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  1. I'm currently on a temp j1 visa for 6 months, I just started so I basically have the full 6 months. I am not subject to the 2 year home residency requirement. My employer has immediately started my h1b petition and I am cap-exempt, I am also paying for premium processing. But with the coronavirus outbreak, I am worried about the possibility of my approval taking longer than average. What happens to me if my visa expires before my h1b is approved but the process is already started? I tried to call uscis but I could not get a hold of anyone. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, my work experience is different from my bachelors degree, because after graduation I had to take any work which was available at the time. Will this be a problem when looking for a work visa sponsor in the us. Thank you.
  3. Hi all! My husband is finishing his 2-year home requirement at the end of January (basically 1 month from now). We have already got the I-130 form approved, and would like to submit the DS-260 form as soon as possible. Does anyone know if submitting this form before the home requirement has ended will result on his application being put on hold (there is a question on this form indicating whether the 2yr home requirement has been completed, with an option for explanation below)? We would be careful not to schedule the interview before the home requirement has finished, but we are under a tight timeline and would like to start the processing as soon as possible. Any experience/knowledge would be appreciated!
  4. Hi, Happy Holidays! I would like to inquire on what visa to process next if I plan to extend my stay in the US. My visa ends this April 2018, and I have 1 month grace period to stay in the US. However, I am 3 months pregnant. By the time my stay ends I will be 8 months then and almost my due date. My Doctor will not advise me to travel since it is not safe for my health and the baby’s. Me and the Dad of the baby are not planning on marriage yet and I am worried to get into labor without a visa in the US and will be illegal. My friends told me to process a student visa since I dont have the 2 years requirement to stay back in my country and most of them are already working on it and got approved. But it is quite expensive and I honestly cant afford it with a baby on the way and paying for the tuiton. And another option they told me is to get a tourist visa, which I am also concerned if I will get approved because the USCIS might think I am using the visa just to have a US citizen baby. I am so anxious and stressed about this. I know its not good for the baby for me to overthink but I cant help it since the days passed by so quickly. I really appreciate all the advice that you can share. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone! 1. I mailed my AOS paperwork on 10/05/19 2. I got mail with NOA on 11/01/19 saying they have received my documents, the biometrics fee and they are working on my case 3. I received a RFE on 12/07/19 saying I have a missing Medical Examination (we didn't sent it because I wanted to file my petition before my DOS2019 expired and the lab results were delaying a bit so we thought we will just bring the medicals at the interview date) The letter said: - If i receive a mail with visa interview date, to bring the medicals then, or - if my case doesn't require me to have an interview, they will send me a letter with instructions when and where to mail my medical examination. Now the questions here are: - in this RFE I have only 1 stated issue with my petition - the missing medicals. Does that mean everything else on my application is all good and it's just the medicals? Or should I still worry and hope everything else (sponsors, etc) is all good? - is it normal to receive RFE before I have even received a date for biometrics? Thank you so much in advance!!
  6. Hello guys, I'm from France and currently in the US (NYC) on a J1 visa expiring in a few months. Before leaving to France I want to: Form an LLC (online on incorporate.org) Open a business bank account for this company I have an SSN and a personal checking bank account. I know that I cannot work for this company in the US without an appropriate work visa, I just want to form the structure while I am on my J1. I have a few questions before starting: Can I form the LLC legally without breaking the rules of my J1 visa? In which state should I create the LLC? I heard about Delaware but the most convenient location for me is NY. What is the easiest state for a guy in my situation? Can I create the business bank account associated legally without breaking the rules of my J1 visa? If my LLC is created in Delaware for example, can I open the business bank account in an NYC bank? After getting back to France, can I start prospecting, processing leads and invoicing my clients legally? Do I have to pay my taxes in France or in the US? I would prefer to pay them in the US because it's the state that is providing me all those opportunities. Thank you very much and happy new year!
  7. Hi guys! At the very beginning of my visa journey and the first thing I need is advice on is which visa I should look into. Here's my background... I'm a UK citizen, my girlfriend lives in California and has two children from a previous relationship so it makes more sense for me to relocate rather than her. We've been together two years (long distance, meeting up in person during holidays etc.) We are unquestionably committed to being together for the long term...so that's making me think K-1? On the other hand, I am a High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher with 9 years experience and a Master's in Chemistry, which might give me the option of J-1 instead? I am also an internationally published author, my first book was briefly a bestseller in the US and my second is soon to be published there. I highly doubt this qualifies me for an O, I don't think I'm anywhere near that level of "alien with extraordinary talent" but thought I would ask in case anyone knew. So...where should I begin? What kind of Visa is my most sensible option to start investigating? Thanks a bunch. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community.
  8. Hello! My fiancé and I have been together for 7 years and I have been going back and forth in the US but now I entered with a j1 visa. He finally proposed and we plan to get married before my contract ends with the help of a lawyer. Can we invite my parents to attend the wedding if my fiancé will write the letter since he's the citizen? What are the chances of them getting approved or denied? Thank you!
  9. Hello! I am a J1 visa holder from Hungary. I arrived to the U.S. in June 2016 so I'm spending my second year as an Au Pair (my program ends June 2018). I am planning to get married to a U.S. citizen in May 2018. If I'm right, just by marriage I won't lose my J1 visa. My current Host Family wants me to complete my program so they want me to work for them until June 10th. My Au Pair agency said they won't end my sponsorhip until the end of my program so I can complete it. When should we start the application process for the Green Card not to run out of time? Do I lose my visa by filing for Green Card? I want to complete my program but I also want to make sure that we file everything on time. Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi All, I'm in the process of emigrating from the UK to the US to join my wife and I have some questions on From DS-260 that I can't seem to find answers to and I would really appreciate any advice. 1. What is the Beneficiary ID number? From everything I've seen online, the NVC should have issued one but I can't see it on any of the documents or websites they sent/link to us. All I have is the Case number and Invoice Number. Have they started combining the Beneficiary ID and one of the other numbers and just not updated the general information? 2. regarding the question "Are you a former exchange visitor (J) who has not yet fulfilled the two-year foreign residence requirement?" I was and exchange student with a J-1 VISA but I was only there for 9 months with no plans of completing the 2 year residence requirement, Should I answer "Yes" and write the explanation or should I answer "No" as the 2 year option was never on the cards? 3. During my stay as an exchange student I got a Social Security Number and Card issued to me. Should give this number as asked for in the form, or is it better to say no and have a new one generated? As mentioned any help and advice will be greatly appreciated
  11. I am currently finishing a J1 exchange program. My visa expires on October 1st 2019 and I have a 30 days grace period before having to leave the US. I am planning on spending some time in the US and then leave to go to Mexico on October 20th. My question is, I’ll have to re-enter the US after Mexico to take a flight back to Europe on November 5th. Can I apply for an ESTA while in Mexico I (staying 7 days) to be able to re-enter the US for a couple days as my J1 visa will expire the moment I leave the US? (Knowing I don’t have the 2 year home residency requirement). Can I apply before even going to Mexico or having my J1 expire? Thank you
  12. I am currently finishing a J1 exchange program. My visa expires on October 1st 2019 and I have a 30 days grace period before having to leave the US. I am planning on spending some time in the US and then leave to go to Mexico on October 20th. My question is, I’ll have to re-enter the US after Mexico to take a flight back to Europe on November 5th. Can I apply for an ESTA while in Mexico I (staying 7 days) to be able to re-enter the US for a couple days as my J1 visa will expire the moment I leave the US? (Knowing I don’t have the 2 year home residency requirement). Can I apply before even going to Mexico or having my J1 expire? Thank you
  13. I am new to this forum so I apologize in advance if I this topic was covered already or if I am against the page's policies in any way. Basically, the situation is that my wife entered the country with a J1 visa and overstayed. The 2 year requirement doesn't apply to her. I am a US citizen. We got married 3 weeks ago after 3.5 years of relationship and now I'd like to start the process for her to get the green card. I am a little confused about which forms to fill after reading the instructions in form I-130 and I-485. I am debating now weather to hire an attorney, a middle man with knowledge in immigration forms, go to a website like "Citizenpath" or "Simplecitizen" to help me fill out the forms, or to do it myself. This process is very important to us and I don't want to take the risk of being rejected for saving money. So my questions are: - which are the specific forms I should be filling for our case? Do I send them all concurrently? - Besides the forms, what supporting evidence should I attach? - I've heard there are medical exams and fingerprints to be taken; is it true? what else should I expect in the process? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help us.
  14. I had recently attempted to enter the US on a J1 visa in order to coach Soccer in California. Upon entry to the US my visa was revoked as the customs officer had determined that I had worked casually in the US under an ESTA previously in the US whilst on holiday. In my visa application I had stated that I had never done this. I am now wondering what my options are for now and for the future entry into the US. I am aware I can no longer enter under the ESTA. However, I would like to know the likelihood of acceptance of another working visa or B2 travel visa either now or in the future. Thanks
  15. I came here as J1 student last 2015 and didn't return to the Philippines after my contract. So right now, I'm out of status and last year I decided to get married to a US citizen, december 2018. Now, I want to file for a green card with concurrent filing, just not sure if I still have to submit G-325 or G-325a? I already filled out the forms I-130, I-130A, G-1145, I-485, I-765 and I-131. Am I missing something? or is there something I don't need to submit regarding the forms that I filled out? I have all the requirements that I need including my spouse's birth certificate, copy of passport, our marriage cert, my birth cert. (philippines), copy of my passport and expired J1 visa, I-94, SEVIS, joint tax, house lease, utility bills, bank statements (joint account), pictures, affidavit of support from 3rd parties, invoice from online orders, cert of employment, spouse's pay stubs Also, I'm really not sure how to assemble my packet? can anyone please help me? I watched a lot on youtube on how they prepare their own packets but most of them are K1 visa. not sure if it's going to be the same with my situation. Thanks for all your help!
  16. Hi everyone, I’m an au pair but I have to quit because of some health issues. A friend of mine told me that there is possibility that I can’t enter the US again on a ESTA for a holiday. It’s kinda freaking me out because I would love to come back as a vacation, and nothing else. Is this true? Or do get troubles when I’m at the airport/border when I want to enter the US in the future? Can some one help me with it because I just can’t find any clear answers about it. Even the agency doesn’t have an answer for me. And did I violate my visa because I’m leaving before the end of my year/J1 visa ends? thank you in advance
  17. Hi there, I recently finished a j1 visa and filed an i-539 to change to a b2 before my time was up. I stayed on a further 3 months after finishing my j1 and then returned home in line with the dates given on my i-539. I then received a denial notice a month later saying it had been denied due to abandonment. I would like to return to the us for a week to go to a wedding and am wondering if my denial means my time counts as an overstay or not? I had D/S on my i-94. I am unsure how to answer the ESTA question about staying longer than authorized by the government, but my application was timely and USCIS did not give any other reason other than abandonment in my denial letter. Or am I better to apply for a B2? I feel this makes it look like I'm trying to return for longer but I literally just want to go to the wedding and leave. Thanks!
  18. Hi, Here is my time line for J1 2 years rule waiver ! My case was based on No Objection Statement. 12/28/2017 : sent my document to DOS and Consulate. 01/02/2018 : Consulate received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/03/2018 : DOS received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/16/2018 : 'All document was received' Updated on DOS website 01/23/2018 : Consulate sent my No Objection Statement to Embassy 01/30/2018 : Embassy sent my No Objection Statement to DOS 02/06/2018 : 'No Objection Statement was received' Updated on DOS website 02/15/2018 : DOS sent Recommendation to USCIS 02/20/2018 : My lawyer received Recommendation letter from DOS 02/20/2018 : USCIS received my document 03/05/2018 : My lawyer received I-797C (Notice date : 02/23/2018) 03/08/2018 : J-1 WAIVER WAS APPROVED 03/12/2018 : My lawyer received I-797 (Notice date : 03/08/2018) USCIS website is still showing that my case status is 'Case was received At Another USCIS Office'
  19. Can you apply for a j1 waiver even if you don’t have a j1 visa stamp? That can happen if you change your status (in my case- F1 to J1) within the USA and not have not visited your home country Can you apply for a j1 waiver even if you don’t have a j1 visa stamp? That can happen if you change your status (in my case- F1 to J1) within the USA and not have not visited your home country
  20. Is it true that J1 applicants will no longer be able to file for federal tax refund? There have been rumours but I couldn't find any official source that states that.
  21. Hello everyone! I am J1 physician, finishing medical residency in June 2019, after that J1 status via ECFMG expires (+30 day grace period) I am transitioning to Fellowship, so should get J1 extension for another year. Currently applying for J1 Hardship Waiver through US citizen spouse, Sent in my waiver packed around September/October 2018 USCIS received documents on November 9 and sent me the receipt with receipt number DOS received documents on November 23. No updates since then. California Service center states processing time 12-18 months for applications received in August 2017. When I go to USCIS website to check the case status, they say that receipt number does not exist. Calling USCIS - they assure me that the case is pending, but it takes a long time to even update their website. You, veterans of VJ, please untangle my confusion and shed some light on the situation, where am I currently at and how long till I hear anything else from USCIS/DOS Thank you so much!
  22. Hi everyone, anyone applied for the I-612, hardship? The receipt date is 10/27/2018 and I still can find nothing on the USCIS website. Anyone has good news about the hardship? Thank you.
  23. Hi all, I'm applying for a j1 waiver on basis of No-Objection Certificate and sent all documents last December. The package has received on 20/DEC/2018 by DoS according to UPS tracking. Today is 16/JAN/2019 and my case number is not yet in their system (case number not found on https://j1visawaiverstatus.state.gov). The embassy of my country already sent the NOC and nothing changed in the system as well. Any of you know if govt shutdown is having any influence on waiver processing? Thanks
  24. Howdy all - I've scoured every possible K1+J1 visa thread I could find and none of the advice/answers really fit our situation. So we are USC (me) and fiance (Irish citizen/Canadian PR) at the "waiting to book K1 visa interview" stage at the Montreal consulate. I still am not even clear if previous J1 visas come up at the K1 interview, or the AOS stage but I know they come up (hopefully this is the best thread to post in). We marked that he had a J1 visa on the DS-160, but we had no other information to include. I'm a bit (probably way overly) paranoid about this causing issues as we keep moving forward so here is our situation: 1. Fiance had a J1 visa through a private company meant for collage students, good for 3 months, in the summer of 2009. He came to the U.S. and had to immediately leave 3 days later for a family emergency and did not return to the U.S. (not sure if this even matters other than he definitely did not overstay...) 2. This visa was in his old Irish passport which expired in 2010 and is loooonnngggg gone, lost af, probably shredded in some Irish landfill as I'm guessing he probably didn't think in 2019 he'd be applying for a K1. No passport, equals no record of the J1 visa in our possession. 3. We have no idea if he was subject to the 2 year HRR. We can't look at the visa because we don't have the passport, and we can't get an electronic I-94 because we don't know the passport # - His memory says that he was at home in Ireland for a total of 30 months before moving to Canada where he has been since 2013 but we have no clue how to prove it. 4. We have no copies of the DS-2019; the company he got the visa from also does not have record of it. Now here we are 10 years later heading for a K1 trying to figure out how to deal with this J1. Will the interviewing officers have access to all of this info and be able to confirm he didn't abuse the J1 and/or any 2 year HRR rules? Will they force us to produce our own proof? Would it come up at the K1 visa interview or only at AOS interview? We have FOIAed Dept of State for the DS-2019 but they responded that we needed to go to USCIS. FOIA website says J1 visa info needs to go to ICE so we have forwarded the same request originally sent to DoS to both USCIS and ICE. Maybe they will send us all we need but I still can't sleep until I'm doing every possible thing to prevent this causing issues. Any advice/ideas/clarification would be very helpful, thanks in advance.
  25. Hi everyone! I got a J1 with the years home requirement, my fiance which is an American and I are ready to send all the documents to uscis to start our process but we are worried because my time will be up till December. could they deny our petition because of that or the time just count till the interview day? I really appreciate if you guys have advice about his. thanks Sully
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