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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! i am a j1 exchange visitor with a 2 year home residency requirement. i filed the waiver and sent necessary requirements to CFO and dept of state. Do you have any idea how long will it take to get the approval for the waiver? My visa will expire in June 2019. I was thinking of not renewing with my j1 visa for another two years and will just process greencard if i get the approval. thanking you in advance.
  2. Hi all, I'm applying for a j1 waiver on basis of No-Objection Certificate and sent all documents last December. The package has received on 20/DEC/2018 by DoS according to UPS tracking. Today is 16/JAN/2019 and my case number is not yet in their system (case number not found on https://j1visawaiverstatus.state.gov). The embassy of my country already sent the NOC and nothing changed in the system as well. Any of you know if govt shutdown is having any influence on waiver processing? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum and sharing my experience with you guys who may be in same boat with me. I believe J1 Waiver processing is affected partially with shut down too, not sure but this is happening with me: I just sent documents package after online application submission and getting case number, to the below address as per instructions: Department of State J-1 Waiver P.O. Box 979037 St. Louis, MO 63197-9000 I was tracking USPS and just got message that "Your item arrived at the SAINT LOUIS, MO 63197 post office at 9:47 am on December 28, 2018 and is ready for pickup." I didn't request for signature or any other service except flat rate envelope tracking. So I am not sure why status is saying "Ready for Pick Up". Is it normal or due to shut down thing there is a backlog of mails in their mail boxes. I am trying to contact USPS but wait times are more than 40 minutes on customer care line. So I thought to check with other applicants' experience if they faced similar thing in past? Any idea?
  4. WAIVER BASES FAVORABLE UNFAVORABLE TOTAL Exceptional Hardship 141 0 141 Persecution 67 0 67 Interested Government Agency - Physician 247 0 247 Interested Government Agency – Other 65 4 69 State Department of Health 880 0 880 TOTAL 5624 98 5722 No Objection Statement: Approved: 4224; Rejected: 94; Total applications: 4318 You can find more information for other categories using link below: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/waivers/INA 212(e) Waiver Recommendations - FY 2018.pdf
  5. Hi, I don't have personal check book but I want to track my application packet using cashier check. I can pay bank fee to get it on the same day and will be able to track when it is cashed vs money order that can not be tracked easily. Can you please share experience, if someone has used this method for J1 waiver fee payment or know anything about it? Or any other suggestion to get bank check in 1-2 day or other traceable method? Main purpose is to track sent application packet using check cashed method. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have one question for advice. I have already submitted my statement of reason with application packet to DoS but then someone suggested (whom actually I requested earlier for my SOR review and he replied late) that I need to add two line to explain XYZ reason in my statement that makes my case stronger. I realized yes his point is valid but now worried, since it has been submitted to DoS, will it be possible to change it. I can see there is one link on J1 waiver portal to create statement of reason separately but I am not sure if it is for this purpose too. For clarification, let me share that my NOS from Embassy is still pending and will not reach to DoS before January 20 2019. So I believe I have time to make changes if allowed. Any advice will be really appreciated based on your research in forums and experience to move forward. Thanks everyone!
  7. I came to the US under J1 visa. While in the US, I also start processing my Special Immigration Visa (SIV). My SIV case was approved and they asked me to file for AOS in the US. Not realizing that I had to file J1 waiver before filing for AOS, I filed my I-485. I did everything myself because I could not afford an attorney at that time. Later on, I go to know that my J1 wavier was required. So I talked to an attorney and she advised that I send a petition to correct my I-485 and apply for J1 waiver at the same time. I did so. Now, my AOS interview is scheduled for July, but my J1 waiver is still pending. Any idea what would be the best thing to do in my case? - Should I ask for the postponement of my interview? Is that a possibility? - Should I go to the interview? Will they deny my case on the spot? or they give me some time until I get my Waiver approved? I appreciate your time and help!
  8. A little bit complicated. I was in the US last summer under J1 (summer/work/travel) in 2006, only three months. Lost Ds-2019 and visa indicated that I am not subject to the two-year residence requirement. Now I applied AOS. I just noticed (learned from J1 sponsor when I asked about support letter) that the citizenship country and the Legal Permanent Residency Country were mistaken as Turkey in my DS-2019 since I was studying in the Turkey at that time. I am not either aTurkey citizen or a permanent resident of Turkey. I was rejected J1 visa in Turkey told that I have to apply in Turkmenistan. Then, I applied in Turkmenistan (citizen and born) and my visa was approved. After I finished my J1 program last summer, I went back to Turkey, finished my BS and I am in US for 11 years under F-1. I contacted my J1 sponsor and they can't make any correction now since I already completed my program. I plan to get an advisory opinion about the two-year residence requirement from Department of State for the AOS. But how can I do it with a wrong and lost DS-2019? Can anyone help me here? Thanks a lot!
  9. I want to request advisory opinion from DOS. However, they require DS-2019 which I lost and sponsored program does not keep records more than 3 years. In my J1 visa stamp, it says "BEARER NOT SUBJECT TO 2 YEAR RULE". However, my lawyer said that it will be good to have AO. Please advise!!!
  10. I want to request advisory opinion from DOS. However, they require DS-2019 which I lost and sponsored program does not keep records more than 3 years. In my J1 visa stamp, it says "BEARER NOT SUBJECT TO 2 YEAR RULE". However, my lawyer said that it will be good to have AO. Please advise!!!
  11. Hi everyone, Im currently not yet in USA, just making plans: Would like to go for Intership next year. As far as am concerned, there is possibility to try employment based GC after J1. For now I'm BSc, working as software developer, Im just about to go to MSc. Read a lot of J1 waivers, EB2/EB3, but not sure if my Eurpean Masters degree is eglible for EB2? Is it easier to obtain a GC if I will finish my master program? A lot of people and surveys says that software developers are needed everywhere... but I havn't found that: if I qualify to EB2, is it more chance for GC than if I qualify for EB3? Thank You!
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