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Found 7 results

  1. After interview, CO gives a white paper that has instructions on how to get a DNA done and returns passport 1. Is this a 221g 2. Do I have hope
  2. Hello all, I got NOA2 yesterday (mail) and it stated that they forward the case to NVC. I read some of the post here that NVC will not let me know about the case number or invoice ID without me calling them every single week? Here is the quote from NVC site: "You have come to this page because you received a letter or email from NVC directing you here after NVC received your approved petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)." So I am confused...will they or will not they let me know when they received the case, assign case number and invoice id? I really do not want to spent time to call them if they will eventually give me the case#...but if that is needed, then I guess I will do it Any helps will be greatful!
  3. Hello, My mom's IR5 visa interview is scheduled for Aug 12. I'm petitioning her from the U.S. and she's currently in Ukraine. I am very nervous about it and was wondering if any of you here already went through the interview and could tell me about the process of it and what kind of questions could be asked. My mom was denied tourist visa twice in the past, she just doesn't have a positive experience with the embassy. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My lease is up in 2 months and we will be moving to a different place. I am filling out DS260 for my parents and there’s a question to where they should mail their green cards once the everything is done. I am estimating that it will be at least 3 months after nvc approves their documents, get an interview appointment and whatnot. Is it safe for me to put my grandmother in law’s house who lives next state and put my name as a contact? We go there often and handles some of our letters. I just dont want to risk losing their green cards to the wrong hands when the time comes. Or should I stick with our current address and call them to change it later? Do you even call the uscis for that even though my petitions went to nvc and consular processing? Let me know. I really want to get this done already.
  5. My parents case has been approved. Now it’s at NVC but my parents doesn’t have birth certificate. Is birth certificate mandatory for my parents for further processing at National Visa Center? Please help! What are my options? IR5 Category
  6. So I am preparing to do the I-864 for my parents and I have to upload it online. Both of my parents are principal immigrants. I filed an I-130 separately but at the same time. Do I have to upload TWO separate affidavit of support? Or do I just do one? I am planning to just combine it all into 1 pdf file if I have to do two I-864. Let me know so i can get everything ready. I am stuck on this part and I want to get it all done by weekend. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, Im kinda all over the place right now. I really need help with the online Visa Application. Most of the information I found online are for mail package. My parents are both in Vietnam. I must apply for the Visa and the Affidavit of Support online, they don't accept it any other way . I'm the petitioner, and my husband is my Household member. Our joined income exceed the Poverty Guideline, however just to be safe I add our shared bank account checking/saving. We have no children. I'm the only child. So far this is what I got for Support Document Petitioner: Joined Tax, W2, 1099 of 2017, 2016, and 2015 My Naturalization certificate My divorce paper My Name Change Document (I change my name in 2017) Our Marriage Certificate My Birth Certificate (Vietnamese & translate copy) My husband Birth Certificate (he was born in US) My work verify Document My husband Work Document in the US Army (a scan copy of his Military ID, Enlisted document, Commission Officer Document) My paycheck stub (from Mar-Sep 2018) My husband paycheck Stub (from Mar-Sep 2018) Our shared bank account statements (checking, saving, nearest days from September to NOW) Beneficiary (my parents) Passport (copy) Birth Certificate (Vietnamese copy) Marriage Certificate (Vietnamese copy and translate copy) Police Clearance ( A paper said that they are not involve in anything illegal) My Old Family Census Book (Back when I still live with my parents in VN, also in Vietnamese/translate copy) My dad military record from the Vietnam War. The South Vietnam government system back then is destroyed so his record is very limit. 1. My husband can not obtain "Employment Verification", the office personnel told him it is officer commission contract along with his paycheck stub called the LES leave and earning statement. Will that be okay ? 2. Do I need the cover letter for online application ? I have cover letter for every package I sent to USCIS. I've been doing this on my own since my 2 year green card. However this is the first time I deal with this online new thing . Honestly I feel very unsure and uncomfortable. 3. I don't see the NVC Barcode anywhere. I filled out the visa application but a haven't SUBMIT yet so I don't know what come after that. Is it something they give you after you hit Submit? Do you print that out and upload ? 4. I saw someone mention "NVC Barcode Page for Application for Immigrant visa and Alien Registration & proof of payment of fees" , Can anyone please tell me what is it? and how to get it? I paid the Affidavit of Support fee, and the Visa Application fee on the website. It took them a week to verify the fee, only then they let me fill out/up load the document. 5. I called the NVC phone line and ask about the translation of the document and they told me while it would help but not necessary. Is it really truth? I meant I just talk to 1 person and assume she knows what she talking about. 6. What is PASSPORT BIOGRAPHIC DATA? Anyone have experience with online visa application, please help me. Thank you very very much.
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