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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just submitted the aos and IV application package. How long does it take for the NVC to make a decision? and how long usually it takes from NVC to send it over to embassy? (I guess this one depend on interview availability? ) Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi, I'm Gus from Indonesia now living just outside Portland, OR. I'm waiting for my EAD & AOS from K1. So, if there any fellow Indonesians wanna be friends, that'd be awesome. Hit me up!
  3. Hello, One of the document requirement of visa interview for IR5 is bringing my original birth certificate to my mom's interview. Can we substitute that with certified- translated copy? I have my original with me and my mom has the certified-translated copy. Just wanted to know if I do not have to send my original as I am afraid it could lost in the mail. Thanks!
  4. Hello... I am new here.... Currently on F-1 OPT. OPT expires October 13, 2017. On March, I married my U.S. citizen boyfriend. We filed AOS and Travel documents on June 30, 2017. A month ago, I have been notified by my HR to present a new unexpired work permit to keep my employment. I am anxiously waiting for news from USCIS regarding my EAD…..In 20 days I need to get my EAD card in hand. Otherwise, I might be jobless :(( Also, I have made flight reservation and plan to go back to my county to have a wedding at the end of December!! I am super worried if I do not get my combo card soon. My job…my wedding… ARGHH Does anyone here have the same job situation as mine? What should I do/ my employer does in this situation? Can I still be working WITHOUT PAY (more like a volunteer job) after my OPT expires if my employer let me does that until I get my EAD? What’s y’all recommendation? I just feel bad to my employer because I have not worked for a year yet, and will be taking leave for wedding.. and plus I might need to take unpaid leaves for indefinite time until I get my EAD… Here’s my timeline 30-Jun-2017 Filed AOS package 5-Jul-2017 USCIS received fingerprint fee for I-485 6-Jul-2017 Received I-797 Receipt Notices 15-Jul-2017 Received Appointment for Biometrics Notice 26-Jul-2017 Received RFE Notice (I-131A. Somehow lawyer forgot to send it together with I-485). Sent the I-131A on Sept 28. 3-Aug-2017 Did Biometrics 8-Aug-2017 RFE was received by USCIS 11-Sep-2017 Called USICS to expedite EAD/AP 12-Sep-2017 USCIS: Expedite request was assigned to an officer. Referral ID: T1*****. We sent a response to your request to have your case expedited. Another update: your request to have your case expedited was completed 18-Sep-2017 Called USCIS regarding the expedited case status. Told me they sent an email requesting proof of severe financial loss on September 13. But I did not get the email. So turned out there was a misunderstanding in communication. Officer whom I spoke with on Sept 11 misspelled my email address. 20-Sep-2017 Sent a fax to congressman regarding EAD case
  5. 2014 I petitioned USCIS for Adjustment of Status (AOS) for my new wife Vanessa while she was in the US on a tourist visa. We hired an a "reputable" attorney who unbenounced to us was dying of stage 4 cancer. The cancer was so advanced, having already exhausted all recognized treatment options, that she was admitted to the hospital within a couple of weeks of our retaining her and died. Still she submitted Vanessa's paperwork. Vanessa received several documents after the filing but none indicated any deadline violations. She received her work permit, and later an interview date. Vanessa had a family emergency at which point we first learned of our attorney's death several weeks before. Having been able to speak to our attorney before Vanessa leaf the US might have changed her mind, but I doubt it. A mother's going to do, what a mother's has to do. Vanessa returning to Taiwan just two weeks before her interview date. I notified USCIS of her leaving but apparently no one passed the information along to the interviewer and neither did the attorneys office. The interview was a no show. Only then, did USCIS claimed our attorney had filed Vanessa's AOS application late. I sent three certified letters providing USCIS with her I94 and the locked box receipt. The AOS paperwork had been submitted on time, (though just). Vanessa had never been in the country illegally and left on her own accord. USCIS never replied to any of my letters. I eventually I dropped the ball, as by then I had cancer and my wife was too concerned with my care, to follow up with USCIS on her own. We have been happily living in Taiwan for the past 5 years. This year we decided to move our residences to Medellin, Colombia. When making flight reservations I found my wife couldnt get a tranfer visa for connecting flights through the US or Canada, effectively cutting us off from any reasonable access to Latin American. The old addage "you cant get there from here" comes to mind! Apparently no one at USCIS did anything with the documents I provided and the "supposed overstay" remains on her record. For a women who has never had as much a parking ticket in her life, this treatment is unreasonable and certainly below USCIS standards. While we are now committed to living abroad, I need her records cleared so she can travel unresticted on her Taiwanese passport as we did before started this process. I'm looking for some advice on how to best address this.
  6. so today my wife was denied her tourist visa for the second time. first time we were not married and I just tried to sponsor her. We got married in a Catholic Church on July 1 2018 in Bali 6 months after her first interview. We did marriage classes and I even got baptized. this is a legit marriage. she has only traveled once to Thailand with me and never traveled anywhere else than that. Her passport is valid with the one visa stamp from Thailand which the agent looked at. My wife owns her own event organizing business which she built from the ground up after her first husband died in a motorcycle accident . She had one daughter from that marriage. She provided for her daughter while she worked as a single mom in Bali originally from Java Indonesia. Her ties are strong in Indonesia. Family, Business , Cars, Properties she will inherit one day, and most of all Indonesian Pride. She has no desire to live permanently outside of Indonesia. first letter I received: this is a standard letter issued to all request and complaints regarding questions on denial...... Thank you for your email. We are writing in response to your letter to the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit concerning the nonimmigrant visa case of Veronica Virgawati. Visa applications are adjudicated in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). While visa records cannot be disclosed to third parties, the majority of refusals occur under section 214(b) of the INA. This section of the law explicitly presumes every visitor visa applicant to be an intending immigrant and places the burden of disproving this presumption on the applicant. We assure you that the Consular Section scrutinizes every application and works hard to issue visas to all qualified applicants. As explained above, consular officers are required by law to presume that all applicants are intending immigrants to the United States, and to judge solely the qualifications of the applicants themselves. Each applicant must, on his or her own merits, establish eligibility to receive a U.S. visa. Representations by third parties or supporting documentation cannot establish visa eligibility for an applicant. Consular officers examine each application individually to determine whether the applicant qualifies for visa issuance according to U.S. immigration law and regulation. When determining eligibility for a visa, the officer takes into consideration the applicant’s entire situation, including family, community, professional, and economic ties to the applicant’s home country as well as prior travel history and any ties to the United States. Visa adjudications are final and cannot be appealed. Reconsideration for a visa can only happen in the context of a new visa interview. Applicants who wish to reapply must follow the same application procedures as before. A refusal under section 214(b) is not permanent and she may reapply for a visa at any time. However, we recommend that applicants wait until they are able to present new evidence which addresses the previous grounds of ineligibility. Please note that reapplying is not a guarantee that a visa will be issued. We assure you that any future application will be given every possible consideration consistent with U.S. immigration law. We hope this information is helpful. Sincerely, Nonimmigrant Visa Unit Consular Section U.S. Consulate General Surabaya ConSurabaya@state.gov second letter from consulate: As we explained, we cannot provide specific details to you about your wife’s case due to privacy laws. Visa adjudications are final and cannot be appealed. Documents are not considered as part of the visa application process. Eligibility for a visa is determined via an assessment of the ties presented in the application and interview. This is the worldwide standard. Regards, Nonimmigrant Visa Unit Consular Section U.S. Consulate General Surabaya ConSurabaya@state.gov http://www.ustraveldocs.com/id questions asked during interview in order 1. Did you get refused for your visa application last time you were here? Answer : yes 2. When did you get married ? answer: July 1st 2018 3. What does your husband do for work? answer: sales manager of a roofing company in Colorado Springs Colorado USA. 4.what do you do for work? Answer I am a event organizer (she’s actually the owner/ operator which is on the application ) 5. What is your income and why is it more money than last year ? answer: because I have increasing revenue. (she had more clients this year, they doubled but this was not clarified) 6. Do you have kids? If you go to USA then who will take care of her? Answer: she is 26 years old , she can take care of herself. 7. What is your reason for wanting to visit the USA ? answer: Visiting my parents in-law. Q~Who is “David .....” A~ he is my father in law. Q-Who is Gerald ..... A~my husband 8. She repeated same question twice : how old is your daughter? Answer : 26 Consulate agent started to type her notes and then told my wife; sorry, you are ineligible to visit the USA . handed her paper with information for rejected applicants. my wife was in awww and shock and left the building. there were about 130 applicants and 4 were rejected . My wife being one of them. The ones that that were rejected came alone, the others that were approved were either couples or families. I am a is citizen who works part time in the states, don’t i have a right to have my wife accompany me , and does she not have a right to meet her family in law in the states. if we wanted to , we could just apply for. Immigrant visa and be approved but we wouldn’t stay permanently. Neither of us want to live in the USA. i understand that the consulate automatically assumes all tourist visas have intentions of migrating.... but this is not the case with us. We will apply again next year even though we can apply before that. my father has Parkinson’s and my mom has dementia and both are 80 this June 2019. I want her to meet them as they are wanting to meet her. my question to the community of this website: what are we doing wrong? How do we show strong ties when she has already? We think she is showing strong ties. The questions on the application don’t really prove evidence either so how are they just assuming she doesn’t have ties? Unless of course they just automatically deny all married to foreigner applicants with no family going with them? Do they assume all marriages are fake just so they can become a us citizen? please advise us on what we should do. thank you for taking the time to read this. i am on halo bule on every social platform if you want to contact me.
  7. Dear VJ Mate, Actually my fiance sent our I134 along with our petition. I assume we will need to submit new I134. if that's the case, Is it okay to have I134 Dated right after NOA2 but before Packet 3 received? Or it has to be the after the Packet 3 received. Our NOA 2 dated March 26, 2019 and we are still waiting for NVC case number. Thank you
  8. Sorry, I looked for a I-134 section to put this in, but I couldn't find it. I am doing the K1 visa anyway so maybe this is ok, The I-129f got approved the other day, and I am currently trying to fill out the I-134 sponsor form to mail to Indonesia for her to bring to the interview. I do not think I make enough money to be the sole sponsor, so I am looking for a place to add a joint sponsor, but it's not making any sense to me. I read somewhere online today that maybe I can't do a joint sponsorship with a K1 visa depending on where I am sending it? I'm pretty confused right now. I could just fill out the I-134 form with my fathers information as my joint sponsor, and put his relationship to my fiancee as "father-in-law to be" or something like that, but I'm not sure. Please help 😐
  9. I am going to apologize now, before anyone reads this. Why? Because it will be long. I am going to describe everything that has happened over the last two years of futility. Maybe it will help someone avoid what me and the woman I love has had to endure. I've posted here in the past, but I've been a little secretive for reasons you will understand as you read. Finding someone in this world that loves you is an incredible thing, and one wouldn't think that it would be so excruciatingly difficult just to be together. But it can be just that. Maybe it's even impossible, and I use that word very begrudgingly because I hate giving up. I met this wonderful woman online, at Internationalcupid.com. We immediately hit it off and soon began talking via email. That soon became Skype, then WhatsApp, and recently to FaceTime. After getting to know one another for a few months, it became obvious that we needed to meet. I had no problem with the idea of flying to the opposite side of the Earth to meet this fascinating woman. Except.... and here's the reason for my secrecy... I am what most would call a "registered sex offender." So to get it all out in the open, just as I did with her, here's the deal. In 2003, I was convicted of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior. This was a non-person, no contact, no victim misdemeanor. The it was the result of an internet sting and so there never really was a "victim". Nevertheless, I was behaving in a way that I should not have done, and the result was the requirement to register. I have not re-offended or been arrested in those last 14 years, and my fiance is completely aware of every minute detail. With that being said, I flew to Indonesia not being sure that I would be allowed entry because of the International Megan's Law. This is a law that makes all offenders give notice when they intend to travel. The US Marshall's contact the destination country to alert them that the offender is on the way and advise them to send the traveler back home. It doesn't matter the reason, or how long ago, or what the conditions were. Some countries comply (most do), and some don't. When I left to go see this woman, it was all for "hope" that I would get to see her. As luck would have it, I was allowed to enter. Our suspicions were right and we got along fabulously. It was like I'd found the missing piece to my puzzle... who knew it was in Indonesia??? After a few days there, I came back home. It was 3 months before I decided to go back again. It was getting difficult not having her by my side. We would speak each morning, both her morning and mine, and usually on Skype in her mornings. We would spend hours talking, numerous emails and chats on WhatsApp. This time, I had decided I was going to ask her to marry me. I took a ring and proposed. Praise God, she accepted and we became engaged. I was so freaking nervous!!! Soon after my return, we began discussing the fiance visa, and here's where it gets even more difficult. She asked me if there was any reason that I would not be able to sponsor her, and to my knowledge there was none. I couldn't imagine what the reason would be. But, because she had asked, I told her I would check to see. What I found made my heart sink. Because of my sex offense, I was not allowed to petition (sponsor) anyone into the United States. Why, I wondered would this have anything to do with it? Turns out, the Adam Walsh Act of 2005 (which interestingly enough became law after my conviction) stated that in order to protect children, registrants would not be allowed to sponsor people from other countries. What the....???? In our case, there were no children involved and we were both in our 40's and 50's. Nevertheless, that was the law whether it made sense to either of us or not. The only way to sponsor her was to get a waiver that states that I had proven that I was of NO danger to her. It didn't say that I should prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but that I was of NO danger to her. Still, she stood by me and decided we would move forward. But remember how I said this gets more difficult? Complicated is probably more accurate. Well, I couldn't apply for her to be my fiance because of one thing... she was still married. Before you let your imagination run wild, here's the deal. Her husband left her and has been with another woman for 6 years now. She has been separated that long. After knowing her for 2 years now, speaking every day at all times of the day, being at her house, seeing her around the world, I can tell you for a fact that this is the case. Her estranged husband, however, doesn't want the divorce because it will tarnish his image in Indonesian society. (But living with his mistress does not.) She could push for the divorce, but she will then become the evil person and be judged by his family and her church for the divorce, even when it isn't her fault. To make things more complicated, she lives in the family house that he continues to pay for, since the kids still have friends in the neighborhood and his mistress doesn't want to live in the house where his wife lived. Essentially, because of the guilt, she gets free housing. If she were to push for the divorce "against his will", it is quite likely that she will lose the house. In addition, she works for the company that he owns. She would then also risk losing her income. Not a good situation. Complicated, right? So we have several things to address. I cannot sponsor her without getting a waiver for the fiance visa, but she cannot be my fiance until she is divorced. The only thing we have been able to come up with so far is to have her leave the country and then get the divorce. We tried to get a visitor visa twice and both times she was denied even when she was able to prove in every way that she had strong ties to her country. Her family is there, her job is there, she is very active in church, she owns a home there (in a different city).. heck, her HUSBAND is there. Still, they said she didn't have enough proof. Twice. Truth be told, all we really wanted at this point was for her to simply come and visit where I live and meet my family. She insisted that I have my father's approval before I marry her. I love that respect for tradition that she shows. In between the two times she applied, I contacted several attorneys to get their input. Some said keep trying, others said "give up." I contacted my legislator and he offered to write a "letter of support" for her. Some people said this was a good option, others said it was bad. I spoke to a co-worker from Nigeria who, after trying EIGHT TIMES to come to the US, contacted our legislator and they were able to help him bring his mother. Other people said it would only make the embassy angry. I decided to go ahead and have them send the letter and unfortunately, it seemed to either have no effect, or made them angry. They basically replied that they have already given it their full attention and would again do so if she were to apply again. At this point, at the advice of an attorney, we decided to have her become a student in the US. She took a TEFL course to improve her English and applied to several colleges and universities. She was accepted by each one for which she applied. Surprisingly, her "ex" was willing to be her financial sponsor because he felt like the course would make her more valuable as an employee. She wanted to take a 4yr course, not ESL, and was excited about the potential. After doing all of the paperwork and going to the embassy, here's how it basically went down: 1. Why are you attending college? Answer: To get an education to start my own business in Indonesia. (For the record, this was true.) 2. Where are you going to college? She gave the name of the college and city 3. Does your family support you leaving? Yes. (In fact, her son and daughter were very happy for her.) Then, they looked at the computer, read a little and then asked the following: 4. Do you have any family in the US? No. 5. Do you have any friends in the US? Yes, I have several across the US. 6. What about your friend in Oklahoma? Do you still talk to him? She said "Yes, we still talk." They then immediately responded, "You are being denied." She was devastated. After all of the work, after being accepted by 4 different universities, it all came down to who her friends were. As you can imagine, this was a very strong hit to our relationship. I mean, what's the point if there is no hope of being together? A few weeks went by and after talking with a few more attorneys, I was advised to have her be a student in a different country. She could then get the divorce and we could begin the fiance visa process. This, by the way, involves applying, being denied, and then applying for the waiver. We decided that Canada would be the place so she would at least be in North America, far away from Indonesia. She applied at another college, was accepted, and even had a family member sponsor in Canada sponsor her. Again, we went through all of the paperwork and forms together as much as possible. It was quite frustrating, but eventually we got it complete. She filed the paperwork and waited. Denied. Intending Immigrant. At least Canada stated what the reasons were for their ruling, so she gathered additional documentation even though she had given documentation to begin with to address their concerns. She re-submitted the application with more documentation and basically got the same response. It was as if they did not even read any of the documents that she sent. I later found that the US and Canada share immigration information, so I assume this was the reason. They basically denied her because the US denied her. This was even more difficult on our relationship and she didn't want to talk for several days. Then, we put together our new plan. If she cannot come here, and I cannot go there, then we will meet somewhere else. She was willing to leave everything she knew behind to be with me, so I must be willing to do the same. Words have to have meaning and action behind them, otherwise, they are simply sound. So, I am now working to meet her in another country. This, however, is not easy either. First I have to deal with the IML (International Megans Law) and find out which countries I can even enter. Then, I have to find out which countries will allow me to stay. Then, I have to find a job. This is a difficult process. I am applying for positions around the world at various places now, and I'm also looking at starting a business in one other country. Throughout this time I have written to embassies, Ambassadors, Presidents (both Obama and Trump) Governors, Senators, representatives, attorneys, tv and radio talk show hosts, human rights organizations, made USCIS connections on Linkedin, The United Nations, various churches and other organizations and immigration departments in other countries. Most often, I get no reply at all. Still, love knows no bounds and believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. She is really discouraged at this point. What is the use of loving, but loving in vain? We have seen each other several times over the past few years, usually somewhere in Asia, and we are hoping to see each other again next month. But we are both openly and honestly questioning the worth of being in love with someone we can rarely ever see? She is a vibrant, funny, tender and attractive woman... with a degree, no less. She has a right to be with the one she loves. Nevertheless, US law is punishing her for having done nothing wrong other than to fall in love. As for me, the same law continues to punish me even after I've paid my debt. In the end, all we want is to be together. I don't have any evil intention when I travel as I only travel to see this precious one that I love. She means everything to me. Still, after two years, we are really no closer than we were before. Our love is deeper and stronger, which is both good and bad. At this point, we are sad if we let go, and we are sad if we hold on. Now you've read the whole story. If you have any input that will help bring a solution, I would welcome your words. If you want to hate on me for being a registrant, go ahead. I'm used to that already. Nothing you can say would surpass the things I read on Twitter or the Yahoo comments section. Maybe there is something that I haven't tried, or haven't seen. If you have a positive suggestion, I'd willingly listen. If your suggestion is to quit, give up or walk away... you can save the energy and give your fingers a rest. After honestly discussing it, all we really want is to be together. My fortune cookie the other day said this: "A man only fails when he fails to keep trying." Word! Thanks for reading.
  10. my fiance is in the process of preparing my petition to apply the K1 fiance visa. However, we are stressed out by the fact that his income is below poverty line. These are the question I'd like to ask : 1. Willthe embassy asked for the Affidavit of Support during the interview? Because in the USCIS website it is said that the Affidavit of Support only needed for the adjustment of status when I apply PR. 2. Like I mentioned earlier, his income is below poverty line, could we use co-sponsor for this? once again, we are confused that some website said K1 Visa only accept single sponsorship. if we can, what the form he should fill out for the co-sponsor?
  11. Hello all, We will be expecting our NOA2 in Septemberish and was just looking over some medical stuff. I saw that we need to get a "sepum test" for the consulate in Jakarta. Is this true? If so, I also heard that it will take 3 months to get the results, once again, true? Lastly, if both of these are true, should we get the test now to expedite the process? Thanks so much!
  12. We're on K-1 visa process now and we expect to get the POE realistically around September. I'm the beneficiary from Indonesia and want to transfer my savings in local currency to my fiance's bank account in the US. Our plan is once I get the proof of residency, I want to open my own account and he would open a joint account and add me to it. How to make a transfer without expensive fee and how was/is your arrangement for your finance when you were/are moving? I'm interested if you're from Indonesia so I have something to relate to. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, My fiance went for the medical exam in Jakarta on 26-Nov at the designated hospital. They said they will require a sputum test, which takes 8-10 weeks. After 10 weeks, we contacted the hospital, and they said it's not ready yet, and that "the 10 weeks does not include weekends and holidays". After 3 months (23-Feb), we contacted them again, and they said it is not ready yet, and that they sent the culture sample to a local university for medical students' experience. We feel like our lives are at the mercy of the hospital staff... Has anyone else had this type of delay from the Jakarta hospital, or others? And any concern that our I-129f approval will expire while we wait?
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