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  1. My fiance and I are no longer together. She and I have decided to go our separate ways, for better or worse. When I initially filed the I-129F, I also sent an I-864 with all the supporting documentation well over a year and a half ago. No reason for sending it that early. I guess I thought I had to from reading something somewhere. I never received any kind of NOA on the I-864. We never got married - never even began to fill out the I-485 AOS documentation. My question is, can the I-864 I submitted be held over my head now? I have written a letter to withdraw it but haven't sent the letter yet. If she cannot adjust status without me, the I-864 never really comes into play does it? Just wanted to make some sense of it. Chalk this one up as another example of K1 crash and burn. Thank you for your attention and advice. Have a nice day.
  2. So I am preparing to do the I-864 for my parents and I have to upload it online. Both of my parents are principal immigrants. I filed an I-130 separately but at the same time. Do I have to upload TWO separate affidavit of support? Or do I just do one? I am planning to just combine it all into 1 pdf file if I have to do two I-864. Let me know so i can get everything ready. I am stuck on this part and I want to get it all done by weekend. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone! Very new to the community but excited to be here.. So, a little background.. My fiancee & I have applied for the K-1 Visa in June 2018. In December, we received the first approval and then she completed her medical in March, moved here in May from Sweden. I'm above the Poverty Guidelines by the USCIS / DHS. We will be getting married next week, nothing crazy, just a standard Justice of the Peace Ceremony. We are so excited to have our lives together and plan to have the AOS submitted in the next few weeks or so. From my understanding, PA takes about 10 days after getting married. Any way.. Here's our dilemma, I have the opportunity for change employment. That is actually going to have me making double or even close to triple to what my current income is now. So, there is an offer on the table that is extremely tempting (Obviously). I would be leaving one well-known established company for another well known & established corporation. There is no worry of the company falling apart at anytime. My only concern is that when the employment is all said & done with changing jobs it may negatively affect the Adjustment of Status. Interesting how life throws you a curve ball. I know changing jobs would probably mean more paperwork, which I do not mind. We have conquered the Mountain so far. Summary: I have a new job offer, everything will not be said & done until after I submit the AOS because of the timing. Can changing jobs affect me? Can changing jobs so close to submitting the AOS negatively affect me? Is there anyone out there that can relate or help me? Please and thank you for your help!😄
  4. Hi again! Sorry for 2 questions in one day, but I didn't see this question in here yet. My only candidate for a joint sponsor is retired, but with a full pension, and I believe it's well above the poverty guidelines. They are also able-bodied and of sound mind, if that helps. Is this an eligible joint sponsor? Or do they need to be actively employed or below a "certain age"? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm a U.S. Citizen that has lived with my wife in the Philippines (mainly Cebu) for over a year. We got married 3/20/19, but the family member I thought was going to be my joint sponsor for the i-864 decided not to go forward with it, due to the financial liability aspect of it. Is it possible to have a joint sponsor, and then remove them from the affidavit of support once I can properly support my wife and re-establish domicile when we get back there? Many thanks!
  6. Hi, I am adjusting status from student visa to green card through marriage. My husband is my sponsor but his income falls below the poverty guidelines by $400 so we are using assets (bank checking accounts). We have 2 joint checking accounts so my question is: since it's a JOINT account with both our names on it, should we put it on I-864 as MY assets or HIS? Also, under Current Annual Income, for his expected income for this year, should he put his taxable income or both the taxable and non taxable ? He is self-employed and on 1099. We are also using a letter from his "employer", since he is self employed and on 1099 what should be the wording on the employer letter? Thank you so very much for your help!
  7. Hi, I’m the petitioner’s beneficiary, and I’m really confused with the affidavit of support forms. Here’s our situation: The petitioner (my husband), recently moved back in the US (he used to live here in the PH & is a dual citizen). He has never been employed, thus haven’t been filing taxes. He moved in with his father in the US. We’re planning to have his father as our co-sponsor/joint sponsor. Now here is where we got confused, should we go thru the Household member route or the Joint sponsor route? Also the following items must be noted: - his father has been filing joint tax returns with his mom, but his mom is not a USC and is not working in the states - his father has 10 in his household size based on his ITR last 2015 (but I double checked his income, and it can still accommodate me given the poverty guidelines of 2019 - my husband is listed as his dependent in his tax returns Option 1: Household combining their incomes: my husband, the USC petitioner and the principal sponsor shall submit an i-864 indicating $0.00 income, and providing a letter explaining non filing of taxes. His father will submit an i-864A, and must submit his IRS tax transcript including his W2s, and employment verification( question: what other docs does he need to submit that are income related?). And to support this route, he must submit proof showing that he and my husband lives in the same residence (IDs, and bills addressed to him), and show their relationship (birth certificate!! What other docs do we need to submit to prove this?). — Question for this, do we need to add my mother in law’s i-864A since they(my father in law and her) file their taxes together? Will it be valid even if she’s not a us citizen, and technically she doesn’t live with them? (She’ll be retiring soon as a flight attendant, and she’s based in HK) — i’m also a bit iffy with this route as I feel like it’s cheating since we won’t be declaring the household size of the household member (it is indicated in the itr, but not being asked for in the i-864A), and my husband has $0.00 income, so we’ll be relying solely on his father’s income for this AOS. Option 2: Joint sponsor route wherein my husband will submit i-864 as principal sponsor, and my father in law will submit i-864 as the joint sponsor. This means I will be added to his household size of 10– (upon checking it is still allowed for his income). For this one, do we need to submit i-864A for his mom, and for the other dependents listed in his tax returns (as far as I know non of them are working, and the other one has moved out from his house recently)? Same conditions as above, his mom is not a USC and does not live with them. Please help us out, we really don’t know which forms to prepare. Should I prepare both? Just in case, we filed via DCF in manila so we’ll be bringing these docs for the interview.
  8. Hi, All! Prepping for my i864 and wanted to know: How are business losses handled? Hypothetical: If total wages from regular employment were around $44k, but business losses of $25k were claimed, will they consider the $44k as the income and NOT deduct the business loss, or will they deduct the business loss when calculating the income? Thanks, all!
  9. We recently received our AOS interview notice in the mail, so we have recently began getting everything together for our interview, which will occur in a little under a month. While getting everything together, we have found ourselves uncertain on a few of the items that are requested. The biggest source of confusion, that I have yet to find a concise answer to looking through the VJ forums, is whether we should have another medical examination done for my wife (I-693) prior to the interview? My wife was a K-1 holder, prior to marrying me and applying for AOS a little over a year ago. When we submitted the AOS package, we included a copy of her DS-3025 from the medical interview she had overseas, which had the "US vaccination requirements complete (requesting blanket waiver)" boxed checked. We did not submit an I-693 at the time we submitted the AOS package, because we were under the impression that if you filed for AOS within 1 year of having your overseas medical complete with all US vaccination requirements as a K-1 holder, it was not necessary to file an I-693. I have never seen any documentation from USCIS stating that you still have to provide an I-693 at a later time online (if you file AOS under this status) or received an RFE related to that matter up to this point. Some people are claiming that the overseas medical is only valid for a year, but I have yet to find anything pointing to that being true. Ultimately, we are trying to understand whether individuals that were previously K-1 holders adjusting status need to bring an I-693 to the interview or if the original DS-3025 from the overseas medical will be adequate for the IO? Fortunately, we still have a little time, so I can call to get an I-693 exam scheduled tomorrow if it really is necessary to avoid any RFE delays post-interview. Here are all of her important date's: Overseas Medical Exam: 10/27/2017 Enter on K-1 (Pass Documents at POE): 01/12/2018 I-485 Receipt Notice: 04/03/2018 (DS-3025 submitted with package) I-485 Interview Notice: 04/10/2019 I-485 Interview Date: 05/15/2019 The second question we have is related to whether USCIS would want a new affidavit of support, despite us having submitted one with the original I-485 package. Interview notice says "unless previously submitted," but I'm worried if the IO will feel that a new affidavit of support is needed to reflect the 2018 tax year and the increase in my annual income. I am still working in the same job, but have received a raise between when I filed the affidavit of support and when we will be going to the interview. We have filed our taxes for the last year (wife has not started working since entering the U.S.), so it is only me providing for our household, but it is still new information that could be included in the affidavit of support potentially. I am considering either redoing the affidavit of support, or just bringing a new employer letter reflecting my new salary and status as well as about 8 pay stubs. We were planning on bringing our tax return from last year anyway, since we filed jointly, as evidence of our relationship as well. If I go with the 2nd option, I'd of course still bringing a copy of the original affidavit of support I submitted, but I wanted to see if the community may have some insight on whether it's worth updating the affidavit of support prior to the interview as well. Thanks for the insight. I don't where we'd be without the community at VJ.
  10. Herro all. So, is there a limit on how many someone can sponsor? For example, a USC joint sponsor recently married someone in foreign country. Has recently/will soon file for that spouse. But also says they can sponsor a secondary person(no relation) soon afterwards. Is there a time limit in between filings or a limit on how many people one person can sponsor??
  11. Who knows which form I864 my son American citizen should fill for parents (me and my husband)? I864, I864EZ or others? And he must fill one separately for each parent (immigrating together) or it is enough only one for both? Thank You
  12. I recently received my request for AOS initial interview with a list of items I need to bring with me. The affidavit of support form i-864 is listed unless already submitted which I did when I applied for AOS back in October 2017 so I assumed I didn't have to bring it to the interview as I sent out my i-485 and a completed i-864 with all the evidence required (federal income tax returns, W-2's, letters from employers, evidence of sponsor's US citizenship, etc). However, I called USCIS and got two different suggestions, one was that I should bring another updated i-864 form with all required evidence all over again and then later another agent said that since I already submitted it when I first applied, I only needed to bring a copy with me. I just want to make sure whether I have complete this form again or not as I don't have that much time to put all that paperwork together. I just want to know what's best for my case and as usual, I received mixed answers from USCIS customer service.
  13. Hey all, Just uploaded the sponsors I864 and other documents onto CEAC (didn't press submit yet) We added the joint sponsor, and got a msg that it has been approved. But we can't click anything on the joint sponsor yet. We are trying to add the HH member but it doesn't give the name of the Joint Sponsor in the relationship drop down Tried to fill the DS 260 and got stuck at the addresses page - adding 11 of them. But when I try to press save or next it gives an error. Anyone facing the same issues or is it the weekend effect? :) Cheers Mo
  14. Hi All, Hows it going? I am currently uploading the Joint Sponsor and Household Member Documents on CEAC. Have uploaded their birth certificates for proof of citizenship and their address in the I864 and i864A is their US address. It's asking for Proof of Domicile for them as well. Do I need to upload their driving license or some other document as proof of Domicile or select Not Available? Thanks eMMo
  15. Hi All, I know the instructions state N/A but has anyone in the recent past typed NA in the spaces not relevant and got a case complete? We live abroad, and are about to submit the i864. We got the signature's from our joint sponsor and HH member, in December, on 3 different copies of the i864 and i864a, but we had typed down NA instead of N/A, leaving the date date below the signature empty to fill when we got our case number. Any update from anyone who have done it recently and been accepted? Thanks eMMO
  16. Hello, Well I had a feeling this would happen. They did not accept all the money I have received as a veteran so I am having to get a co-sponsor. I received an RFE asking for my latest tax return. I filed the petition in January and submitted my 2017 tax return, my 2016 and 2015 returns as well as an employer letter and pay stubs. So my guess is they want my 2018 return. Thank God I have filed it already. Here is the problem: I have a co-sponsor who made 54,000 dollars last year. He supports my sister, and their child. He has 2 sons from a previous marriage and they do not live with him he gets them on weekends every two weeks, and he did not include them as dependents because his ex wife has for 2018. He has included my sister, my niece and his brother's teenage daughter who lives with them. My father lives with them and he supports himself. He has one other individual who also lives their and supports himself. So based on this information his household size would include my sister, my niece, his niece, and my husband. Does he also include himself in the household size? That is not made clear on the instructions from what I read. Also, he has his 2018 tax return, his 2017 tax return but NOT his 2016. He cannot find his 2016 return and does not remember where he filed it. He will be able to answer how much he made in 2016 because he has easy access to his W2's and he had no other income other than his job. He has a letter from his employer and 6 months worth of pay stubs. Based on this information I have provided is it absolutely necessary to send the previous year's return? If we cannot locate the 2016 return is it even worth it to send the 2017 return? He cannot access his TAX TRANSCRIPTS due to an issue with IRS.gov requiring a CREDIT card to verify identity. So we are sending returns and that is also what the RFE states it wants specifically is returns not transcripts. Also he recently paid off his home and has 15 acres of land. Any clue how to prove that in assets? Last question unrelated to the RFE, How does one find out what service center the EAD went to? we filed in January and he got biometrics on February the 10th. No other updates have been provided. P.S I know I need to update my timeline I've been busy I'll get to it Thank you for your help! -Meggan and Joseph
  17. Hi All, Hope things are going well. We are in the process of starting the NVC process having received the case number last week. For the I864a - the HH member's Passport expires March 2019 (they cant find their BC). They are of course going to renew it as soon as possible, but IF we had to upload their current passport copy - would that be ok or a strict no no? Thanks and all the best to everyone eMMo
  18. Hello All. Anyone here applied for Ir1/CR1 from Myanmar (Burma). If not - would someone else have an answer for the below - The embassy website for Myanmar asks for W2s/1040 with the i864, for the petitioner and I am assuming any joint sponsor. It does NOT mention - that IRS tax transcripts are preferred or acceptable too. So should we just provide only what is requested or add the transcripts nevertheless? In addition they also ask for - Bank Balance - would that be for both petitioner and joint sponsor? Thanks all, have a good Sunday. eMMo
  19. Hi, sorry I'm sure there are threads already asking this question but I was unable to find any pertaining to Morocco specifically. Is anyone with a spouse from Morocco able to tell me if they were able to submit all documents online during the NVC stage, even the I-864? Did you have to mail anything to NVC? I can't seem to find a clear answer on this. I'm still waiting for a case number so I can start paying the fees. Thank you.
  20. Hi, My mother in law is bringing her son into the USA via i130. She is now in the process of filling out the i864 with a joint sponsor. The question is, can the 2017 taxes be used since the 2018 taxes haven't been done be either.
  21. IR2 Child under 18 and will become a citizenship once in the US since mother is naturalized. The question is, on the the first page of i864W, question #10 states "U.S. Social Security Number (Required)" Child does not have a US SSN and I cannot put N/A since it says required, what do I do? This is the most up to date form on the USCIS website. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864w
  22. Hi All, I(US Citizen) have recently got I130 (NOV 2018) approved for my spouse(india).. fast forward to the step of filling out AOS I 864 under IR 1 category. I was a full time student for past couple while worked part time...same goes for my intended joint sponsor My Income for last three years and est. for this year as listed (Have all the pay stubs and tax returns and bank statements to support this) Household size: 2 2015: $3300 2016: $19300 2017: $23100 (this exceeds 125% poverty level number but the previous year numbers do not) current: $34000 savings account balance : around 40k I do have joint sponsor if needed..JOINT sponsor (US Citizen) income details as listed Household size: 2 (including the sponsored person) 2015: $17400 2016: $20700 2017: $56000 Current: $65000 savings account balance : around 50K we are trying to determine if I could qualify without having joint sponsor or not.. if i do need joint sponsor..does the joint sponsor satisfies the requirement by the provided numbers? It comes down to the question that we didn't make enough in previous years when we are full time students but we make enough now to satisfy the 125% poverty line limits.. Thanks!
  23. Hi all, I submitted my packet to USCIS Guangzhou on September 14th for Direct Consular Filing. We have not heard anything back yet (they said wait 60 days before contacting them), but I fully expect to get a request for the I-864 Affidavit of Support. I'm trying to get a jump on it so it's ready to go when we get the request. My income here in China is above the poverty line for a household of 2 (it's a pretty low bar to clear, tbh). Despite that fact, I would like to have my mom joint sponsor because I am working in China, which means that to move to the US I'd have to look for work and will be unemployed for a little while. I'm having trouble finding guides and help for how to fill this in with a joint sponsor, so here are my main questions: 1. My mom and I both need to submit an I-864, right? I would would be the principal sponsor and she would be the joint sponsor. 2. Do I need to combine mine and my mother's income on the form, or keep them separate? 3. Do I need to count my mom as part of my household if she is a joint sponsor? 4. Does my wife need to fill in her assets on both forms? 5. Are there any forms that need to be filled in with the I-864? Thanks!
  24. I know that we must submit at least a copy of last years tax returns but the 2 previous years are optional. I understand that we need to input our income from the last 3 years in 24.a, b., and c. even if we are not submitting all three years of tax returns. What I do not understand though is if it is REQUIRED to submit the W2's from all three years that we have reported in 24.a, b, and c.? I am submitting the W2's from the most previous year but do I have to submit W2's for all three years? If yes, can some one show me the proof in the I-864 instructions as to where it says all three are required?
  25. Question for the I864 For those of you who sent an IRS Transcript in lieu of a photocopy of the actual Income Tax Return, did you send a photocopy of the transcript or an actual transcript? The instructions are a little confusing in that it says you must send either an IRS Transcript or a photocopy of the Income Tax Return. It doesn't say that a photocopy of the IRS Transcript is acceptable but it also doesnt say it must be an original either....it goes on to say... "You are not required to have the IRS certify the transcript or photocopy unless specifically instructed to do so by a Government official; a plain transcript or photocopy is acceptable."...and by photocopy it seems it is referring to the Income Tax Return photocopy.  Still doesn't say if a photocopy of the Transcript is fine for the application and save the original for the interview...kind of worried because I'll have to request a third one this year if I submit this original.... I know they say always submit a photocopy rather than an original BUT you would think they would have stated an IRS Transcript and included the word "photocopy" like when they did so when stating "photocopy of Income Tax Return". Advice?
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