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Found 9 results

  1. I have a question regarding to the K-1 Visa application, on part 3, question 2.c, where it asked, three or more arrests or convictions, not from a single act, for crimes relating to a controlled substance or alcohol? I answered Yes because I have a total of 3 arrests from 2000 - 2018. I am assuming that having 2 driving under the influence of alcohol from a different is not consider as from a single act. The part that I am confused is following question below; If you have provided information about a conviction for a crime listed in Item Numbers 2.a. - 2.c. and you were being battered or subjected to extreme cruelty at the time of your conviction, select all of the following that apply to you: 3.a. I was acted as self-defense 3.b. I violated a protection order issued for my own protection. 3.c. I committed, was arrested for, was convicted of, or pled guilty to a crime that did not result in serious bodily injury and there was a connection between the crime and me having been battered or subjected to extreme cruelty. I'm sure 3.a & 3.b are not likely apply to me. Is 3.c appropriate to check that apply to my situation or leave it all blank and move on to the next question you have any question guidance, I would really appreciated. thanks in advance, happyquest
  2. My Fiancée finished her K-1 interview last week and everything went smoothly with them taking her passport and the consular giving her a verbal confirmation. We are still waiting for our status to be updated and the visa to be actually issued. It is taking a while now and feels kind of frustrating because we know others in her same interview date batch have already been issued. For certain reasons, we are on a tight timeline, so I was wondering if it's possible to take the CFO (online or offline) interview soon and then get her CFO stamp issued once she gets her passport back with the K-1 visa? My Fiancée says it might be possible and already has a CFO interview scheduled. It says on the CFO interview confirmation that a visa may not be necessary as one of the requirements to bring. Any thoughts or experiences?
  3. Has anyone experienced difficulties extending their ESTA while their K-1 visa application is pending? Have you experienced trouble at the POE, entering with your ESTA while a K-1 visa application was pending? Obviously I'm trying to do everything the legal way but I'm afraid they'll deny me entry when I try to enter the country with my ESTA while awaiting my K-1 visa, thinking I'll secretly try to get married to my boyfriend while visiting him. I'm currently weighing the pros and cons of the K-1 and CR-1 visas because my boyfriend and I are unsure about which process will be most suitable for us. The waiting time isn't the problem honestly, but travel restrictions while applications are pending is a very big scare for both of us.
  4. I'm still waiting on the NOA2 approval (should be soon...) and preparing some documents ahead of time for the eventual interview. Fiancée (from the Philippines) is saying I need to send her a Letter of Single Status of the petitioner because other filipinas are reporting having to show it during the interview. The problem is that I live in Los Angeles and the LA County Clerk/Records office specifically says on their website that they don't issue Letters of Single Status. What can I do? Is a Letter of Single Status really required for the interview?
  5. Hello everyone, My bf (US citizen) and I (Saudi Arabian) are about to send in our I-129f petition and have some questions first that we’d appreciate getting pointers on. Bear with me a little because I’d like to explain the whole situation to better inform your answers. We are in a gay relationship, we met our second year of college in 2017 (I was on an F-1 visa) and have been together since. I returned to Saudi during the pandemic in 2020 after graduating and started working there. A few months later I decided to apply for a tourist visa to be able to visit my boyfriend. It got accepted but I never used it since I got accepted into some master’s programs in california and thought it might be best to pursue that path. We never talked about marriage or where our relationship was going (we both assumed it was going to end when I had to return to Saudi but we still talked to each other everyday). So it seemed like a good idea for me to come back for my master’s and we can pick up where we left off, hitting two birds with one stone. The trouble though is when I did my interview for the F-1 visa, the consul officer didn’t think I had strong ties to Saudi, and in hindsight she was right. She asked me who my bf is (I listed him as my US contact point under “friend”) and I told her he’s just a friend. That visa got denied, and we were crushed to think we weren’t gonna see each other soon. A month later we met in Mexico and decided to apply for a K-1 as we realized we really want to be together and are ready to get married. And we have lots of evidence proving a bona fide relationship from our time in college. Now I reazlied that in my tourist visa application I also listed him as a friend. So I’m worried it’s gonna look like I lied about my relationship with him for immigration benefits. The reason I never disclosed my relationship with him was 1) i never really understood the significance from an immigration point of view and 2) both my interviews were in Saudi and I didnt want them to know my sexuality for fear of safety, and it is second nature to me to tell all strangers that he’s just my friend and hide my sexuality. TLDR: i listed my boyfriend as a “friend” in two different non-immigrant visa applications and worried that will affect K-1 visa chances. So I would like your advice on the following: 1) Will the 214(b) F-1 denial arouse suspicions of misrepresentation if we file the I-129F shortly after? Does it matter if we wait longer? 2) Will the officers be understanding of why I lied about the relationship due to fear of safety or use that against us in the K-1 application? 3) Any information on the US embassy in Saudi would also be appreciated. How tough are they and how likely is denial/acceptance? Thank you.
  6. So on june 1st my fiancee got a notice from USCIS saying his application has been received with a receipt number, ( he is the American citizen) so on August 31st about two month later we checked the site again to track our progress and we got an approved application status, the problem was that there was no email from them like the previous stage and it says our application was approved on june 3rd, just three days after we got the first notification in 2021! I don't want to get my hopes up but does that mean our case has been transferred from USCIS to NVC? Or is there a different approval? Also I'm a year older than him is that a red flag? Although we are both very young 23 and 22 is that an issue too?
  7. My partner and I got married in 2019, fulfilling the conditions of the K-1. We've been married 2 and a bit years now and have decided to separate and divorce. I have never started the AoS process. I am Australian and will be leaving back to Aus soon. I have no intention of staying in the US. After researching, I've found out that because I never filled in the AoS, I have overstayed my Visa by 2+ years and will likely be barred from entering the US for 10 years. We have no children and no assets. No joint accounts or debts. The only requirement we need left is to be separated for 6 months before filing, so I will find a lawyer once I'm home. I was wondering if anyone knew what the process was for notifying the appropriate people once we can get the divorce papers sorted. Once I get back to Australia (or maybe even before?), do I have to notify the US or Australian embassies at all? I'm sure there's some formalities I need to go through. I can't find any information or forums for people that go through this without having the AoS process started.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a quick question on i-134 supporting evidence for K1 visa. I am currently working for a company in temporary basis (will likely extend at least one - two years). Fortunately, I earned above the federal poverty line last year and earn almost same amount this year too. Since i-134 specifically asks whether my position is temporary or permanent, I am little bit concern that my temporary position would affect on K1 visa process meaning potential denial. I am going to submit the latest Tax Return and IRS tax transcript in case, but still not sure I can get a letter from my bank. That being said, I would like to ask if anyone had same kind of issue and impacted on K1 visa process. Thank you in advance for your attention and comments.
  9. I was able to get my medical summary from my GP today, and just wanted to confirm I have the right thing (Sorry, I can't upload an image of it because the file is too large). Please note, my application is at the London consulate, so my medical exam will be at the Knightbridge clinic. The summary includes: My personal information including my GP's name and NHS number. A list of acute medication (empty) A list of repeat medication (two items, just inhalers for asthma). Allergies (empty) Immunisations - A list of all the immunisations I've had from birth to now. Problems Active - A list of active issues for which I have been admitted to hospital, all asthma related. Significant past (empty). I'm worried that this summary doesn't contain everything I need, as I've seen an example of someone else's summary which contained the following details as well: Health status - for the example I found online this listed things like weight, smoking status and blood pressure. I requested this be added as well but the receptionist at my GP surgery said there was nothing to add. Does this sound like it is everything I need? Also, I have seen people mention on here that they needed a letter from their GP confirming that they did not have any unresolved medical conditions, is anyone able to confirm whether or not I will require this for the medical exam? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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