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  1. Hello! I'm a transgirl, and I have a few questions in relation to K-1 visa... After I am given the K-1 Visa by the US consulate and arrive in the U.S. and marry my fiancé, is it possible to go to therapists/psychologists and legally change my name and gender while waiting for the Green Card? If not, is it possible to do so when I get the Green Card? And what are the documents needed to show proof of said change? Is it perhaps better to transition prior to moving to the U.S. and then move in, or is it possible to transition in the U.S. as an immigrant? tl;dr: Can I change my name and gender as an immigrant, or is it better to transition before? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hi all! My fiance and I's case is currently in transit to Manila. (YAY!) I'm currently preparing the affidavit of support (AOS) to send/email to him. My worry is that since I was only hired at my current job in November 2018, my W2 only shows I made a few grand in 2018. I was a full time student for two years before that and had no income. I currently make above 125% of the federal poverty guideline. I can only provide a letter from my employer and my paystubs (which I plan to give at least 6 months worth). Maybe bank statements or letter from my bank. Are those acceptable at USEM in Manila for financial documents? I'm really nervous that that's all I can provide. I hope the helpful people of VJ can put my mind at ease. Thank you! Z.
  3. Hi all! I received NOA2 at the end of August but still no letter from NVC. I just read here on VJ that NVC is currently delayed, is that correct? I'm about to contact them to see what's going on. In the meantime, what can my fiance and I do, in terms of preparation for the interview? My biggest concern about this whole journey is my lack of tax transcripts/W2 for the last 3 years. I was a student for 2 years and I only started my current job at the end of November 2018. However, I currently make way above 125% of the required income. So when my beneficiary goes for the interview at the Manila US Embassy, is it okay that I can only provide a letter from my employer and a statement from an officer of my bank or bank statements for the I-134 Affidavit of Support? Or will they look for tax transcripts that I don't have? Any input is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! This forum has been very helpfull to me. So I just wanted to share my experience. My timeline: Marts 10th 2019 I entered the US (California) Marts 12th 2019 I was married to an American Marts 19th 2019 USCIS received my application for Adjustment of status, EAD and Advanced Parole. May 28th 2019 I called to expedite my case based on Financial Hardship May 31st 2019 I received email from USCIS with further instructions to fax my job offer and cover letter. June 6th 2019 "New Card is being produced" June 11th 2019 "Card is ready for being mailed to me" June 12th 2019 "Card was mailed" June 14th 2019 I received my EAD card which also works as Advanced Parole. What did I do? I called to expedite my case based on severe financial loss for myself. This is what I said in notes: I have no financial resources, and by July 1st I need to start paying back my student loans. I have a master degree that is not being used and I would really like to pursue my career. I feel that I'm made redundant not contributing to the American Economy as a working tax payer. Being redundant also affects my mental health not feeling independent and having to be depended on my husband economy. I have a great job offer and have finished all interviewing. The start date is June 17th 2019. What did I fax? - I used this coverletter: https://www.marecaranne.com/2019/01/ead-expedite.html - My offer letter - Copy of the email from USCIC. I hope this might help other people in the same situation. I know how hard it is not being able to work and get your life going here in the US. I'm super excited to be working and hope for everyone that the wait time soon will be over. Thank you for this forum!
  5. Hey everyone, is anyone daring to file for K-1 fiancé visa during all the unrest in Haiti? Any success? Any difficulties? Would love any advice or suggestions. Thanks!
  6. I just noticed when I checked my case on the CEAC status tracker it says that I have an Immigrant Visa Application, when in reality I applied for a K-1 visa which is a Non-Immigrant Visa Application. Anybody else have the same issue?
  7. Hi! I really tried to look for a similar situation that we are in currently here in VJ but some were outdated. My Fiancé had his interview in USEM last August 7, 2018 after having to undergo a sputum exam that delayed our K-1 process which thankfully resulted negative! He had a really good interview experience and the American consul was very pleasant to him, only asked a few questions and looked through our proof of relationship (nothing else was asked), a few minutes after she told him that he's visa is approved and stamped his paper, congratulated him and gave him pamphlets of so and so (our delivery address is already registered online when we made the schedule for interview). Our Visa status immediately changed to Administrative Processing after his interview and it's been AP since Aug.7 but the case was updated on Aug.9 still AP, is there something I should be worrying about or is it something normal? Thanks in advance!
  8. I was wondering if we are able to get a medical exam before we receive packet 3. Are there documents we have to give to the doctors or can we go to the assigned doctors to get the medical examinations done without packet 3. My NOA -2 is out and waiting to get my case number from NVC.
  9. Hello community, I need some guidance my fiancé is Venezuela born living in Colombia, but her parents are colombian she had her interview on 4/8/2019 in Bogota Colombia, she was drilled for over 30min. She was asked some really crazy questions like how are you able to community with your fiancé petitioner, which she really replied both his parents are Latinos and grew up learning both Languages. Other important docs like income proof wasn’t even asked for, but I know I make the more then required income and had given her 4 months pay stubs, 3 years of tax filings, bank info etc in the packet she took to her interview. Anyway, here is my question/concern after interview her passport was kept, but she was given a 221g because counselor stated her criminal records for venezuela & colombia were not recent enough do to being 6 months old from the day we printed it, like to note she has a clean record as well as i. Anyway Counselor also wanted to see more proof our relationship specifically text messages and not just pictures or phone call logs. Again her PASSPORT kept, from what others have stated this is a good sign when it comes Colombia embassy K-1 visa interview! She was given instructions on how to submitted required evidence to proceed with K-1 Visa process. On 4/16/2018 we submitted updated criminal records & 100+ images of text various dates and times to the email provided by counselor. Its been 15 days since we submitted requested documents and there have been 2 updates on Ceac site. One on 4/22/2019 & one on 4/30/2019 still says Administrative processing. Is this normal, because the documents they requested pretty straight forward and we submitted with no issues! In terms of how Interview went and how long we’ve waited after submitting required documents? Because she had a family friend do her interview last year in Colombia and they only asked her 1 question, how did they meet and didn’t ask to see anything else and was approved on the spot and received her passport stamp with visa in the mail within 10 business days. I feel like my fiancée was singled out due to her being Venezuelan born, reason I’m saying this is in my travels, maybe I’m wrong but I’ve seen uprise of a lot of Latin American countries being very strong with Venezuelans trying to migrate to another country. Any help or guidance would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. Hi Vj Members, I'm about to fill out my affidavit of support (I-134) in preparation for my fiance's interview in Manila and I'm not sure what to put in this question: I am ___ years of age and have resided in the United States since (date)(mm/dd/yyyy)______. In my case, I have been moving back and forth. Below are the details: - I was born here in the US, in 1991, then our family moved to the Philippines in 1997 - I only returned in the US, back in 2011-2014 , then I moved back to the Philippines in 2014-2018 - I finally came back here last year of May 2018. Should I put the last date of my arrival which is May 2018? Or should I put my date of birth? Thank you for any helpful feedback!
  11. My fiance works for a company that is USA based. We are waiting for our NOA2 which should be done in August. If she could get work Visa with her company will this affect our k1 Visa in any bad way?
  12. Hi, My fiance is from the Phillipines. She is still going through annulment there. However, her ex husband lives in the US as a citizen and is legally divorced from her here. When I file for fiance Visa is it enough to include her divorce decree from the US? It would be quicker than waiting for her annulment to finish in the Phillipines. From what I read, under US law divorce from US is enough to marry again once here--but not sure if good enough when for applying K-1 Visa. Thank in advance to replies. This is my first post here-it's a great resource!
  13. Hi, I am a transgender (female to male) US citizen and would like to file a petition to marry my significant other. I have changed my legal name on all documents. However, I cannot legally change my gender marker from female to male on my birth certificate as it is illegal in the state I was born in. It has been changed on all other ID’s. Will this create an issue when filing the petition for a k-1 visa? I am unsure of what gender to put on my paperwork, as the gender markers are mixed. Thank you!
  14. My fiancée is Venezuelan born living Colombia last 2 year, but her parents are Colombians that lived some time in Venezuela. She had her interview at the Bogota embassy on 4/8/2018. After she was given a 221g form because Counselor requested more recent criminal records, then one's she presented from Venezuela and Colombia since they were 6 months old & more proof of relationship specifically text message conversation. We provided all that was requested on 4/16/2018 to email provided. Here's my questions if anyone can help. 1. I read that this online- > (Police certificates are also required from applicants who have lived in another country for more than 6 months since turning 16 years of age (except for the United States Mexico and Venezuela). But my fiancée was asked to present criminal record for Venezuela even though she hasn't lived there last 2 years and from my understanding of this she didn't have to. if this information is correct, why would they ask for it and would this be a violation or negligence on their part of her rights during this process? 2. From what I seen of some Colombian K-1 visa participants that were approved, they all had some sort of Administrative Processing afterwards, but average wait time given by the officer after being approved and passport kept was 8-15 business days to receive visa. Would this still be the case for us? Since only motive for getting a 221g was for outdated police reports and more proof relationship, but were given chance to submit those request docs, which we did on 4/16/2019 but as of 5/4/2019 still under Administrative Processing. 3. On the CEAC website even though our case still says Administrative Processing when looking it up dates have changed 3 times 4/22/2019, 4/30/2019 & 5/03/2019 does this mean they are looking at our file and processing whatever they need to, or is this just generic updates? Any help or guidance on these matters would be grateful I did speak to lawyer this past week since this is starting to stress me out after all the months waiting to get to this point and he stated if they kept her passport that's a good sign and from his experience 90% are leaning towards giving her the visa.
  15. Hello, my name is Skylar and I'm 18 years old as of right now (born on 2000). I am transgender, and I haven't yet legally changed my name or done any procedures yet. My boyfriend is 19 years old (born in 2000 as well, though), and he lives in the U.S., on the state of Maryland. I am living in Portugal and I intend to move there as soon as this year, or next one... My question would be, what would be the best option to move to the U.S., considering all this information? I've searched around and I've seen that is possible to get a K-1 visa so that I can eventually marry him and get a green card, but I saw that there's a need to meet face-to-face and I haven't yet visited him (due to lack of money, knowledge about all this situation, etc etc...) ... If I intend to visit him around August/September, would I be able to fill the K-1 visa as soon as I am there under a request for the K-1 visa? If not, would I have to visit him around August/September, and when I leave the U.S., I can apply as soon as I left? How long does this procedure take? And what's the best route? Thanks in advance for all the help, I really need some answers to this topic 😅😅😅!
  16. Hello again, I have another question and thank you in advance for replying... I am writing our proof of ongoing relationship and I've realized that the main reason why we decided to get married in the US is because we have been planning this K-1 visa all along. Like this is the easiest and soonest way that we can be together since a spousal visa will delay us. Is it okay to divulge our true intention? Thank you again in advance!
  17. Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone of you did not need to submit any translated posts/messages? I mean, is it okay not to include non English chat messages so I don't need a translator? Will it affect my petition? TIA!
  18. For both of our address history, it says to provide our current address first IF it's different from our mailing address provided above it. Both our current and mailing addresses are the same. In this case, do I leave Physical Address 1 blank, and move to the part for physical address 2? Should I list the current address again even though it's already in the mailing address section? I'm trying to figure out if I should start listing previous addresses in the part for Physical Address 1 or Physical Address 2. Thanks!
  19. Hello all, I hope you can help with this question, please: Will the USCIS send an RFE for passport photos that do not have our names on the back? Or could that cause a straight denial? Or may this not be an issue at all? Thank you in advance!
  20. Hi everyone! Newbie here! I badly need your help, advices and suggestions. My fiancé in US received NOA2 last february then I’m just waiting for the NVC, while waiting for it he said I should process other requirements like Police Clearance. I am currently here in the Philippines, I lived and work in dubai for 11months and decided to go home last June 2018 because we are already engaged and planning to go there so I left my dubai life, now im here in the Philippines again for 9months already. Here’s my question guys, do I still need to get a Police Clearance in dubai since I stayed there for more than 6months and pass it as a requirment to US Embassy? i’ve read some topics here re: this but just to be sure. Thank you in advance! ❤️
  21. Hello, all! What are the options if we do not meet the minimum income requirements by the appointed time?
  22. My fiancé and I had her visa interview yesterday. We made a mistake and brought in the I-1864 instead of the I-134. They told us we will be approved as soon as we send the I-134 to them in the mail. They kept our I-1864 that we brought in yesterday. But now filling out the I-134 I'm struggling. On the I-184 I only included my 2 jobs that I had last year because those were the jobs that were listed on my income tax return and that I had W2's for. Now that we need to send in the I-134 I'm not sure if I should list my current job (because it asks for current employment) but I do not have this current job listed on any income tax return or w2 because I started in January. For my jobs last year I wasn't making enough to support my fiancé, but with my new job I am. After the interview they kept the I-1864 paperwork, so I'm worried about sending in the I-134 with a different job listed than what they have on the I-1864. They also have my mom on the I-1864 because I needed a joint sponsor, but if I list my current job, I don't need a joint sponsor. Also, since I don't have an income tax return or W2 for my new job, what should I send in with the I-134 as proof of income? Thank you for reading all of this and helping!!!
  23. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  24. Fiance lives in one country, Poland ,that she is not a citizen but works and lives there. Will this effect where she gets her medical exam and interview? Anything else it could effect? She is Vietnamese. Just starting this process so I am a little worried if this will complicate things and what I can expect or what I can do to avoid any pitfalls.
  25. Hoping some people could chime in on this topic, any advice would be much appreciated! I came from Canada into the US on a K1 visa in fall 2018, am currently in AOS, and my US husband and I are looking to buy a home in the US very soon. My parents are going to gift me some money to help with the down payment. I know that there are no gift taxes in Canada for parents giving cash to their children. Here are our options we have come up with: 1. They transfer the money from their Canadian account into my Canadian TD account. I have a TD cross boarder account, in which I would then transfer the money over to my US-based TD account, but the amount will be over $10K and I don't want to do too many small amount transfers between my cross-border accounts. Are there any tax implications for this? I am simply transferring money between my cross-border accounts. 2. The other option we are considering is my parents would transfer the full amount of money from their Canadian account directly into my US-based TD account, either through the bank or something else like TransferWise. If we do this, do we then need to submit the IRS 3520 form for foreign gifts, in which it would be excluded from taxes? Can this form be filed out of I am not technically a US citizen yet, being in AOS? What is the cheapest option if we do this, bank or Transferwise? Trying to figure out the simplest and least expensive/least tax heavy option! If anyone has a better option, please advise. Thanks everyone.
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