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Found 11 results

  1. My husband and I are filing for the I-130 visa (CR1), he lives in the United States and I live in Canada. He will (obviously) be petitioning for me. I lived with him in the United States from November 2017-January 2018, I also lived with him for a few weeks while we got married back in October of 2017, and on our marriage license we put down his physical address for the both of us as we had a confidential marriage license (not our choice, it'll be fine as we had two lawyers confirm it won't be an issue as long as we have a bona fide relationship- but I appreciate the concern lol). On the form I-130a, it states that I have to write down the past physical addresses that I've lived within the past 5 years (within or outside of the USA). While living with my husband I was on a Visa Waiver Program (VWP), will this be a red flag? Normally I wouldn't write it down at all but because it's on our marriage license I feel obligated to have to state I lived with him for 2.5 months in the USA while on a VWP? I'm not even sure if that's legal? I have no idea.
  2. Bladeness

    Switching License to US

    My Fiance has a class 5 GDL license and we were wondering if he needs to get his Class 5 license for it to be able to be transferred to the states or if his class 5 GDL license is enough?
  3. Hello, My fiancee and I are discussing where to get married. Currently there are two options, Hawaii and Oregon and each has their own pros and cons. My question is this: My fiancee will be here with her k1 visa/passport. She will also have an old Social security card that she used to work in the country in the past (although I don't think this will be sufficient) In either of these states, what identification will she need to show for us to maintain a marriage license?
  4. Hi guys, Our green card interview is in 2 weeks! We completed the biometrics interview a few months ago. On our most recent i797c notice of action for our scheduled interview, it states that we should bring along a certified copy of the marriage license. Does this mean we need to bring in the marriage license itself, a photocopy of the marriage license, or actually order a $15 or so certified copy of the license? It's a bit confusing. Please let me know at your earliest convenience!
  5. Hey everyone; ive a question & im very worried about it! Id appreciate if someone would help me with this. My husband got some speeding tickets and he visited me after that. He missed the court date behind! His license got revoked and he was telling me that there’s a warrant too on his name. W.e is happening I just want to know can this anyhow affect my case which is processing under f2a? He’s doing a job, but not driving since then. I’m just too curious and depressed! Help!
  6. Hi everyone, I am from England, UK and I miss driving so much. I have my full UK license, of course and need to make calls to the DMV in regards to obtaining my CA license and all the finer details that goes along with it (insurance, etc). That aside, I am calling on my fellow brits to share their experiences with driving on the "wrong" (okay, okay, the "right) side of the road! I observe intently when my husband drives, trying to get my head around being in the right lane, the different turns made in comparison, the copious stop signs with their rules, the multiple lanes, plus being able to turn right when the light is red unless it states otherwise. (Side note: I actually miss roundabouts a lot!). Please could some UK people who have transitioned from UK to USA driving share the benefit of their experience to aid in this process a little please? Thank you in advance .
  7. Hi VJ people, It's been a long process, but I'm finally a US citizen Now I'm curious what I should do with the marriage license. We got married in my former home country (Korea), so the marriage license is in Korean with my own translation. I've been wondering if I should register marriage here as well because if something happens that we need to obtain a new copy or something that my wife needs to provide the marriage certificate. I don't know if any of you have experience/information on this. But since I'm no longer a Korean citizen I'm afraid 1) it might get harder for me to get the certificate or 2) somehow compromise the validity of the certificate. All the time I've been here as LPR, I never had to provide our marriage certificate to anyone other than USCIS, so I'm not sure if this will be even necessary. So I'm wondering... - What are other occasions that we might need the marriage certificate? Have you had any trouble using the certificate from abroad? I'm reading like a legal name change or mortgage application would require them, but anything else like life insurance claims, etc.? - Can the court give you a marriage license based on your foreign certificate? As it, they would give you the same date and location, etc. Or do I need to get one as if it's a new one? - Any other thoughts on the matter from whoever had any issue with these. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I went to the DMV DLPC this week with the intention to take the written test. I was called to the front desk and a lady gathered my documents (foreign passport with the I-551, rental agreement and SS Card) saying it was all in order. However, after trying several times to have my passport's biographical page scanned, their software wouldn't take it as a valid document. At that moment she explained to me that I had 2 options: (1) To wait until I receive the actual (plastic) GC in the mail and come back, or (2) to enter the 'Secondary Review Process' (SRP). Option (2), according to her, was not a very good option bcs, even in the case of the GC arriving within days, the local DMV wouldn't be able to touch the application until the SRP was finished in their HQ in Sacramento. Additionally, she mentioned that the SRP was taking at least three months from now, so as you can imagine the trauma from waiting so long for the IV Process made me decide not to continue with it. My questions are: 1. Does someone recently have tried to get their DL? (Preferably some IR1/CR1 from CA) If so, have you encountered the same situation? 2. I entered the country on March 28th; and I my husband paid for the Immigration Fee on March 23rd. Does anyone have an idea how long is currently taking to receive the GC by mail? I called USCIS recently and the operator said it could take up to 120 days. Passed that timeframe, I could submit an inquiry about it. Thank you!
  9. Well wishes to all. To those who've been recently approved... did you have to get your marriage license notarized by the US embassy in Ghana? Thanks
  10. We have a month to start filing for I-751 and we are scared about the petition being approved, we d have joint banks accounts but we have insurance where she is my beneficiary also we have tons of pictures together after marriage, we also have a leasing agreement where shows my wife's name, but we don't have driver's license with the same address, my wife's driver license has the address we are living in now but mine has my old address, I don't know why it didn't change it before 😣, it's February and her visa expires in June, can I still get a new driver's license with the new address without raising a red flag? Also do we really need a lawyer? We've been happily living together since she came here now she is scared her visa will be denied and sent back to Colombia. Please help!
  11. Hi all, I came to the US on a K-1, married my spouse, going through AOS and have recently obtained my EAD/AP. I thought I read before that EAD was enough to apply for a driver's license in GA, but I can't find where I got that information. On the GA dept of driver services website, you can go through a 'custom checklist' to figure out what docs you need to bring. This is what is given as the options for a non-citizen: Unexpired Foreign Passport with valid U.S. Visa (Immigration Status A, B, E, H, I, L, O, P, Q, R, or S) Unexpired Foreign Passport with valid U.S. Visa (Immigration Status F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2, M-1 or M-2) I-94 with Asylee or Refugee Status/Stamp I-766 with Category Code: C08 I-766 with Temporary Protection Status I-766 without Temporary Protection Status I-766 with Category Codes: C09, C10, C18, & A11 I-551 or I-551 Stamp with photo on I-94 form I-551 Stamp Visa Waiver Stamp Am I missing something, or am I right in thinking that there nothing here that refers to K1 holders or those with EADs? If anyone has been through this and can shed some light on the situation, I'd be very grateful!