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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I became a US citizen about a month ago. I still have my original Ukrainian citizenship as well. It takes about a year and a half to renounce a Ukrainian citizenship. I am getting married to my Ukrainian fiancé in about a month. Everything is paid for, so rescheduling the wedding is not an option. Our problem is that the Ukrainian government will not allow me to use my US passport to get a marriage certificate, but only my Ukrainian passport do to the fact that I am still a citizen of Ukraine. My question is: Will a marriage certificate, that states that my wife is married to me as a Ukrainian citizen, be accepted when filing for a K-3 visa? What are my options? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, So, I have a question for anyone who has gotten married in Cuba or who is in the process of getting your documents certified, authenticated, and translated. I have gotten my divorce decree, birth certificate, and affidavit of single status certified as true by my Secretary of State, as well as authenticated by the US State Department. I am now getting those documents translated into Spanish. As far as I was aware, I only needed to translate the papers that stated my documents were certified and authenticated - not the actual document itself (i.e. the actual birth certificate, divorce decree, etc). Can anyone validate me on this? Or do I need to have my entire divorce decree, birth certificate, and affidavit of single status translated in addition to the certificates of authentication? Any insight on this would be super helpful. Thanks!! ❤️
  3. Ahhhh gotcha, My F2A went to CSC and everything there is 20+ months, upon closer inspection, it turns out they do not do IR-1! Texas Center does it and their times are 6 to 8 months! So quick question: I am pending USC and expect it to be done by oct - nov based on Dallas FO times. Does this mean that USCIS will transfer my case over to TSC or another center when I upgrade it to IR1 I assume it wont have a "new" PD and the June PD I have for her will stick ? That means she could very well have an approved I-130 by end of the year! under the 5-8 months starts again when it reaches new center. Thanks for the clarification, I had skimped over the times for CSC (and bundled all visa type/category into) and never realized in past 2 months that CSC does not do IR1 as it does not show times for it! You just saved me a few dollars and hours or time to prep 129F. My wife is gonna be happy!
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this forum, and I'd like to thank you in advance for helping me with my inquiry. I am specifically looking for some help with the confusing process of applying for a K-3 visa for my Japanese spouse. I had a few questions which I will group by category below: Japanese Addresses On all of the forms for the K-3 visa (I-130, I-130a, I-129f), I have been using "Part 9. Additional Information" of the form, as well as an attachment to write out all Japanese addresses. The reason I'm doing this is because the form doesn't fit well with the Japanese way of writing addresses. In each part of the form that asks for a street number and name (for example, 14a.) I write "see additional information" or "see attachment page x." I then leave the rest of the fields blank in that item number. Is it okay for me to do this, or would you recommend another way? Fields that don't apply to me On the I-130, I-130a, and I-129f forms, I am leaving the fields that don't apply to me blank instead of filling in N/A for everyone. The reason I am doing this is because the example filled out forms on visajourney.com show it this way. Should I keep it like this or would it be better to fill out N/A for each field? Proof of a bonifide marriage My spouse and I have been together for seven years, have lived together for three years, and have been married for two years. As such, I am including pictures of us together throughout our seven year relationship, as well as pictures from our wedding, and a picture with us holding our marriage documents at the local city hall to serve as proof of our bonafide relationship. We will also have our koseki tohon, or family register certificate, and accompanying certified translation to serve as our marriage certificate and my spouse's birth certificate as per the directions from the Tokyo Consulate. Do you believe this is enough evidence for our proof of a bonifide marriage? If not, I'm not quite sure what else to include. We don't really have any other documents with both of our names listed... Copies of Documents and their Translations Is it okay to provide one original certified copy of our marriage certificate (koseki tohon) and certified translation for the I-130, and then provide a copy of these forms for the I-129f? Or do we have to go through the process of paying for another certified copy of both documents again? Also, is it okay to use one koseki tohon to serve as both the marriage certificate and birth certificate, or is there some other elusive document that I must seek out so that I'm not killing two birds with one stone? Fee for the I-129f Is there a fee for the I-129f? I seem to be getting conflicting information about this one. The K-3 visa process flow chart makes it sound like I don't need to provide payment for an I-129f because of the increase in cost for the I-130, but other immigration sources say it is a $535 fee. Thank you very much for your help. Visajourney has proven to be an invaluable source of information for me. Alex
  5. Hi, everyone! I am a US citizen, and I'll be moving back to the US for a new position, in late July. My wife is a Japanese national (we were married here in Japan in 2015), and she will be staying here until our child is born in late October. I want to get the ball rolling with her visa application, and I've found that I will need to fill our an I-130 for her IR-1 visa. This is fine, but I'm worried that the application will take too long to process (I read that it could take up to a year!). My questions: 1.) Should I fill out a K-3 application for a non-immigrant visa for my wife, and send it in as one package, along with the I-130 application? 2.) Once her K-3 comes through, I know she can be in the US as she waits for her I-130 to be approved. However, once the I-130 is approved, will she have to fly back to Japan to get her IR-1 visa? 3.) Our new US address is not finalized, yet. May I enter my family's address as a substitute for her application(s), and somehow update USCIS, later, with the new address? Thanks, everyone! I'm just looking to get this done, ASAP! -Jon in Japan
  6. I have created this to see if anyone can give some specific insight or details in filing Spouse Visa for a spouse in Ghana. I filed on the 9th of this month (February) and received my I-797 letter today the 19th. I do plan on sending the I-129 by Thursday this week. Is there anything I should expect or make sure not to forget. I am sending almost an identical file as I sent for the I-130 but is there anything i need to add or update?? Can you guys give me some timelines too I love reading other ppls stories I am just having a tough time sorting through all these other threads??
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