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  1. I was trying to schedule an appointment thru InfoPass. When I try to click on the site where our local USCIS office is this information showed up. This is the first time that this happened when I'm scheduling an appointment. I was trying to make a schedule to ask if they can give me a letter of extension for my stay here in the US. My I-751 is still on process and my school already hold my student account which means I can't enroll for the summer term. The extension letter that I gave to my school will expire on August of this year but they already took hold of my account and they wanted to have a newer letter or my 10 years green card. I was wondering why are they not accepting any appointments and the ting that I wanted to do is not on the options. Are we still under government shutdown?
  2. Hi, I have a question regarding my case. Here is a bit of background first: My wife is a U.S. citizen and filed an I-130 for me, her foreign spouse in April 2013. At the time, we weren't sure where we'd settle. We then filed the I-485 separately in October 2013 once we decided to settle down here. I got the approved AP document in November 2013 and the approved EAD card in January 2014 (AP and EAD filed separately too). Then we got interviewed in February 2014 at the NYC Manhattan office but the officer said he couldn't determine "admissibility" since the I-130 form was not at the office we were interviewed in (it was still at the Nebraska Service Center after being transferred there from MSC-National Benefits Center). He said he would request the file from Nebraska and then we could expect further documents/instructions in the mail. As of today on the USCIS case status website, the I-485 status still shows "Testing and Interview" (it hasn't been updated since the interview). However, when looking at the USCIS case status website for the I-130 petition, it shows "post-decision activity" and the following text: "On March 12, 2014, we shipped this approved or re-affirmed case to the Department of State for visa processing. For more information, please contact them directly". I called USCIS and they said that this is weird and that it wasn't supposed to be transferred to the State Department since there was a I-485 filed. The representative said to make an InfoPass appointment with the USCIS office to have them bring the file back to USCIS from the Department of State. I also called the Department of State today who said they will have no information regarding our case until 8 weeks after the date USCIS sends it to them... So, 1) Does anyone have any insight or experience as to what we are supposed to do? 2) And regarding InfoPass, there are no appointments at the NYC Manhattan office that we interviewed at or any of the other two offices for our New York zip code. When I type in a zip code in New Jersey which is close to where we live, there are available appointments at that office. Would I be able to give/get the information I need at the New Jersey office even though my case was interviewed in the New York office? Thank you in advance VJ community for your help!
  3. This is just a general post to let those know that if you are attempting to schedule an Infopass appointment online at the USCIS Boston Field Office (located at the JFK Federal Building downtown), the website online always says there are no appointments available. However, if you go to the office in person, there are kiosks available and you can schedule an appointment. There were a bunch of time slots available starting as early as next week, which did not show up online. When I asked the reason for this, they did not have an answer. It also seems like you could schedule an appointment for someone else if you needed to, you just need the person's name and phone number to book an appointment. This is the website to book appointments online: https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2 Also, for whatever reason, Infopass appointments are closed and unavailable just for this week (until tomorrow 2/15/19). Hope this can help someone!
  4. Hopefully this will help those that are having a hard time scheduling an appointment on infopass You probably have seen this message "Currently, there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow." every time you try to use infopass to get an appointment. Like you, it was very frustrating because it seems like there just isn't any appointments no matter what hour of the day you try, and even if you do get lucky, the appointment date seems are weeks away. Here's what I did to get an appointment and hopefully it will help you too. set up an auto refresh and website change detector on your browser, you can find this add-on/extension to notify you as soon as the webpage changes. I use chrome and the extensions I added is called SuperAuto Refresh and Visualping. go to the infopass page where you see the message "Currently, there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow." and set it to auto refresh. then set Visualping to monitor to check it every minute. it will notify you with a pop up when the page appears with appointment dates. I did this while at work, and while I was doing other stuff on my computer, a message popped up and i was able to get an appointment. couple thing i noticed was, it gave me an appointment that was 2 days from now, which I was very surprised. but I screwed up and hit back and that appointment date and time was gone. my guess was someone canceled so there was a spot available but because i was too slow someone else took that spot. so, make sure you stop the auto refresh as soon as the appointment calendar pops up so it doesn't refresh again. Another thing I noticed was that for 2 days while I try this, the only time it appeared was in the morning between 8am to 10am Pacific time for the Los Angeles USCIS location. It didn't appear for the rest of the day while I was working and had it running the whole time. I need to get Advanced Parole, but the dates didn't work for me, so I still ended up just showing up at USCIS without an appointment. They didn't seem too happy that I didn't get an appointment but still took me in. Your mileage may vary depending on where you are, but hopefully this info will help someone who need to get an infopass appointment. It also seems like it doesn't matter which USCIS location you go to. At the LA County USCIS, there's 2 lines, one is for those that are within their jurisdiction (they check by zipcode) and another is for others, maybe trying to get an appointment at another location or set two browsers with on autorefresh and try to get whichever appointment is the earlier one.. Good Luck.
  5. Hello! I filed an I-751 over a year ago without approval yet. I am looking to book an InfoPass appointment to get the extension stamp at my local office (Washington DC) however it is impossible to get an appointment there right now and I have been trying for a while. My question is, do I need to go to my local office or can I go to another? There are always appointments at the Norfolk, VA office around 4 hours south of DC. Can I just go there? Thanks in advance! Jason
  6. Hi all, my pd is Jan 2018, my case is ready for interview for almost 4 months. I requested an infopass this month to discuss about my case....do you think i will ever have any update about my case or not from uscis going to infopass appoiment? or do you think will be a waist of time? I've never been to an infopass i don't know what to expect from it. I will appreciate any suggestion about what kind of questions i should ask at this appoiment or your experiences. Thanks !
  7. Good Afternoon All, I did not find any similar Topic so I thought it would be important for people to have some sort of guidance on what they are doing from past experiences. My 2 years GC expired in September 2016, I have applied for the ROC in July 2017, received the NOA in July 2016, and received my Biometric Processing Stamp at my biometrics appointment on 8/2/2016. My questions is: When do I actually NEED/HAVE TO make a infopass appointment? We all know that info pass appointments are useless the most of the times and lengthy all the times, however there are cases that in order to stay within the rules, you have to make one but I am not sure when. Is it withing 30 days from your Biometric Stamp date or what? If anyone could share their experience and/or answer the questions, I think it would be beneficial for all the ROC applicants. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, my husbands green card/extension letter expires next month and I know we will need to set up an infopass appointment for the stamp (pending we don’t receive the “new” extension letter) I went to the website to check it out and didn’t see a place to pick an appointment but rather we could submit a question... I’m confused on how to go about scheduling. If anyone specifically has information on doing an infopass in Hartford that would be greatly appreciated as well.
  9. Hello everyone. I had an infopass on 30th july to get a stamp and also wanted to know about my 751 and 400 situation .. they extended my residency status for an other year but didnt give me any helpful answer about my pending case . So when i got home later i got a mail from uscis that they have scheduled an interview for my i 751 while i was expecting comine interview for 751 n 400 ... but letter is stating only 751 😣😣😣 . So my question is should i prepare for my n400 interview as well or just 751 and also what kinda legitimate evidence should i take with me ? As you can read my previous post what i submitted along with my 751 ... any helpful answer would be highly appreciated... and thanks in advance 😊
  10. We applied for 8-2017- Filed for Green Card - USCIS I-751 Petition (Form CRI-89, Petition to Remove Conditions of Permanent Resident Status ), it is almost a year and no update for us. I travel and now I cannot due to it expiring, what should I do? I checked the website and for some reason I cannot click on another date to find appointments. Please help me out on what the steps necessary.
  11. My husband and I are planning on traveling few months from now, which will be few weeks after the expiration of our one-year extension. Based on what we’ve read on other posts, we are going on schedule an Infopass appointment to get a I-551 stamp. My question is do officers give stamps in such circumstances as a matter of routine, or it depends on an individual officer and there is a risk of begin declined? If there is such a risk, we need to try to change our travel plans for earlier, which we really don’t want to do but will if have to. Would greatly appreciate any feedback, including from people who have personal experience with these appointments to get the stamp. Thank You!
  12. Hey VJ'ers. First of all, I apologise for posting this if the answer is out there! I have searched but can't really find a definitive answer. Anyway, I have my 2 year conditional, it expires March 2019. ROC is a process I haven't even BEGAN to look into.. it has been nice to not have to worry about immigration for the last year!! With ROC soon approaching, I need to ensure my address is all good. I moved from OH to AZ in December. I filed the AR11 ONLINE in Jan. I have NOT had anything back. I have since MOVED AGAIN after buying a home, so this is now permanent and hopefully no more moves, but now i don't know what to do about the address. I seem to not even know what address they have. If i call i told to F-off (well not quite that, but it may as well be). I get told to not file my address change again, and make an infopass app. Yet info pass i check every day for 2 weeks now and I can't get an appointment. It's very frustrating. What is your experience? What happens about this address if i just leave it until ROC? I really don't know to do ! Any advice appreciated.
  13. I had an interesting experience at the Boston field office today. I filed my I-751/ ROC in early May (VSC) and got the first NOA last week. Today I had an infopass appointment to ask about my biometrics. I'll be traveling abroad for four months starting the end of June, and I was worried that I'd miss my notice/the appointment/lose status/the world would end. The guy I spoke to looked at my NOA for a long time, then at his computer, then he talked to his supervisor, and then he told me that I should go ahead and travel, because my biometrics wouldn't be scheduled for another couple of months. And even if I miss the appointment, I could just go when I get back to the country, he said, and I shouldn't worry about getting back into the States because I have my NOA extending my green card. It's not what I expected to hear, and it kinda contradicts a lot of the things I'd read about the ROC process, but I guess I'll trust him, and stop worrying so much about getting my biometrics notice before I leave. Sharing this here as a data point. I might still call the info line and ask a tier 2 person to confirm this for me next week... Has anyone had a similar experience? Good luck to everyone!
  14. I just got back from my infopass appointment and got the I-551 stamp on my passport. I want to share my experience on how I got my infopass appointment. This is very easy. No hassle at all! (no need auto-refresh, no need to wait till midnight to do it.....) Step1: Go to https://my.uscis.gov/help/schedule/94111 Step2: Click "Change" to Change Field Office to your local office Step3: Enter your zip code Now make sure the Field office has been changed to your local office Step4: Fill out the form and click next Step5: Fill out the form, briefly explain why you need an appointment. You have to explain your situation and show them your urgency. Then click send message ! Around 1-2 work days, you will receive their phone call from New York. They will help you schedule an infopass appointment in your local office. Tips: Show them your urgency!! My situation was that my one year extension was going to expire in 10 days and I needed to go abroad! Ask me if you have other questions.
  15. Hello Vj's I am very thankful to all of you who have provided suggestions and answers to my previously posted questions. I have a scenario, which I am sure alot of people are going through these days.It is mentioned as below. Example:. Immigrants I-751 one year extension will expire at the end of September 2018 and Immigrant is trying to get an infopass. Due to appointment slot scarcity, he/she is not able to get infopass appointment and therefore no I-551 stamping. Also the Immigrants employers have conducted a e-verification at the beginning of his/her job in March 2018 without any issues. Below are the questions. 1. On October 1st , as your one year extension has already expired on 30th September 2018, will you be considered as illegal immigrant or you are still entitled to live and work in US till the time i-751 is adjudicated. (And you do not have i-551 stamping on your passport) 2. Would the existing employer requires to do e-verification again at the end of September? 3. Would the existing job be affected by not having I-551 stamping on passport. 4. Would N-400 application be affected by not having I-551 stamping on passport. 5. When the immigrant files for N-400, would there be another automatic one year extension similar to as stated in I-751 NOA. To be honest some of the question relates to me. But I am sure there are many other people who are looking for the answers to above questions. Thanks
  16. Hi guys, So, long story short, I need to get an InfoPass appointment in the Minneapolis field office ASAP in order to get the "temporary evidence" I need to travel to and from the UK. I check many times a day to see if appointments have been added and haven't seen any in the month that I've been checking. When I called USCIS they said there is a kiosk at the field office where I can go in person to make an appointment. My question is - is this worth doing? Will I have access to more appointments or appointments past the 14 days that are posted online? Thanks!!
  17. Hi all, I know I've been part of some discussions regarding how and when we're eligible to get the I-551 extension stamp to replace an expiring NOA green card extension letter. My wife (green card holder) and I (US citizen) had an InfoPass appointment yesterday in Portland, OR, and here's what we were able to determine: 1. Immigration officers have a guideline (not a hard-and-fast rule, I think) that an I-551 stamp should only be given if the green card holder will need it within the next month (30 days?). Apparently part of the reason for this guideline is that if they give you a stamp long before you need it, there's a bigger chance that you'll get your 10-year green card in the meantime, which is not ideal because they prefer you to only have one or the other. 2. However, this does not necessarily mean your extension letter must be expiring within the next month. My wife's is expiring in early November, but we were able to get the I-551 stamp yesterday (July 14) because she has to renew her driver's permit on August 5. The stamp is valid for a year from the date it was issued, and my wife had to forfeit her expired 2-year green card because "the stamp counts as a green card, and you can't have two green cards at the same time". 3. What if we're traveling abroad for several months and not coming back until after the extension letter expires? This didn't end up applying to us (though a week ago we thought it would), but here's what the officer said: You do need to get a stamp for this (otherwise there's some kind of special consular permission or something you have to get to re-enter the country, I think she said). She said that you can get the stamp for this reason, even if your letter isn't within a month of expiring, but "I would probably ask you to come back in to get the stamp just a week or two before you leave". 4. What if you're starting a new job that needs to see your papers, and you expect to stay at the job past the expiration date of the extension letter? This actually did apply to us - my wife was just offered a new job the day before our InfoPass appointment. The officer said that you don't need a stamp for this - that the employer will accept your current extension letter, and wait until it's expiring to ask for documentation of continued residency. (But in our case, she gave us the stamp anyway because of the expiring driver's permit.) I imagine all this could vary from officer to officer, and as I said before, it seems that it's ultimately up to their discretion, but I thought others (including people searching this in the future) might find this general information useful.
  18. Hi! I have filed for I-751 on Dec.13, 2015 to the Vermont Center. According to the USCIS website, Vermont is processing petitions from Dec.28, 2015. My online case status has not been changed and nothing is happening. I am about to start asking my representatives for help. I have a bigger problem now. My Green Card (which has been extended for 1 year per I-751 confiration letter) is expiring in 2 weeks. That is also the date of expiration on my driver's licence. I have been trying to schedule an Infopass appointment, but it's virtually impossible. Infopass website only shows appt. times available within the next 14 days and there are never any available times! I live in Virginia, my USCIS field office is in Washington, DC. There's also another field office in my state, in Norfolk. I've been monitoring both for a while now and they're all booked all the time. 1. How else can I schedule an appt. to get a stamp in my passport? Can it be done via phone? 2. Are there any strategies for scheduling an Infopass, e.g. is there a certain time appt. times become? 3. If an appt. time becomes available in Norfolk, am I allowed to book it even though my field office is in DC? Would I be allowed to schedule an appt. in another state? I'm desperate at this point, I can't have my driver's licence become expired. Thanks for any advice you might have.
  19. My wife and I currently live and work in Canada. We have filed for i-130 and my wife just got a job offer in U.S.A. which she intends to accept to establish domicile. This job pays $$$ more than her current job in Canada. We feel like we are in a tough situation where if she doesn't take the job it would be hard to prove domicile and we would lose significant amount of money. I am wondering if: 1. Folks in similar situation who have done infopass for i-130 expedite for financial reason at USCIS office and if they had any luck? 2. One can just walk-in if they can't find an appointment (She'll be in U.S.A. on certain dates and we might not get appointment for those dates)? 3. what documents does she need to take with her for the infopass? Thanks!
  20. Our local infopass office, Denver location, has no available appointments. We need to get a visa extension, because our one year letter is almost over. And we also have a cruise at the end of May. Do we have to use the Denver office or can we actually go out of state and use another States USCIS local office? I would hate to go to another state and then find out that they won't serve us because we are coming from another state or we don't fit in their jurisdiction. But when you go to the USCIS website and try to make an infopass IT ask you to enter your ZIP code and it actually gives us Denver and Helena Montana as the two closest offices I just don't know if both offices are an option or if I have to go to Denver. Thanks for the help.
  21. Hello, Like many of us, I’m really struggling to get an Infopass at my local field office, Jacksonville, FL. Normally I wouldn’t worry but I have a job offer contingent on my having an I-551 stamp in my passport and I need the stamp as an emergency as my one year green card extension runs soon. Jacksonville Infopass seems to have shut down. I even have the special auto refresh software on my computer but no appointments have come up for 3 days now. I tried calling the Contact Center but they’re not interested. I think it’s because Jax are moving to an Infopass free system on April 16th and to prepare for this pilot period they’ve obviously stopped issuing infopasses as being booked 2 weeks in advance means the earliest one available from today would be April 23, which is a week after they stop doing Infopass. What on earth do I do? Is anyone else having this issue with the Jacksonville, FL field office, and if so how did you resolve it?
  22. Hello! Hopefully, I've put this in this in the right topic! Alrighty so firstly I have looked around and can't seem to find the answer to one of my questions. But info first, My conditional residency green card expired in June 2017, Sent out to renew it in April 2017. I did the biometrics back in June 2017 and what not and am in the waiting game phase atm which is fine. It looks like I won't be getting my new one for another 5 to 7 months (mine was sent to the California office) and my Extension Letter Expires in June 2018. So the issue I have is that I'm visiting my family in England from June this year to August meaning during my trip my extension letter will expire. I know I can get a I-551 Stamp well I think I can I've heard different things. I'm planning on doing that In May. But the problem I'm stuck with is my information for the flights. Because I have a British Passport it's asking me for my green card info which is fine buuuuut i can't complete it because the expiry date was June 2017 and that's not an option on there so I now have absolutely no idea what to do and can't finish the info needed. Do I get new info on the I-551 Stamp that I can put in instead? Do I need to call the airline? I've got no clue lol Also as a mini question lol for this I-551 Stamp do I need to do anything in particular aside from booking the appointment and bringing the usual/typical stuff? Like a certain form or payment? Next Is mostly just an added question about whether anyone has used Iberia airlines before? 2 of my 4 flights are with them and I can't for the life of me choose my husbands or my own seats and I'm worried if we don't do it soon then we might not sit together (I always get stuck to the strange or scary people, no joke) So do I need to call Iberia or AA to help with that? I think that's all. Thank you for all/any help and answers in advance.
  23. Hi Guys, I filed i751 to remove conditions and I received by NOA to extend my Green card until March 24 2018. However I received an RFE notice and had to send in more documents which was then received by the USCIS on March 4 2018. The RFE said to expect a response within 2 months. The problem is that I have been unemployed for 2 months and I need to start working as soon as possible. I already signed up for an Infopass appointment on April 10th but my question is, can i still get the I551 stamp if i go there with my expired NOA and RFE notice? Everybody just mentioned about going for an Infopass appt BEFORE the NOA expired so I am curious about what happens if you go after the NOA expires. Also, do you think the immigration officer will deny me the stamp and have me wait until May to hear back on my RFE case status? Thanks!
  24. August/September filers i need your help!!! i've been trying to make an infopass appointment in new york ever since i got my extension letter and i've had 0 luck. I literally set my alarm to wake up all sorts of hours of the morning and nothing (3AM-6AM) I've checked throughout the day as well as at nights and even a little after midnight as someone suggested on here but still...NOTHING. I've tried all the field offices in New York and they don't have appointments available. Anyone on here has any tips on how i can get an appointment? i really need this stamp.
  25. My husband had a biometrics appointment scheduled for tomorrow for his naturalization. He did have some questions regarding the ROC that is still pending and tried to schedule and INFOpass on the same day as his biometrics. Since that didn't work out, he did his INFOpass today. When I asked him how it went, he told me they cut up his green card. He said the officer told him it was expired and he no longer needed it. Additionally, because it has an expired date, it could casue others additional confusion. Instead, they put a stamp in his passport and explained this will serve as his one year green card. He wouldn't need anything else. I was a bit concerned because we've also filed for the n400, and if they do his ROC at the same time as his naturalization interview (saw that has happened for some and they never received their 10 year card), that he would no longer have a green cart to surrender. I asked if the officer made a note that he took the card. My husband wasn't sure, but he didn't feel worried. Have others had their green card cut up after getting the 551 stamp? The officer was very nice and allowed my husband to ask many questions... My husband had mentioned that we had the CRI number and the i-751 number. One number had said his case had been transferred to the field office and the other didn't say anything. We had looked up the processing time online (it said field offices can take up to 46 months and the California Service Center said it would take up to 19 months...), but the officer thought that was backwards. He explained that when CSC is overloaded they send cases to different field offices...meaning ours could go to any field office whose load is lighter NOT our specific field office. The officer said that usually speeds up the process. He also said the CRI 89 number is a back office number they use, and we should be using the I 751 number to look up information about our case. He told my husband that it would have been better for us to have waited for naturalization. According to the officer, the applications go in two different ways. Rather than trigger the I-751 to get moving, the naturalization application will just be put aside until a decision can be made on the I-751. There isn't a notification that is sent to say they can pick up and work on the naturalization once the I-751 is adjucated, so there's a chance it will just sit there unless we make another INFOpass to get it moving again. I thought that information was a bit odd as I've heard of several people who have had both applications/interviews on the same day. I think that's what is the most frustrating thing about the process. There is often a different answer :). I guess we will see how it all plays out for us. And, after all the questions, they did send my husband to get his biometrics done. So now he won't have to return tomorrow. That was nice.