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Found 13 results

  1. Does anyone have any USCIS EVIDENCE that proves that my marriage certificate that only states my maiden name rather than both my married name AND my maiden name is a valid. I COMPLETELY understand that I can elect to take my spouse's married name simply because it is listed on our MC but I got an RFIE for both I765 and I131 for "the name you provided on Form XXX does not match your name in other USCIS records". I totally understand too that they could have simply lost my MCs but the RFIE goes on to state "Provide evidence that the name change was completed according to the relevant state (or foreign) law" so my concern is that line there as I have no evidence that the name change is actually legal. I'm going to call the county clerk on Monday to find out if they can issue you me something that states that MCs in their county don't indicate the new married name and only the maiden name. What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone! Need some answers to those who have experienced this. I just had my biometrics done and they put it under my maiden name cause I didn't get to bring my marriage certificate with me to my appointment. So now i'm assuming my ead/ap and gc will have my maiden name on it though I know I can still change my gc into my married name by the time of the interview. My question is, can I call USCIS now to change my name even before the interview? So that my ead/ap will already have my married name? cause when I filed for my aos I did included a copy of my marriage certificate anyway. TIA.
  3. Hi, so we got married al ready and we're gathering the paperwork we'll need for the i 485, i 131 and i 765... but I'm having trouble understanding what to do with my legal name... i got married and my marriage certificate states the name that's on my passport, I've been told that we have to go to the social security offices to change my name, that I will be given a "ssn", so that I will be able to carry my married name... my question is, should I do this before sending my AOS, or once I got the green card? I'm confused because my passport has my legal name from my country so if I change my name before sending in the paperwork it won't match, although I know that the formulary has "Current legal name" and "other names" so I'm guessing there's where I'm writing down my country's legal name, but wouldn't this make a mess of all the paperwork? Can somebody that has already gone trough this help me out! Thank you very much!
  4. Hello, I remember reading it o VJ months ago but I can't seem to find that topic now (nor the person who wrote it...) Anyway, so it was said back then that at the POE you can ask CBP officer to change your maiden name on the paperwork to your married name so that the SSN and Green Card will come on your married name. Is this true? Supposedly his wife did it. Regards, Sierra
  5. Hi. Recently married and need some help on what to do next. We sent the petition using my maiden name ( dad last name) since marriage cert shows my maiden name and passport is in maiden name too. We already have noa1 and waiting for noa2. I need to know if it's best we retain my maiden name until the whole visa process is done or changing my name to my married name now would be easier in the long run. And if i do change to married name, Should i just change to married name in my passport and notify uscis ? We just don't want to cause any delays or confusion about our case.
  6. Hello people, First of many messages here, I'm sure My wife and I are going to apply for an IR-1 visa (we've been married for +2 years today, we got married in Montreal, Canada). My wife's last name is "Banana" and my name is "Orange". She is in the process of changing her last name to "Banana-Orange". She is doing the DMV first, which will take a few days, but then she has to change her social security card. Question is, when can we send the I-130? When she receives her new driving licence? Or when she gets her new social security card? Thank you so much!
  7. Hello, So here's the story, I'm currently on DACA and i was able to change my last name after getting married. When we submitted paperwork for adjustment of status everything was under my married name, now towards the end leading up to the interview, my paperwork has been coming in under my maiden name.. when i go to the interview and if Visa is approved, will they put in under my married name or maiden name? Please Advise, thank you!
  8. Hello to all, If petitioner is a woman(who takes on her husband's last name) does she file with her maiden name or married name on behalf of her husband(the beneficiary)? CR-1 visa. Thanks
  9. A question to the Dutch/American couples. I am in the process of obtaining a K1 visa and intend to marry my USC upon arrival around september/october. I intend to take his name upon marrying him. In the US, when you take your husbands name, your name officially changes. You no longer use your maiden name. In the Netherlands however your name does not officially change after marriage. You are allowed the use of your husbands name (even when dealing with the government and financial institutions), but you will always be officially registered by your maiden name. Your passport is in your maiden name. In the Netherlands you will have an addition on your passport saying 'wife of' to signify your marriage. My fiancé is worried that this will get me in trouble. I will have my Dutch passport as an identifying document in one name, and my greencard in another. Worse yet, when I apply for citizenship later on I will have two passports in two different names. He is worried officers will not understand and will arrest me for identity fraud. I understand there is a way that lets you change your official Dutch name to your married name based on a law of conflicting names(?) where one countries laws dictate a different use of name than another and you choose one law that the other country has to obide by. But if I do that it will also change my name on my birthcertificate. I do not want that. And yes, I understand that I can also choose to keep my maiden name to avoid all this trouble. I don't want that either. Me and my fiancé are pretty traditional in these matters. I want to take his name. I want to know: has anyone ever gotten in trouble for this? I understand a lot of people will just fly by without ever having to deal with this and tell me not to worry.
  10. Hello, I just joined this community and feel so blessed that I found here! I hope everyone is doing well I am preparing marriage based green card by myself, and have a question on maiden name and married name. Could you please help me on these questions? I wrote down my situation using bullet points. 1) I just got the marriage certificate, but was told by Vital record office that Ilinois only shows the maiden name on the marriage certificate and there is no such thing like "married name" field on the certificate. 2) I prepared all the documents with my married name even though marriage certificate only has the maiden name. 3) However, I already have my SSN with my maiden name. My passport also shows my maiden name. My country does not change the last name even though I am married. In this situation, I have two concerns regarding the name. 1) filing green card with my married name would be an issue? I am very worried if having only maiden name in my marriage certificate would be enough to show the name change. 2) My last document that I have to get is i-693. In this case, should I get this i-693 under my maiden name? or should it be my new name? Actually, I have no idea if I even have a married name since marriage certificate only shows my maiden name. Thank you so much for reading this!
  11. I am a U.S. citizen. I just married my wife in Nigeria on July 2017. When we got our marriage certificate later, she put in her maiden name instead of her married name (my last name). I am currently filling out a I-130 form for her to move to the U.S. after she finishes college this year. Should I put in her married name in the form or her maiden name as it shows in the marriage certificate? And would the fact that she didn't put in her new married name affect the process in any way?
  12. Hello all , I am a beneficiary for IR1CR1 VISA . My husband is at USA ND I am in India . While jotting down all the documents required at NVC Stage I just learnt that I will need a police clearance certificate from regional Passport office . Filling out the form I realised the following facts My passport is in my maiden name . Nither I have added spouse name to it yet . ( My i130 forms etc were filed on maiden name too ) Now there is a detail on form which asks me if I am married and if so my spouse information . If I add my spouse information will it conflict with my passport data ND create problem with police clearance certificate . If I don't add his name I am declaring a false information that I am not married so what should I do ? And before submitting DS260 261 do I require to change to married name . ??
  13. Hello everyone! I came here on a fiance visa and got married in August. Today I got an RFE asking for more proof of my name, they state that on my forms I used the name Marina G (married name) but that on their records it says that I am Marina L (maiden name). I have sent my wedding certificate together with my application and in all the forms when asked for other names used I wrote my maiden name. I am really confused because so far all the information I saw was that people that have had their names changed used their married names on the Adjustment of Status, EAD and AP forms! Have anyone seen anything like this? I can't find our mistake!