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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved 😍 The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days. CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant. Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it’s never been updated since then. Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn’t been issued yet? Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail. I’m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fiancé but no, I’m still stuck here in Italy 😢
  2. I'm trying to reach out to anyone who has information on how to get vaccinations done in Milan, Italy. My fiance lives in this region and we've received his NOA2, we're waiting to receive a case number from the NVC. He's been trying so hard to get an appointment for his vaccinations, so that he doesn't have to pay for them at the medical exam in Naples. Friends from Italy and in the forums have told us to go to the local ASL (this does not exist anymore in Milan). We've also been told to go to the ULSS, but this is a regional office and also is not found in Milan. He has called the ATS and ASST and the soonest they can see him is June 8th, which is 2 months from now. They haven't been any help to us, and he's called 3 times. Has anyone from Italy or Milan specifically done this another way? Any information is helpful! If he has to get them done at the medical, will they give him multiple shots in one day? We realize they're not required until the Adjustment of Status, but it will be cheaper for him to do them in Italy. We'd like to avoid getting them at the medical, and have that go smoothly. Thank you! Kelsey
  3. Hello everyone! I may be posting on a wrong place, but I have a question... A girl-friend of mine who is a US citizen got married to an Italian citizen man in Italy in December, 2017. She asked me about the visa process since I am going through K1 visa process since July. K1 visa and CR-1 are not the same visa at all, but she just wanted to get an idea of visa process in general. So I told her what I know about CR-1 and also gave her a few websites to help her including VJ. Then in January, she told me that she has paid a lawyer to get a visa for him, and this lawyer told them that it should be issued within 5 months. I told her that is very unusual assuming they are applying for a CR-1, but hopefully the lawyer is right. And she told me that if it's taking longer than they thought, she could still stay in Italy with him since it is very easy to stay in Italy as a spouse. She also has a family in Italy as well although I believe she is not an Italian citizen (yet). I don't know if this has nothing to do with it, but I'd just say it to give you a whole information. So a few days ago, I messaged her and asked her how they were doing. She told me that they were on their way to get a visa now and planning to go back to the states in April. I asked her what exactly the visa is called, and she said, "I don’t know what it’s called. It is the provisional visa before the green card— so when he arrives he is a 'green card holder'." So, I told her to let me know the name of the visa once they have it in their hand only because I'm curious why I've never heard of this. After she told me about "provisional visa," I looked up online and also on here, and it seems like the US government stopped issuing it a while ago...? Just now, she has replied to my message, but talked about different topics; like they are looking for a place to live in NYC and she asked me if I knew any website for a short term lease rent in NYC (I lived in NYC for a while so that's probably why she asked me). But she did not mention anything about the visa and what its called. I don't want to come off rude and ask her again "Please tell me what the visa is called!!" LOL But is this a thing at all? Has anyone heard about this..? I'd be happy if this "provisional visa" is legit and they can go back to the states together next month. She has told me that they went to the city hall in Italy and did all the paperwork to officially be married, so I am almost sure that they are not a K1 filer. Also, as a Fiancé visa filer myself, I know it can't be that quick to get Fiancé visa if they just applied for it in January. I know every case is different, and if a beneficiary is in danger or something, "maybe" US government gives the visa immediately, but her husband is not in danger. USCIS hasn't started processing for October filers yet, so there is "kind of" no way that they, as a December filer, get a K1 visa. I hope my question makes sense. I am only posting this because I don't wanna be like "that's what I thought" if her husband got turned away at the immigration in the airport, and they'll be apart. But I also don't wanna warn her that yet unless I get some opinions/proofs from you guys. Thank you for reading my post. It would be very helpful if you can share your thoughts/knowledges about this with me!
  4. Hello, I have a question regarding point 62 of Form I-129F. My boyfriend, the petitioner, mailed the application today to request a K-1 Visa for me. I am Italian, so when he filed point 62 "U.S Embassy or U.S Consulate Requested", he wrote "Rome", which is the location of the US Embassy in Italy. Doing some research, I found out that the Interview process takes place at the Consulate in Naples. Should my boyfriend have stated "Naples" instead of "Rome" in point 62, or will USCIS redirect the application there? Will this affect the validity of our application or is it just a minor detail? Thank you very much