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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I'm a 22-year-old gay Mongolian international student living in Japan. I'm having LDR with a 37-year-old American guy. I'll be graduating from university in 1.5 years. So I'll be liberated. We hadn't seen each other in over 2 years. As a result, I'm concerned that form I-129F will fail because we haven't met in a long time because of Covid. We're more than just friends. We discussed marriage and other topics. What should we do if we decide to get married? Traveling is difficult for me because I have a Mongolian passport. Developed countries don't issue visas to a citizen of 3rd world countries easily. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had an international same-sex marriage. How did the procedure go? How much time did it take? Do we have the same rights/benefits as conventional hetero couples? Thank you very much.
  2. Currently about to petition in Tokyo, I have several questions for those who have the same experiences or knows the answer about filling I-130 form. I-130 questions : Employment History number 42. , currently Active duty Air Force, what address do you put for the U.S. Air Force as Employer ? And number 44. [Your Occupation] do we put the shop/squadron name? Or specific job title? Information about petitioner number 28,29, if parent is deceased, do we still put City and Country of Residence? I-130a Part 1 number 9b(last physical address outside the US) , when filling this petition I will still live in Japan address, which date do I put for [Date To]? Should it be the same as the date of the petition signed at least ? I-864 Part 6 number 8,9,10, as spoused I currently work outside the US (Japan) , do I put my income too(which will be added automatically in Part 6 number 20 ? If yes I just use current conversion rate to changed it to USD? Thank you in advanced!
  3. Mochiyeah


    Hi, Everyone. I am very anxious right now. I am scheduled for k1 visa interview this month. I am divorced in Japan and in the Philippines. However we all know how long it takes to process the papers in the Philippines. I got my Divorce Decree in Japan and I got my Divorce Finality and decision from the Philippines. I requested a CENOMAR yesterday and the marriage is still there and the divorce hasn't reflect to the CENOMAR yet. My question is. Is there anyone here from Japan who is a Filipino that had their K1 interview without having a CENOMAR? I have all the papers from my lawyer including the petition for divorce in the Philippines and its already registered at Local Civil Registrar and the hearing is done by Regional trial court. I am very stress right now I have been processing this paper for almost 3 years! I have spent more than $10,000 in this piece of paper and still nothing. I'm broken hearted right now. Please give me some hope!
  4. This forum has been a great help to me so I'm starting this post to document my visa journey so that it may help others in similar situations. I'd like to give special thanks to @TYOGaijin. Your posts have been very helpful and I only wish I discovered it earlier. ============== Context: I'm the beneficiary who's a Canadian citizen and my husband is the petitioner who's a US citizen and we're both based in Japan. He received a short notice of job relocation and we are filing our I-130 through Direct Consular Filing. During the time of this posting, we have our embassy appointment set and I plan to post updates along the way. Process so far (some already mentioned in@TYOGaijin posts) 1) Trying to find out if you qualify for DCF by contacting the embassy yielded no results for us so best that you don't waste your time (and I spent quite a bit of time here) doing that. If you qualify for any of the exceptional circumstances (can't paste the link for some reason but it's on the USCIS website), go straight to the next point. 2) We received the following information from the U.S. Visa Service Desk after a few back and forths asking for advice whether we qualified but long story short, they won't say anything until you do the following ------ extract begin ----- In order for us to consider your case for direct filing, please provide the following information to TOKYOIV@state.gov. (Please kindly type them in the same order as below.) • Name of Petitioner (you), Date and Place of Birth • Name of Beneficiary (your relative), Date and Place of Birth • Name of Child, Date and Place of Birth (if NOT US citizen): • Date you became aware of a transfer or other emergency situations • Has a petition previously been filed on behalf of the beneficiary? • Please describe the emergency situations • Petitioner’s expected departure date • Proof of petitioner’s physical presence in consular district – Please provide a scanned pdf copy of your resident permit, employment or school ID. • Job relocation order or job offer letter- Please provide a scanned pdf copy • Proof of petitioner's US citizenship- Please provide a scanned pdf copy • Copy of adoption decree or family register with its English translation -Please provide a scanned pdf copy ------ extract end ----- For info, my husband's relocation date is May 1 and we sent an email with the above info on Feb 2. 3) We received a reply within 24 hours with a petition appointment at the embassy with details on what to bring and are now a few days away from that appointment Top tips so far: A) Get civil documents translated as soon as possible as some companies take awhile and it may take some time getting a few quotes to compare prices. (The company I used was much quicker and cheaper than others. Not sure if I should be promoting any specific company so please PM me if you'd like to know.) B) Fill in I-130 and all other application forms like I-130A, I-864 and get the accompanying IRS tax transcript as soon as possible. Some of those forms take quite a long time to fill in so don't wait until step 2 or even step 1 to do it *FYI but for step 2, I'm fluent in Japanese and English so I was able to translate the marriage certificate on my own and apparently that sufficed so if you're able to do the translation, at least for step 2, it might be worth proceeding ahead with your own translation if you don't have time to wait around for the professionally translated copy That's all for now! Will share more after the I-130 petition appointment at the embassy (which by the way is just for the petitioner and not the beneficiary). Cheers!
  5. Hi all, My husband and I have gotten to the uploading of civil documents for the Consular Electronic Application Center. We are applying for a CR-1 visa from Japan. He got his police certificate and we uploaded it to the website due to these instructions from here: Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: Japanese Police Certificates are issued in a sealed envelope. If the seal is broken, the certificate is considered invalid. Visa applicants should not open a sealed envelope containing a Police Certificate. The applicant must bring the original Police Certificate in a sealed envelope to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate at the time of his/her interview. Applicants should only send a photocopy of the sealed envelope to the National Visa Center, but not the actual police certificate itself. We scanned the sealed envelope and uploaded it. Today, we got an email from the CEAC. The message said: The police certificate required for JAPAN does not need to be submitted through CEAC. The issuing authority will send the police certificate directly to the interviewing consulate or embassy. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines. What??? This is super confusing- we are located in Japan so my husband could go get another police certificate, but do we need to? I also cannot remove the Police Certificate upload from our documents. I don't know what to do :< Any guidance?
  6. Hi all! I've almost finished gathering all the documents for my spouse's I-130 petition and am looking to file online (from Japan) within the next week or so. However, it looks like we may have to move from our apartment back to her in-laws house at some point towards the end of the year due to the corona economy taking a hit on our incomes. With this in mind, I'm listing my mailing address as her in-laws address on the I-130A and online application, but our apartment is still listed as our current address. I have a few questions regarding this topic: 1. Are we able to change our address during the petition process? If so, are we to alert UCSIC directly of the change? 2. Has anyone ever experienced a delay in their petition due to a change of address? 3. Since our mailing address will be stable, can we rest assured knowing USCIS will use it as their point of contact with us? Thank you very much in advance for your time!
  7. Hello all, I recently submitted all of the required paperwork for my spouse's I-130 o the NVC. I am leaving Japan at the end of August and I am worried my wife may not have her visa by then. Should/ can I ask for a direct consular filing now that I have an offer letter from my company and a hard date? JFYI I submitted the remainder of my paperwork in late June.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'm very sorry if this is a dumb or repeated question, but I'm so confused because of conflicting things I've read. USCIS website has a blanket statement saying we can file online if we are living abroad, however the Tokyo Embassy website says we MUST mail a paper application of all documents because they don't have USCIS representation in their embassy. I called the Tokyo Embassy directly and the visa representative told me the same, I can only submit it through mail, but when I told them the USCIS website says otherwise, they backtracked and basically told me they don't know for sure. Other support websites have said online filing is perfectly fine from Japan... I'd love to hear directly from anyone who has had success submitting everything successfully online, from Japan, to make sure I'm not gonna lose $535 when I submit this 😕
  9. Hi all, I'm a US citizen petitioning for an IR-1 visa for my Japanese wife to immigrate to the US. She spent a year in Canada over ten years ago, and NVC is asking for "a Police Report from Canada" as part of her Civil Documents. There appears to be different types of Police Reports from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. One is a regular report and another one is a 'RCMP Entire Holdings' report under the Privacy Act. From what I have read so far the Privacy Act version became mandatory for Canadian immigrants to the US in 2018. However, I have not seen anything specifically about non-Canadian citizens who need to furnish a police reports because they lived in Canada temporarily. I wonder if anyone could provide some clarity for me. Since there is no mention of 'Privacy Act' or 'Entire Holdings' in NVC's request for the police report document, and since the information i've seen thus far about the Privacy Act is related to Canadians immigrating to the US, I am assuming we do not need the Privacy Act version of the police report, but I thought it better to check. Thanks in advance for your help, David
  10. So what’s the process like if soon to be spouse files a spouse/dependent of Japanese national visa in japan in order for me to go to japan to get married and then I get married there and start the process for her to come to America?
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