - We would like to know if anyone in the community has seem or heard of a similar case in which some important document was not included in the packet, such as proof of citizenship. - Do you guys believe that the attorney's supplementary packet will see its wait to our original packet if its sent in with our case number (as said by the attorney)? - Does the community know if they'll send us an RFE if the lawyers supplementary packet does go into our file? - Will they be understanding and give us a chance to send in proof of her citizenship via a RFE or are we under the risk of getting our petition denied because our lawyer forgot this important document behind? Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the long post, but we don't know that to do or think and we're afraid of getting our dreams delayed because of some mistake that we would not have made if we took care of the petition ourselves, but we initially thought that it was something out of this world.
  4. Hello guys I just need help if anyone has same situation. My GC got updated to " Interview Was Scheduled" on july 20 and We moved out in the same day and I already change my address on the USCIS website . But my EAD card they send it to my old address thats why I picked it up there . Now im waiting for my interview appointment my friends said it will take up to 5 business days but untill now I dont received anyletter . Help me guys If were in same situation. What did u do? I already called the USCIS many times and they have different informations about my interview notice, the 1st CS that I talked to she told me that she will redeliver the letter and the other CS told me that there is no mail out yet for my interview. Any suggestions here will be appreciated guys. Thank u
  5. Hello, I am a San Fernando Valley field office filer (Sep 2017) with a pending I-485 and would love for it to be included in the AOS stats list. It is separate to the LA County field office. Please list it! Thank you! Cheers, Katherine
  6. Hi all, Me and my wife just sent off our AoS & IV Packet about 5 days ago. We're doing e-processing so we sent it all the forms and supporting documents in a single email,however while attaching all the files we overlooked the i-864a and forgot to attach it. We're using my mothers income as a joint sponsor, she's filled out her own i-864 and we went ahead and had my stepfather fill out the i-864a just in case, even though we're not using his income. I'm not sure if we'll get a checklist, but either way I'd like to send in the i-864a right now. My question is how should I title and subject the email when I send this missing page to them, even though I haven't gotten a checklist yet. TL;DR I forgot to include i-864a in my AoS IV packet, how do I address the email to send it to nvc to ensure they get it and know that it's part of my original AoS packet? Is there something specific I need to put in the subject line to ensure they get it and place it with my other documents? Thanks for any insight.
  7. Hi All, A friend of mine is filing for AOS and entered the US via land driving from Canada. In order to fill in the 1-94 section on the forms, she went on the required site to get the i-94 information. The site does not show her last entry, only the one before when she arrived by air. What is she supposed to do in this situation? Put the date on the i-94 or the date that she actually entered? Will this pose a problem?
  8. Hey, i got this email from NVC twice. I sent them all the documents i have, such as my wife's birth certificate, marriage certificate and Her ID. Ive also included th3 affidavit form with it. I sent all of them twice and they emailed me that i have missing files. Im confused was i supposed to send my civil documents with the affidavit form instead of Hers?