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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, based on some of the posts I've read around these forums, I understand that having a joint bank-account is one of the important proofs that can validate the genuineness of the marriage, & therefore, K1 couples should get a joint bank-account immediately after getting legally married. This being the case, when we're filing for Adjustment of Status, how much of the assets in the joint-account can be claimed by the US citizen-spouse on I-864 for the purpose of income-requirement? For instance, if a couple has 50k in their joint bank-account (some of which was brought over by the immigrant-spouse when they came to the US), can the US citizen claim the entire 50k as belonging to the US citizen, on their I-864, for the purpose of meeting the income-requirements for Adjustment of Status?
  2. I was wondering if I can just include the first page of our joint bank statement or do I have to include the whole statement including expenses/deposits?
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondering if I need to notarize the photocopies of the documents needed. Things like our son's birth certificate, bank statements, tax return, etc.
  4. Sorry, I looked for a I-134 section to put this in, but I couldn't find it. I am doing the K1 visa anyway so maybe this is ok, The I-129f got approved the other day, and I am currently trying to fill out the I-134 sponsor form to mail to Indonesia for her to bring to the interview. I do not think I make enough money to be the sole sponsor, so I am looking for a place to add a joint sponsor, but it's not making any sense to me. I read somewhere online today that maybe I can't do a joint sponsorship with a K1 visa depending on where I am sending it? I'm pretty confused right now. I could just fill out the I-134 form with my fathers information as my joint sponsor, and put his relationship to my fiancee as "father-in-law to be" or something like that, but I'm not sure. Please help 😐
  5. My husband and I have a joint bank account together, however, we just opened the account and our most recent statement says we have nothing in the account. Would a blank check from that account (which obtains both our first and last names) be sufficient enough to scan (front and back) and use as evidence? We also have another joint bank account here in Canada, I have statements and proof of consistent deposits and withdraws from that account, which we are also using as evidence for THAT specific account.
  6. I, the petitioning sponsor, am working on Steps 4 and 5 of my wife's IR-1 visa application process. The earnings from my current part-time job in Japan plus my wife and my combined assets may put us over the required 25% above the poverty line (125% of poverty). But to be safe, my mother (who files taxes jointly with my father), will be the only joint sponsor. Also, my father sent me a signed letter on his business letterhead saying there's a full-time position paying $15/hr. effective when I make landfall in the US. My question is, how should my mother calculate her earnings for 2017? -Simply add together line 1 from both of her W-2 forms [...which wouldn't show their earnings from real estate sales from their other business.(Yes, I know; real estate holdings must be proven with further documentation.)]? -Split their adjusted gross income from their 1040? -Other? Thank you for reading! Kind Regards, Itchy
  7. Hi everybody! I should be filing form i 751 this October/November (my green card expires in January). I am in a real marriage with a US citizen but things have not really been working out. We had many issues (addiction related and other complicated stuff) but we manage to move past them and overcome those challenges. However, after all we have been through, we decided the best for us is to remain friends, but we are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship right now. We agreed to stay together until I get the green card just to make things easier (and, besides, I am also getting my Italian citizenship and he wants it as well, so in the end it's like an exchange of citizenships :)). Nobody really knows we are planning on separating in the future and we live together (with his parents) and continue to behave and have all the things married couples have. There has been no separation or anything of the sort. Not too long ago I found out that the processing time for the i 751 in Illinois is very long (18 to 20 months) and I am starting to doubt if we will make it to year 2020 (when I should be getting the green card) like this, living with his parents and continuing to pretend we are not thinking about separating. I think we both could do it, since we get along really well, but part of me wants to move on with my life. I wanted to know about filing form i 751 jointly and then separating after a few months, but continuing to file jointly. Is this a good choice? I know I will be asked for a RFE and that most likely we will have to go to an interview. We are both fine with that and with going to the interview together, there would not be any issues. What kind of evidence does USCIS ask for in these cases (is it related to the beginning of the bona fide marriage, or do they ask for information on the separation, like for you to send evidence that you are going to couples therapy or something like that?). I have a lot of evidence of therapy but it is related to my husband's addiction and I am sure he does not want to disclose that to USCIS, since it is pretty private. Also, I have been reading that, when we separate, we should send a letter to USCIS telling them that we separated and that we still want to file jointly. Does any of you have a sample of that? Can it be sent at any time after filing jointly? What should it include? If we don't send the letter, how do I notify USCIS that we want to continue to file jointly? We would be telling them that we are on a trial separation but we do not want to get divorced at this point and that we are both willing to go to the interview together. Our idea is to not get divorced until I get the green card and he gets the Italian citizenship, so we don't mind staying married for 3 more years or so (and we are on really good terms). I know he will come to the interview with me and that we can go through it and prove that our marriage is real without problems. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thank you very much!
  8. Hello Everyone My wife is a US CITIZEN but she has been residing with me in India after we married in December 2015. She has been to and forth to the States a couple of times but she has been residing continuously with me since April. We have finally decided to move to the states but my wife plans to remain with me and we wanted to apply for the spouse visa from India Itself, I have a few questions and points mentioned below: - -> Can we apply for the spouse visa whilst my wife remains with me here in India -> I am a working professional in Delhi and since my wife is not working I will have my aunt who is again a us citizen be the joint sponsor to meet the income requirements -> We are legally married in India, I wanted to know how to proceed with this and is everything in place with our approach -> I was planning to go with RapidVisa.com since they seem to be professional and legit -> Any other suggestions or other means which could possibly help us ease the process -> How long is the duration for such an application We will really appreciate any guidance or help. Thanks Anirban
  9. Hi, I'm curious to know if anyone can give me some info about the Affidavit of Support/ sponsor for the K1. My finance and I live overseas, so I don't make above the poverty line when it is converted to US dollars. I can have my parents be a joint sponsor (they make 100k). Any one had to do the joint sponsor route? Did it change anything within your application process? Thanks