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  1. Hello guys, I'm so excited about this forum, I wish I knew this website earlier on. Mine is an abnormal experience with bad ending at the end. Since day one, it has been a very rough expiriences, And that has really changed my life for good. Here is my story; By 2010, I had completed my college studies in Kenya, then same year I got my first job after internship, then I got my second employment with CDC until I left Kenya for USA in 2015. My whole family life and background is Christianity, both parents were reknown preachers. Myself I had moved to the capital city of Kenya for work. There I met my long lost friend who within short time we moved in together, she became pregnant, carrying my child. It was the best thing ever to me, we named my daughter after my mother. We didn't do any ceremonial marriage, but in Kenya, that's how majority of people become legally wife and husband, it either through either come we stay or customary marriage, as per your own tribal affiliations. FLASHBACK: My mother had been struggling with different medical conditions, we took her in our house and tried to get her treatments in the capital city of Kenya. Earlier, my younger brother joined the US army around 2008, then around 2009-2010 the US army command invited us, his family to attend their pass out parade. By then my father didn't have his passport, it was stolen from him while my mom was in and out of hospital. So my mom and I went to the embassy for visiting visa and we were denied and the fees are non refundable. They said in a pink or blue paper That we lack enough evidence/attachment back home! As a family we felt so bad because my brother in the army graduated alone without any relative or friends, since we knew nobody in US back then. After the graduation, he was deployed in middle East, and its during military break that he came to visit us, his coming really calmed us down, part of him being away and alone from the rest of the family could be the reason why my mom regularly fell sick more than before. Around end of 2014, my mom got good news, that her Greencard petition filled by my younger brother in the army had been approved. Still she couldn't go alone, so my brother booked an appointment for my younger sister, but again because of various reasons, he added my father to the visa appointment list then at the tail end he added me. Infact I was informed very late that I'm part of the group going to the embassy, that's two weeks preparedness to the appointment. My father was so excited, he requested that we help him fast(stay without food) for seven days which I did. The other sister didn't even try for a single day. FAST-FORWARD; the two of us, we got Visa to go alongside mom and also witness a ceremony for my brother. Family didn't want to waste any time, so they quickly asked us to go, while I had problem with in my house!! but anyway!! so we left. Now, on our arrival, things were okay although my brother had been deployed very same day we arrived, so he picked us from the airport and then left for his military duty. Then day two, his gf/wife(of my brother) arrived from I guess work and she began to mistreat us. Every few hours she kept on complaining about my brother, bills or anything related to us. My mom had Fistula, and the wife/GF will insult or keep on bullying my mom about taking shower or put nylons cover on her seats/bed/cars, she would spray cologne or remind me to do laundry, which I was already doing since Kenya. But her shouting to my mom was unnecessary!!! Immediately on our second day, the wife would insist that I have to go back because they have huge bill's. Myself because of pressure and fear I tried calling the airline to see if they can switch my return date from the issued date to the next day, but the airline refused to change departure dates. She wasnt done yet,she went to the store, bought wigs then told me to pack then say Hi to the rest of people in Kenya! That's chasing me out indirectly! She brought my two light lagguages into the dining area and told me to say hi to my people in Kenya. Since day two she repeatedly told us that their apartment can't accommodate 3 adults at once! That I must leave ASAP.. Flashback; Myself, before our flight to USA, my relationship in Kenya was not okay. The mother of my daughter kept on cheating, worse one I caught thread of text messages on her phone, that's on the very day God gave us my daughter, in those texts she assured him that the child she's about to give birth is his. Myself I was surprised why and who sent presents, clothes, toys and money to our house!!!, Just a day before she delivered. We had an argument over that and she insisted that the guy was an ex who won't stop following her...!! So during our staying together in Kenya especially immediately we became parents, she all over sudden became wild to me, she would disappear and reappear whenever she wanted. Many nights I was left nursing my daughter alone and sometimes my young daughter wouldn't sleep forcing me to go to work very late, hungry or sleepy. Her mother would then appear in the morning and would begin to insult me the whole day via SMS and then verbally. So when I arrived in the US, the very same night, she swept the house back in Kenya and vanished. It's the neighbors that called and alerted my sister to pick up my daughter from the gate of our rental house in Nairobi as the mom had been picked up by a man with senior Kenyan police uniform and they left the doors of the House open and my daughter stranded. To date I strongly believe she is not a human but a beast! No sane African woman would do that!! Not even if I was a monster or mistreated her or the kid gave her troubles!! I would never forget nor forgive her for that, and I'll make sure my daughter knows this when she grows up. So I was stressed in America, at times I went to the roadside to see If I can spot any Kenyan to help me fly back to Kenya Asap. Then my brother came back after a week or so, he noticed how stressed we were, my mom was hiding my passport cause she didn't want me to go back and leave the two of them alone!! My brother took us out for a tour , we visited various places but I was still stressed and going through a lot. In the afternoon, he then took us to a Kenyan event, there I met Kenyans who some were really nice. At the nearby fishpond I met a lady, she was to stay overnight,she requested I helped her with fixing a tent. I fixed it, we introduce ourselves to each other, Long story short she had Kenyan food, she then invited us to her tent for food and fireplace, we exchanged contacts, her sister and inlaws also introduced themselves. This were the only friends that we now had. She visited us, brought us shoppings. Gave us address and contacts for free food(food stamp, but we never used them), connected us to local Churches that can help us , connected us to local Kenyans around us, told me about GPS and buses etc. And that's how I met my American wife. She invited us to her house, then regularly came to our apartment, I told her my past story, she adviced me not to go back. Soon we became couples, bought clothes for my mother, directed me to hospitals that could help my mom.... And I began to feel comfortable or okay. After a while things changed, she didn't want me to visit my parents anymore, I learnt that she had alot of financial problems from her past, I tried to help her out by working two to three jobs but at times I payed for the same bill twice or more after every two weeks. She didn't accept I pay by credit/debitcard but only by giving her the money then she'll pay herself which she didn't pay at all. She began to tell lies, any mistake in the house she would make it appear as if it's me who did them. Took the keys from me, hide USCIS mails from me, I bacame a maid, cooking dishes but she would still complain. She always made sure I don't have money on me. Yet she knew I was taking care of my parents food and bills. My brother lost his law enforcement job around 2018, military doesn't pay that much, so I managed our needs, my daughter's needs in Kenya and parents needs. My mom and father health worsened, she filed paper for me, I-130 approved but then she began to threaten me with deportation, she declined to attend USCIS interview, soon I found out that she is alcoholic yet earlier she lied to my family that she was a Christian. I understand that I snore, but it's not that bad. She forced me to sleep on the floor or wake me up the whole night complaining that I make her uncomfortable! This forced me to work continuously to avoid being told that I snore loud, waking her sister's dog, that my feet or socks smell or being slapped, denied food which I bought or she refused to open the door and refused to give me copy after we changed the locks, even my mails she hid them from me. A year later my late father was diagnosed with diabetes, yet before that he was a very healthy man, at his age he could do 3-5 miles running with so much ease. So my by 2019 I discovered she had divorced me without telling me, I had joined tracking so most of the time I was away on the road. Last year as Covid-19, I was also going through difficulty. My father suddenly was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I took him to various hospitals, they refused to even help him because of COVID-19. All they did was remind us that he'll die in two to three weeks time. I was introduced to this attorney by my Church pastor, our church summoned her but she refused to come and even responded by insults. I told this attorney everything and he filed VAWA for me. He assured me I have a strong case. I got prima facie few days later. By January of of 2021 my father became seriously ill, he was fainting and hiccups, he began to beg me to return him back home. By March he was weak, couldn't even stand, eat or use bathroom. He was just crying he want me to take him back. Him and I organized a day, we went to a track that both of us used to do excercise, I pushed him on a wheelchair, we both cried not knowing what our future bet will be!! So I brought him back, three days after arrival he died in my arms. So after arrival I have been thinking about my past experiences, up to where I'm. I haven't laughed or smile for the last several years!! I'm glad to be closer to my daughter, but I'm still broke looking for job. My ex wife hurt my knee,she pushed me down the stairs, so I can't be standing for long. Also my elderly brother back in Kenya took advantage of my parents absence then he sold our land and cattles. My mom she is permanent resident but she has refused to go back to USA. she's also traumatized, my brother is also traumatized. I guess his is from military. He speaks alone and other private stuff I won't write here for his respect and respect for USA army. Before I left my ex wife, I went to pick my stuff, she didn't give me my passport, I had to call police for her to open the door. She has tore my documents, refused to give me my clothes.. I tray back to Kenya like an alien. No passport no clothes!!! I came empty hands!! Even my daughter she keep on asking questions that I can't answer. My school mates, neighbors are spreading lies that I was deported, plus many other things. People are staring at me, others nodding or shaking head when I pass by the road. Man!!! I have gone through alot, this is just a quick summary, if I write the full thing, it will take days to read. But.....I wish all of you pending applicants all the best. God will fullfil the desires of your heart. Peace guys!!!!
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