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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there! My fiance and I are in the proccess of filing the k1 visa petition. How do we write our signatures for the letter of intent if my petitioner and I are in different countries? Should my petitioner print a copy of the letter with my signature? TIA
  2. Hello, My (I'm USC) I-130 petition for my husband (beneficiary) was approved Dec 2019. We're currently in the States right now and we thought we had to have the I-130 approved first so it was filed separately from the AOS. The AOS was eventually submitted. As of Dec 2019 based on the USCIS case status tool online we're ready to be scheduled for an interview. Although we still haven't received a notice of the exact date. But regarding the I-130 approval notice it states that the petition was sent to the NVC. That my husband will receive further correspondence and we're assuming it could be further instructions. What could that be? We've also been told that if we did receive that correspondence from NVC we are to let them know that we've filed my husband's AOS already. By doing this, NVC will close our case on their side. Is this advice correct? If yes, do we also let them know we're waiting for the scheduled interview notice? If no, what would be the appropriate actions we need to take? Please any input would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  3. I received the oath ceremony letter and it's asking me to bring my green card and all valid or expired EADs issued to me - Is this the standard language/requirements of the oath ceremony letter or has this been mentioned only in my letter asking me to bring all valid or expired EADs issued to me. I was issued an L2 EAD about 8 years back and I cannot find it anywhere. Can I be stopped from taking oath if i am not able to submit this? I have the green card though.
  4. Do I need to send the requested documents listed in the instruction letter (packet 3) to the U.S. Embassy or can I just bring them all to the interview? Some people seem to have just brought it to the interview and didn't send anything to the embassy. From my understanding, it's just to speed up the process a bit, and is not an actual requirement. This is in Tokyo btw. Thank you.
  5. When do you need to provide a police clearance? When u scan in to NVC package? Or you need just for the interview? Or do u need it for both? If u do both, I was told u need the most current police clearance 1-2 weeks before interview. Please assist. Thank you.
  6. Hi all! I would like to share with everyone what I did after receiving the visa interview eligibility letter from the US Embassy in Manila: I sent an e-mail confirming that I have completed my DS-160, as instructed in the letter. I'd like to show y'all how I wrote the e-mail and how the Embassy responded; just so you guys would get an idea of what worked for me and what to expect. I know this matter a trifle, but maybe it'll help someone out there anyways. To give you an idea of my progress, here is my timeline summary (2019): Sent I-129F - Jan. 24 NOA1 - Jan. 30 (6 days) NOA2 - Apr. 18 (78 days) Case# - May 9 (21 days) Ready - Jun. 3 (25 days) Eligibility Letter - Jun. 6 (dated), but received in the mail Jun. 14 The eligibility letter says: "...You should notify the Embassy by e-mail at support-philippines@ustraveldocs.com once the DS-160 has been completed." and: "When communicating with the Embassy by telephone, e-mail, letter, or fax, always refer to your name, case number and visa category as they appear below. Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit" (Your info comes right after this part) With these in mind, here is a template of how I constructed my e-mail: Notes: (1) For the header, I inserted Visa: K1 as it was not on the bottom section. (2) I attached the 2-page PDF file of the Confirmation Page, not just page 1 (although I think they only needed that one, I went for the safer route). (3) I sent the e-mail on Friday afternoon and got the response Monday afternoon. After 1 business day, this was the embassy's e-mail response: Welp. That's me trying to be useful. 😂 Good luck to everyone!
  7. Ok so 9 weeks ago my Russian wife got a notification after receiving her Work Permit and Advance Parole card that said USCIS would send us a letter for her upcoming green card interview. We never got any notification for when/where the interview would take place and USCIS kinda rudely told us to be patient and wait indefinetly when I called. Whats the typical wait time, just to receive a letter stating an interview time for green card? I'm hearing it could be months ? Is there any way to expedite it or find out why they want an interview at all ? My friends wife from Indonesia had her green card mailed to her with no interview necessary at all. It's literally screwing my wife's life up as she desperately wants to attend university but cant do so without the green card and permanent residency. Any info on how long we can expect JUST to receive the letter showing date/time for green card, and how long we should expect to wait for it.
  8. Hi! New to this site and hopefully i'm posting this in the right place! I am currently applying for my K1 visa, moving from UK to US, (I am the beneficiary). I received an email a few days ago saying that my case was now on the way to the embassy in London and when I typed my case number in on the ceac website it says 'in transit'. I'm just wondering what I can do at this point. Whether I can book my medical or should I wait until I receive the welcome letter from the embassy? I have heard mixed opinions on this. I rang the NVC from the UK myself to get my case number several weeks ago and we still haven't even received a hard copy from NVC saying they have received our case. So as you can imagine, I don't really want to wait around for the embassy letter if I can help it. I have also not sent off my DS-160 form yet/paid any fees but have all the info saved and ready to go. Is this something I can do now too?? We have hired a lawyer and although she is really helpful she is also taking exams for the next 3 weeks and is unavailable which is really annoying as I have so many questions!! 😂 I don't like to be waiting around if i know there are things I could be getting on with in the meantime. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. I had my medical yesterday at Knightsbridge’s and my experience echos the positive accounts shared by other users. It’s nowhere near invasive as one would imagine and the people working there really are lovely. One thing that really made the experience an easy one (other than turning up with everything they asked for) was the medical letter I acquired from my GP regarding my long history of depression and agoraphobia. The physician conducting the medical assessment remarked that the letter was excellent and provided all the necessary information. The only question I was asked was if I had received counselling to which my answer was no, I wasn’t questioned any further. If you need a medical letter from your GP especially from one that doesn’t know you (as was the case with me) consider providing them with this outline and a note explaining your history in your own words and how you currently feel. It might provide some helpful insight and gives them something to refer to once you have left. This is the outline I provided the GP with as the basis for my letter: Diagnosis? Treatment? Duration of treatment and illness? Any prior or subsequent mental health or illness? Have there been any incidents of self harm, harm to others or suicide attempts? What is the prognosis and your opinion of the patients mental state. Is she a risk to herself or to others? I used my appointment to discuss my history and current mental state and explained that these questions needed to be addressed in the letter which they were and she even included parts of the note which I wasn’t expecting. I know it won’t guarantee the same results but it helped me and the Knightsbridge physician’s reaction made it feel worth sharing. 🤓
  10. Hello, My husband has reached the two year mark on his conditional resident visa, and we sent in our paperwork (I-751). We never received a reminder of this, and did not send the paperwork in exactly 90 days before. We sent our paperwork in December 20th, which they sent back saying that there were problems with the packet. We fixed the problems and sent it back in. They received and accepted the packet, acknowledging this at the end of January, and sent us a letter stating that my husband was to attend an interview for his biometrics February 14th. We went to that interview and that was it. However, we never received a letter giving him the extension on his green card, which USCIS says was supposed to have arrive with the biometrics letter. His green card expires today and we are very confused as to what we need to do. We called USCIS two days ago and the person we spoke to said that we needed to make an appointment at a field office and request an "Aided Stamp". The nearest office was 6 hours away, so my husband drove there just for them to tell him that they would not give it to him and that he needed to just wait for a letter. Is this true? What should be done now? The person at the office said that he is not illegal because he started the process for the removal of conditions before his green card expired, but we are quite concerned. Any clarity on this would be helpful. Thank you, dhm2
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to get a good idea of who has already been scheduled for ghana for family based (no K-1 please) visa recently? Please reply and if you can, please let me know the Case Completion Date and the Visa Interview Date as well. Thank you all.
  12. When I recently visited my fiancee in Albania, I forgot to have her write out her letter of intention and sign it. Is a scan of her letter with the signature sufficient? Or do I need her to mail her letter to me, with ink on it, which may add a couple of weeks before I could send it in?
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