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  1. Hey all, My fiance (Uk citizen) and I (US citizen) are going to be applying for his K-1 visa in the near future as I've mentioned in previous posts and we are concerned about him having Crohns. ( If you don't know what it is here is the wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crohn%27s_disease) It is not contagious, it is a chronic condition he has had for years. His crohns is under control with long term meds but he is having surgery to remove part of his bowel. Will him having crohns and having surgery hinder us in any way? Please help! xx
  2. Hey guys! I spent the last 4 hours looking for answers I can't find, so I figured I'd just ask on here! My husband came here on his K-1 visa and is now waiting for his AOS to receive his green card. I'm filing my 2018 taxes right now and I'm filing as married. My husband does not have an SSN yet and does not have work documents yet. he obviously isn't working right now, do to that. I'm confused as to what I should do. Is he eligible to fill out a W-7?? or should I say he's a non-resident alien? In my head I thought he's viewed as a resident alien because he has an alien ID number. Please give me guidance if y'all know how I can properly file my taxes! thanks in advance!!
  3. After reading numerous things on money orders and where/how to send in your I-129f packet, I would really like clarification or guidance toward what I should do. I am a PC volunteer in Mozambique, and I am trying to submit my paperwork now, so that the packet can process while I am still in country. My concerns are if a money order from Mozambique would work, and my fiance has suggested using DHL to send the packet which I know is an option. I have read so many different things, so I don't know what the protocol is on these types of things. Anyone have experience filling out the K-1 visa from another country?
  4. Hi! I really tried to look for a similar situation that we are in currently here in VJ but some were outdated. My Fiancé had his interview in USEM last August 7, 2018 after having to undergo a sputum exam that delayed our K-1 process which thankfully resulted negative! He had a really good interview experience and the American consul was very pleasant to him, only asked a few questions and looked through our proof of relationship (nothing else was asked), a few minutes after she told him that he's visa is approved and stamped his paper, congratulated him and gave him pamphlets of so and so (our delivery address is already registered online when we made the schedule for interview). Our Visa status immediately changed to Administrative Processing after his interview and it's been AP since Aug.7 but the case was updated on Aug.9 still AP, is there something I should be worrying about or is it something normal? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone, I am in need of advice. I may need to change my address soon due to unforeseeable circumstances. My fiance's K-1 Visa application is currently waiting to be adjudicated at the California office. If I change my address will it negatively affect the processing time or the application itself? How would I go about changing it? I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the application. What are the experiences that some of you have had with changing addresses? Thank you so much for any advice.
  6. Johannes2198

    DS-160 have you ever entered the U.S.

    Hello I am currently in the process of filling out the DS-160 application and came across the question; Have you ever entered the U.S.? I live in Niagara falls Canada and have frequently visited the states throughout my life. Is this question really requiring me to identify all 40-50 times I've entered over 20 years? Thank you for your time and wisdom!
  7. Hi everyone, my fiancée lives in Dubai. Last 30th of October, we received an email from NVC that our I-129F petition was approved and sent to US Embassy to Abu Dhabi. By 02 of November as we tracked it online, the status changed to case “READY” but the email from the NVC said that the embassy will contact us when they are ready to process our petition. How long usually it takes before we received the letter from the consulate? Thank you in advance.
  8. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
  9. Hi all, I am getting mixed messages. I understand that once the embassy gives you your visa you have 6 months to enter the US and you MUST enter before the medical exam expires. I have read online, both that the medical exam expires in 6 months and other places say it expires in 12 months. Which is correct? We are trying to time our exit for later in 2019, but we must have our docs to the embassy before the end of January 2019. If the medical exam expires in 6 months then we would be a bit rushed to do everything we want to do done before we leave, if it expires in a year we are in good shape. Any one know for sure about this and could they link to sources if so. Thank you!
  10. Ok my Fiance has received her passport with her K-1 Visa stamp. I have bought her ticket for the 18th of December 2018. Her I-797 Petition extension expires on 7 December 2018. Do I still need to file for another extension? I emailed the Embassy/Consular but only got the response that her K-1 Visa was issued. Thank You!!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Mirella from Venezuela and just read from an old document of the Caracas embassy that birth certificates of k1 beneficiaries should be legalized (Hague apostille). Since is an old document, I'd like to confirm this. It's very hard to get the Hague apostille in Venezuela, so I want to be sure that it is needed.
  12. I've always understood that a K-1 Fiance Visa is processed/approved much faster than marrying abroad and bringing her to the U. S. on a K-3 Spousal Visa; Is this still the case? Is it possible to marry abroad but NOT file the marriage there in her home country (The Philippines) and even though are married there so her friends and family can attend, or will that complicate/delay things?
  13. Hi There, My Fiancee and I just got our NOA2 from the California Service Center, which was received on 4/30/18 and approved on 10/22/18. (Funny, though, the USCIS site still says "received" only!) I live in Hawaii, and she is a Japanese citizen who lives in the UK and has Permanent Resident status there. I have a few questions about the next step paperwork to fill out, the I-134, which I believe is the sponsorship form. I am a business owner, self-employed. I do have a business partner with the business as well, but partner only joined after the 2017 tax year. Prior to that, I was sole proprietor. With the I-134, I see that I need to provide my most recent tax return and a statement from my banker about my bank account, as well as a rating from a commercial rating concern. Question 1) It says in the instructions that this statement must include "total amount deposited for the last year"; does this mean a) 365 days from the date of the statement; b) Year-to-Date; c) or the total amount from 2017? Question 2) What is a commercial rating concern, and how do I get a rating from it? Does the BBB count? I do have an A+ rating with them. Does it help if I have it in addition to the tax return, or will the tax return be enough? Question 3) It asks for my annual income. Do I put what my annual income was on my 2017 tax return, or what I estimate it to be for the 2018 tax return? Question 4) For my personal property value, since I am in a partnership that owns my business, does that mean half of the value of the inventory I count as personal property? Question 5) On 8.b., it asks for my other debts. I heard that I don't actually need to fill that in for the fiancée visa, is that correct? Also, it is under "real estate" debt and my debt is not real estate related. Thank you for any and all help you can give! We are very excited! E & Y (Apologies for duplicating a post. I don't know if I should have posted in the other forum I was in or start a new one... so I will try both! And if this one isn't necessary, then please, admin, feel free to delete this one)
  14. Hi all - My fiance is Syrian. It's taken us almost a year to get to this point. We have our interview coming up in just a few weeks and I'm just wondering what happens now that the travel ban is in place. 1) He's affected by the travel ban - so what happens if they deny him a k1-visa? 2) Will they automatically deny his k1-visa since he's from Syria? 3) Can he get a waiver? Any ideas on how we can get a waiver?? 4) If we get denied - what should we do?
  15. My fiance in Cambodia was just laid off from work. I filed our K-1 Visa in August and it is currently waiting to be adjudicated at the California Service Center. Will his change in jobs impact the application? Does he need to be employed by the time of the interview? My job situation is still stable. Thank you for any help!
  16. Is it okay to use someone else’s card to file the i-129f packet? We will be using my brother’s credit card for filing. Wouldn’t that be a problem? Denial?
  17. I am confuse, does uscis accept credit card payment? I’ve read a blog regarding filing i-129f using credit card payment is not available because it will not be send to a lockbox facility. What are the lockbox facilities? Is the one in Dallas, Tx isn’t a lockbox facility? Please I need an answer. We will be filing on Oct 12 😢
  18. Hey guys, I posted yesterday about trying to figure out how best to bring my stuff across the border on a K-1 Visa, and some new questions have come up as a result. My fiance's father has proposed the idea of driving his truck and trailer, with my fiance in tow, up to where I live in BC, and then bringing me and my things back across the border. However, I'm not sure if this would actually be permitted or not. Would the act of them moving my stuff be considered "working"? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The previous post is here for reference:
  19. Hi, so my fiancé is having a hard time getting some of the necessary vaccines. He got lost when he did his physical but the ones they didn’t have then he was supposed to get them in his country. But now they’re saying they don’t have it either. Will this be a problem at entry to the US? I believe he is only missing two
  20. Good day everyone. I have an inquiry and I need your help and guidance. My fiancee is renting a room at his' family's home. What would be the household size for poverty guidelines? Is it for the household of 2 ( my fiancee and I) or household of 6? thank you!
  21. Dear VisaJourney friends, My fiance and I applied for a K-1 visa back in June. We are awaiting our NOA2, but we have a problem... I am living with my parents in Amsterdam, but they are selling their house soon. They also have a house in Germany and I am planning on living there until I can be reunited with my fiance in the US. Like I said, we have already applied and in the application I used my parents Amsterdam address and we said the Amsterdam consulate is 'my' consulate. Does anyone know: 1) Can/should I change my address? 2) Will it give me problems/delays if I move to a different country 3) Will the visa then be transferred to the consulate in Germany? If moving to a different country will cause enormous trouble, I will have to try to find a place here. Then the question about an address change still remains of course. The potential buyers of my parents house in Amsterdam don't mind receiving and passing my mail along, so that wouldn't be a problem. I am just worried they are going to deny me because I no longer live at the same place stated in my application. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hello guys, I am in a situation and I need some clarity about it. I am from India and was engaged (arrange marriage-matrimony) and got my K1 visa approved this year and flew to US and due to personal issues I walked out of the relationship just after spending a week with him. So post that I was staying with my brother and through family I got another proposal and the guy is again a US citizen. I met him and his family and they liked me very much and my family too liked him. So since then we are looking at how do we proceed with this. We have thought of applying for k1 visa again as it is a shorter process and wwe will get time to know each other more. We have hired a attorney we are not yet engaged but will soon be, I have come back to India and he will be traveling soon with his family to get engaged.  So, I am still anxious to know if I will get an approval again?? will I have to do the medical again?? Is there any advice you guys want to give me because we are still deciding. PLEASE HELP!!!
  23. Hi, im new here. Im trying to apply for my k-1 fiance visa. Yesterday my husband in the US file the petition and sent it to uscis. I had a wedding party before my husband leave my country. We dressed up as a groom and bride. But it wasnt a legal marriage or official marriage at all because its not even listed by the government. And when i sent the petition i put some photos of me and my husband together and also 1 photo of our wedding party. I also give them notes that they might find a pictures on my facebook that looks like we already got married but we really not married yet. And i also tell them that i can show them a letter from the government telling that im single and free to get married with my husband in the US. And my question is do u guys think its fine to have a wedding party like this when im trying to apply for K-1 fiance visa? Do u guys think uscis people will accept my petition or no? I get worry because i read about some case where people get rejected because they show them that they had a wedding ceremony etc, eventhough its not even official yet and not legal by law or by the government. But on the other hands im confused because i call 3 different uscis people today and ask about this case and they told me that as long as the marriage isnt official then we should be fine. This is making me confused. So guys, what should i do and do u guys think that theyll reject m petition or no? Please answer. Thanks everyone.
  24. fcchief

    CENOMAR Question

    Someone responded and recommend I move my post to here, not sure how to do that so will just re-post and delete my other one in the K-1 forum. My fiance is Filipina with Permanent Japanese resident status and lives in Japan. I am in the USA. She received her letter from Embassy in Japan and told me she needed a CENOMAR (Neither she nor I knew what it was! She moved to Japan when she was 24yrs old). I researched it and found I can order it online for her but it would take 6-8 weeks! However I thought I had read that you can get it expedited outside the Philippines. I cannot wait 6-8 weeks for this. I did email them as they directed on thieir website for more information, however I have not heard from them yet. Does anyone have experience in ordering this and having it sent to Japan?? How long did it take? Did you use regular Philippine post?? Any valid informations is greatly appreciated!!! Maraming Salamat!
  25. We submitted our application 2 weeks ago. My fiancee plans to come to visit me in September and stay for about 3 months. We're worried that if we get a notice that we're approved and she needs to schedule an interview while she's still with me she won't have enough time. Is there a time limit on when you have to schedule the interview?