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  1. I am the main sponsor for my wife. My father is the joint sponsor for my wife. We will use cash assets from my fathers checking account because both of us showed low income. My fathers (joint sponsors) 2021 total income was $12297. Himself + has 1 dependent + my wife = 3 household members, poverty guide $28787. Quick math the difference is $16490. My fathers 12 month checking account balance average between march 2021 - february 2022 is $53000. NOW uscis.gov says Does this work for both main sponsor and/or joint sponsor assets ? From which point do they take the 12 month average is it the signed date on the i864 form (12 months before march 2022) or is it the date they check files (12 months before july 2022) ? My father got a $95000 small business economic injury disaster loan from the government during the pandemic which makes a big portion of the cash. In the bank statement description area It just shows as ''SBAD TREAS 310 MISC PAY''. Will they understand that and ask about it or deny it since its a loan or will they not even look at that ?
  2. I got a message saying my income was not enough and that i should maybe add a joint sponsor. After that rejection message i started a new job, asked my boss to provide an employment letter saying I’ve been working for a month and my salary is $42k a year and also uploaded 2 biweekly paystubs. I also found a joint sponsor with a gross income of $20k but a checking account that has more than $100k as assets. All of my documents got ‘accepted’ (Picture 1)⭐ Heres the PROBLEM; I uploaded the joint sponsor to the petitioner page… so i got a second reject message saying that i need to upload the joint sponsor to their own page. (Pictures 3-4-5-6)⭐ Since all of my financial documents were accepted but they told me to transfer the joint sponsor do i still transfer the joint sponsor to his own page ? Or do i delete him completely? Did they mean to say we will accept you finances if you upload the joint sponsor correctly or does it mean i dont even need him..? the joint sponsor has an income of $20,000. But a checking account that has had $100,000 for only the past 6 months. Before that it was $5000 in the bank account. Does it have to be 12 months minimum ? Everything at this point is ‘accepted’.
  3. Hi, I just submitted my paperwork for my joint sponsor after the nvc requested one may 3rd after they accepted all our docs. I submitted the joint sponsor may 24th. My question is how did it it take nvc to approve your joint sponsors paperwork and schedule an interview after you added a JS? Thanks so much! You guys are very helpful. Medasi! Quote
  4. Hi all, After doing some research we still had some questions on filing the Affidavits of Support. If anyone has answers to any of the questions below, it would be greatly appreciated 😊 Here's the situation: I (US spouse) live in the US with my parents as a dependent. I am the Petitioner for my German spouse. Dad is Joint Sponsor. Mom is Household Member. As I understand it, dad and I each file a Form I-864. Mom files I-864A since she filed taxes jointly with Dad. 1) Should I list future living stipends from college as income, even if it's not sufficient to sponsor my spouse (hence having the joint sponsor)? I am getting a living cost stipend and will take out student loans when I begin grad school in August 2022. I am unemployed and have no income at the moment, which is why I assume the joint sponsor and I both file I-864 as opposed to I-864A. If future living stipend + student loans do count as income, does that mean we file Form I-864A instead? (since we would be combining household incomes?) 2) On Form I-864A, Part 2, Item 1c (relationship to sponsor), does Mom answer "spouse" or "parent"? AKA is form asking about her relationship to Petitioner (me) or to Joint Sponsor (Dad)?
  5. NVC DQ’ed my petition for my mom’s IR5 immigrant visa with a review note stating that minimum income requirements are not met despite having shown assets more than 5 times the minimum income requirement. They also stated I might have to get a joint sponsor, but the consular will make a decision at the time of the interview. I’m a 24 year US old citizen who has been living abroad since I was 4. I have been employed as a software engineer abroad ever since I graduated, and submitted 2 years of foreign tax returns at the time of filing. As I don’t know anyone who would want to be a joint sponsor, I relocated to the US myself with a job offer in hand. I have established domicile and have been working in the US as a software engineer for the past 5 months. My salary now far exceeds the minimum income requirements. I am expecting an interview in Mumbai in the next few months. Do I still need a joint sponsor? My only worry is I don’t have 2 years of W2 and I would only have paystubs and an offer letter as income proof at the time of the interview. @pushbrk I would really appreciate your advice on this. I noticed in an inquiry dated June 20th 2020, one of your replies stated “If you have a good job now and are not interviewing in Mumbai, then you'll probably be fine.” What do you think are my odds at Mumbai?
  6. My spouse is petitioning for me, and she didnt meet the porverty guidelines. I asked my brother whos in the military to be a joint sponsor for me, but he is now petitioning for our mom and is also married making his household size 3 currently. I know that when he fills out form i-864 for me he will have to increase that household size to 4, so his income won’t cover for me. The option we have is to include the housing allowance that he receives which is $1050 a month, so that his income would increase. I talked to a lawyer today and she recommended not to do that and get another joint sponsor, but as you may know that’s now so easy. His income for 2021 as it is stated on his tax transcripts is 30k When we added up the amount of allowance he gets in a year that income went to 46k But that $1050 amount is only reflected on his LES (leave and earnings statement) How would i go about proving to the immigration that he can meet the guidelines on the forms? should i get a letter from his employer? And also add together his montlhy income+LES and multiply by 12 so that would be his current income?
  7. Hi Everyone. My spouse is below threshold and we require a Joint Sponsor. My Joint sponsor works in construction he's not self employed. He has supplied me with W2s for the last 3 years and the return filed for last year (Not IRS transcript). I told him the Instructions for the I-864 also requested a 1099 he said I don't need it and that his boss has never needed to send him a 1099. Can my I-130, I-485, package be submitted without his 1099.
  8. Hello guys!! I need your opinion on my situation. I am a US & Sri Lankan dual citizen who recently moved from SL to US. When I was in SL, I petitioned for my husband to come to the United States and we are in the final stage of the process with the embassy. Since I came to the US during the covid period I couldn’t find work related to my field which is Bio Tech & Pharma. So I started working for a coffee shop as a cashier. But I wasn’t making enough to sponsor my spouse neither had I filed taxes before, so I submitted the i864 with a joint sponsor( income $30,101). She was working for a hotel but with this covid she was temporarily laid off from work but she was receiving unemployment benefits. So by the time of the interview of my spouse I could find a job in my field with an income slightly higher than the income requirement set by the DHHS poverty guidelines. It is about $1000 higher for the current year which is $22,608. It will be around $31,104 before taxes for the next year ($18 an hour & 36 hours a week). We also don’t have any dependents. I prepared a new i864 including new income details and asked my husband to present it to the CO at the time of the interview. Then the CO had issued him a 221g to review the case and after almost a month later, yesterday he was informed by the embassy that the officer needs a new joint sponsor. Herewith attached a screenshot of the email from the embassy. I don’t know anywhere else to find a new joint sponsor. I would certainly make way above the income requirement next year as I will be having a pay raise starting from next month. Also in the email from the embassy they have mentioned that there is a requirement to file a i864A. From the readings I did, I don’t think there’s a requirement to file a i864A unless the petitioning USC spouse uses his/her family members as the joint sponsors to meet the income requirement. What do you guys think I should do? What are my options? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, everyone. I have submitted I-130 for my Mother and Father and they got approved last month. I am on the process of answering the I-864 form but I have few questions and concern. My income barely meets the 125% Poverty guidelines for household of 3. Hence, I am using my husband as a joint sponsor. From what I understand, I have to submit separate Affidavit of Support for each parent. My question is, can I use my husband as a joint sponsor for both of them? Also, on the part of the form seen on the attached image, I am confused as to what to answer. Do I include my father on my Mother’s I-1864 household size and vice versa? Any help and enlighten would be greatly appreciated!
  10. My mom is going to be our joint sponsor. She filled out form I-864 and provided her tax return and tax transcript. Her income is well above the requirement and she is a US citizen. She is married so she has a joint tax return with my dad. But her income is higher than his and she makes enough to be our joint sponsor on her own. We are being told (not professional advice) that my dad needs to be the joint sponsor just because his name is above hers on the tax return and that my mom needs to complete form I-864 A. We don´t understand why because my mom´s income is high enough for her to be the only joint sponsor. So is she ok to be our joint sponsor or is the person helping us correct here? Thanks.
  11. I am sponsoring my husband, but we had to use a joint sponsor. We are now preparing for the interview and filling out an i-864a for the joint sponsors wife who is on his tax return. The form is between the household member, which is obviously his wife, and sponsor, but I'm confused which sponsor it is referring to in this case. Is it me or her husband?
  12. Hi all, we are currently facing an issue on our Joint Sponsor. She is currently earning an income of 33k (her salary) and it is what is shown in Form 1040. She is married and has 2 child. Since she is married and filing jointly, their TOTAL household income (Line 22) is around 58k, the 25k is from her husband. However, she will be sponsoring my family of 4. Based on the poverty guideline, a household of 8 (her family including us) is around 55k. Do we need to include her husband's W2's and does he need to do the I-864A? I was informed that her husband cannot be a sponsor anymore. Or is it time to find new sponsor? Please help..
  13. Hello everyone! My husband and I submitted form I-485 on July 1st and unfortunately we got a RFE for the Affidavit of Support. The situation is like this: My husband changed to being a full-time student and we are using a joint sponsor for the whole process. The sponsor is his dad who is self-employed and also meets the 125% of federal poverty guideline. What documents are necessary in order to have all that is needed to support the Affidavit of Support? Will the fact that the joint sponsor is self employed affect the case?
  14. Hey guys. So our friend is willing to be a joint sponsor, however she's worried it might affect her ability to gain custody of her daughter and we're all wondering, would her being a joint sponsor affect her gaining child custody in any way?
  15. Looking for opinion on what to do in our situation. Wife (US) and I (IE) have been living in Ireland for 3+ years since being married. We are about to file our I-864. Currently we each earn around ~70k USD from employment in Ireland, but as this is all foreign source income it can not be used for form I-864. We would prefer to NOT have to use a joint sponsor as it is quite a big commitment, but it is possible for us if truly required. Our assets look like this: Net property value ~40k USD. Last appraised <2 years ago so it should reasonably accurate. Stocks and bonds ~20k USD Cash ~ 31k USD Taxes owed from student loans ~(16k) USD - note: this is payable as a % of income. If I earn below ~40k USD I am not required to make ANY payment. I am not sure if it is a requirement to include this, but I so far include in all my calculations to take a conservative approach. There is also a car worth approx 5-6k USD which we will sell when we leave Ireland, but we do not include as per the guidelines. So in total we will have approx. 75k when we submit the form in 2 months time. Total required for lower 48 is 17,420 * 1.25 * 3 = 65,325 What is your opinion on our situation - do we have enough to be in the clear at time of submission? Is a joint sponsor preferred or will we be ok with this level of assets? (We could also potentially delay the application another 2 months to save another 8-10k.) Bonus question - does it matter who is holding the assets, the applicant vs the petitioner/sponsor?
  16. My joint sponsor is married and file taxes jointly.My joint sponsor makes well over the minimum income to sponsor my husband. I have heard from a couple lawyers saying that the joint sponsor’s wife is not required to be a sponsor household member. Have any of you tried using one spouse as a joint sponsor and not the other? And what was your response from NVC when you tried?
  17. We came on a K1 and K2 Visa. My husband is our sponsor. We are approved for AOS for 2years. Then ROC later on. My question is this. My husband's brother is petitioning his fiancée and he needs a joint sponsor since his income is not sufficient. Is my husband allowed to joint sponsor his brother? We are still on the process of ROC soon. Does it even matter to the USCIS? I highly appreciate your answers.
  18. Hi my name is Steve I am applying for a green card for my wife (I am a US citizen) and currently working on the upload process in CEAC. Did anyone go through the upload process via ceac for financial and supporting document of joint sponsor & household member? I was able to successfully add a joint sponsor in CEAC, but under the 'Affidavit of Support Documents & Financial Evidence' it displayed as 'N/A' for the added joint sponsor. I don't have any clue where I can upload the supporting documents for the joint sponsor. *Please refer to the bottom half of the attached screen shot, where its showing 'N/A' Question 1 Does anyone know where or when I can upload the supporting docs for the joint sponsor? I also need to add a household member who is related to the joint sponsor, but when trying to add the household member, I can only select myself (not the joint sponsor) for which sponsor the household member is related too. Question 2 Does anyone know how or when I can select the joint sponsor as the related sponsor? Appreciate your assistance!!
  19. Background to our case Me (Irish, beneficiary) and DH (USA citizen, Petitioner), married 13 years and living in Ireland since 2008. 2 Kids (both USA citizens). DH has a job offer (due to start mid-June), he is flying out ahead of us to get a rental house, bank accounts, car etc. My case status is DQ'd, at NVC waiting on an interview (hopefully in July). We used a joint sponsor as DH's Irish income did not count. Questions Q1: If my DH is living in the USA, and is in employment, is this sufficient to prove Domicile even if he hasn't managed to get a rental house before my interview? Q2: Our joint sponsor has not filed 2020 taxes and will not file before my interview (due to complicated tax filing of his business type). Will my DH's new US income be sufficient to prove income (and means of supporting me), negating the need for the joint sponsor? Q3. If no to Q2, can we provide other proof of means, i.e the 3X poverty limit in savings to circumvent the need for the joint sponsorship or are we committed to the joint sponsor approach?
  20. Hello all, In filling out the I-864, I have encountered some questions. For my wife, who is the beneficiary, what does she fill out in part 5. of the form "Persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit"? Part 5.3. says "If you are currently married, enter '1' for your spouse." But she WILL be sponsoring me, so should she write 0? My wife is a student, however she did have a student job in the US in 2019. Should we write "I am currently employed as a student"? What to enter in "Unemployed since"? The date she quit her student job or the date she started studying? My wife lives with me in Austria, because she is studying abroad here. We have an address here, but she still has her domicile in FL. If we write our current adress in "Part 4. Sponsors Mailing Adress", will this affect her U.S. domicile? Should we enter her mailing address as her U.S. address and her physical address as our Austrian address? If we don't enter a US address on "Sponsor's Mailind Address" or "Sponsor's Physical Address", will this be a problem for proof of domicile? On the I-130, we put her current Austrian address as her current mailing address, so I wonder if we write the U.S. adress as the mailing address, will that be a problem? If we don't write a U.S. mailing or physical adress for her as the pe My joint sponsor did not file taxes in 2018, the 3rd most recent tax year, as she was still in college. Is this a problem? - Do I just write $0 in the field? - Do I need to add an affidavit saying she didn't file taxes, as she was a student? Thank you so much for any help!
  21. I am the petitioner and my mom will be my joint sponsor for form i134. I live with my mom and dad. My questions are: 1. so when my mom fills out the i134, would her household size be 4? (My mom, myself, my fiancée, and my dad) or would it just be 3 and my dad not be included since he’s not a dependent of my mom? 2. since my mom and dad file taxes jointly, does my dad need any tax documents to differentiate his earnings from my mom’s? If so, what would that tax document be? My mom will send me her: - IRS tax transcript (recent year only) - W2 (recent year only) - Form 1040 (recent year only) - Passport biopage - Form i134 3. is there any other documents my mom needs to send me besides those listed above? My fiancée’s interview is coming up and we just want to do everything the right way the first time. Thank you in advance.
  22. I'm a USC born and raised in New Zealand. My wife's I-130 application has just switched to "actively reviewing" so I'm expecting NOA2 any day now and as such, trying to get everything organized to make NVC as smooth as possible. I'm still living in New Zealand until I finish my college degree in November. My wife is also in college and we'll both finish at the same time. I'll move immediately after finishing my degree and hopefully (with a joint sponsor) my wife will be able to move shortly after me. As soon as the case moves to NVC I will pay the fees for AOS and IV and complete DS-260. I wouldn't complete I-864 until I arrange a Joint Sponsor, but when I do, will this be enough to prove intent to establish domicile? I registered to vote as soon as I was eligible and have voted in every federal and state election that I've been able to. I have a permanent mailing address I use in the U.S. which is where I will initially reside when I live there. It is owned by a close family friend. Would it be worth getting him to write an affidavit stating that he was happy for me to live there, in place of a lease agreement? I have an SSN. I've filed U.S. taxes for 2020 but not for previous years as my income was too low. Would the above qualify as proof that I intend in good faith to establish domicile in the US before my wife would get there? Keeping in mind we are applying from a low-fraud country. Otherwise, is there anything else I could do to solidify this case, short of actually moving to the US? In the case we are unable to get a joint sponsor, if I move alone first and are employed in the US from December onwards, I'll file 2021 taxes which will have minimal U.S. income on it. Then, how long would I have to wait before having sufficient evidence to submit for the I-864 to sponsor alone? And is it okay to complete DS-260 in April 2021 and not complete I-864 until April 2022 or later? Thanks in advance.
  23. USC living with my wife in New Zealand. Planning to both move over to the US at the end of this year, but I would go ahead of her if necessary. We were looking to get a joint sponsor, but I don't want to ask someone unless I 100% know that I'm going to need them to fill out the forms etc. Unfortunately I am a college student who works part time and therefore could not meet I-864 requirements alone (not to mention the fact that none of my income is US based...) My grandmother owns a few rental properties and was looking to sell one. She is aging and understands the requirements of the I-864 that we are trying to meet. She made the very kind offer to give me my inheritance early, which would help get me to just over 3x the minimum household income needed for I-864. I would also liquidate the (few) assets I own in NZ and move all of the money to a US bank account. If I wrote a letter alongside the I-864 explaining my situation (where I got the money from, the fact that I was a college student only working part time), is there any chance they would accept that for I-864? I've read that the money should ideally be in the bank account for 12 months prior, so would it be an issue if it had only been there for 5-7 months? I don't even have a US bank account currently. I will have two degrees when I finish college and plan on getting a job immediately once I'm living in the US, so another option is to go there and work until I have the income and evidence required for a more convincing I-864, but understandably I'd rather not be separated from my wife for longer than necessary. Basically, would the NVC/consular officer understand if I only have just over 3x the required funds in a bank account and that I will be a newly graduated college student about to begin full time employment? Or shall I forget that route and just pursue a joint sponsor? Thanks everybody.
  24. Ok so my joint sponsor is also the person we will temporarily be staying with when we move back to the US as I don't have a home back in the US yet.... So when filling out the household size does she need to enter me too? Or just my husband, herself, and her children?
  25. Wondering if anyone can help guide me in the correct way to upload tax documents for the joint sponsor and household member on CEAC. My mother filed I-864 as my joint sponsor and step-dad filed I-864A as her household member. They filed taxes jointly. I'm confused about how to upload their tax return documents (they don't have a tax transcript). I uploaded each part of the tax return under the joint sponsor. After that: 1. Should I upload both my mom's and my step-dad's W-2s under the joint sponsor, since both W-2s tied to that tax return? 2. Should I upload the same joint tax return and both of their W-2s under the household member as well? Any help is appreciated.
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