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Found 7 results

  1. Merely playing devil's advocate here - I've heard that even though it is unlawful for immigrants to work without an EAD/green card, USCIS tends to 'overlook' it (and other offences such as previously overstaying a visa) if you're an immediate relative of a US citizen, such as a spouse. If this is the case, and there will be no action taken to you during the green card process for working without yet having EAD, why bother to follow the rules and wait for your employment document? I'm in no way advocating unauthorised employment, and would never do it myself, just trying to get my head around what deterrents there are for illegal work when A) EAD takes like 5-6 months right now in 2018 and B) most immigrants have hungry mouths to feed.....??
  2. Hi there ! i would like to know where I can find a statement where it explains a minor brought to the US does not face a ban if the minor leaves the US within 3 months after their 18th birthday
  3. Hi All, OK! So little old me was dating a us citizen, i visited in Sept '17 and we hit it off, we instantly clicked but we knew we would have to take things slow because we would only see each other every three to four months. I returned to the UK in Oct '17 with the intention of returning in Dec'17. We carried on dating and we couldn't wait to reunite. In december my grandfather died, crushing me and leaving me wanting to reunite with my boyfriend faster. I returned to the USA and spent xmas and new year with my boyfriend and his family, whilst here i was notified of the funeral date, i decided to stay here with my boyfriend for the remainder of my esta as i was struggling to come to terms with everything. I resigned from my job in the uk as my dad told me he would hire me upon reinstating his company within the next month or so and the job i had would of had to let me go as i no longer was allowed time off work. Three days before i was due to leave (Esta Expiry Date was in three days) my boyfriend took me for a hike in the forest as one of our last few times we could spend together.. he proposed saying since ive been here he couldn't live without me, it would kill him to see me go home again. I said yes. We married two days later, in a little but cute chapel. We had every intention to try even though impossible to file everything within the next week, haha! We were so shocked how much you have to do, but my esta ran out within two days of our wedding and now im here overstaying. i've overstayed nearly two months as ive been waiting for my medical records from the UK. Am i right in thinking because i came here under intentions of returning home & because the marriage was bona fide & spur of the moment i am able to file for AOS? What is the chance of it being denied & being deported? Any and all help is welcomed. Thanks, Roll Tide!
  4. Hello Visa Journey community I am seeking some much needed advice please. Firstly here is the background timeline to my issue. Entered from the Republic of Ireland on a H2B sponsored visa. I entered the US on a H2B visa in October 2016 for work. It was initially valid until May 2017. During the above time period i met a girl, a US Citizen, fell in love and proposed to get married so we could start a life together. Before my visa expired I was granted a visa extension by a new employer and moved state to continue working.My extension ran until October 2017. During this time myself and my fiance had set a wedding date for April 2018. We know of the adjustment of status i need to file alongside the EAD work permit so i can stay here and work after we get married. Before it expired i was granted another visa extension and continued working in the US . This was valid from October 2017 until June 2018 As of today January 12th my employer discharged me from my current job and effectively terminated my H2B visa. Meaning i am currently out of status. As my employer is my sponsor they are obligated to buy me a flight home to Ireland. I am scheduled to leave in 3 days. There is a bigger issue at play here also due to being discharged from my job because my H2B rights have been violated and when i inquired about certain contract agreements i was just let go, one day before the 90 day probation ended but thats for another thread. My employer owes all the current H2B workers money for unpaid hours which were supposed to be paid to us today. Obviously i do not want to take the flight and just leave my fiance. I want to stay here and continue our lives together. I arrived with the aid of a agency who initially got me the job and they have advised me to leave the country on the flight and come back on a holiday visa and get married. They have assured me this is ok and i will be fine to get married on the tourist visa but i am sure it is illegal to travel here with the intent of getting married. My Agency want me to write to my employer and inform them if i will get on the flight or not before the proceed and book it. I dont believe this will provide any advantage to me unless i get on the flight. Should they just not book the ticket anyways and leave it up to me to board the plane or not. I feel they are trying there best to rush me out of the country because they have broken so many laws. I know i cannot work now until i am back in status and it is going to be very difficult to remain in the US with no work or income but here are my questions. Should we just get married immediately and then file for the correct forms to apply for the green card and EAD permit? Is it ok to get married out of status? Should i write my employer informing them of my decision ? They owe money and i feel if i tell them i am not leaving they will withhold it longer. Will it matter in the long run that i refused to leave the country? If i do stay and get married and file the paperwork how much will being out of status and out of work matter ? Thank You all in advance
  5. I am going to ask a few questions to verify for someone else that I am in a relationship with. I am currently in a relationship with a female from El Salvador. She moved here when she was 16 with her mother under the TPS. She has talked to a lawyer, but I am worried that they only want her money. She graduated high school in the US, has a daughter who is 3 and was born in the US., she pays taxes and has never got into trouble. I am a US born citizen, served in the military, and have a clean record myself. The lawyer stated that all she needs to do is get married to a US citizen and go back to her country for 2 weeks to a month to complete paperwork and will send her back to the US. Is this legit? Please help
  6. Hi everyone. my boyfriend and I have been dating for more than 14 years we have a daugter together, but havent get married. Im currently filling everything for K-1 permit my daughter already has her US certificate of citizenship. we didnt buy her the actual passport back when we got the certificate but she is oficially a US citizen. my question is on the I-129f, ask about having kids Im not sure if im doing it right. does she need anything else? I dont have to fill an form 3 for her right? we are filling K-1 form after so many years, Im not sure how this is going to go, hopefully it goes well. our daughter is 6 years old now, but since I dont have a visa or a permit we are still in Mexico. Everything I read or see about K-1 visas are couples from overseas, Im mexican, we see each other every weekend we live border to border, is it a bad decisionn to get k-1 insted of getting ask as spouse? everyone tells me we should firts get married, but we want to do everything in the US I dont mind waiting and not being able to cross back to mexico that way my daughter can get roled on school while we wait. We think it would be better, but right know im having doubts. my father is a US citizen too, but he made very bad decisions, I lived for 5 years in San Diego CA illegally, I was 16 at that time I went to all 3 years of high school, my dad files until i was like 17 or something I turned 18, by 20 we got the interview meeting in Ciudad Juarez (we left the US on our own, never had any trouble with police or migration officers), and later we got the letter denieding my migration. all I can remember it said something about not having a good reASON FOR ME TO GET IT. LIKE IT WAS NO NEED OR SOMETHING. and he just stoped, no money no more of that. I tried to get my tourist visa on my own after that, since I was all ready working and getting stablish againg in Mexico, but it was denied the consul said you cant applied for anything until 2015. and now here I am trying again very scared. but with lots of hope, Im not sure if this is the right method. I hope it goes trough.
  7. Please administrators or members, report this profile. It has lots of illegal postings here. Couldn't find a report button on the profile from a cell phone http://www.visajourney.com/forums/profile/272884-worldprinters/content/