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Found 7 results

  1. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  2. Hello everybody my name is Jessica Lozano and I have a question. My fiancé will be visiting in May because I will be graduating from UNI. He has an ESTA visa and he's from Korea. We've talked about him coming and us POSSIBLY getting married 2 weeks after. It's not a for sure thing. We want to weigh out our options. The distance sucks and the air fare is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE we've been visiting each other over the years. If we were to get married (on the ESTA he has 90 days to be here) can he overstay or can we file for AOS immediately or..? Please LET ME KNOW your experiences and opinions.
  3. Hi Guys, I have been stressing out for such a long time, I feel so tired now. Here is the situation: 10 years ago my family and I left Iraq & arrived to States. We stayed here ever since, and after graduating high school, I finally traveled to Egypt to meet my Iraqi born boyfriend at the time. Prior to the meeting, we knew each other on Facebook for a looooooooong time. We then, out of nowhere, found each other, and fell in love, like hard. He graduated from dentistry school in Egypt, currently 24 years old. I visited him in Cairo twice, we got engaged, and we decided to live in the States since it will not help me a lot if I moved to Egypt or Iraq. He lived in Egypt since he was 12 and returned to Iraq at 24. I applied for k1 on January 2018, and USCIS received the application on January 23, 2018. According to their website, they are processing January applications right now. I am not sure when the wait will be over, but considering what's going on, I am so scared. I turned 20 on the 15th of this month and I can't believe the stress I am under. Do you guys think we will be fine? I mean, I don't even make enough money, I am part time employee and full time college student (BUT I DO HAVE CO-SPONSORS WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP LIKE FAMILY FRIENDS). Please give me any info, advice, heads up. Anything will appreciated. I have not heard back from USCIS so is no news good news at this stage? Will our background effect our life together? It is so stressful, I want to get on with our life together already I have been thinking about this everyday for the past two years!! I check the website everyday...sometimes even three to four times a day! I am going mad I think. Please help.
  4. Hi my names is balsam nefzi I from Tunisia and I am 14 years old and I want to immigrate to America and study there my mom is okay with send me there to my aunt in Texas Houston but I don’t even know how to start with the immigration process
  5. My fiancé and I have been in a relationship for 11 years now and we are looking forward to celebrating the next chapter of our lives together after being apart for more than a decade. My fiancé and I first met in 2006 when we were in high school in the Philippines. We were initially friends and became official as a couple in January 2007. Our long distance relationship began not long after we became a couple. Four months later, May of 2007, I had to move to the United Kingdom to live with my family. Throughout the years, our ways of communication evolved from mailing each other love letters, international prepaid phone calls, text messaging, and various social media platforms such as Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, Skype, Facebook, and now Facetime - making things a little easier. The next time we met after I left Philippines in 2007 was in March 2010 when I attended his graduation there. I still couldn't believe how we managed not seeing each other for 3 long years! Well I guess, love does conquer all! He was then petitioned by his parents to the US in 2012 and in August of that year I came to visit him in California. Again, another 2 years of not seeing each other! I was still studying at university then and both of us didn't really have enough money to see each other as often as we would like to. However, when I graduated in 2014, got a job and he became a RN in the US, we were able to go on holidays together and see each other more often than we used to - which is twice a year! Still not a lot, I know. When he became a US citizen in August 2017, we couldn't wait to file for the K1 visa. We know that this would be another long journey. It's another test of patience, but I pray that someday, we will be together. We waited for 11 years to be able to just file a petition for K1 visa and I guess a couple of months won't hurt that much. For everyone who's patiently waiting, please remember that this is the final test of patience. You're almost there - we are almost there. <3
  6. Just Curious I had a question can the state of emergency be a good reason to request a expedite in your case? The record Death toll in the country last year, the United State increasing the travel level to 2 and the country itself enacting a State of Emergency in a particular region where your spouse live? How do you request a expedite?
  7. Hello, My name is Rachael, and I fell in love with with a man I've never met in person before. I'll give you a little back story. In 2005, we met on a webcam site called, stickam.com. It was a site, where you could shuffle through different people all over the world and I just so happened to land on a camera of this cute guy playing guitar (I was too). Now mind you, we were the ages, 12 and 13.... He is 10 months older than me exactly. Anyway.. It turned out that Alex lived in Western Aus..... we were literally on the opposite side of the world from each other. over the last 12 years, we have kept in contact and video chatted through, Stickam, MSN, AOL, Skype, Myspace etc. There was a point in time when we did lose contact with each other.. Then, Facebook cameo out, and I decided to look him up.... and wouldn't you know it!!!! I found his Aussie butt!!!!! We always kept in contact for ever, for the last 12 years honestly. He was supposed to come to the states 3 times, but always ended up going to a different destination. But this year is different.....! So, back in the beginning of June of this year, we started "Talking, Talking" and things have become pretty serious, we have talked literally every single day since then. texting, video chatting, phone calls. quite literally every second of my day is consumed by him other than when he's sleeping (He's 12 hrs ahead of me). Even though we have not met in person... physically... I fell for him.. oh boy, did I fall for him the last few months.... I fell because he serenaded me to sleep (at least he thought so...)... I could see him through my eye lashes; he turned his head to the side smiled then turned the chat off... He's become my best friend.... We have so much in common, we have the same sense of humor... I can go on and on.. really. So now that you are up to speed..... He is coming here through the Non-Visa Waiver Program for 3 months, on October 25th. His plane lands... and that is when my heart will stop I think.. I have butterflies just thinking about it... I mean, common.... 12 years of knowing someone and we are finally going to meet in person.. I have no idea what he even smells like lol! so he will be here until January 23rd, and he leaves back home to AUS.. The very thought makes me sick to my stomach and my heart sink..... I don't want him to leave already and he's not even here yet! I suggested the K-1 Visa... because we wanted to find a way to keep him here.. because we don't want him to go home to W.A. I love him and am too afraid to tell him over camera, I want to tell him in person... With the K-1 I have read that he have had to of met in person first, have pictures etc... which we will be doing all of this on the NVWP. We're going to Colorado, New York, Disney, Miami, (I live in FL).. and I will be taking a ton of pictures. I just want to make sure that I have everything I need prior to filing for the K-1. I have a few questions regarding the whole K-1 Visa: 1- Can we apply for a K-1 Visa while he is in the states?? 2- How long does it take to get approval for the Visa? 3-How long do we have to be engaged before filing for the K-1? 4- How soon upon his return to the AUS can he apply for the Visa? 5-Would you suggest him coming back on a B-2 Visa for the 6 month duration, and apply in the states for the K-1? I just want to make sure I cover everything. I love him, and I want him to stay with me, and he wants to stay. I have a little boy... and He needs a daddy... his real father passed away when I was 34 weeks pregnant... Lex has always been there for me... I am so happy when we talk... I could only imagine him being here in person.... oh my god..... I'm soooo excited, but I am DREADING January 23rd I just want him to stay... Any advice anyone can give me??? Thanks soooooo much for reading!