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Found 8 results

  1. I always had a thing for September There is no way I'm getting my NOA1 by tomorrow, so let me start September AOS thread beforehand! And remember it is always a good idea to just send EAD and AP together with the timelines getting longer. You never know what you'll need and it is free! Good luck to all!
  2. I recently did my AOS interview (F-1 married with USC, no illegal entry, no overstay, no criminal history) on 10/23. It seemed to be good but I received no updates after the interview. I would like to share my experience and ask for comments or suggestions from you guys. The officer interviewed my husband and I together, asked only basic questions about our personal info (name, DOB, parents' names), and my history in the US. Then he asked: * if we have kids (no, we think it's too early), * how old are us (26 and 27), * how did my husband immigrated to the US and got his citizenship (his grandma petitioned for his mom & dad & him and they moved to US when he was 16), * do we rent or own (rent, I provided the lease), * when & where did we get married * what are we doing now (I'm working, I provided employment verification & 4-month paystubs; my husband's back to school after ~2 years working, officer asked for school name, department, major, and location) Then he asked if we had brought any additional supporting docs that we would want him to see. I provided him the following docs with the detailed checklist: Financial: * Joint checking account -- 12-month average balance statement, checks, 2017 tax refund deposit transaction record in account statement * Joint credit card -- photocopy of front and back of both credit cards * Joint tax return 2017 -- 1040 + both W2 * My husband paid for our expenses and my parents' expenses when they were visiting -- hotel/flight reservations with highlighted transactions in credit card statement * I paid for our living expenses -- rent payment records and electricity payment records with highlighted transactions in credit card statement Residency: * Shared living address -- email between me & leasing manager confirming lease signing, electricity bills, rental lease with both our names * Shared mailing address -- both drivers licence showing same address, 2 bank accounts from each of us showing same address (I explained we use my husband's parents' home as mailing address as we are currently renting our apartment) Photos: ~50 photos since our first trip (2014) to October 2018, all glued to A4 paper with printed explanation of when & where & with whom & for what event this photo was taken Letters: * Letter from my husband's parents * Letter from my 10-year friend * Letter from my husband's childhood friend Interactions: * Chat history from the first day we friended each other on that app until the month we moved together -- 1 screenshot per month with timestamp shown in the app * Gift receipts & gift message cards between us * Flight reservations that my husband visited me when we were long-distance -- paired with all boarding passes we could find * Flight/hotel reservations of the trips that we took together -- each referred to a photo in the photo collection The officer took away all files in the first 4 categories, and left out the last one, as he said we were at similar age and he didn't need that many docs. He did not look into any of the docs at the interview, though, even if I mentioned to him that we can introduce our story and show him the marriage ceremony photo or family photo of us with our parents together. He simply said "It's fine. I'll take a look later". Then came the yes-no questions. The officer confirmed twice on the question "have you ever talked to an immigration court and got deported" and "were you ever related to the communist party" (I answered no to both, because the truth was no), but other than that the questions all went well (All my answers were no). At end of the interview, the officer suddenly asked us about the other's birthday, which we answered with no problem. He looked satisfied. Then he asked what was my address, I gave our current living address as I thought he was asking where we were living. Then he said it was different from the address on my I-485 form, and I explained to him that we use my husband's parents' home as mailing address. The officer smiled saying "Are you sure this is not some address he hide another girlfriend?", and we embarrassedly said no and he laughed and said it was only a joke. Then he asked if I wanted my card to be mailed to the mailing address I listed on my I-485, I said yes. Then the officer said that was all he needed to know. I asked him if we were approved, he said "I'm going to give you green card, congratulations". I asked the officer how long it would take to get my green card and he said 2-4 weeks. Then he looked at our date of marriage and said he would only give us a conditional GC and he asked further about whether I knew what did the "conditional GC" mean. I answered that it meant I needed to submit a I-751 application to remove conditions in about 2 years. He smiled and said something like "Good, you know your things.", and gave me a printed notice of "Your case is being held. No further info is required" saying that this would be the proof that I showed up at the interview. Then he asked about our plans of visiting my home country. I said probably early next year and he said "Ah it won't take that long. You'll get the card much earlier than that." When he walked us out of the office he said "Congratulations" again, so I suppose our interview was a good one. However, I haven't received any updates on any of my online status ("egov case status", app tracker which gets data from the "egov", and "myaccount" which is said to be more informative) up til end of Friday (10/26, 3 days after interview). Another couple who interviewed on the same day at the same location (but with a different officer) got status change to “card is being produced” the very next day (10/24). I know that a lot of people got online status changed 0-2 days after the interview no matter whether the officer gave verbal approval, but is it normal to have no changes after a few days after the officer explicitly said "congratulations"? I read some posts about some "got verbal approval but was delayed for 1-2 years and eventually denied" stories. Do I need to do something? (I'm planning to make an infopass appointment if I don't hear about anything by end of next week)
  3. How long does the intending immigrant have to keep working for the same company if he or she used his or her own income for AOS based on marriage with the US spouse? I was an F-1 student and was working under STEM OPT with an income that was over 125% of poverty guide line. On the other hand, my American spouse hasn't made enough income by himself. In order to do AOS, we used my income from STEM OPT for I-864 purposes and we got approved. I got my (conditional) green card recently. I have been working for the same company for almost 2 years. Now my question is, how long do I have to keep working for this company? Can I just quit anytime and change my job? Does the unemployment period affect my conditional green card? I ask because I-864 says "If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be counted regardless of current residence, but it must continue from the same source after he or she becomes a lawful permanent resident;" I am very confused. My current source of income is the company I currently work for. Then, does this mean I cannot quit??? Can anyone clarify this, please? How long does the income have to come from this company I work at?
  4. Hi, I thought I wanted to share with you all what kind of questions were asked at the marriage-based AOS interview. Can anyone tell me how yours went, and the overall flow of the interview? I am going to share mine. My US spouse and I got called separately (my spouse first, and me second). The interviewer asked my spouse about 20 questions (which I thought were way more than I had expected, after I read everyone's experience on here), and took note of every answer to check if I will give her the same answers later. After my spouse finished the interview, my name was called and here is the flow of what I went through. By the way, I have no criminal history, no health issue, and no immigration issue in the past. 1) When I entered the room, I was asked to raise my right hand and swear to tell them the truth during the interview. 2) First, she went over my application and asked me to answer the following: ---What is your full name? ---What is your birthday? ---What is your place of birth? ---What are your parents' names? ----What is your spouse's name? Including middle name ----What is your spouse's birthday? ----How did you last enter the US? ----(Going over the application) Have you engaged in any illegal activities etc (She asked me about 20-30 similar questions, to all of which I answered no). 3) Then she asked me to submit any documents that prove that our marriage is based on true love. She counted the number of pages of the documents I submitted and asked me to sign a paper. 4) Finally the interview questions. (She asked me so many, so I am going to write all I can remember. ) ----How did you come here today? ----What type of car? ----How did you and your spouse meet? ----What is the date of your wedding? ----What did you do after the wedding? ----What did you eat at the wedding reception? ----Did you eat cake? What kind of cake? ----How many people attended your wedding? and how many witnesses? ----What kind of siblings do your spouse have? ----What bank do you and your spouse use? ----Do you and your spouse have a joint bank account? ----Do you have TV and/or internet at home? What provider? ----Do you have a cellphone? From which company? How about your spouse? ----Where do you and your spouse work? How much does each of you make? ----What did you and your spouse do last night? ----Do you live in an apartment or a house? If apartment, what's the rent? Who owns the property? ----Who do you live with? Any roommates? What are their names? ----Do you have a washer and a dryer at home? ----Where do you put your dirty clothes? How about your spouse? ----What's the color of the bathroom? ----Is there a window in the bathroom? ----Describe your bathroom. After that, she asked if I have any questions. And she did not tell me if I passed the interview or not. My USCIS online case status has not been updated, so I am still nervous if I did okay. Anyone, please share your experience!
  5. I have applied to adjust my status based on my marriage to my US Citizen spouse. Currently reside in Northern California. Here's my timeline: Entire packet (I-130, I-485, I-864, I-765 ------ I am waiting to submit I-693, because I do not want to risk having to repeat the medical exam) received by the USCIS: April 27, 2018. E-Notifications: Sun, May 6, 2018 at 8:53 PM(interesting notification time lol!) Paper receipts: May 11, 2018 Biometrics Appt Notice: May 12, 2018 Biometrics Appt: May 25, 2018 I did most of the work by myself so feel free to ask me questions
  6. In order to apply for marriage-based AOS, I am aware that I need a picture of the wedding ceremony. What does this "a picture of the wedding" really mean? I got married to a US citizen, and we had a small wedding at a country court in my town. We invited a few of our friends, and we took a few photos from this day. Can I use a picture from this day? Does it have to be just two of us? Or can it include our friends in the photo? Also, when they say "Wedding ceremony", I think a lot of people think about a wedding ceremony where people get dressed in a wedding dress, and have luxurious dinners, have a speech, and dance and drink for hours. However, we only had a simple small court wedding that ended in 30 minutes or so. Is the photo from a simple court wedding not enough??? I am confused.
  7. Can a marriage license be the same as a marriage certificate? I was thinking a marriage license is kind of like a permit to get married, and a marriage certificate is the proof that you are married. That is, before the marriage, you have a marriage license, and after the marriage you have a marriage certificate. I got married in Texas to my USC partner, and we never got a marriage certificate mailed to us. We called the court where we got married, and they said "In the state of Texas, a marriage certificate is the same thing as a marriage license." Is this really true? Is there anyone who got married in Texas and still have both the marriage license and marriage certificate? I got married about 6 months ago, but is it still possible to get the marriage certificate? (if it actually exists different from the license?)
  8. Hi all, I received a Request for Initial Evidence (I-485) for an Adjustment of Status Application and submitted the information requested about 2 months ago. USCIS has yet to review the evidence I sent them. I started a new job on August 15th and I was wondering if it would be possible to resubmit form I-864 with the info pertaining to my new job to strengthen my application. Has anyone had any experiencing re-submitting forms without a request? What would you all recommend I do? Thank you in advance, Felipe