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Found 9 results

  1. I am curious to find out during what hours did your medical examinations take place. Were they early in the morning or later in the afternoon? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi everybody, My new wife, a US citizen, and I (British) discovered that we are expecting a child recently and we have decided to have the baby here in the US and in order to stay together we are hoping to adjust status from the VWP and apply for a green card through a concurrent filing. I have read the step-by-step guide on visa journey as well as the information on the USCIS website and was just looking for some clarification from the experts here at visajourney. With a concurrent filing of both the I-130 and I-485, should my wife and I provide two separate cover letters? One for each form including a checklist of documents? Do I, the spouse, filing the I-485 need to include both a UK police certificate and the medical examination documentation (I-693) when filing or should we wait until USCIS ask for these documents? How long are medical examinations valid for? Given that my 90 days in the US ends on October 2nd and the due date of our child is September 29th, is there a specific time or sweet spot period when we should file the petition and documents? Would Australian bank statements showing a joint checking account open for about 6 months be useful supplementary evidence in proving a bona fide marriage? How many sworn affidavits of knowledge of the bona fides of our marriage are good to include as evidence? Should my wife, a citizen who has been living and traveling outside of the US for the past 3 years, file and backdate her tax returns before or after we file? Thanks a lot in advance, A worried, desperate and excited father-to-be.
  3. Ive done my 3 day sputum examination at st.lukes last March 6-8,2019 and was informed to come back after 2 months if my cultures comes out negative. Im on my 2nd week already out of 8th on my waiting period. Stressful. If during the 6th to 7th week of my waiting for the sputum culture result if no one call yet at that time I assume it will a negative result. Im supposed to come back on May 7f or the immunization. My question is can i make a visa appointment for interview already say on May 9? I am from cebu me and my fiance wants to try to limit the expenses so we want to do everything on the week im there in Manila. Thank you
  4. Hi, can someone please tell me how much is the medical examination in Peru, what do they do in the medical examination and also the visa fee. Thank you
  5. I petitioned my mom and dad to go here in the US. They were done with their medical exams. Mom’s results were good. Unfortunately, my Dad’s x-ray wasn’t good and needed to do the sputum test. My questions are: 1. Would it really take 2 months for the result to be out? 2. His sputum test is until November 23. Do you think I would reschedule their interview in January 25? Or is it too soon? Need your advice. Thank you all!
  6. I’m in the process of gathering my documents for my k1 visa interview and I have a couple questions. 1. While trying to get police clearance certificates from a few countries I’ve lived in, I realized that on the email that the US embassy sent me it stated “Each applicant aged 16 or older must have police clearance from any country where the applicant resided for one year or more”. I had originally thought that it was 6 months or more as what some have said here on vj. I entered South Korea on March 4, 2014 and left on March 2, 2015. Technically it’s only 363 days but would it still be considered a year? Would I still need to get a police certificate? 2. Should I book my interview date before booking for the medical examination first? Or the other way around? Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you see my post and you can give me advice on here if you have the same experience. I am a little confused of what to do. My dad is currently on his 2 month sputum culture result at St. Lukes after 3 day in a row sputum tests in July, that turned out negative - Thank God. He was given a paper that says to come back on Sept. 19th to St. Lukes. He lives in Leyte. So, I've read some people comments on here that St. Lukes will call the applicant when to come back for culture result or they will call earlier than 2 month period if positive. Should we just go ahead and go back there on the 19th? I have cancelled his interview appointments 2x already. The original date of interview appointment was set up by the NVC here in the US, but I had to cancel it because we didn't have enough time to prepare the documents for the interview. The 2nd appointment was canceled also because my dad had to undergo 3 day sputum test. Now, I don't know what to do if I'm going to set up an appointment which we don't know the results yet of his 2 month culture. Should I just go ahead and set up appointment for him with US EMBASSY?
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question. My interview will be in a month. On the interview letter they ask me to submit the form I-693 (medical examination). I had my medical examination in January 2018 in Italy when I had the interview for my k1 visa and it didn't expired yet. Do I have to bring the form I-693 anyway or the one that I have already (DS 3025) is enough? Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone, I just had my petition approved and I'm waiting to have the case transferred to the NVC. I was doing some research into what to expect next and I have a few concerns and questions related to medical history. I was first hospitalized in the US because of trauma-related depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts about 10 years ago while I was there as a student on an F-1 visa. I came back home to get treated and I continued having problems with self-harm and overdoses for some time. I was hospitalized a few times but only for a couple of days at a time. During all these years I was seeing a psychiatrist up until November 2017 when I was discharged from the outpatient clinic. Months before discharge my antidepression medication was tapered down and it's been even longer since I took any as needed medication for anxiety. My psychiatrist wrote an epicrisis (summary of my care) but he didn't go into too much detail, especially about events prior to 2015 when I started with him. I was also seeing a psychotherapist on a (bi)weekly basis for 3 years but at this time I don't have a summary from her. I'm only sharing this in so much detail because I'm wondering what kind of documents will be enough to support the fact that I'm no longer a threat to myself or others and that I'm functional with regards to the ability to work a demanding full-time job. Do I need medical records from the time of my hospitalizations or will the most current epicrisis serve the purpose as it includes the most relevant, updated information? Has anyone still had to go to a psychiatric assessment by an embassy-appointment physician? Other than that my medical history includes sports injuries and suspected work-related problems. I had a thigh muscle tear, I've had issues with right ankle muscles, tibialis, plantar fascitis and acromion pain (that's shin, sole and shoulder) and some nasty flank/lower back pain. I have had x-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs. Last fall I also had a gynecological surgery preceded by months of physiotherapy. Is it necessary to bring records of all of these to the medical examination? Are these relevant to the screening process? Also, I know which vaccinations are required but I was wondering if panel physicians will accept authorized prints of, say, hepatitis B antibody results or do all of these need to be confirmed at the time of the medical examination? I'm just trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting everything done smoothly. I'd appreciate any advice and insight into this!
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