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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, I figured I could start this thread for May 2018 AOS filers in case no one has started one already. I filed for my two children , 11 and 9. They followed-to-join with K2 visas. Whats your case? Good luck to all us and let’s believe. It’s possible.
  2. Wondering if any of you have a similar background or have any thoughts. I met my now-husband while traveling in the US, early 2014. I met with him again a couple of months later, while we were still travelling around. I moved back home to finish college, and then moved down to the US for work in late 2015, and well, now we're married. I married my first husband in 2012. In the first year, we realized that we're better friends than spouses, but didn't do much about it. By the end of 2013, we had our own separate social lives and were basically roommates. We "officially" separated late 2014, in that he moved across the country and I stayed at our old apartment. We officially divorced late 2016 (after a mandated one year separation period which was more like two years). I'm concerned that this will come up unfavourably during our AOS interview, since I met my husband while married and not even technically separated, even though the marriage part of my marriage was long dead by then. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently gathering information for my RFIE response using a joint sponsor. I was wondering if anyone could look over my list of evidence and tell me if I'm missing anything: completed and signed I-864 joint sponsor's W2s joint sponsor's 1040a 2017 tax return joint sponsor's employment letter joint sponsor's paystubs for last 6 months copy of joint sponsor's U.S. birth certificate Am I missing anything? I wanted to get a copy of their 2017 tax transcript but as always the IRS website is having issues. She requested a copy in the mail so we are waiting for that while she tries to get it online at least once a day. I have until September 23rd to submit. Thanks in advance!
  4. We had our adjustment of status/ green card interview today. My wife (USC) was nervous (as with any interview) but all in all it was a relatively stress free day. We arrived to USCIS Centre in Buffalo, NY at around 9:30 - Interview was at 9:45. we went in and waited until 10:05. The gentleman called us and we followed him to a small room. We done the oath. He went over our basic information (mother’s name/if either of us have kids/date of birth). He asked us when and how me met (online - june 2016) He asked when the wedding was (April 2017) He asked where it was. My documents said I entered on the 25 of March when I actually entered on the 20th. He changed this to the 20th. He asked was I ever arrested or convicted (I said I was, for drunk driving back in 2010)... I gave him a copy of the court report from the conviction and police certificate from Ireland - he said thank you and moved on. (I had already submitted court report with initial packet) He asked about our co-sponsor (my wife’s mom) and he looked through our pictures that we brought, asked about one - and then told us I was approved and my green card would be out in the next 3 weeks. I then gave him my medical report which I needed to get a new copy of after receiving and RFE for to bring to interview. He looked through it and then told me the that in USCIS view our marriage is bonified, my green card is approved and that it would be out in the next 2-3 weeks in the post. He told me that I can apply for naturalization in 3 years as my spouse in a US citizen, told us goodbye and that was that. Online Case status hasn’t changed yet however. ____ I want to thank everyone on the forum who helped and gave me advice, I appreciate it so much and I will look to see if I can return the favor or help anyone out who has MSC/ AOS questions!! The following is my timeline... JUNE 09 2017 : Submitted package JUNE 15 2017 : Everything was received by USCIS JUNE 23 2017 : Received BIO appointment JULY 13 2017 : Attended BIO appointment JULY 13 2017 : Received Request for initial evidence for 1-130A (Dated July 07) / Yellow paper AUGUST 09 2017 : Response to USCIS request for evidence was received. Our national benefits center will begin working on your case again (From CaseTracker app - did not receive notice in mail) AUGUST 14 2017 : Received a purple letter saying that : The version of the form I-693 is no longer in use....... >> if you receive an interview notice please bring the updated I-693 with you If your case don't require an interview you will receive an RFE AUGUST 23 2017 : Online Case status changed to "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview - October 2nd August 29 interview scheduled September 27 - EAD: New Card is being produced. October 2 2017 : Interview and approval for green card.
  5. I submitted my I-130/I-130A, I-485, I-864, and I-765. It got delivered yesterday. I have some questions that a lawyer consultation deemed "orange flags", but I'm wondering if you think they might be red flags. 1. I came to the US on a TN visa/status. In August 2015, I got a TN, and stayed at that job for two months (until October), it didn't work out. Rather than leaving the country immediately after I was no longer employed, I submitted an application to change my status to a tourist visa. The intent was to go on a couple of road trips while I look for another job in US and Canada. In November, I received a job offer in the US. I left the country, went to Buffalo CBP, and got a new TN. The officer was peeved that I did the tourist visa thing, but at the end of the day said it's all fine and to have a nice day. A couple of months later, I received notice that my application for a tourist visa is denied based on the fact that I abandoned it by leaving the country, as I was informed will happen. I've been in the same job on TN status since. The lawyer said that this is my biggest issue. Is there anything I should prepare for now? 2. When I moved to the US for my second TN job, I moved in with my now husband--I was planning on staying with him while I look for my own place, but never left. We started dating, got married, had a kid, etc. Since TN is a temporary status, the lawyer said it looks kind of murky, but at the end of the day it's fine. My husband and I met in 2014 while we were both traveling in the US, and I wasn't planning for life to go this way, so she said to just be honest, but to expect possible questioning on this. What do you think? 3. My husband started his own business late last year, and we estimated a very low income from this, since we can't even prove it will be above zero, being new and all. My income is well above the required 125% of the poverty line, so I submitted our joint tax return showing that, my W-2s, and a letter from my employer saying that they will gladly hire me full time at said salary if my status changes to permanent resident. The lawyer I spoke to indicated that sometimes, beneficiary income is not counted, for reasons unexplained. Is that true? Should I be preparing to get a co-sponsor?
  6. I filed an AOS from F1. I’m kind of confused because I have been reading on this forum that some people don’t get interviews? I always thought that everyone got interviews.
  7. Uscis received my i751 joint petition to remove conditions on dec 4, 2017 and sent an extension letter on dec 15th. About a month ago, I received a notice stating biometric is not required. I’m having issues with my marriage now and my wife and we are going for counseling. However, my wife thinks she doesn’t want to be in the relationship and wants to file for divorce. I’m confused what to do. My application was sent to CSC 7 months ago and looks the Office is taking 18-20 months now. Should I wait until she files for divorce ? If she files around the 18 month timeframe will that cause an issue because I wouldn’t have filed a waiver application. Please advise.
  8. Hello, I did not see a thread for January 2018 filers so I thought I would create one. Priority Date: January 8th 2018 We sent I-130, i-485 package with affidavit (i-864) and i-765. Waiting anxiously and checking the mail every day for a receipt or something. I came with a tourist visa and we have been married since July 2017, based in Maryland. Good luck to us all, God bless
  9. Hello everybody, I married my husband on K1 visa and then applied for AOS. I have a question about supporting documents (evidence of marriage). The evidence we have: photos, lease agreement with both of our names, my name on my husband's health insurance, my name on my husband's tax return, we can also bring my husband's military security clearance with my name on it and my ID card of a military spouse. I'm also 5 month pregnant with our child. Is that enough evidence? Do I need to bring a note from the doctor that I will put my husband as the father? We cannot have a joint bank account because I would destroy my husband's credit history since I don't have any in the US and we are trying to save every penny now, and we don't own any assets together because we simply don't own anything I don't have any insurance, savings account or life insurance or last will. My husband wants to add me on his last will and life insurance, but we probably won't have the chance to do that before the interview. We also don't have my name on bills because my husband pays for everything since I cannot work now. Do you think we will have enough evidence? Thanks for your help!
  10. Hello! I had my interview today, it went surprisingly well! The officer separately questioned me and my husband with our lawyer sitting with us together. At the end of the interview she said that she is satisfied with our story and will do a final background check if we have all necessary documents and check my I-94 travel history, and said that we should be receiving our approval within 2 weeks if they are satisfied with all the submitted documents. She handed me a sheet of paper stating that "A decision cannot yet be made about your application/petition." Now, my lawyer said that I should be approved 99% and we are already certain of the approval. But I was wondering if this happened to anyone too, and why does this does happen?