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Found 6 results

  1. From my understanding, the 3rd travel ban (Proclamation 9645 issued 9/24/2017 and going into force 12/4/2017 after the U.S. Supreme Court stayed preliminary injunctions issued by U.S. District Courts in Hawaii and Maryland) in effect currently prohibits K1 (and IR1 and CR1) visas from being issued for Iranians to the U.S. A waiver process is an exception to the rule but according to news articles, Senator Jeff Flake wrote in a letter to the State Department stating they'd received reports that there was a "near uniform denial of waivers for visas." In the meantime amicus briefs have been filed by 16 states, many cities, and others against the travel ban and the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the case starting April 25 in just over a week. On top of all of this, President Trump has stated his goal of withdrawing from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal by May 12 unless it can be renegotiated, and violence has recently escalated once again in Syria. At this point with nothing for certain, I'm not sure what my fiancée in Iran and I can plan on doing. It doesn't seem to be of any use starting the K-1 process until the travel ban is decided on by the Supreme Court. The only option for us to be together at this point seems to be living together in a foreign country, and marry there, or move to Iran which was not originally in our plans. One concern about marriage in a foreign county was my impression that CR1 visas took longer to process than K1 visas (though at the moment both aren't possible). She would like to continue her graduate studies towards a doctorate and Germany has been a first choice because of of programs that accommodate foreign students. We've also discussed her studying here in the U.S. and I've noted that student visas are still being accepted, though travel back and forth between the U.S. and Iran for Iranian students seems to be restricted. At this point, just throwing my situation out here for the community. Maybe others in a similar boat can chime in, or anyone else with feedback.
  2. Hello, I'm a US permanent resident since 2015. I have Italian citizenship while my wife is Iranian, currently residing in Canada. We applied for the I-130 petition for my wife last year, and we have a priority date of August 2018 at California Service Center. Since my wife is an Iranian citizen I'm unclear whether she would be issued a visa post approval of I-130 or not due to the current Travel Ban in place? Does anyone have direct experience? Also what is the average time post I-130 approval before Green Card granted? Thanks, A*
  3. My I-751 has been deemed abandoned and denied because I failed to submit the requested additional evidence (I had already sent these requested documents for my N-400, and mistakenly disregarded what I thought was a duplicate request for the I-751). There even have been two naturalization interviews that USCIS de-scheduled onsite due to this matter. Following this, I submitted my I-290B (within the requested timeline), as a request for a motion to reopen and a motion to reconsider. As of today it has been over four months since USCIS received my application and cashed the check. Would you reapply with a new I-751 application because USCIS cannot provide a timeframe for the processing of the I-290B we previously sent? My green card extension stamp, which is in my passport, expires May 2020.
  4. My fiancé is in Iran. There is no US Embassy there so he will have to go to UAE. Does he apply for the K-1 visa until we receive the NOA2 or is it possible for him to start his process as of now? We submitted the petition and I already received the NOA1. Anyone here from Iran? What was your experience with the K-1 process?
  5. Hello all, I am on AP since October 2017, got the DS-5535 in Montreal. Anyone else in this situation from CanadaÉ Thanks
  6. After 2,5 years on Administrative Processing, finally we received this email: Please properly fill all the filled/question’s answers as your form may retuned by the department due to some un-filled fields/answers. In order to complete the processing for your U.S. visa, please complete the questionnaire following the steps below: 1. Hit reply to this email 2. Fill in the questionnaire with appropriate responses 3. Hit the send button when form is completely filled up 4. Do not/not print the form and scan it into another email 5. Do not send the form in any other format like pdf, jpg or …… If you fail to submit the below questionnaire properly, your email will be deleted and your administrative processing will be subject to further delay. Your application cannot be finalized until you have submitted this questionnaire. You may continue to check the status of your case online at: U.S. Department of State Approved OMB 1405-0226 SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS FOR VISA APPLICANTS Expires xx/xx/xxxx Estimated Burden 60 Minutes General Instructions • If you are unsure of the answer to a question, please provide a response to the best of your knowledge. For example, if you are unsure of an exact address, provide the city, state, and street name if you can recall them. U.S. Department of State will consider all information derived from the form in its entirety. • Failure to answer every question will not necessarily preclude visa issuance, as the application is considered in its entirety. • If you believe a particular question does not apply to you or your circumstances, please write "not applicable" or "N/A." • If you need more space to response to a question, please write the rest of your response on a separate sheet of paper or email. Surname(s): Given Name(s): Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyy): Visa Type/Classification: Passport and Travel History Have you Travelled to any country (other than your country of residence) in the last 15 years? If yes, provide details for each trip, including locations visited, date visited, source of funds, and length of stay. Have you ever held a passport other than the passport listed in your visa application? If yes, provide the following information. Country of Issuance Passport Number Relatives Siblings (brothers and sisters) - Provide the full name(s) and date of birth of any sibling (full, half, step, adopted), living or deceased. Surname(s) Given Name(s) Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyy) Children - Provide the full name (s) and date of birth of any child (minor and adult), living or deceased. Surname(s) Given Name(s) Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyy) Spouse - Provide the full name (s) of any current or previous spouse or civil/domestic partner, living or deceased. Surname(s) Given Name(s) Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyy) Address and Contact Information Address - Provide all addresses where you have lived during the last 15 years, if not already provided in your application. Address 1 Dates of Residence (mm-dd-yyyy): Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State/Province: Postal Zone/Zip Code: Country/Region: Address 2 Dates of Residence (mm-dd-yyyy): Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State/Province: Postal Zone/Zip Code: Country/Region: Phone Number - Provide all phone numbers you have used in the last five years, including primary, secondary, work, home, and mobile numbers Phone Number (1): Phone Number (2): Phone Number (3): Phone Number (4): Phone Number (5): Phone Number (6): Phone Number (7): Phone Number (8): E-mail - Provide all email addresses you have used in th elast five years, including primary, secondary, work, personal, and educational addresses E-mail Address (1): E-mail Address (2): E-mail Address (3): E-mail Address (4): E-mail Address (5): E-mail Address (6): Social Media Please provide your unique user name for any websites or applications you have used to create or share content (photos, videos, status updates, etc.) as part of a public profile within the last five years. Social Media Platform Social Media Identifier (Name/Handle) Employment History Provide the following information on all employers in the last fifteen years, if not already provided in your application. Employer 1 Name: Dates of Employment (mm-dd-yyyy): Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State/Province: Postal Zone/Zip Code: Country/Region: Telephone Number: Job Title: Job Description: Employer 2 Name Dates of Employment (mm-dd-yyyy): Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State/Province: Postal Zone/Zip Code: Country/Region: Telephone Number: Job Title: Job Description: The information provided in this application and other information submitted may be provided to other U.S. government agencies having statutory or other lawful authority to use such information, including for law enforcement and immigration law enforcement purposes. I understand that any willfully false or misleading statement or willful concealment of a material fact made by me herein may subject me to permanent exclusion from the United States and, if I am admitted to the United States, may subject me to criminal prosecution and/or removal. Applicant's Signature: Date (mm-dd-yyyy): Paperwork Reduction Act Statement Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 60 minutes per response, including time required for searching existing data sources, gathering the necessary documentation, providing the information and/or documents required, and reviewing the final collection. You do not have to supply this information unless this collection displays a currently valid OMB control number. If you have comments on the accuracy of this burden estimate and/or recommendations for reducing it, please send them to: PRA_BurdenComments@state.gov. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT AUTHORITIES: The information on this form is requested pursuant to Section 212(a) and 221 and as required by Section 222 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Section 222(f) provides that the records of the Department of State and of the diplomatic and consular offices of the United States pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas or permits to enter the United States shall be considered confidential and shall be used only for the formultaion, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States. Certified copies of such records may, in the discretion of the Secretary of State, be made available to a court provided the court certifies that the information contained in such records is needed in a case pending before the court. PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of State uses the information provided on this form to determine an individual's eligibility for a U.S. visa. Individuals who fail to submit this form or who do not provide all the requested information may be denied a U.S. visa. Although furnishing this information is voluntary, failure to provide this information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application. DS-5535
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