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Found 8 results

  1. I have a couple of questions: 1. How do I change my last name in the US? I'm from Canada. Do I have to do it in Canada?? 2. If my last name isn't changed yet, which name do I put on the Adjustment of Status application? Thank you, Tay
  2. Hello, I am about to send my AOS packet next week, although I have a doubt.. Is that really necessary change my family name now that I am married? I've heard that it could be a problem for USCIS if I don't change my name but I spoke with people who didn't had any problem, so I really don't know what to do. Can you give me some advice? Please! Thank you!!!
  3. I have quick question that I ran across while filling out the I-130A form. Under the information about parents section, it asks for Parent 1's last name and has (Maiden Name) underneath it. I'm assuming this refers to my Wife's maiden name, correct? So if my wife's maiden name is her mother's last name, I'd want to put her mother in the first spot?
  4. Hello, I just joined this community and feel so blessed that I found here! I hope everyone is doing well I am preparing marriage based green card by myself, and have a question on maiden name and married name. Could you please help me on these questions? I wrote down my situation using bullet points. 1) I just got the marriage certificate, but was told by Vital record office that Ilinois only shows the maiden name on the marriage certificate and there is no such thing like "married name" field on the certificate. 2) I prepared all the documents with my married name even though marriage certificate only has the maiden name. 3) However, I already have my SSN with my maiden name. My passport also shows my maiden name. My country does not change the last name even though I am married. In this situation, I have two concerns regarding the name. 1) filing green card with my married name would be an issue? I am very worried if having only maiden name in my marriage certificate would be enough to show the name change. 2) My last document that I have to get is i-693. In this case, should I get this i-693 under my maiden name? or should it be my new name? Actually, I have no idea if I even have a married name since marriage certificate only shows my maiden name. Thank you so much for reading this!
  5. Hello guys, I'm new to this site and need some advice. My background story: I'm an Indonesian and I've lived in Singapore between age 10 to 17. I then continued my study in the States where I met my fiancé. We dated for 7.5 years, 4 years while I was in the States and then a 3.5 year of long-distance relationship while I was living in China, Taiwan and South Korea for a year each. We took a 2-year break when I went back to Indonesia in early 2015 before we decided we wanted to be together. We've met 3 times in the last 1.5 year and we just got engaged. 1) I've been trying to find out on all the documents needed, and it says that I'll be needing police certificates from all the countries I've lived in for 12 months or more from 16 years old. So basically, I'll be needing at least 5 police certificates from 5 countries: Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and South Korea. I don't think I'll have any problem getting from Indonesia and Singapore, but my worry lies on getting from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I've read here on this forum that says I won't be able to obtain one if I'm not currently living in South Korea, getting one from China is really complicated and I’m not too sure about Taiwan. Do you think if I can provide a request letter from the Indonesian US Embassy it'll make things easier to obtain? If anyone had any experiences with getting police certificate from these countries please give some advice. And also, would I need one from the US too, because I've lived there before? 2) Another thing is my birth certificate and passport has my middle and last name typed together, but all of my US student identifications and SSN has my middle and last name separated. For example, my dad's family name is Smith. My brother's name is John Aiden Smith, but my name is Jane Doesmith. Basically I did not have a middle name when I was born. When my brother and I both applied for I-20, we wanted to avoid confusion and have the same last name. And so, we applied mine as Jane Doe Smith. I’ve also recently found out that my Indonesian ID and driver’s license have them separated too. Now I'm worried that this will be an issue. What do you guys think? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hello VJ Family, let me start with a little background information to explain why I'm even asking this question. I'm German, my girlfriend is a US Citizen. Because the CR1 visa seems to have advantages (like no specific AP or EAD needed, LPR at POE, cheaper, etc.) over the K1 visa, we are considering marrying next time she comes to see me in March, here in Germany, and then filing the appropriate paper work for me to come live with her. In Germany (not sure if the US rules is any different), we can choose to a) keep our individual last names, b) agree on one of our last names or c) one of us taking both last names and the other keeping their maiden Name. Right now, we are prefering to choose option a) of each keeping our individual last names. The reason why we prefer this option right now, is because I don't want my current employer to know I've married a US Citizen, because I don't want my employer to think/know that I'm planing on leaving Germany to immigrate to the US, thus quitting my current job. Since the visa process takes a long time, I might get another promotion in my current job before quitting and moving to be with my then wife. I'm sure I won't get any promotions if my employer assumes I will quit my job soon anyway. We don't want to take my last name, since it contains German special characters (Umlaut: Ü), and spelling it is always going to be a pain in the butt in the US. So long story short, coming back to my initial question: Is there any disadvantages to having different last names although we are married? I'm thinking out of the box, e.g. getting information in hospitals when the other has had an accident and information can only be given to family. Does that mean I'll have to carry my marriage certificate everywhere, just in case? Will it be a red flag in the CR1 visa application? Thank you in advance for any advice/thoughts on this!
  7. Hey everyone!! Slightly unique version of a frequently asked question. Please help. We are currently filling out paperwork for AOS. We are waiting on me to do my taxes, and to save another couple hundred dollars first. When my now wife (K1) got here to the U.S, we went to the social security office to get her a social security card. They gave her one that is stamped '' for employment authorization only'' (or something like that). We got it because even tho she can't work she thought it may come in handy. My wife still has her last name and from what I've read here she cannot change it until she gets her AOS in three months than can immediately change it. She has two friends (one in Alaska, one in California) (we are in Nevada) that also went through the k1 process within the last year or two. The one in Alaska said after she got back her adjustment of status she was told she cannot change her last name for 10 years and that it is written that it is a provision that she is not allowed to do so... The one in California got a SSN when she arrived here( like My wife did) , than the girl went back down to get a social security card with her name changed to her husband's after she got married. The card still said '' for work only'' but they gave her it with her husband's last name. She never changed her name any other way. I'm not sure this is even considered a legal name change. Anyways this girl filed her Adjustment of status and the first part of the i-485 (the big 18 page packet) asks current legal name and than asks other names used (family name, middle name, given name) the girl put her name as the last name of her husband for current legal name and her before marriage name under '' other names used'' She supposedly got her driver's licence thing they send you and authorization to leave the country in her after married name... Is this normal?? My wife wants to do this. She really wants my last name and wants to follow what her friend did. She also wants all her AOS stuff to come in my last name... I really need help with understanding ALL of this please!!
  8. My mom’s name on my birth certificate has 2 last names (my mom’s original last name and my dad’s last name). However, since their divorce, my mom legally changed her name back to her maiden name, dropping my dad’s last name. What should I put on my visa forms (I-130A, I-485)? Her current legal name or the name that she had on my birth certificate (since this is the only legal document I’ll provide that has her full name)?