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  1. Hello VJ, There seems a nice little thread on VJ for CRBA, but I did not see many of my own questions, instead searching web and Youtube. Possibly this is because more questions/pressures are for alien spouses or alien family members. However, as my wife will likely do interview soon, I found this good acquaintance for her of the Lagos Consulate, know for its strictness due to high fraud. Also, many immigrants who become citizens and visit home may need ACS eventually, so I take it valuable for all, and hope it sheds value. Alas, here is my experience: Just sharing a generally positive experience for once about the US Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria that we have had focus on since the COVID backlog made it seem near impossible to reach. So, my wife (beneficiary) and I (U.S.C.) had a son in the waiting period for her CR-1 visa, and we knew we needed to obtain his passport prior to her interview, which is done via the CRBA(Confirmed Registration of Birth Abroad) interview. I moved to Lagos to wait for interview finding remote work. After birth, we scheduled via email instructions per Consulate website under American Citizen Services(ACS). We did not use emergency appointment, that I learned of later. In the end, we were given a date 3 months after his birth. Though we scoured for documents and organized a set, the consulate--in switching to online CRBA registration-- sent a link rather late, 3 days before the interview. Fortunately, there was enough time, in my schedule to organize documents. Both father and mother, are encouraged to attend, though it can be 1 parent-- I believe the non US must be there. We definitely over prepared, unsure of certain documents that were inaccessible like old passports or entry/exit records(from I94 online that failed to find my passport). It definitely made us more confident. However, prior to day of interview, we had asked about parking and had driven to know the location. The actual situation would be much different, however. On CRBA interview day, we chose a hotel that was 6 minutes away, and left 1.5 hrs early. In arriving at 5:20am and entering to the consulate Road, there were parking handlers dressed plainly trying to usher us in like a 10 minute walk away. As they looked dodgy, we decided to ask for information from the guards/soldiers. Outside of the Consulate, which was not particularly well marked, the solders directed us to park down, where more handlers directed, claiming a 1,000NGN parking price and attempting to sell dodgy services like passports or printouts(PLEASE DO NOT DO, OR SEND YOUR DOCUMENTS TO). It was 4 minute walk, and being early, we were 2nd to park in that road, though it did seem a little unsafe with the dodgy attendants. I'm sure they prey on unweidy interviewees, so anyone interviewing should be warned. In parking around 5:30am, I left my phone warily (as I heard they were not allowed) and we went to check in, but I realized I did not print the CRBA interview appointment letter, which worried me. I only had CRBA payment confirmation letter, but as we arrived at 5:38 in the queue for American citizens, the guard let us in ACS line. which was empty. Opposite us, was the visa queue for US visas which was full(over 50ppl+ where my wife's CR-1 line will be). I was later able to simply share my phone email later with the guards entering in. As US Citizen, we actually can bring phones into consulate, so I did walk back around 5:42am to collect that from car after initially arriving at queue station. As we arrived early, and did not have baby food, at 5:50am we quickly returned to the car to get baby food, at 5:55am at which time the parking seemed full. We came back to the ACS Queue about at about 6:10am, where the line had grown to about 4 families with several children. 5 minutes past original CRBA appt time at 6:50am, we saw consulate staff arrive in 2 buses, delayed by traffic. Then around 7am, we were invited to enter, place items for scan, and give bags. In line outside, our son definitely was hot and cried some, but at least we had his food. When we had come inside, my wife could breastfeed him in a private corner of the office inside. That alleviated some of the stress. The first part of the interview around 7:15am was collecting appropriate and qualifying documents which I had in binder. I had copies of even some documents like birth certificate that I did not have original of that were accepted. My college transcript most easily qualified my 5 year resident requirement, though I brough several years worth of tax transcripts, tax returns, and wage statements/rent receipts. They asked me to submit required documents 1 by 1 without any plastic folders or covers, so it looked a little disorganized, but they had what they needed. They had me write my name and my wife's number on some forms. One minor discrepancy was the DS-5507 form, which had at top, it not being needed, but was on the consulate's required documents. They for sure collected it. My wife, holding our son was allowed to sit down as I managed to documents. The agent took a break mid way, came back 10 minutes later, sorted the final, and gave me bill to pay for passport(CRBA payment was accepted)--after which we sat down on other side, the room now full. Around 8:00am, we finally saw the interviewers who would perform the oath. When we were called up, The interviewer was friendly, had us sign, and take oath. She asked verification questions nicely, then finally approved our application and stated the pickup details. With much relief, we exited a little before 9:00am. Again, as American Citizen, there may have been less general stress, but it was still there, and my wife felt it in different was as non-American. But it helped her see a more relaxed environment of the consulate's operations. They are doing their job. The preparation and cooperative behavior will make things go easier. Fraudulent or cases with holes likely are more prevalent in the Immigrant and non-immigrant visas line--the more reason why this consulate has a strict reputation. Still, its good to do your homework and be confident when you are legitimate. I could contend that these cases are more important and scrutinized, as they give actual US passports outside of US, however, few people would waste time faking USC documents. My wife and I will write report of the CR-1 consulate experience for her down the road, but the lessons from this side still shed light. Good experience, definitely, for myself and wife. Stressful per living abroad and the dodgy area outside, but with calm and preparation, and wisdom it will go successful!
  2. We were documentarily qualified on April 22nd 2022. When I look in my NVC file it says a document is missing but the document is there NVC saw it and then sent a approval email. Should I reattach the doc again? We still don't have a interview date as of yet. Could this be stalling us? Please help!! I need my husband home.😓😓
  3. After waiting for 22months, my spouse received an interview notice, unfortunately within 5 days, we received another notice that the interview has been canceled "due to unforeseen circumstances." My question to everyone is... 1. Have you experienced this in your Green Card journey? 2. If yes, how soon did you receive a new date? 3. Depending on your response to question 2 above, did you do another medical test? Your response will be appreciated. Troubled couple
  4. Has anyone recently gotten a tourist visa in naija? I would like my future mother in law to come for our wedding but we are getting no feedback at all from the embassy and appointments are years out. Any help appreciated
  5. Hey guys, I haven’t been seeing new dates for interviews at the US embassy in Nigeria. Anyone know what’s going on? We were making a lot of progress! 😭
  6. Hi everyone My husband and I have been waiting for NVC to schedule an interview. Our case was DQ October 28th 2020. Has anyone gotten an interview yet with similar DQ?
  7. Okay I’m here to whine because I find this to be ridiculous. I was looking at visa statistics for Lagos Nigeria and there were 6 K1 visas processed in March compared to 180 CR-1 visas 254 IR-1 Visas and over 1700 B1/B2 visas!!!! How is this fair???? I can’t reunite with my fiancé but they can process tourist visas??? And marriage visas are priority but not fiancé visas??? If my fiancé was here he’d be my husband. I’m so frustrated. Been sitting at the NVC for a year in two weeks!!! This is so unfair. I’m so upset. Sorry I needed to vent somewhere
  8. Hi everyone, I have been given an interview date for next week and my fiancée and I have been very anxious. I have done my medicals and all that is left is the interview. We stayed up late yesterday putting together a photo album for my interview so I slept around 5am then woke up by 10am only to find two missed calls from the embassy. Naturally we are worried because we dont know what this means. Has anyone on here been called roughly a week before their interview?
  9. We are eagerly awaiting our NOA2 this month and I’m wondering how our other Nigeria k-1-ers are doing for appointment times and such. Has anyone out there recently been denied their K-1 visa? Has anyone had to wait beyond 7 months for their NOA2? How soon after your NOA2 were you able to schedule an interview? TIA!
  10. Hello guys. Still waiting on things to move forward in Lagos but I’m looking at the website to make an appointment and it keeps saying you are reaching the maximum number of times you can view this page. Is that right? How else do we check if their appointments available if we reach the maximum number of times to view the page? And has anyone had any luck with the K-1 visa recently?
  11. Hello everyone! Honestly I’m FRUSTRATED with Lagos embassy. They cite COVID as the reason they are not processing K1 visas but have been processing IR-1/CR-1 visas since late last year! We need to raise our voices and fight for our rights! We have been separated from our loved ones for far too long. It’s been a year for me and I’m still stuck at the NVC. You can’t talk to anyone at the embassy except the operator who is RUDE. And the emails just give you the standard automated response. Please who is with me? I’m so angry. What can we do? I know there’s a petition but there are less than 1000 signatures https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-resume-k1-visa-processing-in-nigeria?redirect=false Does anyone have suggestions? Our love and relationships are not less important than others. We too desire to marry and begin our families!
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