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  1. I think it would be helpful to tell my experience to those people who still have lot of doubts or questions about the interview in Naples, Italy (K1 VISA). FIRST DAY: I arrived to the ISTITUTO DIAGNOSTICO VARELLI for the medical exam around 7:40 am and I had already 8 people in front of me waiting, so I suggest to arrive probably around 7:30 and not at 8:00 like the Consulate suggested. I had the blood tests, urine, the chest X-ray and all the vaccines required. At the end they asked me questions like: "do you smoke?" "did you ever had surgery?" "do you have kids?", basically they just wanna know something about you, it was really smooth. I spent 271 Euros for the visit (and not 220), because I forgot the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella). (They will ask you the pictures 5x5 so don't forget to bring them with you at the visit and of course, the passport). SECOND DAY: My appointment was at 9:30 am, I arrived at 9:00 but I had to wait in line for awhile ( I guess they don't let you in if you arrive too early). I was really nervous but I was trying to appeare normal so I went inside. Two girls asked me if I had all the documents required, such as the DS 160, birth certificate, criminal records, affidavit of support and the pictures (5x5), after checked all the documents they asked me to sit and wait my number. After a few minutes it was my turn and the woman (she was italian) asked me the copy of the payment of the request fee (225 Euros), the DS 160, birth certificate, criminal records, the pictures (5x5), my fiance's tax return and Affidavit of Support. Unfortunately my fiancèe didn't have enough income so she asked if I had a JOINT SPONSOR and lucky for me I was prepared for this. We asked to my fiancèe's dad to help us so I brought with me all his documents and she accepted them. She asked me to sit and wait for the interview with the console. The lady who interviewed me was really, really nice. She was speaking in italian but she had the american accent. I spoke in english the whole time but I guess you can choose. She asked me: - How did you met your fiancèe? - How many times you visit him? - You ever met his family? Does he ever met yours? - What's his job? What's yours? - Why you want to get married in the US? - How did he propose? - Have you ever been married before? - Can you show me some photos? I brought 45 pictures of us, so she was satisfied. Of course I had other proves like chat logs, screenshots, tickets, cards but she didn't care. The photos were enough. I think these are the usual questions for a K1 Visa. But at the end of the conversation she said "YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES". I was so happy that I wanted to cry! Well, THAT WAS REEEEALLY EASY. The only advice I can give you is: don't be nervous. I know its hard not to be but if you have all the documents everything's gonna be alright. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE COPIES OF ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS. Good luck guys!
  2. I am American, and I am petitioning for my Italian wife to get a green card. We are at the stage where we are applying with the NVC. My wife lived in Egypt for over six months, so she needs to get a police clearance certificate from Egypt. But she is no longer living in Egypt. To complicate things, she never had any form of ID or residency. She stayed on a tourist visa for 6 month stints, leaving shortly and then returning. She never stayed illegally, but she was always there on a tourist visa. 1. Does anyone know if she can get a police certificate? 2. If so, do you recommend traveling to Egypt to do this? Our Egyptian friends say this is an easy document to get for a citizen but the are not sure about foreigners obtaining one.
  3. Me and my partner are looking for the best way to proceed. I'm from Italy, he's USC. Since the waiting time is almost the same, we're leaning to get married and proceed with a CR-1 visa, more than picking the K1 path. Our concern about this is the traveling while the I-130 is pending. What are the chances of a tourist visa getting denied because of this? Would this be a problem only with a pending I-130 or also with a pending I-129F? I know for this purpose there's the K3 visa, but the waiting time is the same so there's no point. We are willing to wait for the whole procedure to go through, but not being able to see each other in the meantime would be crazy. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hello, I’m Italian and I got DQ ( spousal visa CR1) two weeks ago. Since then I don’t have any news and I was wondering if somebody from Italy has been in the same situation lately. How long did you wait before having a interview scheduled?
  5. Hey! My husband finally got DQ last week. He's Italian (Naples US Consulate), I'm an LPR. Do you guys know how long it takes for NVC to give him an interview date? And also, how far out are they giving appointments nowadays? Thanks!
  6. My husband completed his compulsory military service when he was of age. The problem is, the office for him to request the record is being COMPLETELY insane, and has offered to only give him a certified digital copy, and they say "it's enough for whatever you need it for..." He was previously married and in the states on a k1 (10 years ago) and has the stupid paper from then, which he got with very little trouble back then. They told him yesterday that the actual printed one would take 1 to 3 months!!! 😱 I just want my husband home. Getting any sort of paper or progress with the Italian government is always an adventure.. lol I wonder if : we upload the old one, and include a letter that the unexpired version is on its way if that creates a problem? Or maybe wait for the digital one, and hope that the actual paper one comes through before interview (it likely will, but if it doesn't, I'll have him bring the old one as well as a printed copy of the email that they sent the digital one with?) We already have literally all other papers ready. I'm trying for having him home by our first wedding anniversary. Any insights? This wife is about to call the office and use my caveman Italian on them to try and accomplish something better than 1 to 3 months. It is a single sheet of paper that just shows his compulsory service....we're not asking for the world, just for a piece of paper.
  7. Hello, I (USA) am now living in Italy with my wife (IT), and are trying to figure out the best way to get her a CR-1 Visa. We hoped to apply DCF (after I complete, or at least obtain a receipt of a Permesso di Soggiorno in progress), but learned that the Naples consulate is still not processing (without extreme circumstances, which I doubt we would qualify for) since 2020. So, if we submit our I-130 online now, would we be able to later switch to the Naples consulate if it opens up? Other than a much longer wait time, how much of a problem is trying to complete the visa process overseas anyway? My parents have no problem with me claiming their home is my permanent residence, or forwarding me mail, if it matters.
  8. Hi everyone, we filed the I129F on December 2020, got the NOA1 in february. we did not receive any USCIS NOA2 to inform us that the document was approved. we received directly the letter from NVC with our case number on August 31 2021 telling that they would forward the case to the embassy in Naples, Italy in several weeks. Its middle of October and I did not receive any email or letter from the embassyin Naples telling me that they received the case. In the meantime I already collected all documents and Ds160 filed. On the CEAC status it shows as NO STATUS. Can anyone help? Do you know if currently they are processing k1 visas in Naples?
  9. I'm the petitioner. I want my husband's last name. I didn't yet file for the name change, and I've seen people ask the question but its usually about the beneficiary.... I was in a hurry to get things filed, and at the time since my passport is only a couple years old, and my work email has my maiden name, it just didn't make sense to do that at the time. Today I found out the company I work for is closing. If I end up in a new office job where my name is part of the email, I dont want to be stuck with my maiden name forever. I'm very employable, so I'm not worried about finding work in this market, but we have already gotten the noa1, and I do not want to delay it unnecessarily. 1. Is it going to be a huge problem to change my name in the middle of noa1 to noa2? 2. I found out that in Italy its not actually common to take the husband's last name, but its something I've always wanted to do, and my husband thinks its cute but weird. So in registering my marriage with the Italian government, would I need to update my last name on my marriage certificate first? Or is that where it not yet being changed on my passport would be a problem? Passports are taking a long time right now, and if I win the lotto and can go see him again, I want to. Lololol (Also, was planning a trip for new year's, and not sure if my new passport would be here by then or not...) Does anyone have advice for either of these two issues/problems?
  10. Hello Everyone, Since I didn't see a topic yet in the forum about CR-1/Ir-1 Filers from Italy, I thought I would create one. I am a US citizen preparing to marry my fiancé in Italy (who is Italian) in the next few weeks - January 2021 - and then we will file our I-130 petition to start the CR-1/IR-1 spouse visa process immediately afterwards. We are hoping that we will have a filing date of early February 2021 and hoping the process would go as fast as possible. I wanted to start a topic here to gather other experiences from others who have filed petitions for Italy-based spouses to try to understand if there are any country-specific timelines or complications that we might want to know about. I will update this topic once we have started our journey and I look forward to hearing from some of you. If, by chance someone know that there is already a topic of a similar nature, that I have overlooked, then please let me know and I will move this conversation there. Thanks, everyone! And good luck to you all on a speedy reunification with your significant others!
  11. Hello everybody! I have a question. I was born in Germany and reside in Italy since I was 16 years old. I have both nationalities so I just read I will probably need police certificates from both countries. I will not make it in time to get the German one. Do you think it’s fine if I just have the ‘ Casellario Giudiziale europeo’ ?
  12. Hi, I'm Italian born in 1981. Military service was mandatory back in the days. I was in the "Lista di Leva", (the list of guys who could do the military service). I was called in 2001 and I spent a couple of days in Florence to do all the checks and all the visits. Together with many others, I was found "Riformato" (ineligible) to do the military service, I took the train and I went back home. That's it! I didn't swear in front of my flag. I didn't shoot or received and sort of training. There was probably a document that certifies it, but either I've never had it or it got lost in the last 20 years. There is, however, a document that says that I was in the list of the guys who could do the military service. If you asked me: "Did you serve in the military?" I would answer a strict: "No!" What should I answer in the DS-260? If I answer yes, they want to know the Branch of Service, the Rank, the Military Specialty... All things that I can't reply to because they're completely irrelevant to me, simply because... I didn't serve in the military. So, have I served in the military? Thanks
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