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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I’d like to see if someone could help me with my concerns or if someone shares the same problem. I have a flight booked for May 23rd to move to the US with my K-1 visa and even if the travel restrictions don’t affect me right now the situation with the coronavirus doesn’t seems that is gonna solve any time soon in Europe (I’m from Spain) my visa expires on July 16th and I’d like to know if there is any way I could have a visa extension if I am not allowed to travel before the expiration of my visa due to Coronavirus or if not what’s the process I’d have to follow. I’ve message the embassy of my country and literally their response was “contact the airline” which makes no sense & I’m staring to freak out.
  2. I have a concern. I hope someone can relate and have answers to this. I am the beneficiary. My fiancé already sent our petition and received NOA1( so if would be something to do in the petition, I can’t, but at least I want to be prepared for anything) . I am Romanian citizen, with the residency in Italy. I was married in Italy. To do so , I needed a certificate to show I was not married in Romania. In the i-129f I put the legal separation as well the divorce Certificate of my marriage in Italy. However in Romania I’m not married. Will I need to procure a civil state certificate from Romanian consulate that will show that? Will be that a reason to get an RFE? Or I’m only getting too paranoid about this😓
  3. Hello, my Fiancé just had his interview and we are a bit confused with the CEAC status. I checked it by using the case # given by NVC and selecting IMMIGRANT VISA... Status says READY He checks it using the ID# on the DS-160 and selects NON-IMMIGRANT VISA and the status is "NO STATUS". So which is it? Why do both work? His interview went well but they asked for our additional proof of relationship/contact and pictures (which he handed over) and they gave him a 221g white form saying "Admin Review" and we will call you in 2 weeks. Gave him his passport back. Does anyone know what's going on? Or which status is correct? Thank you, Andie
  4. hope to see if there are more people getting AP after verbally confirmed at the AIT in Taipei, Taiwan that the Visa will be issued in a week... My K-1 visa interview took place 11/18/2019 and after 5 business days, status updated to "administrative processing" However, no instructions were given at the interview that any additional documents are needed, they basically said confirmed and will issue in a week. Is this just a routine check because of high volume of applicants? I'm praying that I can receive it by the end of this week, but all i've ready elsewhere is AP varies and never is it less than 1 month... Anyone else?
  5. I’m in the process of bringing my fiancé to the us from the prc. I was wondering what anybody else has done to get the passport sized photos. Have your fiancé mail a picture through the postal service or send a digital photo by email and print it at a photo shop?
  6. Hello! My fiance (USA) and I (CANADIAN) have been together for about 3 years now and are planning on having me come to the USA on the K-1 Visa. If any of you wouldn’t mind sharing your personal experience with the K-1 Visa I would be very grateful. I also have many many questions about this visa and how it works so if anyone is able to help me by answering some of my questions I would be very grateful for that as well. Experience from anyone, not just Canadians, are welcome! I’ll list some of the questions that I have below although I feel as if I will always have more and more questions. 1. ON the USCIS website there is no mention of having to fill out forms 1-134 or I-864 but they are both mentioned on the travel.state.gov website but they don't guarantee that they will be requested. I am wondering what the circumstances are that those forms would be requested. Also, Is the income level based on only the sponsor or their entire household? 2. As per the medical examination that is required for the K-1 Visa, I was wondering if anyone knew the average cost of the exam and the average time until the results are ready to be picked up. My reasoning is that I will have to travel to Montreal for the examination AND the interview so I would like to be properly prepared for the trip. hopefully only one trip can be made as it is very expensive to fly to Montreal. 3. I have heard that once you enter the USA on the K-1 visa and get merried that you cannot leave the USA for 6 months although it says nothing about this rule on travel.state.gov or the USCIS website. Does anyone know where it states that this is true? 4. Just to be clear, once we file form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and get my green card, how long do I have to have my green card before I can technically become a citizen? How does one go about that when the time comes? 5. Is it worth is to file I-765, Application for Employment Authorization? I can work after I file I-485 so will it take longer for I-765 or I-485 to be reviewed and accepted?
  7. My fiancé is in Iran. There is no US Embassy there so he will have to go to UAE. Does he apply for the K-1 visa until we receive the NOA2 or is it possible for him to start his process as of now? We submitted the petition and I already received the NOA1. Anyone here from Iran? What was your experience with the K-1 process?
  8. Greetings Viewing the length of time obtaining the Spouse Visa which can average a year. I will be planning to marry my fiance whom lives abroad and I am a Born U.S. citizen. She has no family here in the states, and I wanted to have a double marriage, one for her family in her home country, which would not include any formal notice of marriage to the country, but purely religious ceremony, and then have a court marriage here in the states, with legal certification, using the K-1 Visa. But looking online, this would likely void the K-1 Visa. Another thought had entered my mind. If we had a court marriage in her home country, and then apply for the I-130 Visa, and then go through the process to approval back here in the states. Once approved, I would return back to her home country, and then have a religious wedding ceremony in approximately under a year from the court marriage and prior to taking her to America with the approved Spouse Visa. I had checked with her home country rules, and there is no issue with extended religious ceremony after the marriage certificate has been approved, but will there be any issues with the I-130 Visa. Essentially, I would be marrying the same person twice within a year. One court and One religious. Hopefully this makes sense. ~Zee
  9. Ok so i am a single mother and I work for every dollar I have. I just got a new position at work where I am able to breath after I pay bills and spoil myself. I really want to go visit my fiance especially since its the holidays, but I know (i pray) in a few months Ill have to fly there for his interview then on top of that pay for him to come to the States. AM i the only one that doesnt get to visit their spouse? I only been twice this year once in feb. and then I went for his bday in April. I miss him so much nut tickets are 700.00 roundtrip for friday to sunday and thats a waste. Any advice
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