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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, Appreciate anyone who can shed some light to my query. My mom filed an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative for myself way back 2014 and already approved. This is during the time that my mom was a legal permanent resident. Recently about a month ago, she took oath as a US Citizen. Now my question, is my visa type converted to F1 from F2B since my mom is already a US Citizen? Is it automatic that it will be converted to F1? Thank you and appreciate all your answers. Regards,
  2. when can i be considered as LPR for some jobs like USPS etc, the date of i526 approval or the date of receipt of temp GC, or any other date?
  3. Hi guys, So I'm just concern about my case. My husband filled the documents online (I-130) on Dec 26th, 2019. He's LPR. My priority date is: Dec 27th 2019. On our receipt it was written that our Service Center was California... but yesterday March 10th, we logged in on our Uscis Account, wrote a message to USCIS ONLINE, and they told us our new office was Potomac (we haven't recieve any notification yet). I got really confused about it, now, I'm not sure which processing time should I follow, Potomac or California?
  4. My spouse has had a conditional green card for some time now and after visiting her home country of Poland a few times, her family wants to visit us here in the US and see her world. Her family has some strong ties to Poland. They all have paid-off homes there, careers there, and some are studying there... but I continuously here it's basically impossible after someone used a B2 and ended up as an immigrant. Is there any chance at all? Besides the heartbreak at the airport, we don't have the money to throw at so many journies to the USA that immediately get turned around...
  5. Hello, I think I'm in a bit of a pickle and need some light shed on my thinking. I'm an LPR currently visiting my spouse abroad. My spouse has a valid tourist visa to US for which he applied before our nuptials. We think we want to start our life together in US, but not 100% sure... also, which route do we take? Filing I-130 online is the first logical step, but then what... I've read on few websites I can file I-130 from abroad and then decide if we want to go with AOS or consular processing, but how does it work in real world? 1. can he come to US on his tourist visa AFTER filing I-130 and then file for AOS from within when we decide this is where we want to settle? 2. do we file I-130 and proceed with NVC while he stays abroad and I go back to US? 3. Can he freely visit me in US while his paperwork is pending? 3. What consequences are we possibly facing going with option nr 1? Does the dreaded 90 day intent rule affect us even though we're already married? 3. Can we start process with NVC and have it transferred to USCIS in case he is physically in US by then? What's the best way to get all this done?
  6. Hello. I'm LPR recently married abroad to an Israeli citizen. I'm going back to US to file I-130 while he stays abroad for consular processing. I have few questions: 1.Realistically how long are we looking at before he comes to US with his GC packet? 2.Can he visit me in the meantime on a tourist visa that he already has? 3. If my US income is above 125% poverty guideline do we still need a co-sponsor for I-864? I'm going to file I-130 in about a month. Any and all insight is much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi! I am a lawful permanent resident at the moment and will be filing my citizenship this May 2020. Also, I am getting married in the Philippines this April 2020. I am planning to petition my then spouse after I take my oath and get my certificate of naturalization. I need an advice whether to change my last name or not on my marriage certificate to be filed in the Philippines. Would this cause conflict when I apply for my citizenship? Should I just wait for my citizenship application to legally change my name? If so, what would be the effect of this when I petition my spouse after obtaining my citizenship knowing that my legal name would already be different from what is on the marriage certificate. Please help.
  8. Hello everyone out there, My wife and I filed a joint i-751 petition 2 weeks ago because we were in the 90 days period, our marriage was going down but we were not sure we wanted to divorce, so we filed a joint petition. Now we are heading to divorce, unfortunately, she already filed. I received the NOA1 last week. I am looking to move out and change my address on the USCIS website, we expect the divorce will be finalized sometime around the end of the year or the beginning of 2017. I want to use the divorce waiver, but my question is, do I have to file a whole new application with all the supporting evidence? and pay a new fee again? and receive another NOA1? If so, can I ask them to return the old application to me so I can use the same evidence and just print and fill a new i-751 form? or can I ask them to amend my application to divorce waiver? Please your help is highly appreciated Thank you.
  9. Hello, I am a permanent resident since 2011. In 2015 I was charged with possession of Marijuana 0.5 grams tiny bit in North Carolina. Charge was a misdemeanor my attorney got voluntary dismissal (VD) from the attorney I didn’t have to go to court or anything. It was dismissed with no conviction. I did community service prior to my trial date. In 2016 my charge was expunged. I have the expungement that says less than 1/2 ounce charge was expunged. Now in October 2019 I am trying to apply for citizenship filling N-400. I am worried if my charge will deny my citizenship. In April 2020 it will be 5 years since I was charged. I understand waiting 5 years is a good idea, but I really want to be a US citizen it’s almost 5 years. That’s the only offense I have in my life time. Should I Go ahead and apply for citizenship. Will there be an issue on interview? Please help I appreciate all the responses. In my n-400 I am going to say yes I was charged yes I was arrested although I was allowed to leave the scene after getting citation like speeding ticket and no I was not convicted.
  10. Hi all, First of all please dont judge as i needed some advise or anyone who went thru the same thing. I got my 10 yr Green Card and Date of Entry to US Feb 2019 (it is on my GC too). We were in US for 2 weeks Then We entered US again Sep 2019 for 2 weeks. I know that we are supoosed to move permanently once i get my GC but we have our reasons. we are definitely moving to US in Aug 2020. I just found out that i am pregnant and we are also aware that we have to go in to US every 6months. I couldnt file re entry as we are outside US. My Edd is end of may 2020 and i will out US 11 months before we moved permanently. Anyone here had the same or similar situation? Any advise or anything? Thank you so much
  11. Hi everyone! I'm a 2016 filer for my spouse. I started this thread because I wanted to interact with my fellow 2016 filers (as well as others) who are also going through the petition process. This would be a great opportunity to share our insights, knowledge, and experiences. Honestly though, the waiting game is really hard. Maybe if we support each other, it would help ease it even a little. So to start off: PD: 7/20/2016 NOA1: 7/26/2016 NOA2: 11/29/2016
  12. Good morning all, I was wondering if LPR's had any experience hiring a car. Let me give some background info. I am a British citizen living in the USA, I have my Green Card interview in 2 days so I'll be an LPR (hopefully) by the time my UK trip comes around I hold a Missouri drivers license We have a Bank of America credit card We are with Geico insurance I am from the UK I want to hire a rental car in the UK We are going to the UK for 2 weeks over October/November So long story short, can a British LPR hire a rental car in the UK using a Missouri driver's license? If so, what will I need? I have never hired a rental before in any country so I am clueless where to begin. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Hi. I was interviewed last july 12 and it was approved . Afternoon of july 12 my status in ceac change from ready to ISSUED. Then on the date updated from JULY 12 TO JULY 17 still ISSUED. What does it mean? When will I receive my visa . I also choose Pick up 2GO MOA. Im so worried. Please help
  14. Excerpts from the URL below: "On May 17, 2019, the U.S. State Department.. Charlie Oppenheim who is responsible for the monthly Visa Bulletin announced.. [family 2A category (spouses and unmarried children of lawful permanent residents) will become current for the first time in many years]...at the Immigration Conference of the Federal Bar Association in Austin, Texas." "This is great news for green card holders who have petitioned, or want to petition, their spouses and children." External site (Shusterman Law, CA) F-2A Category Will Become Current On July 1 2019
  15. I know my sponsor must file I-865, Sponsor's Notice of Change of Address. But what else do I need to change the address for? I-130, I-485? What about my old I-131 and I-765? PS: I am a conditional LPR. Thank you.
  16. Greetings, My consulate interview is very soon, my category is F2B. Lately, I have heard from other peoples experiences that the consul in many of the questions he asks is: How did your father/mother get to the US?... Back in the 90s most of the Dominicans parents immigrated to the US in -Yolas- to PR, a yola is a little improvised boat. I am a little worried because this is my father's case and if, just if the consul ask me this question and I give him/her this answer, I am afraid that this could affect my interview outcome. Just to be aware this was more than 20 years ago and my father now is an American resident. Please kindly clarify this interrogative that I am having right now. Thank you all! ♥
  17. HI Friends... i need a clarification of affidavit of support (I - 864).... Actually my wife was working for past 3 years (she has 3 years tax return,etc). this year 2019 she started to study..she cant purse her work again. as studies is more important than work. My father in law(My wife father) decided to sponsor me as he file (tax returns)everything up to date. he is working too.... if my father in law sponsors me whether my wife need to submit all the tax returns documents and stuffs for affidavit of support ... please anyone give me a clear picture on this......... thanks in advance....
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