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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, tomorrow i have an infopass appointment and I would like to know if i can expedite my case at my visit. (I have good reasons so please don’t start saying stuff like “what makes you so special that you need to expedite?” ) Good Luck everyone! 🤞🍀
  2. I was trying to schedule an appointment thru InfoPass. When I try to click on the site where our local USCIS office is this information showed up. This is the first time that this happened when I'm scheduling an appointment. I was trying to make a schedule to ask if they can give me a letter of extension for my stay here in the US. My I-751 is still on process and my school already hold my student account which means I can't enroll for the summer term. The extension letter that I gave to my school will expire on August of this year but they already took hold of my account and they wanted to have a newer letter or my 10 years green card. I was wondering why are they not accepting any appointments and the ting that I wanted to do is not on the options. Are we still under government shutdown?
  3. This is just a general post to let those know that if you are attempting to schedule an Infopass appointment online at the USCIS Boston Field Office (located at the JFK Federal Building downtown), the website online always says there are no appointments available. However, if you go to the office in person, there are kiosks available and you can schedule an appointment. There were a bunch of time slots available starting as early as next week, which did not show up online. When I asked the reason for this, they did not have an answer. It also seems like you could schedule an appointment for someone else if you needed to, you just need the person's name and phone number to book an appointment. This is the website to book appointments online: https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2 Also, for whatever reason, Infopass appointments are closed and unavailable just for this week (until tomorrow 2/15/19). Hope this can help someone!
  4. Hello! I filed an I-751 over a year ago without approval yet. I am looking to book an InfoPass appointment to get the extension stamp at my local office (Washington DC) however it is impossible to get an appointment there right now and I have been trying for a while. My question is, do I need to go to my local office or can I go to another? There are always appointments at the Norfolk, VA office around 4 hours south of DC. Can I just go there? Thanks in advance! Jason
  5. Hi all, my pd is Jan 2018, my case is ready for interview for almost 4 months. I requested an infopass this month to discuss about my case....do you think i will ever have any update about my case or not from uscis going to infopass appoiment? or do you think will be a waist of time? I've never been to an infopass i don't know what to expect from it. I will appreciate any suggestion about what kind of questions i should ask at this appoiment or your experiences. Thanks !
  6. Hello all, my husbands green card/extension letter expires next month and I know we will need to set up an infopass appointment for the stamp (pending we don’t receive the “new” extension letter) I went to the website to check it out and didn’t see a place to pick an appointment but rather we could submit a question... I’m confused on how to go about scheduling. If anyone specifically has information on doing an infopass in Hartford that would be greatly appreciated as well.
  7. Hello everyone. I had an infopass on 30th july to get a stamp and also wanted to know about my 751 and 400 situation .. they extended my residency status for an other year but didnt give me any helpful answer about my pending case . So when i got home later i got a mail from uscis that they have scheduled an interview for my i 751 while i was expecting comine interview for 751 n 400 ... but letter is stating only 751 😣😣😣 . So my question is should i prepare for my n400 interview as well or just 751 and also what kinda legitimate evidence should i take with me ? As you can read my previous post what i submitted along with my 751 ... any helpful answer would be highly appreciated... and thanks in advance 😊
  8. We applied for 8-2017- Filed for Green Card - USCIS I-751 Petition (Form CRI-89, Petition to Remove Conditions of Permanent Resident Status ), it is almost a year and no update for us. I travel and now I cannot due to it expiring, what should I do? I checked the website and for some reason I cannot click on another date to find appointments. Please help me out on what the steps necessary.
  9. My husband and I are planning on traveling few months from now, which will be few weeks after the expiration of our one-year extension. Based on what we’ve read on other posts, we are going on schedule an Infopass appointment to get a I-551 stamp. My question is do officers give stamps in such circumstances as a matter of routine, or it depends on an individual officer and there is a risk of begin declined? If there is such a risk, we need to try to change our travel plans for earlier, which we really don’t want to do but will if have to. Would greatly appreciate any feedback, including from people who have personal experience with these appointments to get the stamp. Thank You!
  10. Hey VJ'ers. First of all, I apologise for posting this if the answer is out there! I have searched but can't really find a definitive answer. Anyway, I have my 2 year conditional, it expires March 2019. ROC is a process I haven't even BEGAN to look into.. it has been nice to not have to worry about immigration for the last year!! With ROC soon approaching, I need to ensure my address is all good. I moved from OH to AZ in December. I filed the AR11 ONLINE in Jan. I have NOT had anything back. I have since MOVED AGAIN after buying a home, so this is now permanent and hopefully no more moves, but now i don't know what to do about the address. I seem to not even know what address they have. If i call i told to F-off (well not quite that, but it may as well be). I get told to not file my address change again, and make an infopass app. Yet info pass i check every day for 2 weeks now and I can't get an appointment. It's very frustrating. What is your experience? What happens about this address if i just leave it until ROC? I really don't know to do ! Any advice appreciated.
  11. I had an interesting experience at the Boston field office today. I filed my I-751/ ROC in early May (VSC) and got the first NOA last week. Today I had an infopass appointment to ask about my biometrics. I'll be traveling abroad for four months starting the end of June, and I was worried that I'd miss my notice/the appointment/lose status/the world would end. The guy I spoke to looked at my NOA for a long time, then at his computer, then he talked to his supervisor, and then he told me that I should go ahead and travel, because my biometrics wouldn't be scheduled for another couple of months. And even if I miss the appointment, I could just go when I get back to the country, he said, and I shouldn't worry about getting back into the States because I have my NOA extending my green card. It's not what I expected to hear, and it kinda contradicts a lot of the things I'd read about the ROC process, but I guess I'll trust him, and stop worrying so much about getting my biometrics notice before I leave. Sharing this here as a data point. I might still call the info line and ask a tier 2 person to confirm this for me next week... Has anyone had a similar experience? Good luck to everyone!
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