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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have my interview in a month & I was wondering if I could wear a saree to the consular interview for K1 Visa? If someone has done this, can you tell me if its a good idea? Do they appreciate or accept native clothes?
  2. Just me sharing my embassy interview experience and some tips. Disclaimer: Do not use this anecdote as a strict reference to determine your visa application process/needs. Please refer to the official sources and authorities. My timeline (2019): K1 Fiance(e) Visa Sent I-129F - Jan. 24 NOA1 - Jan. 30 (6 days) NOA2 - Apr. 18 (78 days) Case# - May 9 (21 days) Ready - Jun. 3 (25 days) Eligibility Letter - Jun. 6 (dated), in the mail Jun. 14 Interview - Jul. 9 (visa approved) My interview was scheduled for 7:45am. I arrived at the US Embassy Manila before 7:30am at the entrance near the footbridge on Roxas Blvd. (if you look across the street there's Ermita Center building, BPI and AUB). At that point they were already letting in applicants scheduled for 8:30am, but don't take this as a solid reason to come waaay earlier than your appointment because I had to fall in line behind about 60 people once I was inside anyway. NOTE: If you have companions, you may ask them to wait outside where there are monobloc chairs, but be prepared to pay Php30 per seat (unlimited hours). If your fiance(e) is accompanying you, they can come with you inside but some time in the middle of the process they would have to sit apart from the applicants. Also, remember the no-electronics rule applies to them, too. They may surrender phones or whatnot at the security guard post. Before you go in somebody may also try to sell you a pen, telling you how it's necessary for whatever process you need inside. I would suggest you just bring your own pen to begin with. Most visa applicants don't need it (I didn't) but there are some cases when they do (I guess depending on your business there). I've had to lend my pen to some frantic people when I was there as the consul asked them to sign papers. At the first point of security, they asked for my DS-160 confirmation page, appointment page, and they verified my visa type and interview schedule, then told me which numbered lane I should go to (this is still outside the building). I was in lane 3. At this point, prepare your DS-160 conf page and your passport. The staff would put a sticker bar code on your DS-160 conf page and place your passport in a ziploc bag. The building entrance is to the left, look for the door that looks quite heavy and durable. LOL If you're bringing a bag, the guard would check it before you go through the scanner. Otherwise, you'll go through airport-type security next. Place your items in the plastic bin, onto the conveyor, and go through the body scanner. I followed the signs and exited accordingly. Turning right I saw the photo booth (for last minute passport photos, I assume), followed the signs until the area labeled "NIV" (lots of people seated on monobloc chairs - I think this is also a waiting area where you can get food and drinks) then turned left until the labeled door. If I remember correctly I think I entered the one with "K1" on it. Once inside, a lady told me to fall in line for the Filipino consul and I was in line for maybe 30 minutes or more only to be told that I had to go to window 38 to have my 2x2 photo scanned first, LOL. Then I went back in line for the initial interview. The consul asked for my DS-160 conf page, birth certificate, NBI clearance, MRV receipt, CENOMAR, medical docs (sealed brown envelope from SLEC); then later on the affidavit of support, my fiance's divorce decree, W2s and 1040 (tax return). He asked me basic questions about myself and my fiance, how we met, marriage history, children, etc. Then he directed me to another window for the interview with the American consul (waiting in line again). On my turn, the consul asked for my DS-160 conf page and for me to raise my right hand, swear this and that (sorry I couldn't remember, I was a bit nervous and would say yes to anything at this point LOL), and I said "Yes". Then he asked me basically the same things that the previous consul asked, even fewer questions actually. Stuff I could answer briefly. Didn't even ask for proof of relationship or anything. A lot of silence as he went through my documents, I think he was going through the proof of relationship section of my I-129F (but I still brought my own copy). Guess I was lucky. After that he said my visa is approved and he's making it so it would be ready in 1-3 weeks. He gave me the 2 pamphlets on domestic violence plus the little embassy info sheet, then I was done. I exited the embassy at 9:30am (about 2 hours total, most of which was just waiting in line). Other Notes: 1. Make sure the surface of your 2x2 photo is clean, or if you can't assure this, bring extra copies because the scanner there won't work if it has dirt and such. 2. If you're hungry or thirsty there's a mini-store outside the building near the 30-Peso waiting area (apart from the one inside). 3. I would suggest for you to just bring a clear long envelope to put your documents in so that you can go through security quickly. 4. I didn't see any clocks so maybe wear a watch if you wanna keep track of the time, just make sure it's not digital/electronic. 5. If you have kids with you, there's a play area for them inside, too. After the interview you may check your visa application status here: https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/ For K1 visa it's under non-immigrant. Your application ID is the code found on your DS-160 confirmation page. (Mine was AA00****** format); Location - "PHILIPPINES, MANILA". If you try to pull it up under immigrant you may see that it still says "Ready" like before, the "case last updated" details may change on the first day or two after the interview, and then eventually you won't be able to check it under immigrant. At least that's what happened in my case. Again, please don't use my anecdote to strictly determine what documents you need, how easy/difficult the experience will be with you, or any other specifics. It's case-to-case basis, always. My aim is to provide an overview of the process because it's better than being clueless, LOL. And I just enjoy writing my visa experiences in detail. 😅 Good luck to everyone! My CEAC Status Timeline: Jul. 9-10 (Tue-Wed) - "No Status" Jul. 11 (Thu) AM - "Application Received" Jul. 11 (Thu) PM - "Administrative Processing" Jul. 12 (Fri) PM - "Issued"
  3. My fiancé, US petitioner, is planning on flying down to Mumbai for our K1 Visa interview in order to accompany me. I want to know if it is allowed to bring your US Petitioner aka your fiancé along with you to the interview in Mumbai, India? Will he be able to stay with me throughout the process or at least enter the premise?
  4. Hey everyone, I am new to posting on this forum. Apparently our timeline for K1 visa is getting closer to the interview which for me in going to be in Mumbai, India. I didn't think about this before but is there a dress code to be followed for the interview? Like what can I wear and what will not be appropriate? Can I wear a dress or ethnic wear like saree?
  5. Hello, We had chosen Chennai Center as the Consulate while filing our K1 application as it is closer. But I read that K1 visa doesn't happen in Chennai but Mumbai. Is it true that Chennai Consulate doesn't conduct K1 visa interviews? And also are there any approved medical examination centers here in Bangalore ? Appreciate the answers in advance
  6. I’m in the process of gathering my documents for my k1 visa interview and I have a couple questions. 1. While trying to get police clearance certificates from a few countries I’ve lived in, I realized that on the email that the US embassy sent me it stated “Each applicant aged 16 or older must have police clearance from any country where the applicant resided for one year or more”. I had originally thought that it was 6 months or more as what some have said here on vj. I entered South Korea on March 4, 2014 and left on March 2, 2015. Technically it’s only 363 days but would it still be considered a year? Would I still need to get a police certificate? 2. Should I book my interview date before booking for the medical examination first? Or the other way around? Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanna share you guys my experience in US Embassy Manila. BTW I just got my approval last morning today ^^ so I'm so happy and finally relieved in this stage.lol So First my appointment is 8:40 AM but I arrived there at 7:30. So luckily I was able to get inside already. First, Ready your DS-160 and Passport (They will check that before you can go inside the building) they will put a sticker on it (showing your name and the letter you going to line up) Second, If you brought your bag with you, you have to surrender that to the guard and let him check it. Make sure you don't bring ON/OFF gadget like phone, any sharp materials, USB etc. Third, like up for PRE-SCREENING, In this stage you have to ready all your personal requirements (DS 160, PASSPORT, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, CENOMAR, NBI CLEARANCE, ST. LUKES MEDICAL and etc.) Fourth, FINGER SCANNING Fifth, get ready to your final interview!! You don't have to worry or get super nervous because what they asked you on the pre-screening will also asked you by the consul (in-english lang) they are just going to verify if you know your fiance well (name, address, where does he lives, bday and etc.) all are personal info. Then the consul will check if you have any PROOF OF RELATIONSHIP with you. All I printed social media post, chat/ call logs, conversations, and also my fiance affidavit of support, itr, w2 HE DIDN'T ASKED FOR IT!! SOBRANG PREPARED AKO LOL. Anyways, the consul just asked if I have photos with me with my bf and family and friends.. I said Yes, and I showed it to him. then he get my folder and then double checked the infos at the computer then it's done! HE SAID CONGRATULATIONS All I wanna say is, WAG KAYONG KABAHAN (Don't be too nervous) WALANG PRESSURE SA LOOB NG EMBASSY (No Pressure inside the embassy) Just be yourself and be confident, You can do it! ♥ btw. In all stage you have to give your DS 160 (So one copy is enough)
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