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  1. Hi my name is Steve I am applying for a green card for my wife (I am a US citizen) and currently working on the upload process in CEAC. Did anyone go through the upload process via ceac for financial and supporting document of joint sponsor & household member? I was able to successfully add a joint sponsor in CEAC, but under the 'Affidavit of Support Documents & Financial Evidence' it displayed as 'N/A' for the added joint sponsor. I don't have any clue where I can upload the supporting documents for the joint sponsor. *Please refer to the bottom half of the attached screen shot, where its showing 'N/A' Question 1 Does anyone know where or when I can upload the supporting docs for the joint sponsor? I also need to add a household member who is related to the joint sponsor, but when trying to add the household member, I can only select myself (not the joint sponsor) for which sponsor the household member is related too. Question 2 Does anyone know how or when I can select the joint sponsor as the related sponsor? Appreciate your assistance!!
  2. Hello, ill be using a joint sponsor for the i864 as my fiancee has gone back to school and therefore doesnt meet the minimum income. Our joint sponsor, her sister, had a previous salary of usually 50k which varied slightly as earnings were based on comission. She has recently started a new job earning more than that but shes only been there not even a week. My questions are, Will there be any issues with this as shes only been there a week? Can i submit the previous tax return transcripts from irs for years 2016-2018, that we used for the i134 as they are up to date? For supporting evidence, do we need; 3 years tax return transcripts 6months of pay stubs Employer letter confirming employment details Bank statements for the last year Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport) Thanks for the help
  3. Hello all! I have a two part question. My husband (the beneficiary) and I (the sponsor) are still in the USCIS stage for my CR1 spousal visa but I'm starting to prepare our documents for the NVC stage. I currently make about 80,000 gross income as a full time employed RN. By the time our case gets moved to the NVC stage, I will have been working at my job for slightly over 1 year. Therefore, I would hopefully be able to send in my new W2 to the NVC by January 2020. However, before having this job, I was a student and made less than 10,000 each year, which can be seen on my tax return forms for the past two years. Therefore, I currently make well over the poverty line for this year (November 2018-present) However, I made well below the annual income needed for a household of two for the two previous years because I was a student at the time. I would be able to provide a letter from my employer stating that I am a full time employee in good standing, however I want to know if I should get a joint sponsor as well. I know providing the past 3 years of tax returns are optional but I will still have to write how much I made the two previous years on the I-864 document, which looks bad, in my opinion. Do you think if I just provide the W2 from this past year, along with a letter from my employer and recent pay stubs, it will be sufficient without having to get an RFE? Has anyone else been in this situation? Also, the second part to my question is that I currently live with my parents, so that I can save money until my husband gets here. However, by the time he gets here (God willing sometime early-mid next year) I will have already bought an apartment so that we can just move in together when he gets here. My question is, I believe that soon I will have to state where our intended address we will be staying is. I don't want to put my parent's house address because although I'm living there now, I don't intend to live there when my husband is here. But at the same time, I don't have an apartment of my own yet. Is is just easier if I get an apartment now so that I can provide this address as our intended address? Would it also be easier to be living on my own at this point so that if I did need a joint sponsor, I would only have to say that my current household members are 2 (my husband and I) as opposed to 4 (my husband and I along with both my parents)? I hope I didn't confuse anyone with my questions, I just tend to overthink things too much and I'm confused what to do now at this point. Any answers/advise would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  4. Hello everyone on Visa Journey. My name is Andrew. I have a family of 5. My family has a family based immigrating case to the USA. In 2006, my aunt (My mom's sister) has filed a petition to the USCIS and was received. By the beginning of 2019, the NVC notifies us that they received the case from the USCIS, and we can begin submitting the required document to them. We have submitted everything including i-864, income tax of petitioner...etc. However, my aunt's annual income is not enough to sponsor a total household size of 6 (My family and her). But my aunt did have assets (Savings account bank balance) of over five times the difference between requirement 125% poverty guideline for 6 household members and her current annual income. All of that wasn't much of a problem. By May 2019, the NVC received and approved all the documents submitted, and they send the case to the US embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to schedule an appointment. We were being scheduled for an interview on July 16th 2019. We attended the interview. Everything seems to be fine at first until the consular requested for a joint sponsor in order to proceed to any further step. We have tried to convince the consular that we have a lot of assets; however, the consular still request for it anyway. I don't know why the consular won't accept the assets that my aunt has and still need the joint sponsor. Can anyone please provide me with any solution to this kind of situation? PS: I have tried to submit the i-864 for joint sponsor into the CEAC platform. We have found 2 joint sponsor. The first sponsor is responsible for sponsoring my mom, my older brother and me. While the second is responsible for my dad and my younger brother. Even the joint sponsors' income is over the 125% poverty guideline for household size of 4 (First joint sponsor + my mom+ my older brother+ me) and 3 (Second joint sponsor + my dad + my younger brother), the CEAC platform keeps rejecting the documents stating their income is not enough. Need help!!! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! We have just submitted our docs through the ceac site. Now we're not sure if it's complete! We've read in some topics here in visajourney about married joint sponsors needing an i864A to accompany their i864? They filed their taxes jointly, but one of them is now a pensioner. My husband(primary sponsor)'s annual income reached the amount needed above poverty guidelines. But we still decided to add a joint sponsor just to be sure. Now we're doubting if this will be the one that would delay us! Should we be expecting them to ask for the i864A? Can't they just base it on my husband's income and not need any more documents for the js if it really indeed incomplete? Thank you!
  6. Hello Everyone, I received an RFE for I-864 and I-130. We found a joint sponsor for the I-864, but for the I-130, the RFE said "ALL pages of the form are not present or of the same edition date. Submit a properly completed and signed form I-130". I checked the USCIS website, and we sent in the exact edition available there, so i'm assuming some pages may have been misplaced? Hence, I would only have to send in a new I-130 and not I-130A or the evidences, because they did not ask for that? Also, how do I actually assemble this?, it is a little off, as I need to attach the actual RFE letter with that as well. Thank you!
  7. Hi y’all, My wife is filling in an affidavit of support form as the petitioner but we are using joint sponsors to support the application - should we tick the box that shows she is the primary petitioner or the box that shows she is the 1st of two joint sponsors? Thanks
  8. In regards to my join sponsor, he gave me his naturalization certificate, front copy of passport as well as his bio page. is that enough for the embassies usually on that part? He is self-employed. He is the President and CEO of auto dealerships. He has provided his tax returns which shows a gross of close to 1 mil a year and provided a letter on letterhead as well as a copy of his business license and I-134. No bank statements provided though. Is the above usually sufficient?
  9. I am in the process of gathering all of the documentation for the I-134 forms for my fiance's interview this month. My mother is going to be my joint sponsor, as I am currently a university student. Does she need to include a letter stating that she is the joint sponsor, or is simply including her forms and supporting documentation enough? Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone. Some of you may remember that I was living in Algeria with my husband for the past 2 years. I've moved back to the states recently and have established domicile. We are in month 10 of our journey and waiting patiently for our NOA2. (We're at hellishly slow Nebraska.) We have a joint sponsor because I won't have enough established time at my new job. I didn't file taxes though because I wasn't even living in the US. So how do I write a letter stating that? What I mean is, is there a template to use? I've Googled but am getting conflicting information. Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. Hi, this one is a specific question. So my wife (us citizen) and I are preparing for my adjustment of status. We need to find a joint sponsor but when using joint sponsor’s asset to meet the requirements, does it have to be 5 times of the shortfall or 3 times of it since my wife is us citizen sponsoring me. For example, if our joint sponsor lives alone and she doesn’t have a job, should the sum of her assets be $21,137 times 3 or $21,137 times 5. Thank you in advance, any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Recently got my fiancé’s K1 Visa interview date at the embassy in Bratislava listed for the 13 of August.. started filling out my affidavit of support form I-134; thinking co sponsors were allowed, did some research some say yes some say no; mainly depending on the embassy however the U.S. embassy in Slovakia does not specify, I am thinking about emailing them but trying to see here if anyone have any previous history using a co sponsor for the I-134 in Slovakia or Europe in general? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Please help... Hi to all. My husband's interview is coming up on July 18, 2019 in Juarez. When I uploaded the Affidavit of Support info to NVC, I used my father as a houshold member so that we could combine our incomes together to reach the income guideline amount. I live with my dad. But, with everything going on and people getting denials at their interviews for public charge (age, social security benefit income), I am thinking of just getting a joint sponsor instead, my brother. He doesnt live with us. He's single, 34 years old no dependants and makes well over the amount required. He has provided me with his taxes for past 3 years, all transcripts. Do you think that I can just use him and just have my husband take his I-864 packet and evidence instead of what I had uploaded to NVC? I thank you for your help and advice.....🙏
  14. My K1 joint sponsor is self employed. He is working on his 2018 tax returns now. He doesn't want to provide bank statements (for whatever personal reasons). But will comply with whatever else he can provide. He will give me the I-134, 2018 tax returns (full returns since we wont get his transcripts on time for interview), copy of his passport, copy of business license and lastly in lieu of his bank statements, can we substitute by having him write a letter detailing how much income he collects from his business? The last thing I want is a 221g on this. I make just under 125% (which I know is sufficient for K1) but no assets so I need a joint. Thank you
  15. Hi, I have a question about a joint sponsor while filing for AOS. My wife’s income is insufficient to meet the minimum requirements since she’s a student and we’re aware that she can add her household members’ income to meet that requirement. But that option is not possible for us either so we’re looking for a joint sponsor. So my question is can our joint sponsor add their household members’ income to the joint sponsor’s income in case him/herself can’t meet the requirements? Thank you in advance, any help would be much appreciated! Good day
  16. My embassy sometimes hands over 221g asking for co or joint sponsors (cant recall which one) at K1 Visa Interviews EVEN if you petitioner makes just over the poverty line but has no assets. I was told this over a year ago by a lawyer in Jordan. Well here I am and now i need help. 1. I dont show enough assets. I made just over 125% last year but only by $200. I dont want to chance it since Consualtes make it an individual decision based on the whole picture. I want to include a joint sponsor, my fiances uncle, who files his taxed jointly with his wife since both work. I understand I can only use one so... 2. Do I use the one who who made more of the two? 3. Do I have his uncle or uncles wife fill out anything else other than the I-134? I understand he will need supporting documents, etc but does he need anything else? Thank you!
  17. Hello, im confused about whats needed for the interview (at the london embassy) for the k1 visa. Im using a joint sponsor, do i need the original documents such as the birth certificate for my sponsors? Or will a copy be enough? Also, do i need the w2s even though we have the last 3 years tax return transcripts? Finally, do we need the original and a copy of every document? Thanks Oli
  18. Please help me. I got refusal because my fiance didn't meet the requirements. He have assets and receiving monthly social security but they refused us saying i need to give them a tax returns yet we dont have it coz he is disabled . Can we appeal and have dad Co-sponsor us? Please help me i am a k1 visa applicant from Philippines. I feel so down I don't know what to do 😢
  19. USING A FRIEND AS A CO-SPONSOR I am trying to plan in advance. I am the US partner. One of my best friends, who visited my fiance and I twice when we lived in Taiwan, has offered to co-sponsor for her. I have only recently returned to the US after 3+ years abroad and am working freelance/my income won't suffice. While it is entirely possible I will find a job with sufficient income before the interview, a) I might not and b) the income may still be insufficient (also if you have only just started working, what income would you even show??). My friend lives in Chicago, where I lived for 9 years before moving overseas. At the moment, I am in California, although I am looking for work in Chicago and on the East Coast. I've read one case on VJ in which someone was rejected due to the co-sponsor living out of state and am a little panicky now (this site calms some worries and stokes others). Does the fact that the co-sponsor lives in another state matter? Random information that may/not help: I have filed taxes while abroad, but I still won't qualify I can't look for work until after the summer, due to travel My friend does qualify One of the photos we used as evidence when filing has her in it and states that it was taken on her second trip to see us in Taiwan (idk if this will help) My mother (only US domiciled parent) does not qualify-- all other family is overseas NOA1- April 22, 2019 Fiance is from South Africa and will be doing the interview in Johannesburg.
  20. I'm entering the NVC stage (not yet received petition from USCIS though) and have started preparing. According to another Jordanian petitioner, the Embassy in Jordan does allow co or joint sponsors for K1. My fiances aunts and uncles all live close by and are all volunteering to co-sponsor. I make above poverty line but did have a rough year last year and I'm also 1099. It wasn't my best year. I dont want to leave any opening for issues. My fiance's aunt reported just over $100k on her joint taxes with her husband and his Uncle reported around $115k. I know one would be sufficient. But would two be ok as well to prove he wont be a public charge or is that overdoing it and could raise a question? Thanks.
  21. Hi again! Sorry for 2 questions in one day, but I didn't see this question in here yet. My only candidate for a joint sponsor is retired, but with a full pension, and I believe it's well above the poverty guidelines. They are also able-bodied and of sound mind, if that helps. Is this an eligible joint sponsor? Or do they need to be actively employed or below a "certain age"? Thanks!
  22. Hi! I'm a U.S. Citizen that has lived with my wife in the Philippines (mainly Cebu) for over a year. We got married 3/20/19, but the family member I thought was going to be my joint sponsor for the i-864 decided not to go forward with it, due to the financial liability aspect of it. Is it possible to have a joint sponsor, and then remove them from the affidavit of support once I can properly support my wife and re-establish domicile when we get back there? Many thanks!
  23. Is there an option to remove one joint sponsor for another after submitting documents to nvc?
  24. Sorry for the second post in a short time frame. My partner (Spanish citizen) and I (American citizen) are still working on filing the I-129F for him to come to the US as my fiancé, so this isn't relevant yet, but I know that if/when he is approved in a few months time and gets his interview at the US embassy in Madrid, we will have to file an I-134 Affadavit of Support showing that I make enough money to support us. Unfortunately, I am currently a student with only part-time employment so I don't make enough by myself to meet the poverty line requirement. However, my parents do, and they have agreed to be joint sponsors for us on the I-134F. I did some research and it looks like in almost all countries, this is allowed, but that there are a few embassies that don't allow joint sponsors. Does anybody know if the US embassy in Madrid will accept joint sponsors, and if so, what is the process for doing so? Will my parents need to fill out and sign an additional I-134 for us?
  25. My joint sponsor (for my final processing letter after my interview in Guangzhou) makes $40,000 a year for the past three years. She has no dependents and is single. Is her salary enough to get us approved or should I be bracing myself for a request for another joint sponsor?
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