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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! Husband got his I-797 Approval Notice for I-485 application to register perm residence or adjust status. Can he use this for international travel? Or must he wait for AP or GC to travel? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi everyone please help me out with my issue, I was approved for permanent residence card and the card is undelivered since September 12 2017. I know it is a lot of text but I would highly appreciate if you would have time to follow the timeline below. Any recommendations would help, it is a really painful process. - 03/17/2017 I applied for i-485 adjustment of status (marriage based) at Chicago location. - 08/17/2017 Approved for Permanent Green Card at Chicago Location (right after the interview). RECEIVED APPROVAL LETTER I-797 SHORTLY - 08/22/2017 "We mailed your new card to the address you gave us." - HERE THE SITUATION GETS WRONG - The lawyer that was filling out our application moved to another address and he informed the USCIS about it but it seems like it was too late and USCIS sent the Green Card to his old address where it went undeliverable. - 08/29/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." - 08/31/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was completed." NEVER RECEIEVED ANY WRITTEN RESPONSE - 09/12/2017 "the Post Office returned your new card for Receipt Number MSCxxxxxx, to us as undeliverable." that is on the main screen right now - 09/13/2017 FIRST INFOPASS appointment - the person at the counter told me that I should reapply for the green card and pay the fee one more time - she was pretty rude and did not even opened my case - she just told me that she would change the lawyer right away if she would be in my shoes. - 10/02/2017 "your request to change your address, referral number CAxxxxxxMSC, was assigned to an officer for response." - 10/05/2017 "your request to change your address, referral number CAxxxxxxMSC, was completed." - 10/19/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." SECOND SERVICE REQUEST - DID NOT RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE. - 11/14/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number T1DxxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." THIRD SERVICE REQUEST - 11/17/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number T1DxxxxxxxCHI, was completed. - THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE ON USCIS WEBSITE RIGHT NOW. They sent a letter, quoting "YOUR CARD WILL BE SENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" and nothing more! At this stage my lawyer tells me that there are too many service requests and that's why the process is messed up, so he told me that we should not get any more service requests for the next 60 days. -12/28/2017 SECOND INFOPASS appointment where the representative had the opportunity to call the benefits center and they told him that they will send the card soon - Luckily he put a stamp in my passport which expires in 3 months that states that I am approved for Permanent Card and I am waiting to get it resent from benefits center. Status at this moment: The lawyer is not contacting me with any updates, 60 days passed since the last response from USCIS and I really don't know what to do next. I read some threads and people are usually contacting the Congressman in this kind of situation or others fill in a Ombudsman request on USCIS, I am really worried about contacting USCIS one more time because I assume that it can slow down the process of sending the card back. Please help me out, I really don't know what to do and living with this situation it really affects my day to day life. In case you need any additional information please let me know. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION - ANY IDEAS OR RECOMMENDATIONS HELPS! P.S. YES, I have my name on my mailbox.
  3. Our K1 visa was approved in December; my fiancé (now husband) moved here in March and we are now married. We are almost done with his adjustment of status application - we have an I797c (receipt notice from last year when I 29F was received), but not the I797 for the visa. We both believe he handed it over with the other paperwork at LAX Border/customs and was not given it back. 1. Has anyone experienced this? Were you able to get it back from the airport? Do they just trash it? 2. I understand the process to apply for a copy; is there any way to get around the huge fee? 3. Should we submit the adjustment of status anyway with an explanation of the above? Thanks for any and all help here!
  4. I received my NOA 2 yesterday and I have some questions about the NOA expiration date. My NOA 2 will expire on January 4th, 2019; however, due to some work related situations I am required to enter the US for a couple of days in January so I cannot have the K1 visa in January as I need to come back to Canada after my work trip. So I cannot send in my packet 3 info to the consulate too soon. I could choose to fill out my DS-160 and send all the required packet 3 info to the consulate in late December but then my DS-160 will not be correct as it askes the last US entry date. I am thinking of filling out my DS-160 when I come back from the work trip in January but then my NOA 2 will expire by then. Does anyone know how to extend the NOA2 or has experiences of doing that? Thank you so much
  5. Hey guys !! So my conditional green card expired and I just got an I 797 notice of action form to extend it for a year. My lawyer told me that I can travel internationally with that document. I'm planning to go to Tunis for the summer through Air France. Do you think the Tunisian authority/ the airline will let me back to the U.S having that document? What if they don't know what an I797 extension is? Did anyone experience this situation recently? Thank you for your help.
  6. Hi All, I received notification from my lawyer that my I-129 petition was approved for my O1 visa application. The lawyer thinks I require the original I-797 notice to attend the interview, however the London embassy website notes I only need the petition receipt number and a copy of the I-797 notice for the interview. Does anyone have any experience with the London embassy who can advise it the receipt number + scanned copy will be sufficient documentation for the interview? Thanks
  7. Hello, I’m in need of some help and thank you in advance. This whole process has been stressful and I can’t wait for the resolution. I recently got a rejection letter (i797c) on my i140 application. The checks were written out to USCIS not Homeland Security so they sent the whole package back. Stating that the payments were missing or incorrect. Please resubmit. My DOL perm cert expired on Sept 15, 2018. My rejection letter states that the USCIS received my application on Sept 9th. Am I still okay or is USCIS going to count the application as received once the proper checks are submitted? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everyone. I would like to ask if anyone encountered a similar situation and ask a couple questions. I applied for removal of conditions in JUN 2017 and at that time I received my first I 797 in about 2 weeks and I had biometrics done in about 4 weeks. Like 2 weeks ago I went to a local USCIS field office to get a I551 stamp in my passport because I may have to travel overseas for vacation. My GC was retained at that occasion (standard procedure according to the USCIS officer). The I551 stamp that the officer put there mentions being valid for a year or so. Now, a year after the application and pretty much three weeks after visiting the field office, I am pretty much surprised to see in the mail a second form I 797 which says that "Your conditional status has been extended for 18 months from the expiration date on your form I-551, Permanent Resident Card". It also says that "This notice, presented with your expired Permanent Residency Card, is proof of your status"... but I obviously don't have a physical card anymore because the physical green card was retained by the USCIS officer when I went there for the I-551 stamp. I know that legally the I-551 stamp is pretty much a Green Card, however I imagine my headache trying to explain this to an airline employee for instance, because the I-797 notice says "Your expired Permanent Resident Card", not "Your valid I-551 stamp". So now thanks to USCIS lack of clarity I am afraid to travel overseas. I do have two questions regarding this messy situation. 1. What does the second I 797 means exactly? I did check the receipt number from this I797 online and apparently it says that "Case Was Received At My Local Office; On April, 2018 (remember that I applied a year ago), we received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence", this means that my case is no longer in Vermont (where it was supposed to be in the first place)? Additionally, the receipt number I was checking before (the one from the biometrics notice) still says the information from last year "Case Was Received On June, 2017, we received your Form CRI-89, Petition to Remove Conditions of Permanent Resident Status Received". Which number should I be checking regularly, the one from the biometrics notice from one year ago or the one from this new I797? I am very confused at this point. 2. Second question is: Has anyone traveled overseas with the I-551 stamp and no physical green card whatsoever (because it was retained when obtaining the I551)? If so, did you have any trouble with the airline staff? I heard reports of people being denied boarding and things like that. I don't want my vacation to become a headache. Thank you all guys.
  9. Its really hard to get an infopass appointment in my area, is it okay to go to a different USCIS office? Also my current passport is expired and I will get a new one, but They will take my passport with my fiancee visa on it. will they look for this on infopass to stamp? or will my expired conditional green card be okay to show for proof?
  10. HI All, I received an approved i-797 from USCIS for a Visa extension last year. Somehow during house move the form got lost and I applied an i-824 form to get a duplicate copy of the approval notice. After waiting for almost 2 months, I just check on USCIS site and it says my application got Denied. The money was deducted from the account however. How can that be ? If they approved i-797, how would my application to just a duplicate copy of the same paper be denied ? What are my options now ?
  11. Timeline here first: 1/26 - i-485, i-131, i-130 & i765 application has been submitted altogether. 2/8 - Got an Email from USCIS with I-130 & I-131 that case has been received and currently in progress. I-797 for both has been received. I-485 said Fingerprints fee was received, still I-797 is not received Also the same day, I checked $535 for I-130 has been deposited but for I-485 was returned due to the insufficient fee. We deposit enough money right away and... 2/12- Checked the i-485 ($1,225) has been redeposited Here's where it's getting complicated. 2/14 - received mail with Green letter, rejection I-797 notice on I-765 that 1. my payment amount is not correct and 2. application was filed on an outdated version of the form. Turned out I didn't notice the left bottom also has the expiration date.. People on the forum said I should send the copy of I-797 of I-485 as the evidence of payment and send it again, at this moment, i-485 I-797 has not been received so I thought it will arrived soon. Turned out I was wrong.. 2/23 - After another week of waiting, still no I-797 for I-485, so we decided to send with bank statement shows the check has been deposited, I-485 Case receipt number email screenshot page and screenshot of status (fingerprints fee has been received) page and I797 of I-131 & I-130. 2/26 - Re-submitted I765 has been delivered to USCIS mailbox 2/28 - We moved and updated the address, request forwarding service to USPS and everything. 3/1 - My husband quit his job for personal reason and currently looking for another job. 3/2 - I checked the receipt number of I-485 again and status has been changed to "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" Called right away to USCIS about this and they said I just have to wait until I see what document I missed. This has been a great stressful for me (I assume it applies to everyone..) since the day I got the rejection notice for I-765, as EAD card was the document I wanted to get the fastest. My question is 1. Re-sent I-765, would USCIS acknowledge the payment I made for initial I-485 and accept it? I think I put enough evidences and I-797 of I-130 and I-131 is enough. plus I put all supporting documents again, including passport pics and everything. Would "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" for my I-485 status affect my resubmitted I-765 payment? 2. I cannot possibly think what document have I been missing.. I can only guess but here's my possible mistake I'm assuming.. [1. Husband employment letter - the letter was sent when the company decided they will hire him. He said this should be fine because the paystub proved that he's still working there. 2. My birth certificates... I translated myself and brought the translator's statement letter and bank notarized it.. I don't think this caused the problem but seems like a lot of people got this notice due to this issue.. so I'm only guessing. 3. My husband's financial form.. SO, if it turned out it was one of my husband's financial statement,, as I stated above, my husband quit his job as of yesterday. So There's no documents his company can provide. I'm so worried about this and what we've submitted goes to nothing.. ] 3. I went through a lot of other forums and read other people's case like mine, but it seems like they at least reach to the stage where they scheduled the fingerprint.. or have done with their fingerprint. I don't know why they didn't try to contact us to schedule fingerprint before.. It would have been relieved for me at least.. Do anybody have other document you've missed submitting other than those 3 I listed? I'm really frustrated and almost about to go faint every time something comes up like this.. it already has been great stressful for me that I couldn't work for a long time.. so I just hope I can get my EAD card fast.. Can somebody help me with situations like me? or share your stories like our case? Thank you so much..
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