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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all! I've almost finished gathering all the documents for my spouse's I-130 petition and am looking to file online (from Japan) within the next week or so. However, it looks like we may have to move from our apartment back to her in-laws house at some point towards the end of the year due to the corona economy taking a hit on our incomes. With this in mind, I'm listing my mailing address as her in-laws address on the I-130A and online application, but our apartment is still listed as our current address. I have a few questions regarding this topic: 1. Are we able to change our address during the petition process? If so, are we to alert UCSIC directly of the change? 2. Has anyone ever experienced a delay in their petition due to a change of address? 3. Since our mailing address will be stable, can we rest assured knowing USCIS will use it as their point of contact with us? Thank you very much in advance for your time!
  2. Hello all, I recently submitted all of the required paperwork for my spouse's I-130 o the NVC. I am leaving Japan at the end of August and I am worried my wife may not have her visa by then. Should/ can I ask for a direct consular filing now that I have an offer letter from my company and a hard date? JFYI I submitted the remainder of my paperwork in late June.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'm very sorry if this is a dumb or repeated question, but I'm so confused because of conflicting things I've read. USCIS website has a blanket statement saying we can file online if we are living abroad, however the Tokyo Embassy website says we MUST mail a paper application of all documents because they don't have USCIS representation in their embassy. I called the Tokyo Embassy directly and the visa representative told me the same, I can only submit it through mail, but when I told them the USCIS website says otherwise, they backtracked and basically told me they don't know for sure. Other support websites have said online filing is perfectly fine from Japan... I'd love to hear directly from anyone who has had success submitting everything successfully online, from Japan, to make sure I'm not gonna lose $535 when I submit this 😕
  4. Hi all, I'm a US citizen petitioning for an IR-1 visa for my Japanese wife to immigrate to the US. She spent a year in Canada over ten years ago, and NVC is asking for "a Police Report from Canada" as part of her Civil Documents. There appears to be different types of Police Reports from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. One is a regular report and another one is a 'RCMP Entire Holdings' report under the Privacy Act. From what I have read so far the Privacy Act version became mandatory for Canadian immigrants to the US in 2018. However, I have not seen anything specifically about non-Canadian citizens who need to furnish a police reports because they lived in Canada temporarily. I wonder if anyone could provide some clarity for me. Since there is no mention of 'Privacy Act' or 'Entire Holdings' in NVC's request for the police report document, and since the information i've seen thus far about the Privacy Act is related to Canadians immigrating to the US, I am assuming we do not need the Privacy Act version of the police report, but I thought it better to check. Thanks in advance for your help, David
  5. So what’s the process like if soon to be spouse files a spouse/dependent of Japanese national visa in japan in order for me to go to japan to get married and then I get married there and start the process for her to come to America?
  6. I, the sponsor, have a few questions/ things I'd like to get clarified regarding the remainder of my visa process. 1) Probably the most easily answered is that I believe I need to have just under $44,000 for a household size of 6 (Me, my wife, and my four kids). My plan was to get a job offer from my company (U.S. based, I'm not working overseas) and use that to prove AOS. I'm now considering adding a family member for AOS, instead. 2) Related to the above, I'm trying to finish up the AOS and I'm stuck on the portion where it says to list dependents/children who will be immigrating with my spouse. Since I have transmitted my U.S. citizenship to my kids i.e. they are U.S. citizens, is this still required? If so, it would mean I would have to fill out additional paperwork for each child, something that would be nice to avoid. 3) I was trying to be proactive and have my wife pick up her "Criminal History Certificate" from the Police HQ in Saitama. They told her she needed a document indicating what type of information they would need to provide. I read on the Japan embassy website that "Instructions from the NVC" or other documents would suffice, but I don't think I've received any specific instructions from the NVC apart from the paper that says her visa portal account had been created and to follow the 12-steps to finish the process. I also read on here that the instructions would be sent in Japanese. Can someone please confirm? Thanks for assisting!
  7. I have a few questions about filling out address's on the i-129f for K1 visa. Currently me (petitioner) and my fiance (beneficiary) are living together at my apartment here In Japan, however she is not technically legally registered as living here. I work in Japan and as an English Language Assistant teacher, and thus live in an an apartment with government subsidized rent. Under official rules of my work contract, people are not allowed to live with me, as to not be mooching of my subsidized rent, but my boss who so happens to be my good friend gave me the okay off the books. To be honest its really not that strict. My fiance currently is registered at her parents address one town over, so i was planning to use that as her mailing address and physical address abroad. I understand any mail sent to her would go there. I can travel there to retrieve documents or have her parents relay me any necessary information. Conversely, since my fiance is physically present with me everyday because we live together, i thought perhaps it would be a strong case of evidence to show the legitimacy of our relationship. I assume USCIS will lookup her registered address, but also feel maybe it won't look great that that address is the same as her parents? Would like to be as honest as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, My husband and I have gotten to the uploading of civil documents for the Consular Electronic Application Center. We are applying for a CR-1 visa from Japan. He got his police certificate and we uploaded it to the website due to these instructions from here: Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: Japanese Police Certificates are issued in a sealed envelope. If the seal is broken, the certificate is considered invalid. Visa applicants should not open a sealed envelope containing a Police Certificate. The applicant must bring the original Police Certificate in a sealed envelope to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate at the time of his/her interview. Applicants should only send a photocopy of the sealed envelope to the National Visa Center, but not the actual police certificate itself. We scanned the sealed envelope and uploaded it. Today, we got an email from the CEAC. The message said: The police certificate required for JAPAN does not need to be submitted through CEAC. The issuing authority will send the police certificate directly to the interviewing consulate or embassy. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines. What??? This is super confusing- we are located in Japan so my husband could go get another police certificate, but do we need to? I also cannot remove the Police Certificate upload from our documents. I don't know what to do :< Any guidance?
  9. Japan recently announced they will be processing K1. Anyone got their cancelled interviews rescheduled yet?
  10. The Tokyo Embassy resumed K-1 visa services last week, but every time we try to schedule an interview, the site says there are no available interview dates. Other people on social media have commented that they were able to see a calendar and schedule an interview. I don't know if this is specific to the Tokyo Embassy, but has anybody else had trouble scheduling an interview after their embassy supposedly resumed services? (On the flip side, I'd love to hear people's success stories and hear specifics on how they were able to schedule their K1-visa interview.) Either way, I hope everyone's staying safe and healthy and finding ways to stay connected with their fiance through these troubling times.
  11. Hello, my fiance has been waiting to reschedule his inerview at the Tokyo Embassy after it was cancelled in March. We called the embassy and emailed many times because his medical exam just expired, but haven`t recieved any response whatsoever. The people on the phone just keep telling me that they don`t know anything about it and that we should just wait for the response to our email. But My fiance talked to other couples on Twitter and they have heard back and were granted extensions on their medical exams? Has anyone heard anything from the Tokyo Embassy about this? We are worried about waiting so long for a response while interview dates get further and further away...
  12. Hi everyone: I hope everyone is safe and well during these crazy times. This is my first post on VJ, so please offer any honest advice you can give. I always read posts from here, so I know how helpful others can be, especially in a topic like this, where I personally don't know much about. Long story short, I met my fiance in Japan in February of this year. I'm gonna skip the cheesy stuff, but we fell in love. I was on a study abroad program in Japan, studying Japanese for a year. But then the pandemic hit and instead of staying in Japan until October like I intended to, I was forced to evacuate in March and go back home (NYC; which at the time, was literally the epicenter of COVID in the world). We had planned on staying together until my time was up in October and then applying for the K1 visa to give our relationship more time. With such short notice, I had to pack my things and tie up loose ends, and we decided to just apply for the K1 visa when we were ready. We knew we wanted to be together for the long haul, but didn't know by what means was the best way. We didn't think about the CR1 path so seriously at the time. We submitted the K1 visa in June and are waiting. However, I keep reading the news, VJ posts, and reddit and have just become discouraged about my decision to have done the K1 visa in the first place. At the time of application, we thought it was the best option since we read that CR1 took much longer and we didn't want to be separated for long. If we had known how things would have turned out, we would have done our best to have gone on the CR1 route instead. Now, with Americans being banned everywhere, I cannot go to Japan to marry him and get started with the CR1 visa. My understanding is that he can do ESTA, come here, get married, and return to Japan; but his job is not a permanent job (it's temporary employment until end of September and then he has to look for another job), so I am not sure if his company will allow him to have time off. He doesn't have any property/kids/assets to prove to at the border that he is just "visiting" me. I know a return ticket back to Japan is not enough. We are getting more and more worried that we just won't be able to be together for years to come due to the pandemic, USCIS's impending furlough's, embassy backlogs, and this administration slowly enforcing more immigration restrictions. My biggest fear is that one day, there will be an EO on K1 visas or that there will be such a huge backlog for CR1's, that we will stay stuck in limbo forever (when we get to that stage). What are my options? I appreciate any and all advice anyone can give.
  13. Hi there, we are new to Visa Journey. My spouse is scheduled to be interviewed for the IR1 immigration visa at the US Embassy in Tokyo in 2 weeks. We are now preparing the documents and questions to be asked. Wonder if any fellow VisaJourney-ers could provide some points on: 1) What documents are required to bring to the embassy? We were told to follow the instructions on State Department embassy website regarding documents to bring to interview. Will there be other additional info to bring? 2) DS-5540 - the “Public Charge” form - it seems the embassy has stopped issuing immigration visa following the ruling on July 29th in SDNY which enjoined the implementation of the “Public Charge” policy. Yet, State Department still has not provided guidance on how to follow the ruling though USCIS did already. 3) What questions would the CO being asking my spouse? Like to hear some real case questions being asked at your interview. 4) Any other tips or pointers would be helpful? Best, TK
  14. Hi, new to this forum. I am at the stage of needing to upload police checks to the website so I can submit all and assumingely, wait for my interview. However, I have lived in a few places and I am having an absolute nightmare getting police checks. My question is: How essential are they are if I am unable to provide them, will this lead to my visa being rejected? - I lived in Norway for a year 12 years ago, my background check request has been rejected because theres no record of me being registered with any residence there. I lived with my ex gf, the apartment we had was registered in her name, and not joint. I was not there illegally and have no criminal record in Norway. Chances of getting this police check are basically 0 now. - Spanish police check. The embassy in Tokyo have told me, I have to go to Spain to pick it up which seems like nonsense. I've read bits in this forum about it and it seems like a nightmare to obtain via mail. Anyone want to help me with this one? - Japanese police check. It is addressed to US Immigration with my name under it. It says it is only to be opened by the addressee. Those of you who have been in Japan, did you open it to scan to upload or leave the envelope sealed for immigration to open? Confusion. Any answers would be appreciated here. My main fear is that after months of this, not having a police check for a place I lived in years ago will make all the difference.
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