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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, My fiance received an RFE letter in the mail after 5 months. Before the letter was delivered we were speculating that the RFE might be about the case of my fiance that happened 20 years ago where he plead guilty to a case of groping a minor. Luckily, it was that (the USCIS had asked for me to submit my letter of intent to marry my fiance), my fiance gladly complied and mailed the letter the next day. My question is, does the USCIS normally sent all RFEs at once and if they are satisfied with the letter of intent to marry that we mailed thats it? That we only need to wait for their confirmation? Or will there be another RFE that might be mailed later on which might be related to my fiance case history 20 years ago? It wasn't a rape or physical abuse but groping and all his records were deleted. Please enlighten me as everyday that we are waiting for the update from the USCIS is putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum and sharing my experience with you guys who may be in same boat with me. I believe J1 Waiver processing is affected partially with shut down too, not sure but this is happening with me: I just sent documents package after online application submission and getting case number, to the below address as per instructions: Department of State J-1 Waiver P.O. Box 979037 St. Louis, MO 63197-9000 I was tracking USPS and just got message that "Your item arrived at the SAINT LOUIS, MO 63197 post office at 9:47 am on December 28, 2018 and is ready for pickup." I didn't request for signature or any other service except flat rate envelope tracking. So I am not sure why status is saying "Ready for Pick Up". Is it normal or due to shut down thing there is a backlog of mails in their mail boxes. I am trying to contact USPS but wait times are more than 40 minutes on customer care line. So I thought to check with other applicants' experience if they faced similar thing in past? Any idea?
  3. I entered the states on January 3rd and I got my green card in the mail by Jan 25! A lot faster than I was told at customs.
  4. Hi, We are getting close or my fiance's interview in Guayaquil, Ecuador on February 6th, 2019. I originally created two of every documents in our original application (all finances, affidavits, official forms, etc, passport docs, etc..) in order to send to her before her interview to have to take with her. After updating some things (proof of support, recent passport stamps, flights), two weeks ago on January 7th, I sent all documents (100 pages worth) to her via USPS Priority International mail. The problem is that it just left the USA on Friday, January 18th to Quito, Ecuador, and when my fiance called the postal service in her country today, they said it would take another 20 business days to get to her. This would be too late for her interview. She just had her medical exam today, timed right to be shortly before her interview. We already paid for everything after many can agree is a very long and frustrating process. My question is, do we need all the original signed documents for the interview, or can I send her via email all the scanned documents for her to print? Thanks P.S. We didn't have many mailing options. No Fedex delivery to her hometown or interview location, and I don't have DHL service anywhere near where I live. So I choose USPS Priority International (6-10 business days).
  5. Hi, I have one question for advice. I have already submitted my statement of reason with application packet to DoS but then someone suggested (whom actually I requested earlier for my SOR review and he replied late) that I need to add two line to explain XYZ reason in my statement that makes my case stronger. I realized yes his point is valid but now worried, since it has been submitted to DoS, will it be possible to change it. I can see there is one link on J1 waiver portal to create statement of reason separately but I am not sure if it is for this purpose too. For clarification, let me share that my NOS from Embassy is still pending and will not reach to DoS before January 20 2019. So I believe I have time to make changes if allowed. Any advice will be really appreciated based on your research in forums and experience to move forward. Thanks everyone!
  6. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
  7. Hi Anyone able to advise me - what is the standard wait times to receive mail for USCIS (giving notice of Interview, please Its been a week since my case status was updated online but have not received anything in the mail yet? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if USCIS sends the green card by UPS or normal post? It says my card was sent on 11th Oct and still haven't received it yet.
  9. Hello! Our interview is scheduled for Nov 7th - I know it takes about a couple of weeks to receive the visa in mail - I was wondering how many days it took for you guys? We are hoping he can make it in time for Thanksgiving!
  10. Good afternoon everyone I just moved out to a new place and I was wondering what was the best way to update the address without confusing the USCIS and end up losing notices. Should I : 1) Update my address on My USCIS account on the DHS website since I put my 2 cases number there? or 2) Update my address for each case number using the website https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/displayCOAForm.do? Thank you for your feedback.
  11. Hi, I filed for my greencard in Chicago from a K1 visa AOS (november 2017) and got my work permit card on the mail and everything. My bio appt. happened in december but I haven't received any notices for an interview on the mail and my I-485 never changed from "fingerprint fee received". I sent out an inquiry about the status of my case but no answer so far. Is anyone else going through the same thing? Is there anything else I should do?
  12. I’m a permanent resident with a 10 year green card and I submitted a N400 application by mail with a lawyer under 3 year marriage on February 2018. I already did the biometrics and I’m currently waiting for the interview. I've been a permanent resident for more than 5 years but the lawyer thought checking (B) in Part 1 (3 year marriage) would be simpler since although there were no single trip longer than 6 months I was out of the country for a total of 238 days in 2013 over 3 trips. I have the required physical presence for both the previous 3 years (29 months) and 5 years (37 months) so I qualify for both. My lawyer said I shouldn't send the supporting 4 documents under "applying for naturalization on the basis of marriage to a U.S. citizen" listed at https://www.uscis.gov/files/form/attachments.pdf saying it's better to take them to the interview and mailed the application without them. She doesn't seem concerned and thinks my application is straightforward but I feel nervous not following directions. My questions are: 1. Should I not worry and take the supporting documents to the interview like my lawyer suggested 2. If USCIS does need the supporting documents will I get an RFE before the interview 3. Could this delay my application 4. Is there a way to send supporting documents after a N400 application has been mailed without a RFE 5. I have an online account at https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ that lets me "Upload Documents" under "Unsolicited information" -- is that the same thing as sending supporting documents for those that apply online Thank you!
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone had experienced this. We’re 3months into the waiting period for the petition and now I’m trying to plan our summer on the little information we have so far. Portuguese visa applications are sent to Paris where you take a prepaid self addressed envelope to your interview. Can the address you put on that envelope be different tothe address you filed with? I want to visit family in the UK and was wondering if I can use my mother’s address while I wait for the passport to be sent. The other question is, can I book my medical appointments in advance even though I haven’t had the NVC referral yet? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had experience from Egypt...I was wondering how the Cairo embassy sends out Packet 3? The mail system in Egypt is complete garbage. My fiancé JUST received a Christmas card I mailed at the beginning of December. I am hoping and praying they will send instructions via email. Any info about Egypt is much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hello! We are having problems with sending our documents to NVC. We tried sending them with usps but they were lost since January 2018. Later when we learned that we can use online uploading, my husband uploaded documents online. And I received email from NVC that we can send them documents with email. So he emailed them. Later I got a new reply from NVC that we can't email them and we have to mail them. Then my husband mailled the documents with ups this time. It's been 2 weeks and still ceac shows the same page "action required, send below documents etc." How did everyone here send their documents to NVC? Does NVC inform you when they receive? Or how long this part takes? Is there anything you can recommend us to do now?
  16. I hate USPS! My Green card was shipped on the 9th of this month. I was supposed to receive it on Feb the 12th. It went all over the state of Ohio and then it was in transit for 6 days in row, then USPS told me they lost track of it. The tracking number said it left USPS distribution center Cleveland OH and Delivered BUT NOT TO ME, but to Lee's Summit, MO USCIS production facility!! I got the tracking number from informed delivery, so I know that my address is correct on the package no doubt about it. Why they did not deliver it? I don't know.. USPS suck, they do not reply to my calls, nor my emails. Basically they said "F Off" throughout this waiting period!! Now, it's March 8th and nothing from USCIS, nor USPS informed Delivery. I filed a service request to have my card reshipped on the 27th of Feb, and immediately got a response that they will reship it. Since then, not a single word. I also verified the address in file and it is correct. Anybody went through this and have an estimated time on how much it should take before it's reshipped? I am traveling and to be honest I don't want to leave with i-551 stamp. I heard that you might not be able to board with it!! Please let me know, Thanks!
  17. Scaret_e


    Off topic but does anybody know the safest way to send out a passport nyc to Davao phillipines?? fed ex? ups? regular mail?
  18. Hi everyone, so how long did it take from your interview and being approved until you received green card in the mail? So another way to ask: how many days, weeks did you wait for green card to finally arrived into your mail box? Thank you
  19. Greetings everyone. For IR-1 immigrant visa applicants who will interview at the USA embassy in Amman, Jordan, should we send AOS and civil documents to NVC by E-mail or by ground mail? I appreciate it if someone from Jordan who already dealt with the NVC can shed light on this from their experience. I am asking because I received contradictory information from the NVC. A couple of weeks ago, we emailed the NVC asling about whether we should mail or email the AOS and civil documents to them. They responded that "Your assigned embassy or consulate does not participate in the NVC's electronic processing program. Therefore, you cannot submit forms or documents by email. Instead, you should send your documents to us by mail to this address...etc". However, after completing the form DS-260 online, I checked the status of my application. The guidelines indicate that I should scan and send the documents by E-mail as one PDF file. Also, NVC's website guidelines indicates that case numbers starting with AMM are required to submit by email. Your help is appreciated as we are trying to avoid unnecessary delays by filing using the wrong method.
  20. Our I-129F was approved as i can see that on the USCIS website February 26, 2018 and have not received any mail is this normal? Also my fiance in Mexico has not gotten anything from the NVC or embassy, is this normal as well? We are trying to get everything together for the next step but are unsure.
  21. I was told that we need 30 letters each snail mail for proof of relationship. our burned up in the fire in cebu PI. But we have 1800 pages of what aap chat. does that count? plus we are told no money chat or love chat can be in the conversation. is that true? 1800 pages is alot to edit.
  22. Hello everyone!! I am starting to feel bad because I keep asking these weird questions... Anyways! My husband and I have filed the AOS including the EAD in April 2017! Our status on the AOS has still not changed, but I am more concerned about the EAD. On September 5th 2017, the EAD has been approved and on September 8th, the status has changed to "your card is being mailed to you". In the past 3 month I have moved twice. I am afraid that the USCIS has sent the card to the old address (Apartment in Marin, CA). Well, that's the place we suddenly have to leave. Then, we have forwarded all the mail to our Marin address to our official P.O. Box. All the mail should go there. The letter from USCIS, that my card will arrive in a separate letter, has arrived at my mailbox (not a forwarded). So we moved to San Francisco for three months, and of course I have changed the home address, but kept the mailing address the same. Now, the USCIS case status says that if I haven't received the card by Oct 8th, I shall contact the USCIS - which I did on Oct 10th. Also, I have filed a move, back to a new house in Marin, CA. Today, I have received an email saying they have precessed my request address change. But nothing about where my card is, when it will arrive, where it will arrive, and what happened to the first one, not even which address they have sent it to.... So does the USCIS usually send CARDs to the home address or mailing address? Do they not send the CARDs to "forwarded addresses"? Does it really take over two months since the "has been sent" message? Thanks for listening, Vanessa Card Was Mailed To Me On September 8, 2017, we mailed your new card for Receipt Number MSCXXXXXXXXX, to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your card by October 8, 2017, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we send your new card to you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  23. We sent our petition on 22/September and on 27/September my fiancé received a TEXT message saying they received it and that "Form (I-797) to follow in mail". Isn't the petitioner supposed to have received an Email already when the Text Message was received? Aren't the Email and the text message the same thing (NOA1)? Clear up the confusion for me please.
  24. I am scheduling an interview for my fiancee. I am worried that her address isn't going to work for the visa to be sent to. What is the best place I can have the embassy send it to? Post office? Also, can I just put her current address in right now and change it letter when I find a better mailing address? Thanks for any advice.