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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I live in San Francisco area so will have to first renunciate Indian passport then apply for OCI. I am trying to submit my renunciation form online. I have a middle name. On the 1st page, it gives option to submit below fields for which I filled in as follows Last Name First Name (Given Names) : I fill in first and middle name. At end of 1st page, it generates a reference#. When I go to next page, it shows Middle Name in addition to the above names. I've to either fill in Middle name again or NA. If I submit the above form, it will pre-populate the form, but I don't want to fill in wrongly as I do have middle name, but I've entered it in Given names. Please advise what needs to be done in this case. Thank you
  2. Hi I recently became a US citizen and received my US passport last week. Since I will be applying for renunciation plus OCI from SFO, I've to do them separately. In CKGS Renunciation form application, on 1st web page, it gives option to input Last name, then given names where I put my first and middle name. Then it asks to accept terms etc. at the end of the page and I do, then the form gives me a ref#, then when I click next, the next web page brings up the middle name field below the above 2 name fields. And forces to add it or put NA!!! Problem is I do have a middle name. The other 2 name fields updated in 1st form, is readonly now..am in a fix, dont want to put NA in middle, if i repeat, it might show as repeated. Either ways, dont want them to reject it. Please help, anybody who has filled it recently. I could go ahead and click submit and it would bring the renunication form populated and I could check, but am worried it might submit my renunciation form itself online. Right now, I am thinking if this isnt right, I will simply create a new one. But I need to be sure what to put in given name on 1st page in that case. Please HELP!!! Thanks P
  3. So, the guy at SSA office said that DHS has somehow made my middle name to be a part of my first name, & therefore, he can't verify my name with the system & issue me a SSN. How am I supposed to fix this problem? Am I supposed to visit USCIS Application Center or USCIS Local Office or CBP office or whatever else? Is there a way to fix this issue over the phone or e-mail or something without having to physically visit since all of the above offices are several hours away from here, & obviously, I don't have a driving-license & my fiancee has a job to attend to, so we want to avoid visiting multiple places to no avail. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I was at London today for my interview. Everything was pretty much as everyone has described on this forum recently so I'm not going to go in to huge amounts of detail just a couple of points: I was in and out of there FAST. My appointment was 10:30, I turned up at 10:20 and was approved and back outside by 11am. The name on my passport and name on my birth cert don't match exactly as my middle name is missing from my passport. Whilst I realise that this won't be the case for the vast of majority of people, I'm sure it will come up again in the future at some point. I was asked about it at both windows. The honest answer is I don't know why it's not on there, it just never has been, I guess when I first got a passport it was omitted and then that carried over each time it renewed. That seemed to be enough to satisfy them. It is worth noting that on my DS160 I used my name as it appeared on my passport and then under the "Other names used" section put my full name with middle name. I'm still not convinced this issue won't come back to bite me during AOS but I can only wait and see. Not that anyone should be turning up without photos but if you do and they happen to be the wrong type, shape, size, whatever, there are at least two photo booths on site. My sponsor is self employed. I had asked @Wuozopo if IRS transcripts would be all they needed in this case, he confirmed it would be and was correct, they worked just fine. Trust the information you get off the experienced contributors on this forum folks, they know their stuff. Nearly everyone else there today had huge binders full of documentation, I had one small document carrier with the essentials I was told to take by the good folks here. I wasn't asked for anything I didn't have and I was processed fast and efficiently. The man sitting next to me had employed an attorney and we were chatting. He was two months behind me in the process (i.e. he had started two months earlier than me) and had spotted administrative errors on his forms which he had to identify and correct, he also said that the attorney they hired didn't even know he'd have to attend a medical. He summed it up when he said, "ultimately no one cares about your application as much as you". Food for thought. Thank you to everyone on here for all the info. This place is a very important and informative resource.
  5. Hi guys, I was just wondering what my name will turn out to be after marrying my fiancé here in the US? I mean for some of you who might not know, in Philippines “middle name” is our mother’s maiden surname. And for females, once married, our maiden surname will become our middle name. For example: Maiden name: Maria Castro Gomez once married: Maria Gomez Kidman That’s how it’ll be (traditionally) in the Philippines. And I don’t feel like using it here in the US. Any ideas how I will deal with this? Can I leave my middle name blank? or do I have to stick with the middle name used in my k1 visa? ooooor, do I need to follow Philippines tradition? Your reply will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!!
  6. Hello guys, I just received my 10 year green card and noticed what may cause some trouble: Example : In passport Given name -Jane Surname - Smith Doe In 2 year green card (expired): Given name -Jane Surname - Smith Doe In 10 year green card: Give name - Jane S Surname - Doe Does anyone have this same problem? I saw that to correct it I have to send it back...which sounds like a terrible idea... Please let me know of your experiences. Thank you!
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